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Pokemon Switch - Let's Talk About These Rumors

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Pokemon Switch has generated so many new rumors, we have to talk about them. As the hottest unannounced Nintendo Switch game, we can't wait for official news. But in the meantime, let us know YOUR take on all these Pokémon rumors in the comments down below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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M2DAC (5 months ago)
Can you guys just imagine an open-world pokemon game with great quality ? Like zelda botw, farcry etc It has tremendous potential for it - A social space, to fight in multiplayer for daily rewards or to simply trade - Large land masses with medium sized ones and small islands around. - Caves (icy ones, volcanic, ancient and secret ones) - Tons of different atmospheres, swamps, colourfull forests and dark forests etc - Old temples and secret facilities for example, just imagine an old abandoned bunker where you would get mewtwo - Imagine that you would need proper clothing to get in certain places, like cold and hot places and for instance a diving suit - Imagine going to a volcanic area and climbing to the top of the volcano to find that inside there is a moltres nest or catching a raikou in the middle of a thunderstorm Just some examples but i can garantee, it would be the best pokemon game ever, it would be called Pokemon World/Universe (and this time you would actually be able to catch all pokemons in the game) I expect a game like this when we reach the 1000 pokemon milestone
Hang Yao (5 months ago)
would be stupid for nintendo to release pokemon so close to smash release. i see no other perfect release time for either games but around christmas time
RealNerdzOnly (5 months ago)
MajoraOfTime 64 (5 months ago)
I miss your hat!
Matthew Madruga (5 months ago)
“Official” magazine lol NINTENDO DOESNT HAVE A MAGAZINE lol. Also, they don’t look close to real
PJ Parker (6 months ago)
It should be obvious that the past and future thing was fake, it was uploaded on April fools day
ivandoesyt (6 months ago)
Stars was the codename for ultra sun and moon just like rainbow was for sun and moon
David Kretz (6 months ago)
I think they won’t announce Pokémon switch for a few weeks because they might think it’ll step on LABO
SuperSintaStic (6 months ago)
I'm still waiting for Pokemon: Spoon and Pokemon: Fork.
LWalsh0 (6 months ago)
He looks like he has one of those classic gag glasses with the big 👃 👓 and mustache! 😂
Nicholas Weldum (6 months ago)
My favorite rumor was definitely the Future and Past one. I just really like the idea of the two games being set in the same place but different time periods and potentially have their stories be different but still connect to each other in subtle ways. It could also make buying both versions a little more justifiable so it's not just buying the same game twice with a few version exclusives.
Jwanie (6 months ago)
Game Freak doesn't expect you to buy both versions though. The main purpose of that is to encourage social interaction with people who have the opposing version to yours
The Cakekappen Show (6 months ago)
Lmao who ever fell for past and future gg cause they say it's fake in the description but I won't judge cause I was falling for their videos for a while.
BattleModeBainbridge (6 months ago)
I really hope it is 2 games as well just for the ability as a collector to have 2 separate cartridges and boxes to own. Maybe they will even release a combo version that has a reversible cover since they can EASILY fit 2 cartridges inside a game case just a thought. #CommentForce #Pokemon
MrHappy (6 months ago)
I would like pokemon stars as well as the new pokemon game
Crimson Red Gremory (6 months ago)
Isn’t it a bit too soon for gen 8???? Gen 7 the anime only have about 69 episodes so far
Jwanie (6 months ago)
It is too soon imo. Next month Ash is finally going to Ula'Ula Island and Nanu will make his first anime appearance. Also, Gen 7 isn't even 2 years old yet. Every generation before this has lasted at least 3 years. I think people are just desperate for Gen 8 now cuz they hated Gen 7 and wanna skip straight to the Switch game
Hans Cornehl (6 months ago)
Well, technically the magazine didn't give false information. It says it could come 2018 or later.
Mikey Unovapix (6 months ago)
one of my concerns are how they're gonna do pokemon transfer from 3ds games over to the switch. they'll likely update pokemon bank for it, but I'm curious on how they'll make that work as well as keep it usable after the end of the 3DS. I still transfer pokemon from as far back as emerald, it would really suck if I could no longer transfer them to Platinum to white to Y and further.
Raymond Rupp (6 months ago)
I hope that Pokémon comes out to Nintendo Switch with Pokémon Xd and Pokémon colosseum for Nintendo Switch games and gamecube virtual console for E3 2018 release date on the same day
SDS BLACK BELT (6 months ago)
Never wear a hat again
Treecko Treat (6 months ago)
It's Actually Official, We get that magazine in Spain and its Official
Tyler Hoose (6 months ago)
I might be off on this comment, but is it possible that Pokemon stars is Pokemon ultra sun and moon? Didn't Laura make the announcement of stars before ultra sun and moon were revealed?
Samantha C (6 months ago)
The new games is called Pokemon stars was told by Nintendo last E3.
monkey pooeyhead (6 months ago)
Get to 200k
shadow6543 (6 months ago)
Almost 200k guys!
Keshi (6 months ago)
Pokemon Tits and Pokemon Ass
Transcendent Creators (6 months ago)
I really don't want 2 games, it's always been a way to milk extra money and if it comes out on switch it's gonna be 60 bucks instead of 40 and that's already a price increase on just one game.
Jwanie (6 months ago)
If they made just one version, it would completely destroy one of the main points of Pokémon since the beginning: to trade with friends. If you have no friends who play Pokémon or only enjoy playing by yourself, then it’s your loss and not Game Freak’s. They have good reason to make 2 versions; it’s not a cash grab at all
Brian Preston (6 months ago)
BREAKING! POKEMON SWITCH DETAILS! Pokemon Switch will be a NEW genre. You capture PokeMon to earn the LOVE of your favorite TEAM ROCKET member! That's right, Catch'em All for Jessie or James! Earn the respect, and eventually adoration of either Jessie or James (or Both??) by catching Rare Pokemon and helping them climb the Team Rocket ladder, unlocking the ability to DATE them, and Dress them! In a mix between Persona5 and Pokemon, and with new HD rumble features it even has a 'massage mode'. Buy them gifts, from flowers and chocolates, to adult toys for Him and Her. Dress them in outfits from Classy to Sassy and even Cosplay and Lingerie (yes, both! PokeMon Switch doesn't gender discriminate!) I for one look forward to Pokemon switch. Too bad "GalGun mode" is part of the future DLC, would have been nice to blast the clothes off Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy from day 1.
Carciongen dot exe (6 months ago)
I'm so excited for Pokemon bleach and tidepods !
Trendy Hipsta (6 months ago)
I really don’t care about rumors or leaks anymore. I’m patient enough to wait for the official news. On that note. I wonder if Game Freak will finally focus on all new Pokémon in a region for once. And I don’t mean add 40 new ones & add past generation Pokémon, that’s boring. Add the past gen Pokemon after the player beats the game. Getting real tired of their laziness.
Trendy Hipsta (6 months ago)
Jwanie They need to do that again. Cause it actually bring some difficulty to the game.
Jwanie (6 months ago)
They did that in BW. You could only catch the Unova Pokemon in the main story while mons from past gens weren't obtainable til the post-game
José Estevão Oliveira (6 months ago)
I don't get why people want more "realistic" graphics for Pokemon Switch. I mean, the celshading is already pretty good, and I love the game's visuals as you were playing an "anime". Why almost every thumbnail about Pokemon Switch has graphics like Pokemon Go, or Pokken? Anyways, personally I don't want Pokemon this year. USUM was pretty rushed, so I get the feeling they would need another year to make a better game for the Switch.
Oswald01 (6 months ago)
what about pokemon salt and pepper???
Freestyler 14 (6 months ago)
He looks like a koala bear
Jonathan Renderos (6 months ago)
Big ups on slamming all those poketubers that spam baseless rumors vids just for the sake of views. Those guys are just making nonsense 10 minute videos on 10 seconds worth of lies. You guys are being real ass dudes right now, rounding up all that info and didn't even hit 6 minutes. This is why I subs only to you guys. PS- I'm feeling that hat Fam!
wind_fish (6 months ago)
I like the rumor about the story involving the struggle between innovation and tradition. I hope that one is true.
Tragic Toast (6 months ago)
HATLESS GABE! Looking sharp, man!
El Comanche (6 months ago)
Gabe! Dude you clean up well! Keep it like that! Great look!
Alexander0829 (6 months ago)
The Japanese phrase means “and, the new journey begins! We will go to the new world...” Pokémon Speed.
Elijah Beattie (6 months ago)
I just want Pikmin for switch
Cuber Knight (6 months ago)
There has been a lot of rumors but I’m glad there’s a video on this!
Joshua Gonzales (6 months ago)
Although I agree these leaks are most likely not real, just saying something isn’t real doesn’t make it so.
Amanda Higgs (6 months ago)
Gabe! Ur hair looks so nice!
Philip Moore (6 months ago)
Don’t get your hopes up on graphics, they use that art style to get good games out fast. There models have always looked very good when not behind the 3ds’ grainy screen. The same look with slightly better graphics would be fine.
Aidan Or (6 months ago)
Pokémon Home and Pokémon Portable.
-AlexGamerD- (6 months ago)
The Magazine is official there have been fake magazines edited by people but this is official because it was given away at an official event
Scott Gattenio (6 months ago)
Gabe got groomed ;)
leapyleaf (6 months ago)
Wheres Zack?
Immortal Rimas (6 months ago)
I hope it's just the one Pokémon game to start off with and then maybe make the next gen after a 2 game set up. I like the name Pokémon Switch as a great first title for the Nintendo Switch
Sandman 89 (6 months ago)
I really hope they make the new Pokemon game a lot harder and make you explore rather than follow a marker on your map. Don’t think I lost a single battle in y or moon.
Sandman 89 (6 months ago)
Jwanie thanks I’ll check it out
Jwanie (6 months ago)
You should then. They heavily increased the difficulty in those games, which is what people like you have been wanting
Sandman 89 (6 months ago)
Jwanie no I didn’t play them or haven’t yet anyway
Jwanie (6 months ago)
I’m guessing you didn’t play USUM cuz those games were MUCH harder than the original SM
Tomgirl6912 (6 months ago)
Thanks for making the video
TheMarioManiac (6 months ago)
Screw the THOT patrol we need the L E A K patrol!
Jake Nelson (6 months ago)
I’m hoping since they have been working on it for a while now that the graphics are improved a decent amount not expecting a giant change though, and when it comes to the release of the game (games) I hope that they release it as one game instead of two because with all of the previous games every Pokémon could be on one game as long as you traded the ones only available in the other game if they only released one game we could have every Pokémon of that region catchable in one game which is something I have always wanted plus how would trading work for the people who don’t have friends who play it.
Jake Nelson (6 months ago)
Well then they better still price it at $34.99 or $39.99 instead of a $59.99 because unless they are breath of the wild level of graphics it’s not worth a $59.99 price tag. Plus if you are lucky enough to make friends with someone who plays Pokémon you can’t always find somebody who has the opposite version.
Jwanie (6 months ago)
Well that's something they should learn how to do then if they don't wanna buy both versions. Game Freak does not want people to only play Pokemon by themselves. By releasing two versions, they hope to encourage you to go out and build new friendships (or rekindle old ones) with people who have the opposing version to yours
Jake Nelson (6 months ago)
Well not everyone is able to make friends let alone make friends with someone who plays the same games.
Jwanie (6 months ago)
Well it's on you and not Game Freak if you don't have friends who play Pokemon. GF will not release one version cuz they wanna encourage social interaction; they don't expect you to buy both versions. The creator of Pokemon had this in mind from the very beginning
theheebs100 (6 months ago)
Plot twist: gabe is wearing a hair hat
Switch Fan94 (6 months ago)
These past 4 months of waiting has been tiring than an Hooker in Vegas Nintendo needs to drop the Pokemon Direct about Pokemon Switch Soon and before June because E3 is getting to close, you gotta tell the share holders that its coming in 2018, and plus revealing it before E3 is better because if you reveal it at E3 its gonna overshadow Smash Bros cause people love Pokemon and its a Very Top Tier to break the internet. So reveal Pokemon either next week or early May so at E3 we get Smash & Pokemon Gameplay and then at E3 Reveal Animal Crossing Switch, maybe Star Fox Switch, and etc. #GiveUsPokemonSwitchDetailsNintendo !!!!
Jwanie (6 months ago)
Regardless of what you think, USUM will have to hold us over for awhile. XY were announced 6.5 months after B2W2 released. So it’s normal for us to wait this long for a new game reveal. Also, there has always been one year in every generation that a main series game didn’t release. It was 2011 in Gen V and 2015 in Gen VI. Again, 2018 may well be that year for Gen VII. Every generation has lasted at least 3 years so a Fall 2019 release for Gen VIII would make the most sense
Switch Fan94 (6 months ago)
Jwanie I have UltraMoon...and that’s just a remix of Moon it’s pretty easy to see their following the 2012-2013 side when Black 2 & White 2 came out then months later we got X & Y
Jwanie (6 months ago)
Ok based what on you said, you must’ve not played USUM. It’s the same case here. 2014 was Hoenn remakes and then no game at all in 2015. 2017 was USUM and while it’s not confirmed yet, 2018 could very well not have any game either and we’ll just have to settle for USUM this year
Switch Fan94 (6 months ago)
Jwanie 2015 is different since we had Hoenn Remakes to play besides this is for the holidays and Pokémon and Smash together would be MONEY
Jwanie (6 months ago)
Seems that you're just desperate. We've always had to wait this long for a new game reveal. Remember there was no new game in 2015? That could very well be the case for 2018 too
Holly Dot (6 months ago)
I like this new no hat guy. I hope he becomes a regular host
fatedate (6 months ago)
Hope you'll always do a "collection" of rumors in future and not for every minor rumor an extra video...oh I forgot it's SwitchForce
pc Juggalo (6 months ago)
It will be 2 games because fan boys are stupid and will buy two of the same game.
Rik/Swamp (6 months ago)
"Pokemon Switch is clearly a game we all want to come out this year" Not true at all. While I do really want Pokemon Switch, it doesn't have to come out this year. I rather have Gamefreak take their time and make the game as good as it can be. Pokemon doesn't have to be a yearly franchise, it just has to be a good one
JTDRAG0N (6 months ago)
It’s more unlikely it’s not coming out this year because super smash bros
WonderBread (6 months ago)
Really expect it to be plus(+) and minus(-) becaise of the controllers
Lonnie Peck (6 months ago)
Newcomer to your sream, but So, as far as names, I've heard "plus and minus". Also, I've heard localization as either Spain or Chinese coast? I think. As far as personal speculation: I hope they stick to some "fan-fave" and "traditional" aspects, BUT I do hope they change the mainline version up. With the advent of Pokemon Go and the hi spec portability of the switch, I hope they shake it up a bit. Open world 3d would be a wish, (and probably an offshoot) but in reality, I want them to make me wonder. I want to not know the controls after I talk to the prof. I don't want to know exactly where I'm gonna go next. I want a non linear process that keeps me guessing. I don't wanna know that the third gym leader is gonna be a grass type, and that the 7th-8th is some new type, or uncanny type comp. Never played 5th gen and still know exactly how the game plays.
jo gaming and vlog's (6 months ago)
And,it turn's out to be Poke'mon: Ultra Sun,and Ultra Moon 2.....
Jon B (6 months ago)
I love this format, keep making more videos like this 😎
PizzaSage (6 months ago)
vladroxyoursox (6 months ago)
Pokemon Texas and Pokémon Rhode Island
Puellos _ (6 months ago)
I liked the whole 2 game thing. Because it made the search for "a friend who has the opposite game because they got different pokemon, so we could trade and expand the Pokedex" thing.
Spartan3457 (6 months ago)
There is no way that the screenshot and or Pokemon stars stuff is true. If it were, they wouldn't have waited this long to even make an announcement about it. There has to be some sort of graphical and thematic change when they come over to the switch because it's just unreasonable for them to have waited this long to give any information.
Jack Hadad (6 months ago)
I really want them to make the battles like poken tournaments you know like you actually have to learn timing and aim
Diederich Garz (6 months ago)
Can you make a video for displaylatency? (Like settings , wheather coloursettings do affect the delay etc .)
Graham Richardson (6 months ago)
What if it were 2 games, but they were on different systems? So you get pokemon "Red" on switch and "Blue" on 3DS... there is a history of this kind of multi platform release with things like Mario Maker and smash brothers... this would be a cool way for them to continue to support the 3DS up to the end of its life and yet give us the full console thing people have been wanting for 20 years. Also it would encourage people to buy both copies far more than ever before.
Brandon Worthington (6 months ago)
Personally, I really like concept of Pokémon Past and Future. I'd be down for games that are set in one region and we get to play either in the past or the future of it. I doubt it'll happen, but it'd be dope.
DDub 64 (6 months ago)
his nose looks fake. weird
Matt M (6 months ago)
I want a 3D remake of pokemon blue/ yellow, but is most likely going to have a new generation of pokemon and different region
TheBitFox (6 months ago)
I wouldn't mind a updated SS/HG switch release, where those two regions where changed trough a natural disaster or something like that, which brought new pokemon und new mega evolutions. < i also want more megas and it should be a core mechanic again. ZMoves is just too gimmicky.
Johnboy1000 (6 months ago)
I heard Stars is in fact real. But is only a tech demo made to test the Sun and Moon engine on the Switch. Not relative of the final game. And the screenshot is a shot of the demo.
Johnboy1000 (6 months ago)
A official Nintendo-made magazine? That's not made by a third party magazine? Also even if it has a chance to be "false" info, it's pretty graneteed it's Gen 8.
Kenneth Ortega (6 months ago)
I wish fake leaks would stop getting covered.
Silent Stag (6 months ago)
Wait, there is a persons face in this video! This is a Switch Force Video right ?
M D III (6 months ago)
i like this video format, keep these coming
Corroko rush (6 months ago)
Gabe san
Nahuel CC (6 months ago)
Pokemon Heaven & Pokemon Hell (Soundtrack by Black Sabbath)
Mayo13 (6 months ago)
This Ni🅱️🅱️A and his backdrops have me dead 😂😂😂
Wilago 45 (6 months ago)
I knew from the start that those spanish nintendo magazines were like what both Madrid & Barcelona newspapers that act as « Futbol Propaganda » newspapers for Real Madrid & FC Barcelona (So don’t TRUST them to say that Pokemon Switch is Gen 8) I would bet on a retale of Ash Story with every regions & some other main characters to make the game not boring with a World Championship at the end
Flipdew (6 months ago)
The localization process is over, they said so
Lol Lil (6 months ago)
Go to the gym
SwitchForce (6 months ago)
Go with me? - Gabe
Ce Blone (6 months ago)
Please dont use that music again on your videos, i only focused on the music and completely missed the whole video :(
Salucks (6 months ago)
My man Gabe got his tan on, I like it!
ZDMD (6 months ago)
On game.co.uk a England version of GameStop, if you look at Switch games coming soon it’s says: Pokemon TBC-2019 Game retailers like this have to know when these type of games come out so I think that it’s 2019!
Ztormrageheero (6 months ago)
I hate GAME with a passion.
ohsaywhatistruth (6 months ago)
And GameStop posted a 2018 release date for Pokémon. The placeholder release dates are not reliable sources.
Chris Irwin (6 months ago)
Since he's always wearing the hat I thought dude was bald this whole time. Lol
way ment (6 months ago)
Pokemon : Spaghetti and Meatballs
Richie (6 months ago)
Literally have not played a Pokemon game since blue/red/yellow and I'm pretty excited to get it for my switch. I also like the one cart idea but I bet the hardcore fans would go nuts if they didn't release two games.
Johno Daz (6 months ago)
Nice video Gabe(SF). All the Pokémon leaks/rumours are false for sure and we start getting a ton a Smash Rumours aswell. I am just waiting for official news from Nintendo and the Pokémon Company. 4th Edge Out!!
Elekea (6 months ago)
wtf u black?
Carlos Matute (6 months ago)
Haha GOAT #1 Gabe 🤙🏼🙌🏼
PrinceJonasan (6 months ago)
Pokemon Chocolate and Pokemon Vanilla!! For the Nintendo Switch lol
Oboewan Gaming (6 months ago)
Pokemon Switch and Swap
S B (6 months ago)
Cool hair. Big nose.
Pate Gaming (6 months ago)
Man just give me some fire emblem news
the big hotshot 1243 (6 months ago)
Please talk about all the fortnite on Nintendo switch rumors
Dominic Johnson (6 months ago)
FullMetal Bat (6 months ago)
I hope they ditch the two games thing. Especially if the games are gonna start costing $60 and you gotta pay for online. Buying two versions for $120 and an extra $20 for online and $5 for pokebank. It adds up.
Jwanie (6 months ago)
GL with that since people usually ask for ridiculous stuff on the GTS. It’s not just trading though. Game Freak always makes two versions to encourage social interaction. The creator of Pokémon had this in mind from the beginning. Seems to me that you’re just very anti-social and only play Pokémon by yourself; it would explain why you’re so against having 2 versions
FullMetal Bat (6 months ago)
Ever since the gts has been a thing you don't need two copies to get every Pokémon. You can have no friends and still 100% the Dex . There is no reason to have two copies
Jwanie (6 months ago)
They’re not gonna do that cuz it would completely destroy one of the main points of Pokémon since the beginning: to trade with friends. If you have no friends who play Pokémon or only enjoy playing by yourself, then it’s your loss and not Game Freak’s
Hasan Tariq (6 months ago)
Stop bitching about it and be thankful we are getting a switch game

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