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UNRULY HEROES Official Trailer ( Upcoming Action Adventure 2D Game )

172 ratings | 11442 views
The New Official Trailer of Unruly Heroes PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Text Comments (14)
MorsPrincipumEst (27 days ago)
Looks like mix of Trine and Rayman Origins
XCastlevaniaX (1 month ago)
This new Donkey Kong looks better than it's previous games.
thu real sicario (2 months ago)
It is game is for android .?
michael mads (3 months ago)
nice !"
crystal info (4 months ago)
Jimmy Yang (11 months ago)
tankpow Kee (11 months ago)
Well, the Monkey King comes.
Rituel IV (11 months ago)
Look similar to Dust: An elysiam Tail
Kevin Campos (11 months ago)
Many 2d dark souls this days...
Memento Mori (10 months ago)
nothing like dark souls, will u dark souls morons stfu
catch me ghostbusting (11 months ago)
Ruji Yu (1 year ago)
I hope there will be a hidden panda character .
FISH PS4 (1 year ago)
F Game Killer (1 year ago)
thanks ^^

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