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the HUGE controller! THE DUKE

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Review of the new Hyperkin Duke Controller for Xbox. Is this the best BIG controller for your Xbox One X? 💥💥💥Stuff I Use💥💥💥 Music Source: https://goo.gl/X3yZVS Camera: http://amzn.to/2AN6tbV Lens: http://amzn.to/2jMWdG9 Mic: http://amzn.to/2jNFwKF Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2jOQgsq ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡️ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Text Comments (601)
Zane Roote (1 hour ago)
does this work with windows 7?
RB26 Gaming (3 days ago)
5:35 I think I spotted master chief
RB26 Gaming (3 days ago)
Jack Kelly lawyer you have very nice hands
MrCrazybark (3 days ago)
UnholyApe (3 days ago)
They need to remaster the s controller
Michael Reineke (3 days ago)
The Duke had bumper buttons in addition to it's triggers? Did the S have that? I don't recall the S having that. I remember it had black and white buttons, though.
Zachary Laborde (7 days ago)
The GameCube also had asymmetrical sticks and came out during the same generation
Mert Erdogan (7 days ago)
Who is the little guy shoting at the corner at 5.36
Ian Taylor (7 days ago)
There are Nintendo switch joy-cons on the side of the TV.
ThatBasmo (7 days ago)
Didn't one of the testers break his thumbs on that controller? The old one not the new one I remember having that and then I remember getting the smaller one which I still have
Digital king (7 days ago)
Heh, The rock got roasted
1: I got that Atari Shirt 2: Will they make the Slim OG Xbox Controller for Xbox One?
Aiden Pierce (11 days ago)
Look in the right corner at 1:17 it's a bug
Declirious (11 days ago)
1:17 Why is there a random ghost floating in the background?
Roberto Hernandez (13 days ago)
They call it the Duke, cuz that's how big bull shit is!
Joe Christo (16 days ago)
5:35 Look in the bottom right It’s a halo guy shooting him
Bryan Paniagua (16 days ago)
1:18 Top right corner
UttR Concrete (17 days ago)
This is gonna be my pubg controller
UttR Concrete (17 days ago)
Just ordered one
Nicolas Noisette (18 days ago)
Where did you get that Xbox stand for the Duke controller? I would like to get one.
Hylian_Hero85 (20 days ago)
I'll be completely honest with you. If the S controller had not come out, I don't think I would have switched from PS2 over to the Xbox, even though I wanted to play Halo. For me, the controller has to be comfortable to use. That is first and foremost, before gameplay and graphics. But it is cool to see the Duke controller see new light though.
D R (23 days ago)
Brings me back to 7th grade, feels fucking amazing in my freakish manhands.
Gerog (24 days ago)
I'm a ps4 player but I have to admit Xbox controllers are way better
Lolcat (25 days ago)
Xbox controllers are the greatest. Sony's controllers are very small, and after long sessions of play my hands kill. The PS4 controller is much better than the PS3. But the number 1 controller is the XBOX One hands down.
Kel Raphiel (25 days ago)
i though i was tweeking when i saw that little samus in the lower corner
You Tube viewer (26 days ago)
Lose the hat, baldy.
FredFaz67 YOUTUBE (27 days ago)
Perfect for children with long fingers! (Fynallie! A controller for me!)
Count Asti (27 days ago)
holy shit I want it!
4packdaddy (30 days ago)
The scalpers won again!!!!! People want $100 online because let’s buy a controller that someone else wants to use and resell it!!! People suck.
PetarGT Cro (1 month ago)
5:30 wut Look at the down right corner
Jacob Zapanta (1 month ago)
Is it compatible with the 360? I don't own a Xbox one
Fokker TISM (1 month ago)
I'll probably just use it for a month or two, then sell it to some soyboy for $350 (the price of this thing in my country is $120).
Angultra (1 month ago)
Can't believe they re-released the Duke, I mean at least do the Controller S. And make it wireless while they're at it.
Sanz SplitStream (1 month ago)
I’m loving that UNSC beanie
Big Penguin721 (1 month ago)
Nintendo is better
Iiiiiitttttttsssssss hhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggeeeeeeeee
Bemas Cabida (1 month ago)
As a guy with big hands and a rather long middle finger, this controller is perfect for me
Daniel 12345 (1 month ago)
Tap the screen
BT DUBS125 (1 month ago)
4:24 bottom right corner
Normal man (1 month ago)
I remember having the old duke controller for xbox in 2009 I still have it along with the first ever xbox
Augustus Sinclair (1 month ago)
Every single person I see review this product always has to mention it's size as "really big" or "huge" but the damned thing fits perfectly in their hands. As does it with my hands. Like who didn't like this controller? Babies? Faggots at tournaments that bring extra small controllers? The Duke controller was great, lot of wasted space in the center, but it's over all size was comfortable, even for me when I was 10 years old.
A Golden Scar (1 month ago)
Lol japans hands are small and so is there pee pee’s
A Golden Scar (1 month ago)
I want it
Andrei Vlad (1 month ago)
Nintendo at the time(Game Cube) dint used a single stick, they used two sticks aligned in the same asymmetrical way, just like the Xbox one.
y1985 (1 month ago)
Wow, I’m a controller freak but I never the S version exist. Cool!
Timmy The Third (1 month ago)
Still small for me, but a lot better than other controllers. I always liked using this controller in middle school cause my hands were already larger than most men, and everyone else abandoned this controller because it was far too big. Now if only my big hands and feet had a use other than making it hard to find shit. Size 16 feet, SMH. For reference.
Shy Shy Tomato (1 month ago)
Great another rip off of the Dreamcast controler... Just great, Thanks Microsoft
old school gamer (1 month ago)
The Duke is my favorite of all xbox controllers, and the xbox one is my least favorite and the most uncomfortable controller I have ever used. I'm five foot five 145 lbs and my hands are average size and I have no problems with the Duke. Everything is where it should be with no stretching or discomfort. I feel the opposite about the xbox one controller. My hands are always stretching and reaching and cramping up from this horrible controller that to me makes all my favorite games like halo and street fighter almost unplayable and my skills all most absent. I bought a elite controller and it's even worse to me then the regular one.
William H. (1 month ago)
5:33 halo guy in bottom right
Joseph Little (1 month ago)
5:45 who else noticed the little halo man
torres3800 (1 month ago)
Ahhh the duke, i remember as a freshman in highschool first viewing it like a Dreamcast controller...
KainetheWusky (1 month ago)
Its a $70 piece of shit. Yeah polished shit. still shit though
Gabriel Palandro (1 month ago)
Dis anyone else see the little guy on the book
Danny Santos (1 month ago)
I've always used my middle finger for the triggers and my index finger for the shoulder buttons so this controller feels so natural to me. I bought it yesterday and I'm loving it so far!
Martin k918 (1 month ago)
Gypsymuffin (1 month ago)
I do like the look of this controller, but it is over £60 here in the uk so i'll pass unless it drops in price a lot.
Kazukamichan (1 month ago)
Will be picking this up with be perfect to play the original Xbox games on the Xbox One.
Owen Driscoll (1 month ago)
dang that thing is huge
Gipsar (1 month ago)
My first console was the original Xbox
TAURASII GamingTV (1 month ago)
My hands are skinny im still used of it
Jacobo (1 month ago)
Got mine today
MajorGoldGamer (1 month ago)
*Halo CE 1v1s with my cousin flashbacks i n t e n s i f i e s*
What's Next? The Xbox one x having a modern model of the original xbox? ......I wonder what that would look like.
TMPR FuSionn (1 month ago)
Finally, an Xbox controller that won’t waste your money on buying batteries for your controller.
ricardo diaz (1 month ago)
this controller is for real men with big hands
King Korū (1 month ago)
I met the people that made this controller at E3.. shit was very impressive
Aria Sloan (1 month ago)
1:17 there's something on the top right corner moving
Kyle Desrochers (1 month ago)
If the bumpers are hard to use imagine if laying some shooter games with that thing.
_Alterra _ (1 month ago)
Whats with the guy in the background at 5:32
Nebby Noo112 (1 month ago)
Needler 😆
hector Rivera C. (1 month ago)
And somewhere down the line they stopped listening to us. But let's see what happens now
alucain213 (1 month ago)
Oh look ... the sega dreamcast ripoff
GhostLink92 (1 month ago)
Between the Master Chef Collection, and having old Xbox games on the one, this is perfect.
Mzox210 (1 month ago)
Mine has a lot of echo when using the mic
TAOP (1 month ago)
I love my hyperlink duke controller
Marky 360 (1 month ago)
I've already completely replaced my standard Xbox One controller with this one. After playing with the Duke for a couple days I cannot go back to the standard XB1 pad it's just too damned small and never shall my hands be cramped ever again lol. Oh and I haven't even turned on my PS4 after using the Duke I mean seriously the DS4 forget about it there is no way in hell imma be able to use that thing again. Imma have to find some way to mod a Duke controller to work on the PS4 before Spider-Man drops lol.
Vivek Mannava (1 month ago)
Like that UNSC hat!!!
Aqua The Inkling (1 month ago)
that airplane and master chief in the background tho
Uther Doul (1 month ago)
One of the Worst controllers ever created. Congratulations Micro$oft for wasting your time on this stupidity instead of creating new games.
Demarioshow1 (1 month ago)
I like how the japenese hated the Duke controller but thought the n64 was fine
Vishal p (1 month ago)
How do you know someone has put the effort in making their videos !? Those tiny animations at the back 👌🏽
OctoSai SSG (1 month ago)
Cant w8 to try this on my switch :-)
Frankie Wren (1 month ago)
I would have bought this if the expansion slots were kept and/or adapted to a new purpose ie. mUSB passthroughs or separate mic and heaphone jacks. Missed opportunity, and the LCD screen is a waste of manufacturing budget resulting in an unpleasant price for a WIRED ONLY controller. Shame, as a large handed fellow I loved the Duke. Not for everyone by any means, but for large handed people it's sublime.
PastaMuppets (1 month ago)
The Duke gets a lot of hate but its the reason I got an Xbox over a PS2 back in the day, even with my tiny 10 year old hands I thought it was the coolest thing ever
spiderman4677 (1 month ago)
Why the hell would anyone want this crap?? I didn't purchase an original Xbox until the S Controller came out.
JonJon2627 (1 month ago)
Mr. SEA (1 month ago)
The Duke is literally a Dreamcast with 2 analogue sticks...PlayStation gaming after long periods usually results with a hand cramp for me and a buddy who was a game tester for EA back in the day, used to get a blister on his thumb after long PS2 testing sessions. I prefer the S, but the Duke is okay.
Jorgolicious (1 month ago)
can it run doom
Doctor Claw (1 month ago)
Just to make Dark Souls harder to play
LostandAlive (1 month ago)
I don't get why people think that's big, just look at the Wii U's gamepad.
Benjamin Sumner (1 month ago)
Put the camera guy as host. He has the right idea.
MLGGUY420 (1 month ago)
1:17 What's flying on the top right?
Tardis (1 month ago)
What’s the little cgi bits in the video, I saw a jet crash and explode in the corner
Move_I_Got_This (1 month ago)
My thumbs could reach the buttons and thumb stick on the opposite side of the controller. The size and weight were perfect, the buttons had a dome shape to them which made them uncomfortable to press. When I was a kid, I had a grip for my snes controller because it was too small. Asian men are about the size of American women and a Jamaican woman would dominate an asian man in size and strength.
Roosterrock (1 month ago)
Man playing Kotor, Halo CE, and Halo 2 with this thing is gonna be awesome, wish I had more original Xbox games, guess I have Psychonauts on PC but I never had that as a kid
purm1287 (1 month ago)
Editing on this was on point. Oh and by the way, The Nintendo Gamecube was the first gaming console to include an asymetrical stick layout.
Glitch Guy (1 month ago)
Pls give a link to the controller
ASchraub (1 month ago)
Please give us a new S contoller!!!
Quiensesuponequesoy (1 month ago)
Hi, I've read months ago that it also works on Xbox 360. Have you been able to verify it? Many thanks.
Maruko Chan 99 (1 month ago)

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