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I Am Going to Read Your Mind - Magic Trick

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I'm about to read your mind with 3 different mind tricks. Zach King will teach you how to trick your friends that you can read minds by the end of this video. Be the first to pre-order my new book here - https://www.smartURL.it/ZachKingBook Get it on amazon here - http://bit.ly/GetZachKingBook Tweet at me: https://twitter.com/finalcutking I'm on Facebook too - https://www.facebook.com/ZachKingVine Instagram - http://instagram.com/zachking My Website where you can email me- http://zachkingvine.com
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Text Comments (660032)
Matthew Carroll (2 minutes ago)
Eel denmark
Mads Christensen (5 minutes ago)
i am from denmark
Iona (24 minutes ago)
I got 4 and i was thinking of a duck HOW
Coeliac Kid (24 minutes ago)
You were tiny
Da 'n' Gum (26 minutes ago)
i chose a ugandian eeagle from dubai, is that real??
Knutt Gaming (30 minutes ago)
Wtf I was thinking of a seahorse I was choosing 5 in the start
Jens Arntzen (46 minutes ago)
Brown ape in danmark
#Iqra Rahman# (1 hour ago)
Do u think he has a super power and by the way can I get only 1 like for a kitten 🐈🐈😢😢
Arati Chatterjee (1 hour ago)
You got it wrong I though of a deer in Denmark with colour brown
f enayet (1 hour ago)
how you know my mind? OMG i got the carts right thangs very much i am 12years old hahahaha
noobninja de bruhh (1 hour ago)
Ineta Rudzīte (2 hours ago)
omg you guesed
I think of elephant
Laith Jaradat (2 hours ago)
how the f*ck did that happen
SweWulf (2 hours ago)
yiu did't have correct
YOUTUBER DHRUV (2 hours ago)
who are you! you immpressive
PLAYA EDITS TIME (2 hours ago)
Im bad at math
Gene Kleynhans (2 hours ago)
No your song it is the 4 of harts
Gene Kleynhans (2 hours ago)
No your song it is the 4 of hearts
Mossammot Akter (2 hours ago)
aisa 17 (2 hours ago)
I was thinking of a opossum
Suddais Ali Khan (2 hours ago)
You are correct
MERO TUBE (3 hours ago)
ه صشس فاهىنهىل شلاخعف خؤفخلاعس
Hasnain sm (3 hours ago)
I think about dubai and unicorn 😮
Elite Drago (3 hours ago)
wil55on66 lives (3 hours ago)
Wtf how did you read my mind
Hege Vhile Lynghaug (3 hours ago)
Wtf... Denmark and elephant. Correct!!!!!!!!! Why where you correct at the third task!?!???
Chloe James (4 hours ago)
I got the second one because my two digit number was 26 and 2+6=8 so I subtracted it and got 18 I feel like doing hat to every two digit number that’s even becomes 18
Ujer Uj (4 hours ago)
He change all cards
wreck me (4 hours ago)
I was thinking on an iguan in findland
Magic Man (4 hours ago)
Joseph Ang (5 hours ago)
i think of a show
BaryCZ (5 hours ago)
Nové White rabit
Kellymarie Mullins (5 hours ago)
Zom Brian (5 hours ago)
Zom Brian (5 hours ago)
Zom Brian (5 hours ago)
I'm thinking about ostrich
Sharon Barreto (5 hours ago)
Anandi Guerrero (6 hours ago)
Sorry you are very very wrong
Sheela Rai (7 hours ago)
Erik Goneau (7 hours ago)
You got them all right
mazen werty (8 hours ago)
Den Dao (8 hours ago)
A black and white anteater in 🇯🇵.
jojo jimenez (8 hours ago)
5of clubs
Tawsif Ahmed (8 hours ago)
I didn't think anything
S.C swirlycupcake (8 hours ago)
Instinct (8 hours ago)
4 hearts
AnaXiom (8 hours ago)
I thought of a brown eagle from denmark
king anson gaming (10 hours ago)
I knew u were gonna say elephant so I chose eel 😂 That was close😅
Alexis Wheeler (11 hours ago)
Got it
Alexis Wheeler (11 hours ago)
Alexis Wheeler (11 hours ago)
My card is not missing
Alexis Wheeler (11 hours ago)
Black 5
Alexis Wheeler (11 hours ago)
No I got k
Silver Destroyer (11 hours ago)
You got the animal correct but the country was Delaware
khate villarta (12 hours ago)
Cole Gable (12 hours ago)
How tf😂
Captain Cole (12 hours ago)
5 of club
Captain Cole (12 hours ago)
You got me
Kojii Tang (12 hours ago)
Harry Dowling (12 hours ago)
Grey/Black emu in Denmark
kiwiYT 123 (12 hours ago)
Sunshines bow (13 hours ago)
Incorrect every time 😲😄😂😅
Mark Nielsen (13 hours ago)
The second trick is too obvious
Mark Nielsen (13 hours ago)
I thought Denver but whatever same outcome
Andre O.E (13 hours ago)
I was thinking of a rabbit in Dominican Republic
Sergio Gonzalez (13 hours ago)
Omg he is incredible i got the bunny coming from the hat
Kizana Sunobu (13 hours ago)
I found a secret in your magic card trick...it was a whole different set of cards, the first I picked jack of diamonds, there was also a king of hearts there, then, the second deck had a jack of hearts and a king of diamonds, which both of those cards were not in the first deck in the beginning...
Faith Wong (13 hours ago)
5 clubs
Tim H (13 hours ago)
you got it wrong sory
TJ Spee (13 hours ago)
you got 5 of clubs
TJ Spee (13 hours ago)
I was thinking of a rabbit
Grave Danger (14 hours ago)
No you lost
Sonny Hamilton (14 hours ago)
Spiderman Superfan 93 (14 hours ago)
Oh my gosh it worked
Krystal Absolite (14 hours ago)
Dominican republic, ostrige, grey
Krystal Absolite (14 hours ago)
flower girlss (14 hours ago)
Sakura Rodriguez (14 hours ago)
i was thinking about Delaware
melina salazar (14 hours ago)
Sorry but none of them worked I think they can only work if you do the trick in person .
Lucky me (14 hours ago)
I was thinking of dog but you got Denmark
Luiss Meza (14 hours ago)
AcEz Degree (14 hours ago)
I can do that
mercedesmkitty08 (14 hours ago)
4 of hearts
Savagebear 2406 (14 hours ago)
Eagle in Djibouti
Liz Plant (14 hours ago)
Alligator 🐊
Infinity LR (14 hours ago)
THE JACK OF DIAMONDS THIS TIME! (I watched it again :))
spaghettiismessy (14 hours ago)
why is denmark so obvious?
Mr. Magic (14 hours ago)
Ava Garcia (14 hours ago)
Family Aversano (15 hours ago)
Family Aversano (3 hours ago)
P Pr Pre Pret Pretty Pretty s Pretty st Pretty str Pretty stra Pretty stran Pretty strang Pretty strange Pretty strang Pretty stran Pretty stra Pretty str Pretty st Pretty s Pretty Prett Pret Pre Pr P
Animation COM (15 hours ago)
Somewhat I said Dakota, dinosaur, green
MelanieDexter Ababon (15 hours ago)
Iys a girrafe
ocean cox (15 hours ago)
ocean cox (15 hours ago)
I was correct
Lited48 (15 hours ago)
4 of ❤
Kelston’s World (15 hours ago)
None of them worked and I did it right like if you agree
A duck 🦆
Elijsha Duncan (15 hours ago)
You got it right Zack you are amazing
Maggie Magic (15 hours ago)
U were wrong
Kelston’s World (15 hours ago)
No you did not I was thinking of and alligator in Dallas TX
KT KT (15 hours ago)
Look up Minecraft is just at the state I pick was Delaware

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