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Stay tuned for the next pat/episode! Watch all of these types of videos from my playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woTCiJFjm1k&list=PLoSRjwEid8Gl7KgjChSLrMR5B0FnTDnoV Click the links to see the same type of videos I made but just about open world games! https://youtu.be/woTCiJFjm1k https://youtu.be/KW0xySx965Y https://youtu.be/Fs-lH9bR_yE Or simply, watch all these types of videos from my playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woTCiJFjm1k&list=PLoSRjwEid8Gl7KgjChSLrMR5B0FnTDnoV A short, high-quality video showing 5 amazing new racing games (2016) with amazing graphic for bad pc's, comes with multiplayer and legaly free (available on steam) - 2015/2016 Some of these games are also available for consoles. My top 5 free multiplayer racing games list! Subscribe for more top 5 (games) list, like this video to support me. If you have a question etc, post a comment, I will reply to you ASAP. THE LIST: 5. Victory: The Age of Racing http://store.steampowered.com/app/264120/ 4. Copa Petrobras de Marcas http://store.steampowered.com/app/359800/ 3. AutoClub Revolution (Currently in development, read this: http://news.autoclubrevolution.com/faqs/) http://www.eutechnyx.com/games/acr 2. RaceRoom Racing Experience http://store.steampowered.com/app/211500/?snr=1_5_9__300 1. TrackMania Nations Forever http://store.steampowered.com/app/11020/?snr=1_5_9__300 A like and comment would be really appreciated! Thanks. See ya soon! ======================= Be awesome and subscribe! http://bit.ly/SkolionSubscription ======================= My Links: Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/skolion/profile Twitter: https://twitter.com/KingSkolion Website: http://skolion.weebly.com/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/117122981694643549360/117122981694643549360/videos Minecraft Forum: http://www.minecraftforum.net/members/Skolion ======================= Thank you for watching! Have a great day! ======================= Credits (music): 1) Hoved - Moments 2 ) Vexento - Floating With You Top 5 Multiplayer Racing Games for Free - 2015/2016 - NEXT GEN - PC/CONSOLES | Top 5 Multiplayer Racing Games for Free! [2015/2016/NEXT GEN /PC/CONSOLES] TOP 5 RACING GAMES FOR PC [Free & Multiplayer] BEST FREE RACING GAMES FOR BAD PC's with AMAZING GRAPHICS (2016) [WITH DOWNLOAD LINKS]BEST FREE RACING GAMES FOR BAD PC's with AWESOME GRAPHICS (2016) [WITH DOWNLOAD LINKS]
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Text Comments (285)
Skolion (7 months ago)
Check out my latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTGnzEqPy2k
Skolion ok
OofPetrol (1 month ago)
0:18 amazing graphics....
:\ (2 months ago)
Tamás_ (3 months ago)
Kcs123 (3 months ago)
Guys anyone whats that game called its just like raceroom. everyone used to play it loads you can find it from google but i cant remember the name of it. i can remember everything else but not the name of the game. the hands are exact same as in raceroom bro...
Vikas R (4 months ago)
bro super
Patez (4 months ago)
raceroom is not free :/
Androz Gamer (5 months ago)
All games are not working
wr3d gamer (5 months ago)
?where is link
Cookiezi (5 months ago)
FamePlayz (5 months ago)
Good video and good games. Thanks for your advice! :) Stay on YT, you are good for this platform. Good Job!
khan (5 months ago)
Why are you says "bad pcs game " in video name
Kimberley Monroe (6 months ago)
Want to get Hacks For Your Games? Then Search "Crustygames4u" in Google. There You Will Discover Many Hacks For Games.
Doctor Jack Jeff Bright (6 months ago)
asphalt 8 is great on win10
Punchwoodlol (7 months ago)
why are there so many 7 yr olds in the comments XD
Punchwoodlol (7 months ago)
game: gta 5. classic youtube
Sage Owens (7 months ago)
akshay pol (7 months ago)
link kaha hai
Pata Pajak (7 months ago)
NFS Most wanted 2 should also be in this list
pomegranate (7 months ago)
1:51 dufuq is that
ruber president1o1 (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot
Baryonyx2004 (8 months ago)
These games are awesome! Thanx Skollion! =D
FRIES 4EVAH (8 months ago)
THANKS i am a new pc user :D i should watch more! Likes up!👍👍👍👍👍👍
Anllys Sanchez (8 months ago)
/ñ/ Download PC Games http://tiny.cc/cbzsqy
Mock (8 months ago)
i came here for deja vu
The Mammalizer (8 months ago)
Trackmania 2 isn't free
Janis Krikis (9 months ago)
Why only for windows?
DNA max (9 months ago)
Are the games free???!?!?!??!!?!?
comrade doggo (9 months ago)
My pc is actually a beast
Duc le barbare (9 months ago)
IDark Pro RO (9 months ago)
how to download auto club?
Lexard (10 months ago)
Auto club revolution was discontinued
[NOJ3L] (10 months ago)
You forgot NFSW and theese you shown are really bad :/
V R (4 months ago)
this game is not for free...
Watch out for Copa Petrobras. The game has one very major bug that won't even let the game run beyond the very first frame on the main menu on many systems.
FroGgy Boy (11 months ago)
what song is it ?
game zone hg (11 months ago)
José Armindo (11 months ago)
Vai pa puta que te pariu o que esta em segundo deveria estar em primeiro seu nerd gordo filho da puta, a tua mae manda cumprimentos ! bjs
José Armindo (11 months ago)
José Armindo (11 months ago)
qual deles ?!
José Armindo (11 months ago)
mesmo que injustiça o malaquias tem razao !
José Armindo (11 months ago)
Tmb concordo cntg !
Rothschild killed JFK (1 year ago)
at 0'32 nice chemtrails
Dekstar (1 year ago)
we want games like NFS
DarkFury Jr (1 year ago)
it say got steam?and then I click yes,steam is installed it says do you mean to switch apps? when I click yes, nothing happen
Vincent tique (11 months ago)
Just go to steam and search for raceroom and trackmania it should be there Ok
DarkFury Jr (1 year ago)
how to download the trackmania and raceroom?
ylop (10 months ago)
use steam
Denis Schanacke (1 year ago)
I have trackmania on my wii xD
Denis Schanacke (1 year ago)
OMG!!! Thx for the nice games 👍👍👍
Stinger Awesome (1 year ago)
This is a bunch of crap
Punchwoodlol (7 months ago)
well yeah but this is all free so what did you expect? gta 5?
therobloxian YT (1 year ago)
Why do i have to dowload steam -_-
Punchwoodlol (7 months ago)
if you don't know what steam is then don't game.
Vincent tique (11 months ago)
M8 u can find alot of free games there plus theyre alot of fun to play
GOATZONE (1 year ago)
therobloxian YT lol?
Tikory (1 year ago)
Really now no Need For Speed?
Skolion (1 year ago)
It's not free
RobertsE (1 year ago)
considering you have to download a separate update for number one is just bull shit and also its a racing game why the fuck cant i use a steering wheel
Steve Joean (9 months ago)
Want steering wheel? download thrustmasters drivers for ur respective steering wheel and connect ur wheel
GamingMaster (1 year ago)
FOR BAD PC's shoud not be there
Skerdoosh (3 months ago)
GamingMaster I played Raceroom on my laptop and it ran smoothly
GamingMaster (1 year ago)
and the graphics are amazing for those who haven`t seen amazing graphics and have a 2 ram video card
GamingMaster (1 year ago)
4 me at least
Paahdin Greg (1 year ago)
i dont have bad pc i cant watch XDDDDDDD
Brayden Hunt (1 year ago)
Luka K (1 year ago)
Really?! RAceRoom is second and trackmania 1st? Lol,
LoZane III (9 months ago)
well he didn't say race SIMULATORS so... In terms of fun I think he can say that, also I didn't try raceroom but I know it's really good so I'll try it
King Silvio (1 year ago)
what about good pc
Marcin Szynkowski (1 year ago)
Brad Smith (1 year ago)
im from project torque :(
Autoclub revolution is a GTA V map with worse graphics...
Ky Natsume (1 year ago)
only key and mouse ?
3fast5u WooowSoFast (1 year ago)
Can't install : ( My pc isn't shitty enough.
Nick Lamgamer (1 year ago)
we need a replacement for NFSW, with police pursuit, sadly, none of those games have it, some paid games like GTA 5 has them, but also includes fighting police with weapons.
Skolion (1 year ago)
+Nick Lamgamer Exactly
Joan Murgadella (1 year ago)
YE YE YE Race Racing Room
Aaron Fonseca (1 year ago)
While I sit here on my 2 GTX 1080's in SLI with a i7 7700k 128GB ram XD
PanosPlaysGr (1 year ago)
GameHits4u (1 year ago)
Azizz (1 year ago)
is autovlub revoulution race or we can drive at city like do we have to race??
there is no freeroam in ACR. and it's dead :c
Azizz (1 year ago)
are all games race or we can tour city pls reply bec i will download some of tem
BionicPudding (1 year ago)
The music perfectly matched the gameplay of #4. Agree?
Audrick briones (1 year ago)
when i download some games on steam it took me 3 days to finish the download
Vincent tique (11 months ago)
Its just ur internet bro
Laila Muyco (1 year ago)
im so thank ful for that game
no username (1 year ago)
...or u could just go to a webside like ocean of games or the pirate bay or whatever u want and download any game u want 😂😏
Gaming Doge (1 month ago)
ocean of games and steam are good
BigBlue (1 year ago)
dont go on ocean of games its bad
Ky Natsume (1 year ago)
Trex (1 year ago)
Well I would agree accept trackmania 2 is a series of 3 game (canyon) (stadium) (valley)
I tried the 4th game you showed, IT SUCKS THE GRAPHICS ARE SO BAD, and I don't even have a bad pc
FlatExpert886 (1 year ago)
guys how long is autoclub in develop?
Richard Chum (1 year ago)
R.I.P English Drift City
1yungjmoney (1 year ago)
Im looking for non violent games for pc. I dont have a disc drive. Anyone know any?
German mysterie (1 year ago)
sadly u have to pay for almost everything in race room
adam feder (1 year ago)
Victory: The Age of Racing is a piece of shit game. It gets stuck loading, when you create new driver.
Jhesso Daypuyart (1 year ago)
Free right?
srpska crnja (1 year ago)
is this online games?
Hella Rice (1 year ago)
Pretty suure all of us are from NFSW :'(
arron rushton (6 months ago)
duxUPSB is playable on 4gb ram
william mire (6 months ago)
ffs everytime yall be saying need for speed world all i be tinking about is not safe for work
duxUPSB (11 months ago)
Late reply, but NFSW is back.
Nihal Pinto (1 year ago)
Darkshark Lp Are you serious?
Nihal Pinto (1 year ago)
I want something like NFSW by the time I heard of it, they shiut it down
AFX Gaming (1 year ago)
warning race room experience isnt free to play it only gives you a few tracks and cars unless you pay so get it at your own risk
Edward Ramos (1 year ago)
no it is free that was before now you get 5 cars with all the paints and 4 tracks for free
non of these wear for mac this video is a frod
That’s a lot of damage (4 months ago)
Its for Pc not Mac dumbass, And check you're spelling
Jesse The Dev (11 months ago)
Westdog PC stands for personal computer. A Mac is a personal computer. You mean Windows
Westdog. (11 months ago)
The title says PC! Not Mac. PC is different from a Mac.
Jesse The Dev (11 months ago)
Macs fucking suck
degaracer47 _ (1 year ago)
Frod.... explains why you're on a mac
Sandro # (1 year ago)
Auto club revolution? where?
The Mammalizer (8 months ago)
World of speed is in paid early access until it becomes free
GameHits4u (1 year ago)
world of speed still closed beta?
Alishan Vakhtazimov (1 year ago)
Great Games For Bad PC's, I Don't Run On A Gaming PC But Some Games Like TF2 With 18K MB /18GB Run Perfectly on high quailty, Some Racing Games Run Badly, But These Games Run Perfect! Thank You!
Radovan Mladenovic (1 year ago)
We cant even see how the game looks when we play it just these ,,cool,, shots to make the game look better...
L2MOH (1 year ago)
i have a gaming pc now but trackmania nations is best because i was on ma shitty chinese lapotp whitout lagg
Mark Fijn (1 year ago)
blah blah blah, good graphics, these graphics look like shit
Mechaghostman2 (1 year ago)
Someone sure is spoiled.
Adonis Castrillo (1 year ago)
This is awesome !!! thank you very much!!
oneeGrimm Stan (1 year ago)
Wow, if those are best, thrn fuck free racing.
Ganiva Billo (1 year ago)
Simple but awesome. I really love this review. That's make me know what i have to do next. I buy my gear at http://bit.ly/2h0OFkj and the result is also awesome. Thank you for sharing. Cheers.
-_ NDG_- (1 year ago)
for my trackmania it says video card performence not found
Qasim Khan (1 year ago)
Title is um.... Descriptive...
Morphin2000 (1 year ago)
Yeah, well it is a shame that Trackmania has now different play model... play 5 tracks and then watch others how they play to be allowed to play more... stupid idea
Mani Manikandan (1 year ago)
Luke (1 year ago)
Commentary is your friend.
Mechaghostman2 (1 year ago)
Not always.
CreepyMe YT (1 year ago)
bro why theres not TDU2 its too nice game for bad pc
GameHits4u (1 year ago)
Link?? You can download from any site just use google.. -_-
Keviz TheBomB (1 year ago)
CreepyMe YT (1 year ago)
but you can download it for free
Carnage (1 year ago)
it says FREE as you can see
Viodio (1 year ago)
thx you
D00G33 1 (1 year ago)
whats the name of music??
Skolion (1 year ago)
Check the description...
Mixu (2 years ago)
wow, really? i though trackmania cost lol...
ThatFancyMoos (2 years ago)
I had to give up my fave game to play trackmania ;_;
NightLight (2 years ago)
Now I have a buff computer and I get suggested "blah blah blah *for bad computers*"
Gigi Ghurjia (2 years ago)
how to download "raceroom racing experience"?????
PhilleN619 (2 years ago)
it sucks
سعيد علي (2 years ago)
where is the link
Skolion (2 years ago)
In the description mate.
SUPRA (2 years ago)
you can not play raceroom on a bad pc its suggested requirements are a fucking gtx 770
Leon Bonato (1 year ago)
SUPRA hahha he said bad not shit
Mr Retro (1 year ago)
i still managed on a Radeon 64 X2 4420+ :) But it sucks so err no.
AiA AiA (2 years ago)
+SUPRA ye but he said bad pc not shit-
SUPRA (2 years ago)
AiA AiA still when I think of shit PC's i think 550 to and lower
AiA AiA (2 years ago)
i may be to much of a pc enthusiast but a 770 isnt very high
aymen houche (2 years ago)
where is flatout 2
Keviz TheBomB (1 year ago)
it a pay to play game
Skolion (2 years ago)
It will be featured in the next episode of this series!

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