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MORE of the Cheapest Switch Games Actually Worth Playing (Spring 2018)

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Text Comments (278)
Andrew Johnson (1 day ago)
The Bonus Meme lives on in our hearts.
Codo8 (2 days ago)
What about Skypiece, it's literally the cheapest Switch game at only £0.89! It's pretty damn fun as well!
megakidz13 (3 days ago)
Check out a robot named fight its a metriodvania roguelite with perma death. Its got a steam store score of 9/10
Rick Harrison (4 days ago)
Stardew valley is probably the best cheap game on the switch
Demetrius Coy (4 days ago)
I really like the way you did the add actually made me laugh and I wanted to watch the add
WolfieGaatGamen (5 days ago)
Finnaly a 2018 video about the nintendo switch
The Multiverse (5 days ago)
This guy is the absolute worst!
The Multiverse (5 days ago)
Really, I need to watch you shave to get game reviews?
The Multiverse (5 days ago)
It's a roguelike, meaning you get the same level but a slightly different shape
Wesley Files (8 days ago)
Those are for your asshole 👌
Mexi Dude (8 days ago)
Why are you shouting?
Jaden Boi (10 days ago)
I liked that reference, you know what I’m talking about.
tsitra360 (11 days ago)
I play a lot of Pinball Switch.
Gilbert Tang (12 days ago)
The video actually starts at 3:48.
Dr. Evil crazy guy (12 days ago)
Telsagrad is like Celeste and lighfall but MAGNETS
Adrian Velasco (13 days ago)
That's for your asshole.
Deathstroke 87 (13 days ago)
Those are for your asshole 😂😂😂
Deathstroke 87 (13 days ago)
Nintendo needs to clean out the trash in the eshop
DarkGengar94 (13 days ago)
I got super one more jump, the multiplayer is so fun. You could play multi player by yourself also, only 2 buttons
Nick Kentros (14 days ago)
Excellent live read of DSC. I prefer Harrys though
Jon Erdahl (14 days ago)
The End is Nigh is by far the best game from this list.
Flaze Proevo (14 days ago)
I love it when the pinball games are free!
chepo Rodriguez (14 days ago)
Adventure Pals
Alexis Croft (15 days ago)
omg you're beard and hair are epic howooo ( worst wolf impersonation ever ) lol
RossOriginals (15 days ago)
I am sure I've seen a review that said "Mom hid my game" is free on mobile though
Carlos Magno Rosa (15 days ago)
TokiTori2 is so good. It’s not a platformer but a puzzle 2D sidescroller
Luís Guimarães (16 days ago)
Play The End Is Nigh pleeeaase
JL Bebit (16 days ago)
Im really glad VVVVVV got covered in this one. One of the best brutal twitch platformers ever made right beside super meatboy, while Celeste is just half a level above these 2. I think Saturday Morning RPG at $10 deserves a solid mention here too. :)
maxim espace (16 days ago)
3:50 thank me later
Jamie Ryan (16 days ago)
Hollow knight and hyper light drifter switch release date?
Madi Games (16 days ago)
Look at rip tide renagade
Tylertron (17 days ago)
I like these types of ads in my videos vs the alternative. Thank you for the entertainment. This video is great too, glad I am subbed to this channel.
André Hernández (17 days ago)
...those are for your a$$hole... you are awesome!
Dayko (17 days ago)
The video starts at 2:38
Simoss13 (17 days ago)
I really like Blaster Master Zero
Dino (17 days ago)
this ad was so good imo bc its not slapped in ur face like, "this video is sponsored by (place sponsor here)" nice job including it which is subtle, making it seem it was a part of the video
Grainsauce (17 days ago)
I feel like some games that are in the shop shouldn't be on the switch, some of them are cheap, poorly made, mobile games with a premium Switch price tag...
FennecTECH (17 days ago)
Fe better be in the next one
Samjamhawkeye Gaming (17 days ago)
One more jump is on mobile? I have it on my phone? Maybe it’s eu only?
Jon Idoncair (17 days ago)
first time i haven't skipped a dollar shave club ad 10/10 edit: also nobody hate this video, its at 69 Likes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Miles B (18 days ago)
good bring it up becuase now you come up with percentages for the Switch while buying it at the stores like for example and by the way i not give examples so yeah but anyways for example Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus Probably be out on Switch this year by Next Months just days before E3 okay that Percentage for that is Probably getting alot of Money for People Purchase buying it okay let's say um Smash okay that being said for New characters coming back i having chances for um Crash Rayman and Cloud to be on Smash for Switch and that's like 20% low chance becuase look about Cloud he didn't apprence for Nintendo during Kingdom Hearts series in general so that game is worth of buying if Smash for switch comes out so i don't know if you Understand all this what i been saying but um yeah and the another switch games that People will be able to buy well based-off the Percentage of every game with Money that's all i can say so take care and take it easy!!!!!
TheSpeculator (18 days ago)
Nice marketing plug
I see Sonic statue peeking at your background.2:57
TheKewlPerson (18 days ago)
It’s time for BONUS GAME!!!!!!
Kevin R (19 days ago)
I'm always torn when it comes to buying games on Switch that are also on mobile or Steam because I can almost always get them for much less on those platforms than on the Switch. Super Meat Boy, for example, I got on the Xbox 360 at launch for $10 and for $1 on Steam later on. Paying $15 for it on Switch seems a bit steep. One particular game, Bleed, is more than twice as expensive on the Switch as on Steam. The normal, non-sale price for the game was $5 on Steam. Meanwhile, the Switch version was on sale, 50% off, and still cost a dollar more. That's ridiculous. And don't get me started on the price differences between mobile games and the Switch versions. Some of them go from being a dollar or two to ten dollars. WHY?! The only reason I can think of is that mobile gamers refuse to pay more than $5 for a game, even if it's amazing, while console gamers are used to paying more, so developers think they can just up the price of the game when it comes to Switch. It's a tough pill to swallow to say the least.
TheFuneralPyre (19 days ago)
Neon Chrome needs more love!!!
vashshadow (19 days ago)
i wish i wasnt working all the time missing your guys streams and missing out on gaming
Felipe Arcaro (19 days ago)
You are so enthusiastic and your videos are great to watch. I recently bought a Nintendo Switch because of it. Thanks man!
Valeoneup 1 (19 days ago)
What a sell out lmao 😂 get to your video bro.... I know what the people want and I’ll take your followers.
Matthew Cantrell (19 days ago)
love the knife in the back lol. CRKT?
G4MI G4MI (19 days ago)
Subspace Emissary was 5$ (I think) and it's on the eshop. I was very pleasantly surprised by the game. Its a sort of text adventure with very cool looking 3D animated scenes in the background. I had a lot of fun playing it
Boonehams (19 days ago)
1:54 - My asshole, you say? Hmm...
James Ernst (19 days ago)
Bob is just a sex object now :(
Lazy Stevz (19 days ago)
Pinball FX... Is FREE?!?
Robert Andrade (19 days ago)
That ad integration was so fucking slick I might just have to cop just out of respect shit was even slicker then Jose zuniga
Erick Donaldson (19 days ago)
I thought this was billy mitchell for a good 3 videos
Jaden Moon (19 days ago)
Super One More Jump is a mobile app as One More Jump. The Switch version is the "deluxe" version of the app.
Blake Herndon (19 days ago)
Love these, Bucko
Anjum Pervez (19 days ago)
Lode Runner
carter cash (19 days ago)
Where is A Robot Named Fight!
Isabella Romaine (19 days ago)
oof is anyone else a fan of the pewdiepie reference
Chloe Mcholoe (20 days ago)
I only find stuff trough search after finding reviews or hearing about them
Leo Iacovou (20 days ago)
You forgot metal slug
- ̗̀ Buizel NX ̖́- (20 days ago)
Sup Gilfoyle
Christian Dunham (20 days ago)
Best add I’ve seen Wulff well done haha
vedi0boy (20 days ago)
Wow, only took 4 minutes to finally get to the freaking list
Bockhold's Place (20 days ago)
One I love that is a $5 game is called Earth Wars. It is a really fun game. It's a side scroller with multiple levels and you level up your character, craft new weapons and gear, and fight aliens invading the US but the language is in Japanese with subtitles no english voice overs. Kind of weird that it is set in the US but is in Japanese... Oh well that is pretty much the only negative I have for the game really. I haven't beat it but have put enough time into it to know it is pretty fun and definitely worth $5! Also it has a pretty cool art style where the characters almost look like their individual limbs and body parts were drawn on separate sheets of paper and then stuck together with tacks where they bend, probably not a good explanation but hey GO BUY IT and then you will see for yourself!
Ninten dude789 (20 days ago)
Where's Retro City Rampage DX? It's a damn good GTA clone.
Casual Carnage (20 days ago)
I bought a switch because of you and I love it. I love this channel!!!
tjnesryan (20 days ago)
Rocket League is 25% off right now ($14.99) until May 3rd, so yeah
Potato Tactics (20 days ago)
hmm... what else should I add.. hmmm.... pinball!
Troy Talukder (20 days ago)
But i lost a bet with my friend in which i lost all my pocket money........
Sinom (20 days ago)
Wait what there's a VVVVVV port on switch? I have the PC version and I love it.
Charles Everett (20 days ago)
Are there any good FPS for the switch? I'm dying to play COD but I don't think it's ever going to come.
TheWalkingSpider (20 days ago)
I thought you were gonna use a joycon to shave
Double A Animations (20 days ago)
Striker pack was 20$??? What? When? How?? If its not 20 anymore, will it be 20 again?
Crow Migration (20 days ago)
The market is over saturated. Most games are ports of old 2d platformers. The Zelda clones are getting out of hand as well.
Ming Kwan (20 days ago)
bonus game !!!!!!!!!
Derek Kirk (20 days ago)
the wulff den seems like a loud person even when he is quite he is loud
Tony Toy (20 days ago)
Died laughing @ dollar shave.
abubakar jamro (20 days ago)
Bonus meme
George Delis (20 days ago)
Actually, they released a game on iOS and Android called One More Jump, but for some reason they pulled it right before they made Super One More Jump for consoles.
i need free games
lordgamer 122 (20 days ago)
How do you not have more subs
_CheetahPlayz _ (20 days ago)
I’ll buy 7.
Michael Hilstrom (20 days ago)
Cannot recommend enter the dungeon enough. Played 35 hours on PC when it came out, loved it, and dropped it because I couldn't play it on the go. When I got my switch in August, I was hoping it would be available, but wasn't. I got it in roughly December, and literally played it in the theater during the last jedi. Still play it to this day. So good. Incredibly difficult, incredibly charming, incredibly fun.
SonButters (20 days ago)
It's great they are giving Indie games a huge chance on the Switch but when it comes to wanting some of the OG Virtual Console games that i want! The problem is if Nintendo did that it would take the spotlight away from the Indie games but, they arent my forte! If I wanted an Indie game machine then id just download apps from the playstore
Nogwaii (20 days ago)
quality over quantity. and you sir, definitely have quality 👏👏 game👏 review 👏
Spino5OX Dino_Pro (20 days ago)
Ima get a switch soon and I made a playlist to help me with research and some of your videos were added cause it helped me
mazrimalthor (20 days ago)
Thanks. Never heard of Toki Tori...will definitely check them out.
FoxGaming158 (20 days ago)
So Super One More Jump is just Geometry Dash but not free and on the Switch? Fuck. That.
FoxGaming158 (20 days ago)
You think I have money to spend on games? Ha! I just bought a Switch and Mario Kart 8, I have almost no money. Fuckkkkkkk
Nate Levy (20 days ago)
You all need to check out A Robot Named Fight. Best game on the eShop for its price.
Spintechfilms (20 days ago)
Yeah by far best segway into your sponsor
youtube hero (20 days ago)
Meme Review!!!!!
Faith M. (20 days ago)
I’ve seen lots of YTers do a DS sponsor...but yours had me rolling! If I wasn’t already a member, I’d be one because of you!
WiredBand39 (20 days ago)
Found you guys bc of our mutual friend James Morano!
shades mcshady 412 (20 days ago)
Why wasnt vroom in the night sky on this list.
Ruben Hernandez (20 days ago)
Everyone -This video is sponsored by.... Wulff Denn - Hold my switch.
Game Crusade (20 days ago)
That is how you do an ad lmao. That was very entertaining

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