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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Official E3 Trailer

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The official E3 trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (754)
Luke Skywalker (21 days ago)
Damn I still haven't played this game yet
Paola Pao (1 month ago)
My first ever Nintendo wii game, this is my childhood ❤️ and this is also one of my favorite games, Nintendo should’ve made a 3rd one
[creepy] frisky (1 month ago)
good memories
PikaPlayer Gaming (1 month ago)
Jae Hawkins (1 month ago)
Was this really 8 years ago?
World of Meli (3 months ago)
Wow. You can really here the MIDI in the beta theme.
The Glitchy Hand (3 months ago)
Omg I really remember seeing that first part all the way back in '09... I was 5 and I remember seeing Mario fly through space... that's it. I remember saying "what is 'Super Mario Galaxy 2?'" 9 years later I have all the Mario games... time flies
StarBit Studios (3 months ago)
Plz, Galaxy 3 soon
SupremeBean901 (3 months ago)
So nostalgic
European Union Mapping (4 months ago)
miyamoto, super Mario odyssey: yayyyyy! super Mario galaxy 3: HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT I NEEEEEEEEEED IT
MarioMario369 (4 months ago)
The music. I wanna listen to it forever.
Bacon Party (4 months ago)
0:15 where was this part during the game and also WHY THE GRAPHICS LOOK SOO GOOD FOR A WII
Marcusjoshua (5 months ago)
Revisiting this. I remember going to blockbuster, (when is was still around) to play this game. I wish blockbuster was still around. SO MUCH NOSTALGIA :(
Jumpdirtysuit _ (5 months ago)
2018 <3
canadiandunce (5 months ago)
Thank god this isn’t the full game.
Marco Lai (5 months ago)
Is this game for the wii u too?
SmashyPlays (5 months ago)
1:50 beta starship Mario (^ᴗ^)ノ
andrew schmidt (5 months ago)
Here's hoping to a bundle of both galaxy games on switch or just put them on virtual console
Lapin Mort (5 months ago)
Why is this in my recomended? It's 2018, it's all about Mario Oddyssey now
Rylan Stoner (5 months ago)
This brings back memories
Nerd Patrol (5 months ago)
I was at the reveal and I remember someone screaming “Oh my god is that Yoshi?!”😂😂
Stefan Brockelbank (5 months ago)
Wow, this game looks decent. When is it coming out? Kappa
quadro beam (5 months ago)
I was seven when i got this game... I had only played lego games before, and this truly opened my eyes to how amazing video games could be
Frank Einstein (5 months ago)
Cuándo sale este juego? :V
Yami Yugi (5 months ago)
Super Mario Odyssey is the closest we'll get to Super Mario Galaxy 3. Be grateful you ungrateful fucks.
The Sloth (5 months ago)
Better than odyssey
Cosmozerk (5 months ago)
Aaah yes, I remember it like it was yesterday. My 7 year old self was browsing the internet, just looking for stuff to see. Then all the sudden I go to a Nintendo page that I don't exactly remember the name of...but I do remember what was IN that page, yup, it was this trailer. You gotta understand the context tho, I played the ever loving crap out of Super Mario Galaxy back then and when I say that, I mean that I played so much that the disc got scratched to the point that stopped working and we had to buy a new game. I loved every second of it. So you can imagine my reaction when I say this thing, I remember jumping out of my seat and screaming like a mad man. No over-the-top Youtube reaction will top MY reaction from that day, I can assure you that. It was worth it in the end. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is freaking incredible :')
Josh Wilson (5 months ago)
Full heartedly agree with you
Nicola C. (5 months ago)
Imagine if some kiddo at E3 showed Miyamoto the infinite flutter XD
One of the greatest Mario games in History
Josh Wilson YES
Josh Wilson (5 months ago)
You mean THE greatest
Big Blue's Banter (5 months ago)
1:49 is that the early Starship Mario?!
Romi (5 months ago)
Deadman8 (5 months ago)
My parents thought this was a dlc for Super Mario Galaxy XD
hassan nassar (5 months ago)
The games graphics looked good then and still look good now
This could have bene my childhood but,sadly I was 1 year old.I mean we *DIT* have a wii but ehh hmmm I couldn't play lets say
Josh Wilson (5 months ago)
This was made 18 daysbefore my 1st birth day,thats A-Ok
Doggins (5 months ago)
I swear, the only reason I got rid of this game is because the disk was too scratched to play.
Holy shit... It looks so different...
zakatana (5 months ago)
Still looks good to this day. Release galaxy 1&2 in a bundle for Switch, Nintendo, and you have my 30$.
SnekPL (5 months ago)
Damn, I remember watching this trailer just like yesterday. I was super hyped for this game!
Davide Montinaro (5 months ago)
I still waiting Galaxy 3... I believe in Nintendo Switch!!!
ItookyourJello (5 months ago)
I still have this game :)
MegaSuperab (5 months ago)
Splat Zelda (5 months ago)
7 years later MARIO ODYSSEY
LittleBro / FE2 and dev (5 months ago)
Ahh. The good ol' sounds i used to have.
MrGuy (5 months ago)
WOW did Starship Mario look different
MrGuy (5 months ago)
lol why is the trunk slide in space
Nite - Agar.io (5 months ago)
0:46 shame that wasn't in the game.
Quote Balrog (5 months ago)
The logo looks EXTREMELY different from the final
MrMii (5 months ago)
This came out eight years ago. I'm 19 now. Holy crap I feel old.
MrMii (5 months ago)
I agree. I remember being so excited for Galaxy 2 when I saw this trailer on the Nintendo Channel. Despite being only 480p as well, Galaxy 1 and 2 looked very good, especially the level of detail on Mario's outfit. I have Odyssey and although I think it's awesome, I was definitely more excited for this. In fact, I was really on the fence about Odyssey until I played it simply because of the name. However, I think that the nostalgia factor will always be more tailored toward Galaxy 1 & 2. The Wii was a great time in Nintendo's console line, hands down.
Mark Klockenkemper (5 months ago)
MrMii ya late this year it will be 8. But I miss Mario Galaxy. I miss the Wii. I miss that really good Nintendo. The switch is ok. But The Wii way better. Mario Odyssey is fun but I think Mario Galaxy is better.
MrMii (5 months ago)
In relative years it's eight. Or it will be eight this year.
Mark Klockenkemper (5 months ago)
MrMii 7 years ago
Andrew Mckibben (5 months ago)
I hope they make a remastered Mario Galaxy for the switch with the beautiful visuals of odyssey
Gaby Pr. (6 months ago)
8 years later in 2018
Trickyplays Deluxe (6 months ago)
Why is this in my recommended box when it's 2018
HumanProductions (6 months ago)
One of my favorite games of all time...on a trailer :)
HumanProductions (6 months ago)
This was my first 3D Mario game, I remember the first time I picked that nunchuck and Wii remote when I was just 5, so much memories, oh god I’m crying
Vitor Suzin (6 months ago)
the greatest game ever
Eureka (6 months ago)
I was 14...
Chuckie1201 (6 months ago)
Ren Hoek (6 months ago)
still my favorite mario game
Brandon Millar (6 months ago)
I would love a Super Mario Galaxy 3 on Switch.
Shifty Biscuit (6 months ago)
times were simpler then
Zack Sykes (6 months ago)
trailers were weak back then 😶.
Brandon Bowlin (6 months ago)
Oh Man! That was the good only days
Josh Wilson (5 months ago)
The good only days?
8 years since its release. This game was my childhood
Edward The Great (6 months ago)
Why was this in my suggested? Galaxy 3 confirmed ?!?!?!
Humberto Gonzalez (6 months ago)
I can't believe how long ago this was !! Such a great game. Both of the galaxies were amazing.
Orionjustmelted (6 months ago)
Seems like Nintendo was originally gonna take a more open-ended approach to this game. Wish they would’ve done that. :/
Pascl (6 months ago)
I can't believe this game is 8 years old already... or something like that
Aiden Wright (6 months ago)
childhood (still am a child)
TheBig RedSky (6 months ago)
2:01 wait that was seriously the first logo
Mr Cupcake (6 months ago)
I’m pretty positive that each planet on this game is bigger than each level on mario odyssey.
Agent 8 (6 months ago)
When this is in my recommended in 2018 for some reason
Texticks (6 months ago)
The ending sounds that the Wii logo made really brought back memories.
Dani UwU (6 months ago)
8 fucking years ago
Bbaaii (6 months ago)
Im calling it. Best. 3D. Mario. Game. yes my opinions biased cuz I never played 64 and started on sunshine but when I see this i dint give a FUCK
Wipeout325 (6 months ago)
Bbaaii that doesn’t make you biased, it makes you uninformed. I think that Oddessy is the best but I’ve never played another proper 3D Mario.
xAlphaBoston (6 months ago)
Better than odyssey
DuperGames64 (6 months ago)
That MIDI music is hurting my ears...
Jonathan Parker (6 months ago)
This warms my heart in 2018. My childhood
GroNadeo (6 months ago)
just watching this makes me think of how loud that place would have been...
Jesus Osvaldo Broch (6 months ago)
8 years? Has it been that long?
Jesus Osvaldo Broch (6 months ago)
DMadHacks sheez, the game don't even look that old
DMadHacks (6 months ago)
Jesus Osvaldo Broch Oh yea. The original Galaxy is also over a decade old now.
HyperHunt621 (6 months ago)
Yes, I know it's 2018 and Odyssey is already out as the current "main" 3D Mario game--potentially the only one for the Switch--but c'mon... *Imagine* a trailer like this again, even if had the same synthesized/not-yet-orchestrated and (in hindsight) empty level design as this trailer showed (because we KNOW the final Galaxy 2 damn delivered) and the raw hype it would generate...for Galaxy 3 to finally be revealed. Hell, at this point, I'd love a Super Mario All-Stars 2/3D All-Stars, with all of Mario's main 3D outings (or at the very least, up to Galaxy 2) in full HD and portable on the Switch. Ah, a guy can dream...
THE GUY (6 months ago)
This game looks cool. Can't wait for it to come out.
Bombomber (6 months ago)
THE GUY I know right? I dont think i can wait
Jorge Gutierrez (6 months ago)
🎵Luigiii, you're sooo sexy🎵
The7SuperStars (5 months ago)
Wrong. Its luigi your so freaken sexyyyyyyyyyyy
Renne (6 months ago)
This was like looking into the heavens when I was younger
IsThisAName ??? (6 months ago)
HYYYYPE! Why are they releasing it on the Wii though? Not on the switch?
Bombomber (6 months ago)
IsThisAName ??? I Dont know
Jame (6 months ago)
AWESOME! Can’t wait 😊
Urban_Nation (6 months ago)
Bruh the Music sounded like shit then
Seb Cap (6 months ago)
Having this in my recommended has inspired me to 100% this game again
Pedro Witz (6 months ago)
Man, I can't wait for it to come out...
Dakota (6 months ago)
Looking at the random bump in comments and replies it seems a decent amount of people are getting recommend this for some reason. The fuck, YouTube?
SpiderKrabVlogs (6 months ago)
I love how there are so many galaxies that were never used
IFInferno (6 months ago)
I remember this game when I got it, could never stop playing it. It is probably one of the best game to ever come out and was Nintendo's limit to what they could do. After this game all I saw was disappointment and I come back look at this trailer, grab me wii and can't stop playing for hours. This game is a masterpiece and and Nintendo can't top it.
DiEg0 BaRri0s (6 months ago)
Alex Andahazy (6 months ago)
This looks neat, when does it release?
JiroBD (6 months ago)
Why is this now recommended 8 years later
gamerprince1999 (5 months ago)
same for me lol
Daniel - ͜- (6 months ago)
Christmas Gopher same
TheGreatest5316 (6 months ago)
*shows up in my recommendations.* *mistakes galaxy 2 for 3* *DEPRESSION*
Jw Nation (6 months ago)
This game was so much better than odyssey.
Shmu62 (6 months ago)
I know it's been almost a decade since this, but some of the locations trailer REALLY should have been in the final game.
Jake. 06 (3 months ago)
Bacon Party It's in the final game just re-textured
CL4W Reaper (4 months ago)
Shmu62 true
Shmu62 (4 months ago)
Saaame. It feels like we missed out on a lot of great things that could have been.
Bacon Party (4 months ago)
0:15 this is the one i want the most like look at that grass
FawfulCrump (5 months ago)
Poor Giant Metal Chomp never had a chance. :(
Carb Van (6 months ago)
Why is this in my recommended
NinjaMaster909 (6 months ago)
That awkward screw up at 0:38 though
Henriko Magnifico (6 months ago)
*Dat midi tho...* 👌
Shripplez (6 months ago)
Jesus I remember all of this. Incredible game

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