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How to download Flash games in Y8.com! Very Easy!

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WARNING: READ DESCRIPTION FIRST!!! (Opt. for those who don't have MACROMEDIA FLASH PLAYER) Download the "Flash Player Projector content debugger" that can be found in the Adobe Download Center. Then use it to run your game... ("Open with", then "Choose default program...") I will show you the tips: 1. Choose a game that you want to download... 2. Wait for it to load... 3. After loading, Click the link "Play this game in the size of your screen".. 4. Click File in the Menu bar then Save as... 5. Type the name you want then at the end type ".swf". Example: "Feudalism.swf" 6. Then Save It... This tecnique is now available on MOZILLA FIREFOX, GOOGLE CHROME, OPERA, and IE... DISCLAIMER: I do not own the music I used in this video. This video is kinda boring to watch. So, I used this music, as a BGM, to entartain the viewers from watching it. :) UPDATE: Thanks for your comments... Please sbscribe after watching this vid... ^^v Update 1: I just discovered that some games are not properly working... I will find a way to fix this.... Update 2 (08/03/09): I've found a way to fix this problem... Just install the latest Flash Macromedia and it will run nice and clean.... Still have problems? Write it in my comments... TY! Update 3 (08/25/09): This technique works on Google Chrome... I've been downloading Y8 games since last few weeks with this browser... Enjoy Update 4 (09/25/09): Disclaimer updated... Update 5 (08/17/10): Some have been a change in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox... I tested it on Mozilla 3.6 and it doesn't work... So, I prefer that this technique is only available on the older Mozilla versions.... I've been busy lately because of my studies and I apologize for my very late update..... :) Update 6 (08/26/10): For those who can't play downloaded flash games with my technique, please search for "Flash Offliner"..... Update 7 (08/08/11): It's almost a year since I updated this video.. Sorry for those people who left with so many questions I always ignore... So... yeah!... Did you know that this technique also works on A123/Y3?... They're almost the same format like Y8 but there are some added things to do like looking at the game's page source... :D You can check it out in this link: watch?v=WaHKAAfDKW8 Update 8 (07/01/12): Added and Updated a little info...
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Text Comments (116)
John Carlo Daro (3 years ago)
It is possible to any website game or gamesite ???
Leia Naberrie (2 years ago)
ɷɷɷɷ Heeyy Frienddss I Have F0unddd W0roking Online Hacck visitttt : - https://t.co/AWDqkXPYo4
sam septiceye (3 years ago)
cool men pls subscribe men i will subscribe to men beng! yeah!
Leila Dadap (4 years ago)
haha may pilipino hindi alam na baka cano to at hindi marunong ng english! si cara geane intrego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dont try to bully me jol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Jason Williams (5 years ago)
Yrriel Buensuceso (5 years ago)
GM Jaicee (5 years ago)
I cant Save as .swf at CHROME
Herr Mozart (5 years ago)
Why I can't downlad it? o.O ?
Shadowec in a Potato (5 years ago)
you filipino ?
Nick Jsu (5 years ago)
gagana rin to pag kumuha ng games sa miniclip?
KickaboutLeaguevideos (5 years ago)
Also was in ddtank.
Archer Englis (5 years ago)
Dude the link is error. just copy the link and paste it to your description
Zaw Win Htet (5 years ago)
just press Ctrl+S
kreyg manwel (5 years ago)
hey no seeing something word like download
Chod Bunag (5 years ago)
bakit walang file sa google chrome
Asif Yusuf (6 years ago)
Hi dear please help my ordinary PSP format my son now how to download game . i try (sfw) format is not support. please tell me which format are support. thanks & regards
Marcyboii (6 years ago)
how do you do it with google chrome ?
mark joven bergantin (6 years ago)
all game can also save in rockmelt just click save page as and change the name to the title of the game .sfw
Joe Salangsang (6 years ago)
thanks a lot dude, nice vid. ^_^
Joe Salangsang (6 years ago)
you can download zynga games at isohunt.com
Felix (6 years ago)
It was easy if your browser is Mozilla Firefox
odai abdelhadi (6 years ago)
hey guy's please can some one help me ,, I want download section from flash game .. the game is (Zynga poker ) and the section what I want is ( learn to play ) (.swf) please I need it so fast and very important !
Aminulloh AS (6 years ago)
yes.... use swf opener to open the file.
Unplanned Flicks (6 years ago)
CHECK MY VIDEO HOW TO DOWNLOAD Y8 GAMES AND PLAY OFFLINE! =)) /watch?v=fc_ypRlVJK4 thumbs up so everyone can see!
Russel Johnson (6 years ago)
doesn't work man sorry
Bryan Aguinaldo (6 years ago)
aww it says it's not a valid win32 aplication help!!
Vincent Beltran (6 years ago)
can you please give me a link of Macromedia Flash Player I can't find it. Thanks!
Aldwin Delfin (6 years ago)
men i cant get download link for micromedia
Strisky Desu DES (6 years ago)
Thank you very much!!!
Chadwyn999 (6 years ago)
@CheahY1 adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html
Cheah Yi (6 years ago)
excuse me.. i cant find the link to download the MACROMEDIA FLASH PLAYER 8.. can you get the link and comment here.. sincerely thanks.. =D
Bodurkata (6 years ago)
hey suc kerrr .... He cheated he have 2 files and download a html file from the page !!!
royehl albarracin (6 years ago)
Shadow Back (6 years ago)
You need to download the macro media flash 9 or 6 it's on the old one and after you finish download macro media flash right click the game you want to download and save as a link you can see it on "Play this game in the size of your screen" after finish downloading the game click the icon then right click then click open with "macro media flash 9/6.
Cody Jala (6 years ago)
Ragnarok Online Nice BGM.. I think this BGM is at Poring Island I presume yes?
slikts puika (6 years ago)
TNX Men Mine is working
00ChekMate00 (6 years ago)
What Do i need to download games from y8 (not exe)!?
Vortigon567 (6 years ago)
@Chadwyn999 How
Cliff Ford (6 years ago)
This works. :) Thank you very much "Video-creator". My only concern is that whenever I open the .swf file, KMPlayer opens and there I play the game. The thing is, if I hover the mouse on the bottom, the player menu pops-out...you know how KMPlayer works on fullscreen >.> Anyhow, THIS IS GOOD.
Chadwyn999 (6 years ago)
@Vortigon567 not my problem... I've tested it, and it still works... :/
Vortigon567 (6 years ago)
Fuck your a shit Mine did not work
Muhd Bazilin (6 years ago)
@Chadwyn999 can u give me the link for downloading the flash macromedia...
Gyuri Czirják (6 years ago)
noooooooooooooo gooooooooooood
James Galang (6 years ago)
i use online game downloader
Martin Elepaño (7 years ago)
WEW kelangan pa ng macromedia flash player para malaro ung game search nio sa google
Chadwyn999 (7 years ago)
@jamesgalang04 it's from Ragnarok Online buddy... :D
James Galang (7 years ago)
your song is in ddtank
Janscarrr (7 years ago)
@asakamen122 try po ntin search sa google
Janscarrr (7 years ago)
@carabritney try m po idownload
Majal Mirasol (7 years ago)
Maraming salamat po. Hehe.
cara geane Integro (7 years ago)
pede po ba magtanung??? kung wla aqng macromedia..,, anu pede gamitin??
Martin Elepaño (7 years ago)
pano po ito sa google chrome
Chadwyn999 (7 years ago)
@jetmandy08 it's called shockwave flash..
lexton1810 (7 years ago)
so ur a filipino me too filipino ako
Unplanned Flicks (7 years ago)
Unplanned Flicks (7 years ago)
BearuanG (7 years ago)
where you download latest macromedia flash ?
Albijon Blakqori (7 years ago)
Hi, did this work on the newest IE? 4 I can't save hot dog nush =/
Hyacinth Aloba (7 years ago)
gumagana ba toh sa google chrome? kase pagbukas ko nung laro sa comp ko blanko lang yung machro.
Chadwyn999 (7 years ago)
@MonksteinSpunky wla po sir... :D
jude jl manglicmot (7 years ago)
it is so very helpful thank you very much
haidar hamdard (7 years ago)
@misselite1 for me no and i used safari
Chadwyn999 (7 years ago)
@raensoe haha.. tama yon.. :D
raensoe (7 years ago)
@Chadwyn999 ...Kung talagang ayaw nya ng mga ganyang laro, hindi na dapat siya mag sayang ng oras o kaya bakit nya hinanap itong video o kaya naman ay bakit nya kini-click? Ibig sabihin, gusto rin nyang mag laro ng y8 XD
Chadwyn999 (8 years ago)
@misselite1 idk... but i'll still trying to make it.. :D
Gelo (8 years ago)
@Chadwyn999 nvm, CF na ko.
Chadwyn999 (8 years ago)
@ragelo12 pg nkita mo yng WynseL sa SF i'll be glad to fight you 1on1.... Pgnkita mo lng... Bobo kse ako s mga gnyang laro... :)
Chadwyn999 (8 years ago)
@thejabbar04 not so sure.... pde kung hindi latest version yng mozilla mo... :)
helen todorov (8 years ago)
Just ask neshto could someone give a link of the cadets may be istegli this program macromedia flash 8 zashtoto everything described but only that it will ... :)
Luigi Angelo Urquico (8 years ago)
mga tanga download niyo yung macromedia para gumana!!! tanga
danieldvs100 (8 years ago)
does the browser have 2 B firefox cuz im using chrome?
Fealicia Dales (8 years ago)
thx but my computer use google crome but how can i save?
Fealicia Dales (8 years ago)
what is the name of the progarame?
rebumblebee (8 years ago)
@Chadwyn999 what if i have a flash macromdia and still it goes blank
rebumblebee (8 years ago)
the game weapon makes your screen black and then it does nothing waited and still nothing came out every time i load the game the only thing it does is the y8 batterry and the bulb that says play after that nothing
Ej MizUk (8 years ago)
after adjusting to full screen.. 1.go to [tools](on mozilla firefox tab) 2.go to [page info] 3.select [media] 4.select the file that has .swf 5.[save as] 6.open with macromedia flash player or firefox.
Gelo (8 years ago)
Putang ina dyan ka pa ng lalaro sa y8 para kang bata, mag-SF o CF ka nga. kulit nyo sinasabihan nyo pa ng bobo.
Efren Urena (8 years ago)
o yea feudalism 4eva!
Harvey Specter (8 years ago)
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tech Experiment YT (8 years ago)
dapat offline pede
paul benedicttalusig (9 years ago)
cnt play offline....?? can u fix it?
Chadwyn999 (9 years ago)
the description said, "Make sure you have a Flash Macromdia to play downloaded Flash games..."
SniperKingCK9999 (9 years ago)
Play Flash Games Offline With This New Handy Program. watch?v=qbNbL371EPs
Benjamin Yates (9 years ago)
how do you get that game running software mine does not work please help
Chadwyn999 (9 years ago)
Anu? -.-
Marc Javier (9 years ago)
ang bobo mo. link lang dinadownload namin. 20kb. bobo mo,. tang ina.
Shin Marcelo (9 years ago)
walanja!! comment kau sa aking page!! mga pinoy!!!
Reimu Hakurei (9 years ago)
tumulong talaga to!
De Koi (9 years ago)
Chadwyn999 (9 years ago)
Gumagana nmn sa Mozilla ah.. Sinubukan ko na...Press Ctrl+S n lng....
Chadwyn999 (9 years ago)
Yep... Yun n nga gingawa ko s youtube eh... ^^v
jecthedude (9 years ago)
amp! para mo lang nilagyan ng bookmark yung website..kahit yung youtube pde mo gawin yan! try mo isavetong vid mo... pg open mo gamit parin mozilla..
Maxcom1000 (9 years ago)
Which one i need to download?..i mean program
Tvn37 (9 years ago)
Thx! i fix the Swf save part but my dad say i not should download adobe flash player until mom come home beacuse she is the pc freak!
Ziad Amer (9 years ago)
good. i need one but for google chrome
Chadwyn999 (9 years ago)
Chadwyn999 (9 years ago)
Its the same...
Chadwyn999 (9 years ago)
PM n lng po pls...
Chadwyn999 (9 years ago)
Uhmm.. Alam ko po iniistall sa CD yng flash macromedia player 9.... d ko alam kung dndload sa internet yn...
Aydol Ruel (9 years ago)
o eto nagtatagalog na haha
Chadwyn999 (9 years ago)
My old opera cant save it using "Save Linked Content As".. It gives error... I tried on my new opera now and it worked.. Thanks for the tip.. ^^

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