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CRASH BANDICOOT REMASTERED Villains & Polar Bear Trailer - PS4

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Here is the New Villains & Polar Bear trailer of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. Release date: 30 June 2017 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (99)
Last Stand (10 months ago)
pinstripe potoroo is my favourite.
crashpal (10 months ago)
noooo where is Ripper Roo's crazy laugh?
WillieManga (10 months ago)
Wierd. They turned Ripper from being a hyena to a... Minion? Makes sense in context.
Stfu Trolls (10 months ago)
King Kalevi (10 months ago)
Original came from Disney, changed it to avoid copyright issues.
Mistergamer9892 (10 months ago)
I'm so glad they brought back Pinstripe's machine gun! Thank you, Activision and Vicarious Visions for not sinking into SJW demands for an E-rated game for being "too violent".
Pietro Mascagni (10 months ago)
0:09 dab
Stfu Trolls (10 months ago)
Pietro Mascagni no
ScientesYT (10 months ago)
bryam morales (10 months ago)
NeoLousNeoloution (10 months ago)
I will forever hate tiny.
Shaggy Zoinks (10 months ago)
I want a cute bear like that
hopeonelove (11 months ago)
No N. trophy?
Pink guy2 (11 months ago)
0:08 Daaamn! Look at koala kong! Hes buffer than ever!
Richard Norona (11 months ago)
all gotta say is thats one angry bear good Lord he's huge
Encredible E (11 months ago)
You can actually see Ripper Roo's face in the first game
xGARIDx (11 months ago)
Is this will be on PC?
Ultimate Gamerz (11 months ago)
no only on PS4
JROKGaming (11 months ago)
Why is Polar a dog...?
Pink guy2 (11 months ago)
JROKGaming Polar is aaaaa... POLAR bear. (See What I did there?)
Andrew Heard (11 months ago)
I can't wait for all the remixed boss themes.
Diego Larraburu (11 months ago)
Omg Pinstripe! That laugh dude <3
Ceceli (11 months ago)
Ripper Roo original laugh was way better, as all the original sounds from the original game. Why does Activions has to always fuck things up????
Ceceli (10 months ago)
hahahaha what an idiot. Talks like he knows me forever. Send my regards to your mother.
Blue Shadow (10 months ago)
Ceceli blah blah blah all ways complain about something with you nitpicking cunt
Tyrantis Productions (11 months ago)
I found out when I was reading the comments. Some other people where complaining and some replies said why the laugh was replaced. And trust me. There are several replies that say that.
Ceceli (11 months ago)
Where did you hear that?
Tyrantis Productions (11 months ago)
The old laugh was a stock sound from a Hyena in Lady and the Tramp. Back then Disney didn't give a shit but disney has become more harsh with copyright. The old laugh was therefore replaced to avoid disney going all copyright.
adirotem1 (11 months ago)
Where is crash bandicoot 3: warped villians?
Pink guy2 (11 months ago)
adirotem1 They show em in E3.
adirotem1 (11 months ago)
Given that E3 is in like 2 and a half weeks they're probably saving Warped footage for then
Nautic Gameplays (11 months ago)
jajaja papu papu
metasprite (11 months ago)
polar is cute and the giant polar bear is scary
Slinky Guy (11 months ago)
Where's Julian's dad? I mean N. Gin?
tahir agayev (11 months ago)
nicee but Warped is not will be?
Amz jz (11 months ago)
ripper roos voice sucks 😭😭😭
Amz jz (10 months ago)
+Blue Shadow 1st I'm happy af that crash is back and I absolutely can't wait 2 get my hands on even people around me noticed how much of a fanboy I am like chill out dawg 2nd u mad bro cuz I didn't like his voice ? I grew up on his crazy laugh it makes my life intoxicated 🎶🎵 3rd There's no cure 4 being a cunt 4th F u and have a nice day 😭😂😂
Blue Shadow (10 months ago)
Amz jz shut up you nitpicking dick cheese complaining over stupid shit how about be happy that crash is back you selfish boy XD
Tyrantis Productions (11 months ago)
Well, they switched out the old one for a reason.
Gavin Docker (11 months ago)
You forgot Dingodile, Dr. N Gin and Neo Cortex
Pink guy2 (11 months ago)
Gavin Docker Ahem, this is not HIS footage. ITS Vicarious Visions footage So, They arent ready for THEm Yet.
Devin English (11 months ago)
was that fake crash in the ice?
sgrizzo48 (11 months ago)
So far they seem to have done a good job,i hope that they included the cut levels of the first crash bandicoot,that would be sooo COOL!!!!
Teme00010 (11 months ago)
Waiting for CTR
C.T.A. (10 months ago)
MegaTwiztid15 Actually it would be necessary since the game wasn't completely done.
Andrew Heard (11 months ago)
Appreciate what you got ffs
Ceceli (11 months ago)
I've been waiting for CTR Online mod my whole life... Crash Bash Online would be nice too.
MegaTwiztid15 (11 months ago)
I kinda miss Crash Twinsanity but I don't think it'd be necessary for that to be remade
Palliheikki (11 months ago)
or another crash racing game that would be good like ctr, but that would be unlikely.
MegaTwiztid15 (11 months ago)
Now to see Dingodile again when Warped gets finished.
MegaTwiztid15 (11 months ago)
Rosie Deacon (11 months ago)
OH MY GOD I CANNOT WAIT FOR DINGODILE. He is my absolute favourite Crash villain, and I am super excited to hear Fred Tatasciore's performance.
Clowny Moose Bean (11 months ago)
I suppose they changed Ripper Roo's laugh because originally, it was a Hyena's laugh from Lady and the Tramp. Disney didn't seem to have a problem with people using that laugh back then, but I guess it's better safe then sorry. Nowadays, you could get sued for copyright if a celebrity farts off camera, and you just happened to pick it up in a vacation video.
J.J. (10 months ago)
@Rosie Deacon very simple get a copy of the game and extract the laugh sound file from it.
Rosie Deacon (11 months ago)
Either that or the original sound file had degraded beyond recovery... it's been, what, 21 years?
Raynor Foster (11 months ago)
They changed the Ripper Roo boss stage. Hope they made it better.
Raynor Foster (11 months ago)
My bad, never played the first one
Chimecho3000 (11 months ago)
You might be thinking of his Crash 2 boss battle. The one in the vid was his Crash 1 boss battle.
METALSONIC OOZERO (11 months ago)
Joe Adams (11 months ago)
WOW! my favorite wacky villain Ripper Roo thanks man you made my day
Mico Media (11 months ago)
Man, they ain't playin around with this remake. It's getting more difficult to wait for Jun 30th
Mico Media (11 months ago)
+Zaxoa Yea, and N. Gin boss character must really be good cause they still ain't show us that lol
Pink guy2 (11 months ago)
Mico Media Me 2 mate!! Cant wait!!
عودة _f16. 555 (11 months ago)
Łowca KureF (11 months ago)
cannot wait!
Cartoon68 (11 months ago)
Here comes Tiny!
ZeldaKing64 (11 months ago)
"Tiny squish puny cars!"
Taffeloo (11 months ago)
Where's dingodile tho
TheOrcCorp (11 months ago)
Considering it's Corey Burton, I'm not that worried: I think he'll do a fantastic job! I'm more concerned for Dingodile...
Rosie Deacon (11 months ago)
And N. Tropy? He's the one I'm most worried about tbh... can Corey Burton, even with the new and improved voice direction, match Michael Ensign's epic Evil Brit from the original Warped?
Arcana And N.Gin?
C. Syde65 (11 months ago)
Just the thing to get a Crash fan all hyped up.
Mario Party House (11 months ago)
LPS Hikayeleri (11 months ago)
Ripper roo laugh noooo
Ceceli (10 months ago)
raw kissez (10 months ago)
Zaxoa you do know that the voice actor for ripper roo was dead centuries before crash existed right? that crazy laugh was originally from a laughing hyena in Lady and the tramp in which the movie was released around the 40s so yeah, they could have easily transferred the laughter into this game if the did on their first crash games.
Pink guy2 (11 months ago)
Ceceli u 2 man.
Ceceli (11 months ago)
What does that have to do with anything? What a fucking moron... hahahaha
Pink guy2 (11 months ago)
Ceceli man. You know that Old ripper roos voice actor is dead. Did ye? So STFU And BE HAPPY THAT CRASH BANDICOOT IS COMING BACK.
Pickled Pixel (11 months ago)
Welcome back classic Tiny. We missed you! :D This is SO cool! <3
Yago Kain (10 months ago)
1. Actually i would take all the critics about my design and i would shape it in a way people would love it. Its like asking for food in a restaurant, and if you get bad food, you dont criticize the chef, since everyone has their own taste and well your taste doesnt match with the chef's taste. Nothing works like this. If you make something and people hate it, then theres probably a reason for it. ofc if you make something for yourself, and people hate it, you dont have to change it, always try to be unique, and dont let others tell what you should or shouldnt do, but in this case everyone has the rights to tell their opinion since the designer wasnt creating it for himself/herself.......im not sexist. 2. Remakes are technically comebacks, remasters arent.When you remake something, you start everything from the beginning, if you remaster something, you just take the already existing thing and make it better. This game will be a remake, since they remade the whole trilogy from the ground up with a new engine, even tho they play like the old games and they look like the old games, they are not the old games.
EusoudosAnjos (10 months ago)
That's a first. Saying a remake is not a comeback.
VoiceLegend (11 months ago)
Still doesn't change the facts. Tiny's Tiny. The character looks intimidating with both designs, and that's what's most important. There's no point in hating on one design and glorifying the other. They're just two different designs by two different artists. It's their own take on the character. You wouldn't like it if somebody criticized your design in such a harsh way. I'm just saying, that's wrong man.You should be more considerate. It's okay to prefer one over the other, but there's no need to be a harsh fanboy about it.
MegaTwiztid15 (11 months ago)
Better than the Crash Of The Titans Tiny Tiger, that's for sure. I couldn't stand that version of him.
VoiceLegend (11 months ago)
Really? That voice was hilarious though, and that design was really cool imo! XD

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