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Bethesda's E3 Press Conference in 4 Minutes - E3 2018

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Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls 6, and everything else you missed from Bethesda's E3 Showcase in a handy, bite sized video. Watch more from E3 2018 here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaeYNTgCFJI&list=PLraFbwCoisJAcQvOvliIp_1bYkRlB8cVP ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (1062)
Cjgoku Homes (6 days ago)
Who else thinks that every year bethesda e3 is better than EA and Microsoft ...
Slim Jay (6 days ago)
will it be PVE and PVP? i hope its both.
Eduardo Goncalves (6 days ago)
Anoying music
Cool Nick (6 days ago)
ears bled
Deepak Basavaraju (6 days ago)
So quake is free if I download now??
isiah bishop (6 days ago)
come on boiiisss we need to boycott bethesda asap
Phil Trovato (6 days ago)
Bethesda killed it at E3 this year
Philip Howell (6 days ago)
Horrible background music ruined it for me
OrangeTeaBiscuit Art (6 days ago)
I'm soo hyped for fallout 76,, don't have anything to play it on but oh well!
The Awesome Man (6 days ago)
I call on thee Akatosh and all the divines! I beg thee! please don't let Elder scrolls 6 have settlement building, multiplayer and be dumbed down again (why do they keep dumbing their games down more with each sequel is beyond me).
SE7EN1NE7ES (6 days ago)
"Fallout 76 will be.....online only"....wow never have I ever loss interest in a game so fast lol thanks Bethesda for saving me $60
Eddie Ortiz (6 days ago)
First of all EDLER SCROLLS 6 HYPE Wolfenstein sounds good bc COOP Fallout 76 is pretty much elder scrolls online
Hal Solo (6 days ago)
Fallout 76 is an experiment and not a core game in the genre, fallout 5 will most likely stay a single player experience
Albeezy Q (6 days ago)
Fallout used to be an RPG with legit skill points and decisions that mattered. Bethesda keeps going further away from that and is turning it into a completely different genre with the fallout name stamped on it.. Lame..
2pacalypse Cult (6 days ago)
I'm about to go through the comments to see gamers RANTS, and complaints...............who am I kidding, gamers are the most rational people in the world!
Lord Thanos (7 days ago)
Well I’ve learned that the Fallout fan base is absolutely impossible and fans will be mad no matter what game they make because “that’s not the REAL Fallout.” Please enlighten me, what is a “real” Fallout game? And how is this game filled with power armor, deathclaws, and Nuka-cola NOT a Fallout game?
Mike799XD (7 days ago)
Bethesda won e3
Falcon 706 (7 days ago)
"Fallout 76 is entirely online" Literally threw up 😕. Part of me already knew this already because Fallout 4 hasn't been out long enough for Bethesda to have written a story and recorded the dialogue for it. Ah well, Cyberpunk will keep us true RPG story gamers happy for awhile! 😁
BURN GAMING (7 days ago)
Wow im the 1000 comment
John Jacky (7 days ago)
Cxkafrosamurai # (7 days ago)
entirely online.....fuk fallout 76
LocksLifeLove (7 days ago)
Background music too LOUD ... couldn't hear most of the voice audio. 7/10.
Malcolm pseudonym (7 days ago)
what about fallout for the switch
Big Fudge (7 days ago)
OKAY... so don't type *"BJ's twin daughters"* into Google if you are looking for information about Wolfenstein, because that is not what comes up.
M' aiq (7 days ago)
Is it me or was the Quake showcase sooo Awkward lol
Im Batman (7 days ago)
I'm really mad that they made wolfenstein new blood. Not because there girls it just now there no point playing wolfenstein 3
MR.CoolPotato (7 days ago)
No mods ?!?!¿¿
Jesse Sess (7 days ago)
Bethesda needs a new engine for fallout. Fallout 4 feels and looks so clunky sometimes. Really hoping 76 doesn’t feel like that
Selena Berry (7 days ago)
Fallout all online... idk how to feel about that tbh.
gtabro1337 (7 days ago)
Fallout 76 is as far away from the Fallout idea as it close to a co-op shooter
Michael Mason (7 days ago)
Nobody is talking about Wolfenstein...yay 4 Wolfenstein!
knothole dude (7 days ago)
Congrats 10M 😍
Galva Tron (7 days ago)
one of the best conferences ever
Wizardcor 9 (7 days ago)
you forgot Skyrim very special edition
Foxy's Sketches (7 days ago)
*E N T I R E L Y O N L I N E*
thestew56 (7 days ago)
So what happens when ur internet goes out or its slow that day? LAGGG. G. G. G. Thats what.
Brody Scarborough (7 days ago)
So... I'm not playing Fallout 76...
Noah Talbott (7 days ago)
"But there's one big difference. Fallout 76 will be entirely online." ...Oof
Bavarian GAMER (7 days ago)
Doom eternal Wolfenstien young blood Prey mooncrash Rage 2 Bethesda please just take my money
Carter Gregory (7 days ago)
I don’t see why everyone is freaking out about fallout 76. Why can’t they try something new. It’s not fallout 5 for a reason it’s a spinoff. They want to dip their toes into the water but we freak out when they do.
DarkLaughterGaming (7 days ago)
They did say that FO76 could be played Single Player but it'd be easier with friends. ES6 I hope is set in Akavir and we can play as the Tsaesci! I hope they release a Necromancer Class for ESO. That'd be freaking amazing!
adem belazregue (7 days ago)
"fallout 76 will be entirely online" alot of good games are jumping into this fortnite trend and I don't like it not even one bit
adem belazregue (7 days ago)
Galva Tron well yeah you're right but I also think fortnite and pupg had an impact too like we saw with cod an bf v adding battle royal to they're games
Galva Tron (7 days ago)
adem belazregue fortnite? you can thank destiny and all the people who bought it
Samuel Lamayo (7 days ago)
Bethesda owning old FPS games from Wolfenstein to Doom and now even QUAKE. In 3 Words,WTH
reverse Luci (7 days ago)
Is fallout 76 going to have a singleplayer option?
Le Rana (7 days ago)
Fallout is ded.
Aidan Hart (7 days ago)
Gonzales98 (7 days ago)
Never liked Elder Scrolls, Im more excited about Starfield
Benjamin Seebold (7 days ago)
Breaking news! Suicide Rate drops to 0%
DLC... DLC... more lootbox...
bobby dunn (7 days ago)
E3 I'm disappointed about to many games been reskins and the same crap every year what a joke
Seb Sports (7 days ago)
What a time to be alive
shanon Stevens (7 days ago)
Just crank that annoying af music over the top of everyone trying to talk. Good idea. What a pro.
kirkking2000 (7 days ago)
Um guys, you forgot a huuuge announcement. Skyrim: very special edition for Alexa and Smart fridges. Lol. On paper and a 5 minute video, a great press conference.
SeeYouRyu2032 (7 days ago)
So Doom Eternal got my blood boiling for all the right reasons, but that Elder Scrolls 6, with what looks to be Hammerfell or High Rock, just blue balled me for the next 2-4 years it'll take for that game to come out.
Jean Descole (7 days ago)
This is a nice video, thanks IGN
William Sutton (7 days ago)
We are being spoiled. A new mobile Elder Scrolls game, Fallout Shelter on the switch and PS4, Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout 76.
Insane Faction ENJ (7 days ago)
Bring back the regeneration of enemies in dungeons. After you cleared a dungeon on Skyrim then return to that dungeon two weeks later real time and it's empty. In Oblivion you would clear out that witch cave behind the tavern and then return to that cave or any other place a month later and there would some thing to kill in there. Bandits, creatures, that is where I got some of best armor and weapons. They need to bring back just this one thing.
Charlie Thompson (7 days ago)
Just realized he said Starfield will be a next gen game. Does that mean we are approaching another console generation?
Winter Song (7 days ago)
Microsoft did say they are working on their next console. I personally think it's way too soon but that's just me
Parzival (7 days ago)
Please don’t f—king tell me I have to get PS Plus just so I can play Fallout 76?
Proud Beaner (7 days ago)
Parzival is a Fallout version of elder scrolls online. Is a spin off game , so calm down .
Jesse A (7 days ago)
I was actually happy with what was revealed this year. Rage 2, Doom Eternal, Prey, Wolfenstein, Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls Blades, Starfield, and Elder Scrolls 6! Jesus....
Nolan Fuqua (7 days ago)
I was kinda a little broken to hear 76 is completely online.... but yay es6 😀
Craig Kingdon (7 days ago)
This conference was hot garbage
Adam Fournier (7 days ago)
Fallout has just been ruined for me
ButterMan10988 (7 days ago)
Watch Nintendo’s E3 announce a whole new console
Warden Jack (7 days ago)
Having them pop out such massive titles so fast is kinda worring. I hope its not a recycle fest.
RHE3 (7 days ago)
I don’t understand why people don’t like the idea behind F76 being online only
JiroBD (7 days ago)
Miscellaneous Mind (7 days ago)
That Quake game looks like a new kind of Fortnite
Winter Song (7 days ago)
it look more like an edgy Overwatch clone
DailyDaniel (7 days ago)
too good to be true...
KennyEye (7 days ago)
I mean yeah The Elder Scrolls 6 is good but wont be till a few years now, i am intrigued about Starfield honestly.
theultimaterom (7 days ago)
Ewww a co op Wolfenstein? No.
LSTNR (7 days ago)
I mean at least they announced TES 6, and RAGE 2 looks good
Morning Glory (7 days ago)
I have no interest in fallout 76. Too many other interesting games coming out.
dalten roneoak (7 days ago)
I can't wait for elder scrolls 6 to come out in 45 years. They will milk fallout for as long as possible and eso summerset until they absolutely have to make it then they will begin thinking of creating es6
ozzy carreon (7 days ago)
So is the wolfenstien split screen a total different game or will it be an add on for wolfenstien 2
YouDontKnowMe 1 (7 days ago)
When’s fallout 74 coming out?
Winter Song (7 days ago)
TheBeastPlayz (7 days ago)
Almost Heaven
anjabenn (7 days ago)
Great conference...However, IGN left out the vr announcements -_-
Jared Koenig (7 days ago)
What was with the Chipmunks music?
Jungoguy (7 days ago)
Bethesda stole the show last night, no doubt about it!
Angelo Amorim (7 days ago)
this isnt in under 4 minutes, report this nonsense
Jalen Harris (7 days ago)
At least they're gonna make elder scrolls Single player.
Jose Garza (7 days ago)
I won't be buying any of them. Bethesda has burned me with their subpar games for the last time.
Kenneth Self (7 days ago)
First Elder Scrolls, now Fallout, we are watching the fall of Bethesda. Will they make money? Sure but so does EA..Bethesda has officially relegated itself as another lack luster game company.
Mega Max (7 days ago)
Now it’s Sony’s turn.
Winter Song (7 days ago)
The next one is going to be Ubisoft then after that it's Sony
Mister Negative (7 days ago)
Pretty sure they said starfield and Elder Scrolls we’re both going to be next gen so probably at least two years from now
NovaNinja64 (7 days ago)
background music way to loud and obnoxious
G-Rich456 (7 days ago)
Justin Smith (7 days ago)
If fallout 76 is going to be something like elder scrolls online then i'm going to be really disappointed not that elder scrolls online is this really bad game is just not what i would consider a true bethesda game and if that's the case then i'm really disappointed
Jack Davidson (7 days ago)
Watch the full fallout part of the conference, they explain it. You can still play the whole thing 100% solo if you like, or you can play online with people on the map who may help or kill you. Or play with your friends
Lanky Seth (7 days ago)
Do we know if F76 will have cross platform?
AceDreamer (7 days ago)
I don't like online only games. It feels as if you are renting them rather than owning them. Many MMO's i used to play back in the day have closed down, and the money i gave owning that product might as well be thrown to a fire. I hope it has a single player mode with the option to go online.
iron09man wastland (7 days ago)
Hate bethasda!! No offline😢😡😠
Natsu4Fairytail Flame (7 days ago)
777th comment
Aceboiii (7 days ago)
Why are people complaining about Fallout 76 being entirely online? Is it because you don't have a sufficient internet connection? Or is it because you just want to play alone, because you can still do that....
SeeThroughScreen (7 days ago)
WHAT IS EVERYONE'S PROBLEM WITH FALLOUT 76? Guys c'mon, its still able to be played alone but let's be honest: we can make our own stories with friends and new players. I get it, single player game stories are where its at. But unstructured narratives aren't a bad thing. Online is not a bad thing either. Why should it be treated as such.
luis escalante (7 days ago)
Microsoft was right back in 2013. Always online.
Just the moment he said fallout 76 is fully online, a complete silence from aduence. Shame on on them for ruining single player. Long live elder scroll VI
Proud Beaner (7 days ago)
just kidding with Ahmad Is a Fallout version of elder scrolls online. Is a spin off ... stop jumping to conclusions .
Daniel Trigo (7 days ago)
E3 2019 is gonna feel so empty, damn Bethesda has possibly made this the best E3 in recent times
Chuck Buskee (7 days ago)
Daniel Trigo Don’t forget about Nintendo, aka the only good presentation last year.
Galva Tron (7 days ago)
Daniel Trigo for sure, this how you present in stage, microsoft had all the nervous people and fumbles , it was garbo 7/10 at the most
John Stovall (7 days ago)
well, no more Bethesda for me at least until Starfield

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