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How to play gamecube games on your mac! (Dolphin Emulator)

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(Watch in HD) This is a mac tutorial explaining how to use dolphin emulator, and how to install rom's/iso's. Dolphin: https://dolphin-emu.org/ Rom/Iso Website: http://www.emuparadise.me/Nintendo_Gamecube_ISOs/42 Unarchiver: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-unarchiver/id425424353?mt=12 or http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/22774/the-unarchiver
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Text Comments (385)
frederick green (7 months ago)
my bro how you download The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess?
=23 Download GameCube Emulator http://tiny.cc/fm70qy
OOF (10 months ago)
when i download it is an document instead of an file. WHAT NOW!?!??!?!
Zack Sykes (11 months ago)
finally a tutorial that actually helps.
Jordan Harris (1 year ago)
Thanks dude! You are awesome
thomas svensson (1 year ago)
you are the most understandable kid on youtube
Ay2DaKaY (1 year ago)
thanks kid tutorial done well
Koma Not Brayden (1 year ago)
Will this give a virus?
Marsh (1 year ago)
Hey, I know I'm years late, but I don't have a driver and have to use my keyboard, but I can't get the keyboard to work in emulation. Is there any way you can help?
orangebow bandit (1 year ago)
this sucks boi
thank you very much little man
TrueNintendo (1 year ago)
is it a virus?
Dude, Do you look back at this vid and think how stuff has changed? BTW Love the vid
Lionxheart (1 year ago)
does this work with a ps 4 controller?
Sousaan Guyton (1 year ago)
Bro this was helpful. Thanks !
Tina Nguyen (1 year ago)
i can't get my keyboard to work! any ideas?
Mystic Me7sen (1 year ago)
Tina Nguyen in what way do you mean?
Triluxic Glazer (1 year ago)
Have a long road trip to go on the day after christmas. This just saved me 14 hours of boredom. Thanks so much dude :)
Joseph AlAziz (1 year ago)
how can use the gamecube controller adapter for wii u on your mac
TheNumber10 (2 years ago)
impressive video, nice job man
Mohammed . (2 years ago)
Mac ? MacBook ?
Young Gsef (2 years ago)
this dude is a pioneer
Bojo (2 years ago)
Help im trying to get wind waker and when i open Unarchiver it has it like greyscaled so i cant click it and extract
Yonnie Zerfu (2 years ago)
Do you have to get the unarchiver?
Mystic Me7sen (1 year ago)
Yonnie Zerfu yes
Exain (2 years ago)
Ty for help
bitspit (2 years ago)
To da loo to you too. Nice tutorial (not being sarcastic.)
Peng (2 years ago)
i got a .zz file, do you know how to fix that?
Kimmycat :P (2 years ago)
You talk way too much kid. Like Damn. Get to the tutorial already
Elliot Smith (2 years ago)
When i download it the file type is just document unconfirmed. wtf?
tony bello (2 years ago)
thanks brush
nabil nicolas (2 years ago)
how to contact you
Pablo Rodríguez (2 years ago)
Does anyone know what requirements does a mac need to run this emulator properly??
ibangedworldsfatestman (2 years ago)
do mac books work?
Dreyze (2 years ago)
+ibangedworldsfatestman yes
yuh lil pump (2 years ago)
thank you so much!
Super Man (2 years ago)
really helpful thanks man
skyler (2 years ago)
so i did all the stuff and i set up my controller but when i launch it its non of the buttons do anything
skyler (2 years ago)
Ya it sucks
Danielle Poore (2 years ago)
+skylerRU !! i had the same problem. Help
skyler (2 years ago)
Good job m8
kemon (2 years ago)
What Controller Did You Show In The Video?
Mohawkdude DigAlliance (2 years ago)
Need help. i use the unarchiver but i only get one file out of it with .ios
Mohawkdude DigAlliance (2 years ago)
+Youtubeoink 22 i found a solution, use extractor instead, you can get it from the app store for free :)
Mohawkdude DigAlliance (2 years ago)
i found a solution, use extractor instead, you can get it from the app store for free :)
Jack Nerney (2 years ago)
+Mohawkdude DigAlliance me to
Mohawkdude DigAlliance (2 years ago)
Do i need any kind of rar? like Winrar or something?
juan hernandez (2 years ago)
Have u ever got malware by doing this
RickyZ35 (2 years ago)
You shouldn't just make sure you're on the right websites
ash b (3 years ago)
mine says 7z instead of rar. why's that?
you need to exarct it
KingStevePwns (2 years ago)
+Ashley Masters Bettencourt-Pimenta u need to unzip using certain programs such as unarchiver for mac and 7-zip for windows/pc
UltraZplayz (2 years ago)
+Ashley Masters Bettencourt-Pimenta did u get it from a different website?
illusive _ (2 years ago)
same :/
Lindsey Leitera (3 years ago)
Hey, dude. Nice work on the video, this helped me a lot.
Herzon Alas (3 years ago)
how do i download the thing i need to extract without the appstore
Iván Galván (3 years ago)
+Herzon Alas Download Utorrent... watch some tutorials on how to use utorrent. and look for the free software on pirate bay...
Game Fails (3 years ago)
Mine just stops at press anybutton to continue. I pressed every single button on my keyboard nothing is happening. PLEASE HELP
Jacky Kim (3 years ago)
thx m9
Jacky Kim (3 years ago)
what the fuck
Alex Mackintosh (3 years ago)
how do I play with my keyboard?
RushParkourist (3 years ago)
Please help!!! My dolphin emulator says that the file is an invalid GCM/ISO file, or is not a GC/Wii ISO. I have extracted it as .ISO and switched it to .GCM file also, but it still doesn't work! PLEASE HELP!!!
BluesnG (3 years ago)
it is working on yosemite, great. thanks! for those who are getting problems, i think you just need the s3-zidww.iso file to run the game. forget the other ones.
Thanks dude :)
Victoria Britannica (3 years ago)
Why would you buy a mac for gaming.
Victoria Britannica (2 years ago)
+Sans Skeleton Now i feel like a dick, sorry.
Sorcerer Hex (2 years ago)
+Mârshiê_thê _Hêllbôund Right sorry
Victoria Britannica (2 years ago)
+Sans Skeleton Good for you, i don't care.
Sorcerer Hex (2 years ago)
+Mârshiê_thê _Hêllbôund I would love to have a PC, but my parents won't let me build a PC even though I have the money. My parents hate PC because of the problems in the past.
BeReal 2-2 (2 years ago)
ah ok so I can update what I said to : "I got the best machine everyone else's machine is inferior to mine". It's not true depending on people's opinion and sometimes it's just the way it is. So yes, my mac is inferior to your microwaves for gaming. But people are debating with this everywhere on the internet why their thing is the best and 90% for me are saying : because it's better. Why cant we just be more peaceful about gaming.. ps4/xbox1 etc.. I'm a little naive maybe but I think people want to get attention with what they have
DaFawks (3 years ago)
We use the same rom website!
Pkm Hydro (3 years ago)
Also if you buy the Mayflash Gamecube adapter you will be able to use any Gamecube controller on Mac/PC and on the Wii U for Super smash bros 4 only .
GooHead (3 years ago)
help i need to register i did that and wen i log in it sess invalid login i did every thing
GooHead (3 years ago)
+GooHead i did pikim 2 but it did not work!
GooHead (3 years ago)
+GooHead HELP!
Chris Cox (3 years ago)
My Unarchiver makes like 20 files, can you message me and we can figure it out?
sufian bear (3 years ago)
+charlzahk  Piece of crap keyboard is not recognized by the game
sufian bear (3 years ago)
+Antibeta Music Well, the genius in me already figured it out.
IAM_BATTMAN Music (3 years ago)
I cant start a game with a keyboard what button do I press?
drift. (3 years ago)
IAM_BATTMAN Music (3 years ago)
Thanks, I was actuly using a controller, however I hadn't plugged it in XD
drift. (3 years ago)
You press x on the keyboard And to cancel you press z.Check the Gamecube controller map (GC Controls) to find all the keys to play the game. Hope this helps.
Chris K (3 years ago)
i need help with a gamecube controller, i cant locate any device so i cant configure any buttons PLEASE HELP?!?!?!
Slid Doubloon (3 years ago)
Doesn't work for ME when i Do all the steps in the video my game doesnt have a file. idky
Neon Katt (3 years ago)
For anyone who wants to use a PS3 controller, try GamePad Companion and hooking it up through Bluetooth.
Zak Simmons (3 years ago)
Hey Charlzahk thanks for the video. I have been trying this for a while but nothing worked, but now i must thank you because i can play crash bandicoot and cel damage, but i got up to the part where i got the iso file, but then there where heaps others. Is that normal? also can you tell me how to save the game in dolphin because i have to double click the iso file and select open with dolphin for it to work? one more thing, it won`t let me save my progress in the games because i don`t have a memory card. Wikll i need to get one or is this a problem with my dolphin application? thanks heaps.
W H I T E N I X TV (3 years ago)
it says that it can't open the game due to copyright help?
S (3 years ago)
is there any spesific thing to do about the country because im a newbie
Evil Angel (3 years ago)
do they work on macbook air?
penguino504 (3 years ago)
+Evil Angel No, I use sixtyforce... But I have a free account that a friend gave to me
Evil Angel (3 years ago)
+penguino504 yeah thank m8 someone said about project64 cause you don't pay to save or summit ?on lot and majors mask ? have you used it pal?
penguino504 (3 years ago)
+Evil Angel Nope, Majoras Mask is for N64... download sixtyforce for that m8 :3
Evil Angel (3 years ago)
oot, majoras mask and windwaker?
kidskulls (3 years ago)
you sir just earned another subscriber keep up the good work!! :)
theskipster (3 years ago)
Anyone know how to fix the problem where it extracts into multiple files?
SCBLOL26 (3 years ago)
Okay so I had this problem with kirby air ride from which i downloaded it from emupardise. So I went to freerom and it worked. It was probably just the website u used fault
Rikoki (3 years ago)
+theskipster  +LORD BLEACH +Chris Cox Oh yeah, it may have more but if it doesn't have a .zip file, it can also just have multiple files and a .rar file in a single folder once you extract your downloaded file for the game, just open the .rar file, if neither a .rar or .zip is present, you cannot play the game! Once you open the .rar, you will have a file with the dolphin icon and intials and other letters that represent the game and if its GC(cause this takes Wii too). (IF GC should now be a .GCM file!)You just open the new file and itll open dolphin and a window of your GC game rom
Rikoki (3 years ago)
+theskipster  +LORD BLEACH +Chris Cox Hey If you still need help, is this what you mean by multiple files? 1. After unarchiving there is a file for the game (folder) 2. You open folder to another that then has three files a nfo, zip and sfv If so, I found a way to get the game running. All you have to do is extract the zip with the normal mac extractor (Archive Utility) and then another folder. Open the file inside that looks like the dolphin icon, and the game should run as long as you have Dolphin emulator. I suggest getting the file organized you only need to keep the dolphin file in your rom folder, but I suggest keeping the other files in that folder just incase :) If this is not your case Im so sorry !! :O
theskipster (3 years ago)
+Chris Cox nothing yet
theskipster (3 years ago)
+LORD BLEACH Nothing yet
da nerd (3 years ago)
can you plug in a game cube controller in
Sebastian Locke (3 years ago)
Awesome vid dude thanks!
brian celis (3 years ago)
Kagan Conrad (3 years ago)
It actually worked! thank you so much.
Mayor McCheese (3 years ago)
Subscribing to you because of this video. :D
Van studios: Animation (3 years ago)
When i try to extract all the files, it says that some of them are incomplete. It wont show the ISO at the end. :( What to do..? Should i get another one?
Van studios: Animation (3 years ago)
+Gary Dunham i found the solution.... download from the app store "izip unarchiver"  use that one instead.
Gary Dunham (3 years ago)
+Van TheFEED yea that happened to me too idk :(
Dashiell Sublett (3 years ago)
thanks for uploading
Ben Simmmons (3 years ago)
does resident evil work on dolphin 3?
-_- i hate 7zip, plz make it ZIP
But where  the game play at
whattheflocka1 (4 years ago)
Is it possible to use a wii controller or ps3 controller w/ the mac
urpwnerful (4 years ago)
Chikin1ninjas (4 years ago)
I'm going to give this a try. This was helpful, especially since I have an older computer. Thanks.
Patrick McClevarty (4 years ago)
sooooo yeeaahhh…..  you suck
TUPIDZOMBIES5050 (4 years ago)
If I have Maverics?
Graham Bowers (4 years ago)
thanks much!
ZOMGITSDIREDOX (4 years ago)
ZOMGITSDIREDOX (4 years ago)
thx earned a new sub
TheSlowBiker (4 years ago)
thanks man! very helpful video
Darren Milani (4 years ago)
I can't get my Logitech F710 wireless gamepad to get recognized on my MacBook Retna, any ideas on to how to make it work???
Darren Milani (3 years ago)
no :(  Apple is the anti christ on other software lol
Emz Darlington (4 years ago)
did ur gamepad work?
roel villarreal (4 years ago)
I'm playing xd gal of darkness and it freezes in the intro every time help 
Jay The Soulist (4 years ago)
anybody know how to get dragon ball z tenkaichi 3 iso for dolphin 
Ay2DaKaY (4 years ago)
well done tutorial kid thanks!
Donejail (1 year ago)
Suggestion A: well done tutorial, kid. Suggestion B: well done, tutorial kid.
mansonite frank (3 years ago)
tutorial kid?? lol that is the best name ever
Mahoon Haq (4 years ago)
try coolrom
AlphaUmbreon (4 years ago)
You're pretty chill
FlamingDGaming (4 years ago)
how do you save your file on it
DIY Enthusiast (4 years ago)
what kind of controller did you buy? was it a genuine game cube controller? is it USB port?
Joe LaF (4 years ago)
didn't make the iso made a bunch of archives way do i do?
Shane Soto (4 years ago)
When I play the graphics are pretty choppy, any advice on how to fix this?
Shadow the hedgehog (4 years ago)
Kevin Berlanga (4 years ago)
can you please show how to make the configuration because its running kinda slow?
Adam Cook (4 years ago)
Many thanks!
liddydizz (4 years ago)
Hey man when i extract it at the end to make it one file it comes up with like 7 ios files
FaZe Rain (3 years ago)
same. please help
galupmon (4 years ago)
how do you use the keyboard to play
Bobby Loo (4 years ago)
When I click download it comes up as a text edit file. What do I do?

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