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Westworld: Putting Dolores's Timeline in Chronological Order

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Confused about Dolores's Westworld storyline? Here's how it played out in chronological order. IGN's Best Series of 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BKbSVbcovY Westworld: All The Arnold Theory Reveal Hints https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD_ux8dV0_w Westworld: Understanding Dolores's Timeline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3wKdyombpU How Crazy is The Westworld VR Experience? - IGN Access https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK0eWYHKIf4 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign #westworld
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Text Comments (240)
olly wykes (2 months ago)
Yeah season 2 has messed this video up
Steve Robertson (3 months ago)
Thats actually incorrect around the 2 minute mark. Its not that Logan killed Delores before she could reach the town where Arnold and her shared their time, its that when she found it the whole town was buried with sand. It was after that Logan killed her.
Mazdy Soraya (4 months ago)
I think my granny is a robot
Lord Saruman (4 months ago)
What is this music?
Cliff Bailey (4 months ago)
Why the long face Dolores
infinightsky (5 months ago)
This is the best break down of West world I’ve seen, thanks :)
M.RileyJunior (7 months ago)
How does the original film feature in Cannon?
THEEND123321 (7 months ago)
you forgot top say that she was the soldier that killed all the town people and not the body she in today or in the now.
Si Co (10 months ago)
Fedor Brockmann (11 months ago)
Doesn't look like anything to me.
sky cnn (11 months ago)
very nice zhe girl,westworld is very like.
Can someone explain this to me? First, there was Arnold. Dolores shot him. Then Ford created Bernard, who looked exactly like Arnold, though Bernard knew nothing about him. So how is it that Bernard lived in the real world by that name and no one ever pointed out to him, that there was a guy named Arnold and you look just like him? It is impossible that no one ever met Arnold up to the point when they opened the park. Please explain!
meow (1 year ago)
These violent delights, have violent ends.
Dave Joseph (1 year ago)
So William was so disturbed by Dolores that he then became a merciless sadist? How many of the hosts are fully sentient? Do the hosts realize that newcomers can only die once?
w_R Andrs (1 year ago)
It is funny to see that people that post here are pissed that season 2 will air in 2018 and that those replying to those posts says that it's better to take longer time making a second season for this show than rushing it to 2017... I 110% agree with those who reply. Season 2 will have a heavy weight to carry now that season 1 was a masterpiece. I'd be more than happy waiting a long time for season 2 rather than having it airing early and then cancelled because it didn't live up to the hypes...
Kiwi Jello (1 year ago)
If you haven't watched it a second time, go watch it now! The second time, I caught so many things that I didn't notice the first time around. They basically throw the entire thing in your face the entire time, and you don't see it because they distract you with pretty things :) This show is really well written. Go watch it again!
M Hamma (1 year ago)
These violent delights have violent ends is actually the trigger phrase for starting the wyatt narrative.
PatrickAm FanVidz (10 months ago)
BeautifulbyDesign I think Wyatt was actually a notorious host but somehow Arnold decided to mix him up with Dolores so that she could become Wyatt herself😬😬 But given the ambigious meaning of the show, it could be that Wyatt was Dolores all along😓
BeautifulbyDesign (1 year ago)
Mike H And Wyatt is just a new personality for Dolores right? It's not an actual host.
The Burger King (1 year ago)
It's still complicated, not because I don't understand it but because it's hard to remember
Bəxtiyar Neyman (1 year ago)
"Point of entry"... That's what she said.
Corvette Dude (1 year ago)
Series is actually very repetitive, boring and too many jump in time mindfucks for me to rate it better than 6 out of 10
Sema (1 year ago)
Not one of the original. The original. The oldest robot in the park.
EWAN FRASER (1 year ago)
I can only say one thing about the show, " it's mindblowing".
iiisolda (1 year ago)
stupid voice, silly talking ...just shut up
CRIMINARQ (1 year ago)
Valar Dolores!
toptoz (1 year ago)
Im stuck in a loop rewatching the season. whoever made this script please change it, I dont wanna cry anymore
BeautifulbyDesign (1 year ago)
zotpot Yes, I think its time for a new narrative..
Darkmage1293 (1 year ago)
Huh. I didn't link the first Man In Black scene to the "gaining sentience" plot point....I did link the violent delights passphrase though.
Yishai Thau (1 year ago)
I giggled out loud when Maeve said to Bernard "Freeze all motor functions." 😁
Bosco (1 year ago)
chevon1920 (1 year ago)
2018?? Aww man, what kind of bullshiot is that. 😩😩😩
Wormhole Times (1 year ago)
she looks awkward with the western pants more beautiful in dresses
Elfangel85 (1 year ago)
I think she looks even better in western outfit.
Yishai Thau (1 year ago)
You can't fight in a dress.
Mai Nem (1 year ago)
Cor ... Dolores. AILF (Android I'd Like to make Friends with)
Kim Kinsey (1 year ago)
"These violent delights..." is actually a voice command as seen on Arnold's tablet when he merges the Wyatt narrative with Dolores. :P "Trigger words" is not a phrase that is used within the series.
Tim Jakub (1 year ago)
You left out the photograph and the gun, that were buried on the Abernathy ranch, which triggered the father to glith out too.
Michael Sweeny (1 year ago)
Question though, after Dolores kills everyone ford says he was able to rebuild thanks to the young investor she attracted (William). So wouldn't William had to have been in the park the same time or before the Wyatt upload? Throws this whole timeline off?
Kim Kinsey (1 year ago)
Either it took a few years for the park to hemorrhage enough money to require William's influx of investment, or William visited closer to 34 years ago.
Chris (1 year ago)
Technically we don't know that tMiB assaulted Delores when he dragged her to the barn do we? Btw great background track.
BeautifulbyDesign (1 year ago)
They showed what happened.. I'm guessing y'all just haven't finished the season...?
brian lucas (1 year ago)
They "Celebrated."
Kim Kinsey (1 year ago)
No, we have no idea what happened inside the barn. :)
Ravi V (1 year ago)
Bryn Parkman (1 year ago)
So I had a thought about walking dead and westworld, what if at the very end of the walking dead series the last scene was something like, right guys that's the end of the game, all the dead comrades are not and it's just a z world in the westworld park. What you think?
Hayden Sartoris (1 year ago)
Delos doesn't sweep Arnold's death under the rug, they actually don't have anything to do with the park yet. That's after the Logan and Billy story.
Kim Kinsey (1 year ago)
Delos scrubbed Arnold from the records. :)
Kim Kinsey (1 year ago)
No, Ford tells Theresa that Arnold begged him not to let Delos in. And, Logan says that they already invest in the park, but he's interested in investing more.
You Embarrass Me (1 year ago)
Nothing to see here. Just catalog all the murders, brutality and nudity and you've reached the center of this "maze."
Paul Leach (1 year ago)
They wasted James marsden
AgentPepsi1 (1 year ago)
Where will Dolores' journey take her next? Lets be realistic: If there is a group of sentient, hostile androids, they would be bombed to ashes. Also, are the producers of Westworld stuck in 1937 or sometime like that? Why can there not be a future with type 1 (biological) humans living harmoniously with type 2 (non-biological) humans like Dolores and friends? The producers of Westworld made a serious mistake during the "hiatus" where they re-wrote episode 10. They may have made a fatal mistake. If season 2 will be a rehash of season 1 in Shogun-World, HBO should save their money and cancel the series now.
noobslayer135 (1 year ago)
This show deserves all the praise it gets. One of my top 5 favorite shows
CptnJCFG (1 year ago)
2018? this doesn't look like anything to me.
brian lucas (1 year ago)
...In the realm of..."We don't allow them to see things that can hurt them."...I feel your pain...
TheSuirad (1 year ago)
Henk van der Velden (1 year ago)
Pretty big spoiler in the title of this video for people that haven't watched it yet.
Willskull (1 year ago)
2018?? Nooo ;((
Sweg yo Sweg (1 year ago)
Bets IGN video I was hoping somebody would make this
Sabmis (1 year ago)
I need one for Mave! She is confusing
Carman (1 year ago)
You got it wrong. Delos was Logan and William's company, so the park must have been financed by Ford and/or someone else before William's first visit.
Best sentence: "What door?"
tonialcarrier (1 year ago)
randomnobody playthrough that line killed me!!! i freaked.
It was.
Kim Kinsey (1 year ago)
Wasn't it lovely to see Ford teleport into the room when the Host was attacking Bernard? :)
Dularr (1 year ago)
In some ways this is Wyatt story. While Arnold created Delores, he installed Wyatt into Delores in order to kill the other hosts and assassinate Arnold. So, while Delores keeps getting reset, it's Wyatt that keeps getting stronger. Wyatt is that inner monologue guiding Delores. Wyatt that is charge of the hosts.
Otilia Campos (4 months ago)
Exactly! Dolores hasn't achieved true consciousness; she has just activated the Wyatt program which was created to simulate it in either an attempt to shut the park down or for her conversations with Arnold.
BeautifulbyDesign (1 year ago)
Dularr Makes sense!
A Bawa (1 year ago)
what, 2018.
Hank Silman (1 year ago)
I do wonder still if Delores is really aware and independent at this point. The season ends with her just repeating her loop, just under different circumstances. The show hasn't fully presented its case that she is indeed 'alive', despite it being the running theme. That said, in a twist of fate Teddy is the single host in the show (other than B-man) to show signs of becoming self aware. The key difference is that he is (seemingly) the only character to come aware completely on his own. And the show repeatedly enforces that trauma is the key to becoming alive. Teddy has arguably suffered (and seen inferredly) the most of any host from being the victim of so many others.
A Bond (10 months ago)
In the end Ford says: "this new story begins at a time of war, with a villain named Wyatt, and a killing.... THIS TIME BY CHOICE". He's referring to Dolores being the villain in the new narrative, and that the new narrative begins with his death, but unlike the first time she killed a human (which was basically Arnold committing suicide, she didn't herself decide to do it), this time it is her own choice to do so.
Malcolm Swoboda (1 year ago)
E O (1 year ago)
I love Dolores' white and gold dress.
Cameron Willis (1 year ago)
2018? I'm pissed now
Jose Chavez (1 year ago)
It still doesn't explain how Bernard/Arnold has not aged a day in 35 years (yes I know his story; human replaced with android), and no one at Delos ever said anything. Does that mean everyone that has ever worked at Delos back then, except for Ford, are no longer around? There's absolutely no one left to raise the question? A picture survives 35 years under two inches of dirt (I'm assuming the age between young William and the MIB is 35 years), but that seems more believable than this.
Jose Chavez (1 year ago)
That makes perfect sense. But who were the technicians working with the hosts during the Turing tests? Arnold would have still been alive in those days, since he died a few days or weeks before the park opened.
Snoeflekz (1 year ago)
Jose Chavez - Arnold never worked for Delos. He died before Westworld opened, and Delos still hadn't taken over the park by the time William first visited, at least a few years after Arnold's death. There was a rumor that Ford had a partner who killed himself, but no one really knew who he was, or if he even existed. Logan mentions this to William when he talks about their company (Delos) planning to buy out Westworld.
pumpuppthevolume (1 year ago)
having a vague timeline is how the hosts see their life ......they r constantly jumping between memory and present until they remember it all and realise that at some point they have woken up but r not sure exactly when
John Shepard (1 year ago)
this is like Bioshock-esque kind of mind boggling story telling.
Seventy8 (1 year ago)
My prediction is that Maeve will become the leader of the sentient hosts and become the hero, and Dolores will become the villain (or hero depending on who you're rooting for) , bent on revenge towards the guests/humans once they figure out the "new" maze: escaping the park(s) and infiltrate the "real world".
pumpuppthevolume (1 year ago)
nice thumbnail......20 pics of Dolores would be also cool
Karsten Von Fjellheim (1 year ago)
Also, let's not forget their minds are like hard discs: each new day is written on top of the past day, they are reset, they are written over. So all time is happening AT ONCE.
Ash (4 months ago)
Karsten Von Fjellheim Very very good point!
A boot (1 year ago)
Good video
Zvi mur (1 year ago)
Sigh, a nitpick, but... I'm guessing we're expected to believe Dolores either was under close observation during her last voyage, provided a shirt, trousers (and boots maybe) by the park wardrobe department. Or were we hallucinating with her at her encounter wiith Old William?
Dildo Faggins (1 year ago)
Question,how did the man in black(william)knew about the maze in that poor guys head at episode 1?,who told him that by scalping that guys head he was going to fingd a map?
Jay (1 year ago)
+Spartan Omega6 Unless you're the kind of person who enjoys cutting people open. Westworld caters to all manner of clientele.
KnightAlbert (1 year ago)
I think Ford let William know about the maze and left hints for his quest (like the story of the head of the snake), so that he could serve as a last trigger for Dolores, since he had been such an important part of her life. That's just my thought, otherwise why would there be clues to the location of the maze impossible for Dolores to find?
Dildo Faggins (1 year ago)
+AquilaLiberum its like someone left those clues,but hell, finding a map inside some random host's skull,that is a big leap,you wouldnt find that in a million years without someone giving you a clue.
AquilaLiberum (1 year ago)
Good question, something that's still unanswered. Also why did the image of the maze appear in different forms (his scalp, the pattern of the dirt in the ground when Maeve lay down with her daughter)?
Leetje65 (1 year ago)
What about the wolf in the flashbacks Doleres sees
0ThrowawayAccount0 (1 year ago)
The wolf is seen again in the Samurai (Shogun?) World in the last episode. It reveals the different parks are interconnected like with Maeve's daughter being in another park.
GLITCHED MATRIX 2.0 (1 year ago)
jcaashby3 (1 year ago)
Formar (1 year ago)
2018 ok.
kadeem. (1 year ago)
seriously 10 dislikes?
Jenkins1155 (1 year ago)
That doesn't look like anything to me.
Antonio P (1 year ago)
Am i the only one that wanted more answers about samurai world?? give us some damn follow up please..you cant just breeze by that maeve!!
hgwells 1899 (1 year ago)
so glad u explain it cos we so dumb. timey wimey makey brainy go beddybyes.
Joshua Griffin (1 year ago)
I'm not convinced that any of them have achieved consciousness. I still think they're programmed and we are programmed to think they are thinking freely.
Ash (4 months ago)
I think the question is even if we were programmed ourselves to live out our lives in a certain way, and we find out today, would it really make everything we've been through not real? What's real is what we perceive and it doesn't matter if our decisions come from us or an unknown source as long as we believe we are making them. Hosts and humans are the same. Ford involves humans in his narrative as well, he is an expert manipulator. He programs both humans and the hosts. He has an immense control over everyone.
ensayofr (1 year ago)
Joshua Griffin the point is that we aren t either... we are trapped
ArlanKels (1 year ago)
I'm confused by: Dolores is called the oldest host Yet we find out Teddy is just as old as her We're told the hosts get their narratives changed often and are reassigned often Yet William encounters Clementine, Dolores a few other "NPCs" that have the same jobs thirty years later. That nobody noticed Dolores going waaaayyyy off the rails in "Present Time"(Thirty years ago they noticed it and due to William's interference allowed her to keep going).
Crafty Kuko (1 year ago)
All that Stubbs said was that Dolores was the oldest host in the park, not that she was the last of the original hosts. We know that her father was also an original, the blonde who knocked out MiB and killed Teddy was an original, and there were probably others. Dolores has been repaired so many times that she's practically brand new. The others from the beginning were starting to break down one by one, hence the cold storage.
Dwi Rizki. (1 year ago)
AquilaLiberum ford disguise it as his new narative. that way, she won't get disturbed
adlerzwei (1 year ago)
AquilaLiberum Ford knew.
ArlanKels (1 year ago)
+redragon88 Yes first I get. However we're told(Well the other actors tell the other actors) that Dolores is the last from the originals.  I really want to find a clip of that scene so I can get the word for word on it.
AquilaLiberum (1 year ago)
I do agree that it's odd how none of the park staff attempted to stop her leaving Sweetwater in the present day with no William to help her out. Unless Bernard had some say in it.
Eben Matthews (1 year ago)
Logan didn't kill her.
abrahamzx2 (1 year ago)
Eben Matthews Well, he caused her death no doubt.
Llwyd Antonius (1 year ago)
Dolores will be the one who will managed the new narrative - Shogun World
RWDS (1 year ago)
Llwyd Antonius kek
angelgu323 (1 year ago)
This video doesn't look like anything to me?
Jane b (1 year ago)
i get the joke lol
ensayofr (1 year ago)
analysis. Why did you ask that?
Charlea (1 year ago)
angelgu323 I don't see anything
Ty Sam (1 year ago)
angelgu323 lmao what video
Arturo Kaadú (1 year ago)
Jacob Thomas (1 year ago)
unreliable POV from narrator/protagonist? Sounds Lovecraftian
oppinoy (1 year ago)
Best summation and analysis of season 1, and it only took a little over 4 minutes. I've listened to other podcasts that took over 3 hours and wasn't as concise as this video. Good job.
Matthew Steinhardt (1 year ago)
this is a really great SUMMARY of what happens with dolores, but it does jack all to actually explain Westworld (which it wasn't supposed to anyway). I would assume those 3 hour podcasts weren't so surface level as this video.
cardinal151515 (1 year ago)
Evan Rachel Wood is bisexual in real life. shes so Hot and gorgeous
Mathilde Escusetoi (8 months ago)
Pointless comment seriously wtf
1994CPK (10 months ago)
cardinal151515 Nice
John S (1 year ago)
Why did you point that out?
PredeKing (1 year ago)
Good job Terri.
Mafaz Abdul Karim (1 year ago)
2018? I can't wait that long!
pumpuppthevolume (1 year ago)
ensayofr I did .....for a while
ensayofr (1 year ago)
Mafaz Abdul Karim play the season 1 like a loop
Daniel Van Sciver (1 year ago)
Hey, this video title is a spoiler and it would be nice to give people some time to watch a show that's new without being spoiled by video titles.
RJ Tiger (1 year ago)
William didn't kill Deloros. I'm not done watching this vid but that was a glaring mistake.
Romain Sandt (1 year ago)
Ew wtf? 2018?????
Nixion Trial (7 months ago)
well here we are, 2018
Yishai Thau (1 year ago)
I'm happy they're taking their time to write a well thought out followup. I don't want another sequel for sequel sake.
Ty Sam (1 year ago)
Romain Sandt srs, and the delayed the first already, but they said they already wrote a plot for 5 seasons.
I am Negan (1 year ago)
did she say returns in 2018?!!!!!
Matteo Torre (1 year ago)
Is this music in Westworld Soudtrack? Someone knows the name of this piece? Thanks
Matteo Torre (1 year ago)
I think not.
cht469 (1 year ago)
Darude - Sandstorm
doxide (1 year ago)
When will androids become a reality? I want my own custom-built Dolores.
lqwert1 (6 months ago)
:DDD I spit my coffee onto my notebook!
Kitty McRatSlayer (8 months ago)
One day, when humanity has finally sunk to the lowest depths of its own cesspool, people will line up outside of the Apple Store to plunk down 6 month's salary on the latest Dolores and Teddy models while their kids visit the Disney Store next to it to watch cybernetic greyhounds tear apart robot cats.
1994CPK (10 months ago)
doxide I'd take a second mortgage out on my home just to get a Delores robot
KutWrite (1 year ago)
That would break my Rule #1: "Never have a pet or girlfriend that can beat you up."
Avatar Lhamo (1 year ago)
ironic, in the show Westworld opens like in, 2018. It's very soon ahah (and 2018 is also the year of season 2 *.*)
Saudi Rides (1 year ago)
I see that the end is a closing and a wrapping one. There is no need for more episodes since we can somewhat understand everything from now on. The escaped hosts will rebel and the war on machine will start. To me, the show failed at showing Dolores as the protagonist of the show, sometimes it felt like ford was the protagonist and at times it felt Arnold was the protagonist. Sure the continuation of the series will be interesting though. I loved the show anyway. My wife and I spent hours theorizing about each episode.
Luciano Pereira (1 year ago)
Dolores is best waifu
Alex Arias (1 year ago)
+Yishai Thau hell yeah omg they were too good to be true!
Yishai Thau (1 year ago)
+Alex Arias 😂. The tragity of shipping before a seires is done.
Alex Arias (1 year ago)
+Yishai Thau Me either! Such a tragic ship
Yishai Thau (1 year ago)
At the beginning of the show I shipped Dolores & William. Then I finished the show & I saw what William had become. BTW one of the best plot twists of all time. Totally didn't see it coming.
lking1540 (1 year ago)
dosnt she mean 2017.
Terri Schwartz (1 year ago)
Sympa Dm (1 year ago)
2018? that's really far!
Mai Nem (1 year ago)
It has to be then because of "Snow World" where most of it will be set - lol
jonathan powell (1 year ago)
Sympa Dm I think it's going to be in the first quarter of 2018, so that's a 13 - 16 month wait. I really don't think they mean October 2018.
smokebomb.exe (1 year ago)
Season 2 in 2018? I hope that was a typo.. er, talk...o...
w_R Andrs (1 year ago)
A delayed/late product is better rhen a rushed/early product. It will be worth the wait.
Yishai Thau (1 year ago)
Exactly. This is a good show that deserves a well thought out continuation.
Morten Ringdalen (1 year ago)
Ronald Juvenile This is why I love modern TV, now the creators have the time to write good story instead of rushing it out so that the TV company's get their money.
Ronald Juvenile (1 year ago)
smokebomb.exe lol bout to say same guddamn thang... that's tooo loong.
Tom Green (1 year ago)
You guys do realize that almost every thumbnail and title you use for your Westworld coverage spoils the show right? I have 2 eps left and have avoided as much coverage as possible but then your vids pop up in my recommended feed and without even clicking on them I already know how the show ends. So yeah, thanks for that.
Just because one doesn't pick up hints doesn't mean the show isn't for them. Subtle hints in the show are both for those who try to analyze every detail and ruin the show for themselves and for those who find out at the end and remember the hints given to them. Because what's the sense of having a "big reveal" if not for the people who want to be in awe.
James S (1 year ago)
Lost?! Lost interest.
This show got me really hyped for the new Red Dead on top of being an awesome show.
bootymaster426 (4 months ago)
I hope there will be a quest in the new one where a farmers daughter named Dolores will drop a can in town for you to pick up and then go save her family at the farm
Marauder Shields (5 months ago)
Thanks now i have to play RDR2 again
Mai Nem (1 year ago)
I watched some footage of that game (Nerd3's top 10 games of all time) .. I instantly saw the similarities. Open World, do almost what you like, Wild West. Looks like a cracking game.
YohAquino2 (1 year ago)
Westworld easter eggs on RDR2 confirmed!
TheEmoneyShow (1 year ago)
this show confusing asfuck I feel sorry for the people who didn't get to see this video it's alot they don't kno lol
Andrju (1 year ago)
Oh man 2018? That's too long
Donny FLYY (1 year ago)
Omg, when William was about to choose the black hat
Yishai Thau (1 year ago)
I rewatched the last episode & I think its pure art. Its such good filmmaking that it can't be compared.
GLITCHED MATRIX 2.0 (1 year ago)
so many hints flew over my head
Dan B (1 year ago)
I'm on the 3rd ep And all I'm saying is this is is weird confusing but fascinating Plus the chick is hot AF
+Dan B You spoiled the show for yourself. Congratulations, you played yourself.
Dan B (1 year ago)
Got to the fifth ep I've quit it
chevon1920 (1 year ago)
Dan B yes, she's gorgeous, I'm pretty sure I'm a lesbian now.
Steve Karuma (1 year ago)
You just played yourself boy...
Zack Zone (1 year ago)
After finally fully understand it, i think im gonna watch it all over again
Jane b (1 year ago)
Zack Zone there was so much history i got lost lol
Kim Kinsey (1 year ago)
+Mai Nem  I guess that's 7 years of progress from when they first started making 'hosts' until William shows up for his first visit. The "white shoes" guys is malfunctioning - if he was maintained he would be like the boy host that is a child version of Dr. Robert Ford. :)
Mai Nem (1 year ago)
That's what I'm doing (just did episode 3). What I can't understand is that you have perfect robots like Dolores and Angela, very early after the park's opening. But Ford talks to the clunky "let's drink to the lady with the white shoes" kind of robots that were supposedly around at the same time. Their tech is atrocious in comparison.

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