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World's Hardest Achievements | Can Ellen handle the heat? | FRU | Hot Wire

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► Get more: http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe Hit LIKE and be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss brand-new unboxings, exclusive gameplay and LOADS more. Welcome back to World's Hardest Achievements. Last week's attempt at Overwatch, was a complete failure. But Benny has a plan to keep Ellen behind in this season's race. It was 32 degrees (celsius) on the day of filming, so Benny picked...a Kinect game? Heartless. Ellen goes against FRU's Hot Wire. ___ Xbox On is the home for all things Xbox from features on your favourite games to the worlds' hardest Achievements and everything in between. Join our Xbox experts Benny Central, Ellen Rose and Graeme “AceyBongos” Boyd for the latest and greatest games including Gears of War 4, Quantum Break, Crackdown 3 as well as E3, Gamescom and EGX. Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xboxuk • Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk • Instagram: https://instagram.com/xboxuk/
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Text Comments (102)
amirul choudhury (9 months ago)
I have that controller
Daybreak Dweeb (1 year ago)
2:31 Can be misinterpreted VERY easily
Stefano Christiano (1 year ago)
Cutest girl ever. Yeah I said it.
Sir Feedalot (1 year ago)
This game is the definition of evil. What has science done!?!?!
apcsox (1 year ago)
That was utterly hilarious to watch. You did awesome Ellen, considering the circumstances. Revenge is a dish best served cold, so wait a while before springing some epic payback on Benny.
Brandon Smith (1 year ago)
4 letters. l m a and o
shadow vapor (1 year ago)
Nice Benny love the butt trumpet bit....lmao.....
Dave Ihlenfeldt (1 year ago)
shadow vapor 9ihf
Grumpy Wooks (1 year ago)
All I am gonna say is thank you Benny !!
Zombie king (1 year ago)
Who else thinks Ellen looks good
Theepic (1 year ago)
Ellen should be the next Lara Croft
Peter Mcloughlin (1 year ago)
Literally the funniest thing I've seen in a while 😂
RJTheWrestlingGuy (1 year ago)
Dubediton7 (1 year ago)
sooo funny to watch! good stuff.
Blaizicus (1 year ago)
Dreamcatcher - Tumblestone ;)
Northern Nightmare (1 year ago)
Do a halo 3 ODST vidmaster achievement Benny would love it
Not Daniel (1 year ago)
Tumblestone's Dreamcatcher achievement has made me rage.
Roger Fann (1 year ago)
You should to swap of pictures size
James Mcguinness (1 year ago)
what about hide run survive from alien isolation???
Jack Edmonds (1 year ago)
For head to head- GTA Online- Stick Up Kid- Rob every convenience stores. No time limit, just a racerrace (it will take about half an hour for the average player)
Jacob Bosse (1 year ago)
Battlefield 4. No Parley. Get a Kill with the Old Cannon
ajaja really funny now do batmans perfect freeflow 😂
Stephen Wilkinson (1 year ago)
Benny deserved the win. The chair wasnt cheating, it was ingenuity.
PyroANTIC (1 year ago)
I love it when Benny cheats and it backfires! XD
Sterling Eisiminger (1 year ago)
Castle Crashers Remastered: The Final Countdown - 75 G
Michael Bradt (1 year ago)
"The Final Countdown" in Castle Crashers.
Smoky the dog (1 year ago)
This game was created by kweblekop youtuber
Lum C (1 year ago)
This game looks ridiculous
LSTNR (1 year ago)
I mean given this was a game meant for two and he had Ell do it solo pretty sure that means Benny lowkey cheated :p
It actually was meant for two people? That's an awful lot of coordination needed.
Shadi (1 year ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lady Tyrone OG (1 year ago)
You should do "Dang Girl You Ace At This Game" in borderlands 2.
Marcos Vega (1 year ago)
More reasons to love Ellen <3
The Hexicle (1 year ago)
What happened to Kate?
Kate left to work at Gamespot (I think it was) but she now a freelancer
Yazite (1 year ago)
Great video as always. Benny and Ellen I so envy your job!
Andrew Currier (1 year ago)
I was waiting the entire video for Ellen to make a terrible pun and it never came...kinda disappointed
Jose Tovar (1 year ago)
Gavin Stackhouse (1 year ago)
Ellen is so pretty, I've thought that since the beginning. Heh... idk
UnCrowned 1988 (1 year ago)
good luck if you do try for it. :) and do some practice to get use to the buttons first. looking forward to the next video.
UnCrowned 1988 (1 year ago)
I have an achievement for a head to head for you both. Ryse: son of rome, monstrum combo
CamDaMan (1 year ago)
The next one should be the floor is lava for Overwatch
XxMLGPSYCOxX (1 year ago)
+Andrew Currier Just get the map Ilios Lighthouse and just get environmental kills
Andrew Currier (1 year ago)
+CamDaMan It's situational luck mixed with great execution
CamDaMan (1 year ago)
+XxMLGPSYCOxX ...😐... nice, I've just been told it can be incredibly difficult depending on the teams
XxMLGPSYCOxX (1 year ago)
Got it on my first try....
troy michael Cloutier (1 year ago)
i know little lat but i reminds me of mario for wii and your other media on battl;efield one would be excellent it gives great ideas of what it ioffers love to see more of the two gamaes troy from canada
Koozebane (1 year ago)
Mad props to Ellen for being such a good sport about the whole thing. Not many gamer lasses would prance and roll about on screen in the heat for her fans' amusement. Above and beyond, dear. Good show.
Karl Long (1 year ago)
first well done ellen for acrobatics and giving it all you got and benny for having a go it was not easy 👍👍
Harambe (1 year ago)
I'm very flexible
Gertrude Perkins (1 year ago)
marry me ellen
Gonzalo Avila (1 year ago)
She's MINE
Dominic Ybarra (1 year ago)
It looks fun. Does anyone else think she looks cute and the accent
Tyrogue 5184 (2 months ago)
Dominic Ybarra I have been looking for this comment FOREVER
Magiz (1 year ago)
Great try, Ellen! This was really entertaining and I might have laughed out loud a few times. Benny and the chair. So good.
Geyser_Funny (1 year ago)
So is this a failed audition to be the next Lara Croft? ; )
elzeus13 (1 year ago)
Ellen's got that core strength.
anonemys (1 year ago)
One of the best team on YouTube love watching you guys
Husker42c (1 year ago)
"My hair failed me" :p
Alex Gabriel (1 year ago)
Hilarious episode! 😄
TheMarkyotamos (1 year ago)
Thanks Benny for picking this achievement. This video was hilarious
thebeast12333 (1 year ago)
Benny should get the point just for the chair idea loool
S3BAS10AN (1 year ago)
I realy like Ellen's haircut
stig16 (1 year ago)
Martin Linnett (1 year ago)
Bennie, always thinking outside the box, love it :)
Narata (1 year ago)
Ellen laughing when Benny played the game made me laugh! Anyways, it looks like a fun game despite that it will likely give me cramps, LOL.
Im Beef (1 year ago)
Is Xbox on in the UK
Gonzalo Avila (1 year ago)
+XY4 HAHAHAHHAAHHA good one 😂😂😂😂😂
Im Beef (1 year ago)
+XY4 ????
XY4 (1 year ago)
Do u even accent bro?
stig16 (1 year ago)
Yeah think it's London
Last time I tried using the 360 Kinect it chopped off the legs of my Avatar. (At least the tech's improved since then).😀
Jay Pow (1 year ago)
Ellen is great :3
The Ginger Warrior (1 year ago)
Ha i really want to try this
nupagagyi (1 year ago)
This game looks fun!
Good on you for trying this Ellen, especially in the heat. I figured this is why you were playing the game when I saw you online. No good for me though using a wheelchair but looks fun. Still backing you to win. Maybe give Benny a singing achievement for cheating once more? (Or will that cause loss of subs) (Linkin Park even?)
Brian Steenfadt (1 year ago)
This game seems fun
Cyrribrae (1 year ago)
It is! I had to try it out when people started calling it the last good Kinect game. Well worth the $10 it's out for now, even if just to see the glorious end of a sad sad gaming peripheral.
Brian Steenfadt (1 year ago)
This game seems fun
Nick Exarchos (1 year ago)
Doger (1 year ago)
9:20 Editing gone wrong
Matthew Ward (1 year ago)
nothing for it Ellen, make him dance!
ChaosRiotZero (1 year ago)
aww that's evil doing Kinect stuff in this heat, please give Benny a bunch of Dance Central achievements to do now
Ben Lipson (1 year ago)
Benny is an evil genius
Mark Hilton (1 year ago)
haha the fact Bennycentral tried to cheat using an office chair only for it to backfire
Sam Sant (1 year ago)
Give Benny the achievement for beating it in 40 minutes next week.
Oscar Gates (1 year ago)
If you had to complete it in under 40 minutes, the person doing would probably invent a new dance move.
Aston UK (1 year ago)
This was a very tough achievement ( only 3 have got it ). Time for payback Ellen, give him Michael Jackson: The Experience - THRILLER NIGHT ( Achieve a 5 star rating in "Thriller" in performance mode )
+Aston UK I remember GH featuring once. Think it was possibly Kate that attempted it (obviously she's left now). Probably hard achievements in Rock Band or Rock Smith though.
+Aston UK though not a FPS there are some coop achievements in SC Conviction I'm sure Benny would love due to the stealth genre
Aston UK (1 year ago)
The problem with FPS achievements is they are mostly accumulative or time consuming. Seriously 3.0 has a 9.26 ratio ( 600+ hours ) and this achievement ratio Hot Wire was 11.04. I suppose this is why it's called World's Hardest Achievements :) though I like the Kinect achievements just because they are fun to watch. Benny needs music or dance games imo, Benny too good at FPS games.
+Fig Bender one of the Kane & Lynch games maybe?
Fig Bender (1 year ago)
It wont hurt if hes not good at it to start, she needs to find an fps achievement that will sting him to make it really burn
Emperor Palpamemes (1 year ago)
Bennys big book of excuses in that sudden death "it was the jeans" nice one Ellen
explosivebomber (1 year ago)
so Benny has decided that he can't win so he has resorted to just torturing Ellen. and he wonders why we call him a cheat
Fig Bender (1 year ago)
Hes given her a motion game, given her previous disposition to winning on kinect games id say he gave her a fair chance
Lewis Green (1 year ago)
ayy lmao (1 year ago)
Louie Sylvester (1 year ago)
Logan Lambert (1 year ago)
Andrew Reyes (1 year ago)
Andrew Reyes (1 year ago)

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