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Legion Horde & Alliance Epilogue Cinematic

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World of Warcraft: Legion (Patch 7.3.5) - Horde & Alliance Epilogue Cinematic!
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Text Comments (147)
Brian Campbell (1 month ago)
tool young
mikeythebold tv (2 months ago)
Goblins are the jews of wow
SuperCannibas420 (3 months ago)
is this the first time the goblin prince has been in a cinematic ?
Puro (3 months ago)
"for the alliance" is just such a copy paste.. I don't even know why blizzard went with that lame version.
Brian Campbell (3 months ago)
the stones magnets were measurements for money iii magnets gold iss liqquid
bryan anthony (4 months ago)
Looks like Blood Diamond without Leonardo Di Caprio
LashingWind477 (4 months ago)
The Azerite gear in BfA is going to be amazing once you get a full set, I have 1 piece (I have beta)
LashingWind477 (4 months ago)
It came after Sargeras drove his sword into Azeroth
David Vue (6 months ago)
I swear to god, they just found fragments of Rogers golden turd
TalimSC (6 months ago)
Now in the Horde Fanshop: Fancy Rings and other jewelry! Never looked a orc more fancy! And its all made out of titan tears! So..its shiny! Come and get it out now! Disclaimer: Not for Alliance
Heat Seeker (6 months ago)
I want eyebrows like those (sylvanas)
f1shm0nger (7 months ago)
I am a loyal member of the Horde always since classic but i am rly considering playing ally in BfA Gallywix and Sylvanas? rly? What happened to our heroes? Where is Rend with the black Hand? Where is Orgrim Doomhammer? Where are Durotan and Thrall and Vol‘jin? Even Garrosh with his war was better But there are still those i would follow Saurfang maybe old but he is a battletested soldier a true commander he fought for the horde without a second thaught he led many and many more into battle on countless fields and Baine with the bloody hoof son of Cairne a true hero he maybe young but better then a Goblin and a undead bitch who want just profite Baine and Saurfang dont fight for profite and not for glory because they wont get any of them no they fight for the last first and best cause FOR THE HORDE (sry for bad english)
Silver (6 months ago)
Never understood the cult like following, both sides can be fun.
El'li Zaethe (7 months ago)
To hell with the Alliance and their prejudice!
mijodrag stankovic (7 months ago)
Spymistress Jaina Proudmoore.
Jesi Frostwhisper (7 months ago)
Consider your eyes poked-out Alliance spy.
Thehelmethead (8 months ago)
Man Bane looks awesome with his new model, I just wish blizzard had keep Cairns totem weapon. Ever since warcraft 3 the Taurens iconic weapon has been a totem log, and while it looked cool on Carin, It would of looked much better with Bane wielding it.
Alexis Oppenheim (8 months ago)
Why can't the alliance and the Horde fight against the demonic legion lurking in the shadows to bring the apocalypse. They can easily turn humans in their darkest desire even the Horde has experienced the suffering of Satanism rituals. I think vampism and Wican practice isn't to aggressive compare to Satanism.
Sota Steelwing (4 months ago)
We already defeated the demonic legion. That was what Legion was all about.
Someguy528 (8 months ago)
Why do I wish I could just behead Gallywix and purge all the goblins?
Don Figueroa (8 months ago)
the Horde Pandaren leader. is absent in that gathering?
MessengerOfHell (8 months ago)
"We don't know." What, are you serious? You don't recognize something that will have a fancy name and people will hardcore grind for the next months to get the latest items?
Alfa Romeo (8 months ago)
Poisonedcrow (8 months ago)
The Wound in the World needs to be healed like Magni said, but the Horde and Alliance seem to just want to exploit it for power. Things like this are what make me wish I could permanently join a group like the Argent Crusade or Cenarion Circle.
Ellbellaboo1 (8 months ago)
What quest do i do to get this cinematic? Pls guys i havent played wow in ages and dont know what the epilogue questline starts with
Ellbellaboo1 (8 months ago)
yeah I realised that, I got it after I did it on LFR on pally
Lordlothar0590 (8 months ago)
1:42 totaly understandable worst zone ever
Lex Luthor (8 months ago)
oh come on stop making Horde Warchief look evil and "alliance should be always good guys" that's racist
THIs IS SPARTA (1 month ago)
Lex Luthor you forgot tirion fordring as leader of the alliance
MaxxVII (6 months ago)
Lex Luthor Sylvanas IS evil. They don't need make her look evil, she's a bitch
Lex Luthor (7 months ago)
I didn't Like her because she was popular i liked her since warcraft III I may not proud of some her actions but i still like her, your hero cant be perfect , well she is far from perfect , but as her character is interesting in her own twisted way she loves her sisters , she is hurt and she denies that she was cable of love when vereesa left her (she made good and right choice and saved this choice witch sylvanas wouldn't understand) it hurts sylvanas and broke her more and made her think love is painful, sylvanas really needs Love because love can heal her. and she is Warchief of HORDE she is Part of HORDE and making her look more sinister is making horde punchbag and like horde must be defeated one more time. this need to stop. Horde is more like Vikings and i like Vikings
Lex Luthor (7 months ago)
Well problem is Horde Warchief is changing too fast 1. Blackhand(Gul'Dan) DEAD 2.Ogrim DEAD 3. Thrall Retired 4.Garrosh DEAD 5.Vol'Jin DEAD 6. Sylvanas (her fate is sealed) Alliance: 1.Lane Dead 2. Varyan DEAD 3.Anduin Alive(as Baby face) and thees are always good guys and i was just hoping her redemption and being banshee queen she was victim of zombie Attack her soul is tortured
798jeremy (7 months ago)
Lex Luthor Just because she's popular doesn't mean she's a good girl...
deni140492deni (8 months ago)
that's a piece of Azeroth? It has the same colours of Argus
Date Masamune (8 months ago)
I ship Anduin and Sylvanas.
anand altantsog (8 months ago)
hmmm something tells me anduin gonna be much worser than the lich king
DeathDealer841 (6 months ago)
nah he is good look at the comic :) which is canon he ends up old and does the final battle which i assume is against the void lords.
Templario (9 months ago)
Kleptonic (9 months ago)
where the pandas
jojibot (6 months ago)
In Hell where they belong ffs nobody likes Pandas they’re worse than gnomes
Andrea Rush (8 months ago)
Having a feast.
anand altantsog (8 months ago)
no ones knows
Louise Charlesworth (9 months ago)
Tauren! Baine! Woo!
Percy’s Shenanigans (9 months ago)
Dont you mean... moo? .....sorry.....
M. A. (9 months ago)
Baine? Wtf are you talking about? You did nothing, the horde did nothing, ther not even a single horde person in argus (except Liadrin)...Velen, Khadgar, Illidan did everything..Draenei, human, "nightelf", ...what are you talking about you lieing piece of shit..😂😂😂 (I love Baine, way more Than Sylvanas but this is nonsense😂😂😂) #peace #forazeroth
Sierra Stephens (9 months ago)
I love how Sylvanas is just like, "I don't want to be here"
Puro (3 months ago)
Then you do not understand Sylvanas. She is not bored, she is planning, she's a mastermind. Also, she embraced her role as Warchief a long time ago according to the lore..
Austin (4 months ago)
The food probably passes right through her 0_0
Patrick Peralta (4 months ago)
I agree Austin, Sylvannas looked bord being at the table.
Austin (4 months ago)
For *some reason* I never pegged Sylvanas as the type to enjoy a feast...
Patrick Peralta (6 months ago)
I agree she looks bord. as if the meeting of horde leaders are a waste of her time.. I also don't care for the new look Bliz gave the Goblin leader.. I liked his old model look better. as seen when Vol'jin was made leader.
Benjamin Solberg (9 months ago)
I wonder if the titen blood is like a drug cause the change of Anduin became more darker
Balrok99 (9 months ago)
I KNEW IT !!! YOU HORDE BASTARDS !!!! SYLVAS MUST BURN !!!!! AND EVERY ONE WHO FOLLOWS HER ! excepts Bane,Sourfang,Liadrin and that Blood Elf leader ..
Clementine (9 months ago)
Rats = Sylvanas and Anduin.
Kel Shadowmourne (9 months ago)
dude, azeritha its not diferent from kiparita, and the one on the north, why? well, this kind of minerals comes from the earth and not just the earth, the under earth, where the old gods are, its not an strange thing, this expansion will kill some caracther for this mineral and its obvious anduin will corrupt himself, (why yhte fuck he want war, he is the last person with that kind of thinking) and the most important, voljin hear loa or old gods, i think, sylvanas will be killed by an horde leader, and anduin will fall under madnes (remember he use shadows to mind control. and he can change emotions on people with shadows) this mineral can make him into, not an asshole friend of old gods but into something bad for aliance
Kel Shadowmourne (8 months ago)
i never like undercity... i hope they dont strike quel thalas again :S those elves really dont have good times in this game.. i dont like sylvanas, nobody in horde like her... she is doing all th bad way and dont really care where we are going, this battle dont have any reason to be... we figth side by side against sargeras -.- and from one point to another she had a bad day and says "i want to burn the shit of telldrassil"... dont make any sense...
poppy poppy (8 months ago)
and alliance take undercity... so what^^'
PsicoPrime (8 months ago)
They want war because horde burns teldrassil
Flowlee (9 months ago)
Joseph Mort (9 months ago)
Whatever they found, it's something Sylvanas can use to make sure the entire Alliance and Horde dies before her. She would throw them all on the fire to keep her blue ass out of it.
Tyler James (8 months ago)
Titan Blood
Alexander Collins (9 months ago)
Joseph Mort Its Azerite. The new AP system
Pele Grobar (9 months ago)
GARROSH HELLSCREAM 2K18 - sylvanas VOL JIN 2K18 - Bloodhoof
Cody B (9 months ago)
first lie is saying his father only cares for the alliance but that's not true he cares about protecting azeroth as will.
Kory Kwon (8 months ago)
And horde threw it away.
Matej Sliepcevic (9 months ago)
wtf is that shiny crystal anyways?
Jack Rowe (9 months ago)
Hardcore Drugs.
Khrono (9 months ago)
Blood of Azeroth - the Titaness
GAMEOST (9 months ago)
sukhbat sodnomdorj (9 months ago)
I think Azerites are affecting Anduin and Sylvanas to control them. Look at their eyes when they see an Azerite!!!
LashingWind477 (4 months ago)
Let’s be honest that’s probably what will happen I mean it came out of the ground after Sargeras drove his sword into Azeroth plus they won’t upset half the WoW fans by wiping out a faction the Battle for Azeroth could be again fighting a larger threat
TheReaper (6 months ago)
The power from the Azerite makes them feel like that.
Baugrim Martillo Rojo (7 months ago)
is the same look when americans smell oil
1wing1 (7 months ago)
just reflection
natieangus (9 months ago)
"Nothing good has ever come out of silithus" truer words have never been spoken
Sota Steelwing (4 months ago)
MadlockFreak, A threat to the Alliance is not a threat to Azeroth.
GuvernorDave (7 months ago)
@madlockfreak spoken like a true alliance scrub
The Green Reaper (8 months ago)
+Dan Ent I read something like that too. N'zoth is the last,'and most powerful of the old Gods. His influence is already breaching through the barriers he was contained in(just like Yogg Saron was able to corrupt his keepers; Mimiron, Freya, Thorim and Hodir, along the mayority of the Ulduar-superstructure) N'zoth's corrupting power hád already seeped into the mind of Neltharion the Earth-Warden, causing him to slip into madness, calling himself Deathwing, and causing the Cataclysm that nearly destroyed Azeroth; Thát has always been the big picture: Destroying Azeroth: The titan-world, wielding unfathomable powers. All powers in the World(s) of Warcraft 'fear' the légendary and fabled power of Azeroth, hence the most powerful entity's that rival it, are challenging it for dominion, submission, or destruction, to become thé supreme power. N'zoth is the lást trumpcard 'hidden within Azeroth' to destroy this planet from within.
Dan Ent (8 months ago)
I thing they are going with some knd of LOTR story. I dont know if thats true but I heard that the sword has opened NZoths prison, so that crystal might be something that prompts fighting between the the sides.
MadlockFreak (8 months ago)
It's the crystallized blood of Azeroth. The horde wants to turn it into a weapon, thus threatening the entirety of Azeroth.
Man Cub (9 months ago)
Why couldn't bane have been warchief. I've never liked sylvanas.
H X (6 months ago)
+Afro Meesh exactly! everyone forgot the contributions thrall made for the horde, and just be like 'thrall cheated' which is fcking annoying
Nikolai (7 months ago)
Sailor Paladina no she doesn’t she’s in fact the last person I want in position as warchief and everyone knows this but they are blinded by being her fanboys to see her as a psychopath. Great way for you blizzard to make garrosh 2.0 and she didn’t even give a shit about what her leaders are praising her
Afro Meesh (7 months ago)
Calls Thrall dumb. Literally rescued the entire Orc population out of interment camps and then escaped the eastern kingdoms because he believed in the warnings from the Guardian. Which in turn literally saves the entire Orc race left on Azeroth (besides maybe the Twilight hammer and the Black Rock Clans)| Also makes a pitstop and literally saves the Dark Spear from getting completely massacred. Then goes onto making contact with the Tauren, helping them out and thus completely the Horde. But yeah nah hes totally dumb aye. (i hate it when people like you talk with no actual knowledge of what you're talking about.)
Tomha (8 months ago)
I thought it was cause she's the last of the founding leaders of the Hordes factions. Granted the blood elves and goblins haven't lost theirs yet but Sylvanas has seniority.
PsicoPrime (8 months ago)
Breaking news: Gallywix shouts "FOR THE HORDE" elected as new Warchief the following morning
Monguku (9 months ago)
Did Greymane's voice-actor change? he sounded much younger when he said that "Spymaster Shaw."
Gearross (9 months ago)
Monguku i'm pretty sure he has a diffrent voice actor in worg form
Soul Akai (9 months ago)
Is that Jaina at the end of these cinematics? Where's she been?
798jeremy (7 months ago)
Maybe she's just gonna' be the next ultimate boss, but it's only hidden from here...which means she would be the next character who must be killed and died for good.
Chicago Skater (8 months ago)
Its alleria
MisterSinister (9 months ago)
She's a dreadlord planning her next manipulation.
Melrian (9 months ago)
From what I understand, she was last seen skulking off somewhere after being removed from power by Khadgar.
Alexandre Anderson (9 months ago)
Vereesa Windrunner.. From the armor, the figure, and the bird, how can you not tell? And if you want more, it's already known that both Sylvanas and Vereesa are going to have some encounter in the upcoming book that explains Nordrassil..
Wolfsoran (9 months ago)
Maybe the first lie is "my father"?
Mithrandir (9 months ago)
Arthas' son confirmed
Sith Pancakes (9 months ago)
Oh, my God please no.
Lester Palma (9 months ago)
Anduins first lie its "Goblins aren't the most charming people." Which means they are :D
Pommit (7 months ago)
Aren't is correct: "Not" is abbreviated to "n't".
Devil May Cry (9 months ago)
Morec0 (9 months ago)
_Three lies he will offer you_
GoldenDaft (9 months ago)
tag tony (9 months ago)
The Legion needs Tony Stark~
notoriousbig3k (9 months ago)
no he needs a Spider-Man
CrimsonCeltic (9 months ago)
So is Valyreea Windrunner a double agent for the Horde and Alliance? If so there is a good chance she will be the final raid boss of BfA
notoriousbig3k (9 months ago)
for greed he betrays all the time the goblins are kept because they bring lots of money into the war effort
Khrono (9 months ago)
Not a double agent, but as a ranger she is spying on the Goblins' efforts - she is with Alliance through and thorough
sukhbat sodnomdorj (9 months ago)
+Morec0 Nah Gallywix will most likely not to betray. He is weak without the Horde.
Morec0 (9 months ago)
We sure it's a double agent? I too am curious about what's up there, but I think Gallywix may simply be assuming no one knows.
Tymoteusz Gancarz (9 months ago)
Eternal Rose (9 months ago)
Crystalline blood of Azeroth?
Gary Bacon (9 months ago)
Friedrich OuYang (9 months ago)
who s that undead guy by sylvana
Templar (8 months ago)
nah he looks like undead hitler i keep shooting every time on sniper elite
Umbruhh (9 months ago)
Nathanos Blightcaller.
Leandro Santos (9 months ago)
That's boytoy nathanos ofc
Markdunner (9 months ago)
Friedrich OuYang nathalos

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