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10 GREAT PS4 Games Under $30! - Cheap PlayStation 4 Games You Should Own

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Text Comments (167)
kawaii (3 months ago)
If you dont see the same prices in the start he said Amazon
Nasza1109 (3 months ago)
Uncharted 4 was SOOOO WORTH IT! but my dad was a douche and he thought when i gave it to him (to play it for himself) he selled it instead ._.
The Parkour Masters (5 months ago)
Dark souls 2 hardest game
Orphan of Kos (5 months ago)
Why are so many games expensive rn?
kawaii (3 months ago)
trump thats why lol
Tinker OP (9 months ago)
Any great rpgs here?
Da Best (9 months ago)
all these games were on sale
Gavin Serdeña (10 months ago)
Minecraft cost 10$
Jedidr (10 months ago)
Ok, I know this was posted 6 months ago but most of the items you put on this list were on sale .
Masivkool's Gaming (10 months ago)
Watchdogs 2 isn't 29.99
brayden mcslochness (11 months ago)
Most of dese games arent what he says they probably chamged
brayden mcslochness (11 months ago)
Watchdogs2 is $999
Kole Sasorith (1 year ago)
Watch dogs 2 sucks
asko liiskmaa (1 year ago)
Watch dogs2 is 70 dollars
Brayden Gubat (1 year ago)
7 day to die
Ace Attack (1 year ago)
Keep making these videos, I am not a very rich gamer!
Peter de Vries (1 year ago)
$60 is so much, when I buy games on steam they're sooooo much cheaper!
Ahmed Adaji (1 year ago)
Why do your lists have the same games?
TheChainHound (1 year ago)
Did you pick dark souls 3's hardest area on purpose or was it random?
Gustaf Abrahamsson (1 year ago)
Do You need to have played the other uncharted games to understand the story?
PlasmaVoid Gaming (1 year ago)
Drama Sverige as a big uncharted fan, I can relate it a lot to Indiana Jones but a lot better written
Grumpy Monk (1 year ago)
Drama Sverige you don't need to play the other 3 but it makes uncharted 4 better because you have a better insight to some characters and what their story is, for example you learn how sully and Nate partnered up or how elena and Nate became what they are, so I recommend playing the other 3 games
Gustaf Abrahamsson (1 year ago)
But, What is the story about?
Aether (1 year ago)
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.
turtleguy 841 (1 year ago)
Alfredo Corona (1 year ago)
Sleeping Dogs
Sou Fang (1 year ago)
why not dying light??????
lions pride (1 year ago)
667th like
WoodenFire 4 (1 year ago)
god of war 3 remastered for $20
kill kurai (1 year ago)
WoodenFire 4 got it for 3 dollars with a sale
Eamonn Duffy (1 year ago)
What Is the song playing during watch dogs 2 i can't find it on YouTube. Could someone link it to me please?
valencia boy (1 year ago)
i thought watch dog protagonist is white dude !!
Grumpy Monk (1 year ago)
valencia boy watchdogs is white watchdogs 2 is black
Alz Dee (1 year ago)
you forgot the witcher 3
Zacheon Odom (1 year ago)
Alz Dee it's not
Aberash Mengesha (1 year ago)
is he cultofmush
BetYouHateMeNow (1 year ago)
or free on ps plus
Jayd_1211 (1 year ago)
29.89 not 29.99 for watch dogs 2
Krest Arisen (1 year ago)
I played every AC from black flag and prior.I noticed where the series was going so I stopped.And I was right Unity was very negatively reviewed.Ubi destroyed the franchise with its yearly releases.
Just go to ebay folks. You can easily find very cheap (under $20) games.
George Gibson (1 year ago)
these vids are so helpfull
JoJoFan93 (1 year ago)
How the fuck is Bloodborne not on this list?
rpg gamer (1 year ago)
its a shame that i have no dollars but i have euros and i cannot buy any of those games
Ballin Balgruuf (1 year ago)
i want them ALLLLLLLLL
Daniel Ivan (1 year ago)
Ahem Sleeping Dogs Cough
Daniel Ivan (1 year ago)
I got WD 2 for 75 CAD?!!!😕
Emperorkang (1 year ago)
i hated uncharted 3. there is no way in hell im buy #4!
Marijan Kovač (1 year ago)
for 50$ have psplus and game
Kailen Coghlan (1 year ago)
Tales from the borderlands is free on PS4 right now.
Dark Taco (1 year ago)
$60? Try living in Canadur, fuckin $80 😥
Cruzan9 (1 year ago)
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - $29.99. Sweet!
Divergent Evolution (1 year ago)
Consoles are toys meant to get children into video games. Once you grow up you move onto a real gaming system, a PC. Unfortunately too many man babies forgot that fact and kept playing their toys, forcing a real system like the PC to dumb down its material for it to work on kids toys.
DjaniTheGamer SFM (3 months ago)
Divergent Evolution stfu
DjaniTheGamer SFM (3 months ago)
Ram Bone 😂
Ram Bone (1 year ago)
Divergent Evolution PC is cool if you're a fat, pimpled faced, cheetoh eating, no sex having loser.
Daniel D (1 year ago)
Divergent Evolution Thanks for the advise grandpa
Rogue Stryker (1 year ago)
If you don't own DOOM by now...what is wrong with you?!
Ballin Balgruuf (1 year ago)
sorry i know i need to get it, along with 100 more games
SupremeScuf (1 year ago)
Uncharted 4 is one the greatest PS4 games rn and what every PS4 game should be. Its great in every single aspect
The Indulgent Gamer (1 year ago)
SupremeScuf i must, even after such a bold statement as you've just displayed, say.. I do agree with you
Andrew (1 year ago)
SupremeScuf i agree. uncharted 4 is amazing I haven't beaten it yet though
The Earls Renegade (1 year ago)
didn't realise they used the saint rows voicers of the boss and shaundi in tales from boarderlands.
The Earls Renegade (1 year ago)
AC Ezio collection -> no multiplayer = no deal
The Earls Renegade (1 year ago)
Grumpy Monk oh I agree, but I stayed for the Multiplayer.
Grumpy Monk (1 year ago)
The Earls Renegade the campaigns are brilliant
Lorenor Zorro (1 year ago)
saad tahir (1 year ago)
60$ is always a high price not sometimes! i hatr how costy all the damn ganes are !
cooga cygnus (1 year ago)
If you don't mind buyng used game.. the uncharted 4 is around $15 bucks on ebay.. I got mine $13, then fallout 4 for $14 dollars, far cry 4 for $10, one piece burning blood $11.00, deus ex for $11.00, arkham knight for $10.00 evil within $11.00 shipping Included. there's a lot of good cheap games right now if you know how to look. and I recommend r/ps4deals on reddit if you want to be updated on ps4 deals.
Jaja, Nintendo Stwicht online gratis hasta el 2018, y de. ahí un año online va a costar 20 euros por un año jajajajaja
Sir Athos Putnam (1 year ago)
Where's Verdun? That games 20 bucks. and its worth every penny. amazing world war 1 Tench warfare game. Hardcore multiplayer and great defence game mode where you defend the trench against NPCs with other players. no DLCS or anything. I highly recommend getting it. 😇👍
ashutosh Mishra (1 year ago)
seriously!!!! why is TALES From THE BORDERLANDS still costs $10 it should only cost $5 max or free
ashutosh Mishra (1 year ago)
Not A cookie Like seriously 👍👍👍✌️✌️
Not A Cookie (1 year ago)
Ashutosh Mishra i wasn't aware of the price point for TT games my bad as this was the only game i played of the series with $10 not seeming so bad and since i live in Canada i must have just gotten use to seeing 79.99 for a game with 59.99 being a sale. I mistook your evaluation as game shit should be free.
ashutosh Mishra (1 year ago)
Not A cookie Like seriously it is still an amazing game and i have played it on every system but its seriously very old now And WE SHOULD BE DEMANDING SEASON3 NOT GO AND PAY 10 BUCKS....... THIS WAY THEY WILL NEVER LEARN AND TRY TO MILK THE OLD COW AS MUCH AS THEY CAN PS: They charge 20 bucks for new games and 10 bucks for 6 year old ones i mean seriously dude do some brain exercises
Not A Cookie (1 year ago)
Ashutosh Mishra it was free for ps plus and why do you make it sound like it should be $5 or less it was amazing a true hidden gem
EX Muslim Mol7ed (1 year ago)
Dont buy tales from borderlands, now there is a bundle you get all Telltales best at the same price 30$ you get both walking dead season 1 season 2 tales from borderlands all 5 episodes, the wolf among us all 5 episodes, and game of thrones all 5 episodes.
Brian Elia (1 year ago)
Hell, I'd pay $60 just to play 'Doom' again for the 1st time! Epic game.
Dark Mapple (1 year ago)
Like it's so fun and so cheap
TruthPeaceLove (1 year ago)
How can you not include Rocket League? One of the most exhilarating fun games ever!
isaiah and lil_trey147 (3 months ago)
TruthPeaceLove ikr
ОuchaNoah (1 year ago)
That Titanfall 2 trailer was epic, makes me want to play it right now.
ОuchaNoah (1 year ago)
Legendary Red Gamer Yin Yang by USS
Legendary Red Gamer (1 year ago)
OuchaNoah's Channel what was the music in the T2 trailer
DungusBungus (1 year ago)
What about batman arkham knight? 23$ on ps4 right now
Ballin Balgruuf (1 year ago)
he's made a bunch of these so i think that game was already in a previous list
Peter De Angelo (1 year ago)
Battleborn is such an underrated game. Is super fun and you can get it for legit 5 bucks so worth it I already have like 300 hours in it and haven't done everything the game has too offer. Everyone hear me out, don't listen to the haters that say it's dead, try it out, you won't regret it :D
Dark Mapple (1 year ago)
Brendon Is Bae wasting 5 buck seriously
Peter De Angelo (1 year ago)
Brendon Is Bae yeah the ftp model gives you unlimited access to the multiplayer and 6 out of 30 heroes that change every week to try out. Buying it gets you access to all the 30 heroes and the campaign
Brendon Is Bae (1 year ago)
lmao its literally F2P already, no need wasting your hard earned money on that game.
Peter De Angelo (1 year ago)
KwL DeL what platform are you on, I'm on Xbox and I find matches no problem
Emmanuel Reyes (1 year ago)
Peter De Angelo I play split screen with my son its a fun game.
Six Paths Of Remo (1 year ago)
AC Brotherhood was the shit.. AC II was also pretty great..
Six Paths Of Remo (1 year ago)
The Earls Renegade Yes, now that I think back, also I saw a AC on Downward thrust, AC II was the best, an AC Brotherhood was just alright...
The Earls Renegade (1 year ago)
Six Paths Of Remo personally preferred AC2
Samuelu Simpson (1 year ago)
lmao skyrim is 60 sooo
Tyronne Davis (10 months ago)
+Diego Garcia nah nba2k15 is still 99 on PS store
Diego Garcia I saw it some where for 28
Ballin Balgruuf (1 year ago)
saw it for 40 at target, and everything is always cheaper, online
zikoNightCore (1 year ago)
if you like gaming music , pls subscribe to my channel , i'm doing my best to get the first 100 subscribers and ty <3 !
Reckless God Killer (1 year ago)
that aint no gaming music thats nightcore thats why i would rather use spotify
Mohamed mudei (1 year ago)
whats the song in background?
Beat of blues (1 year ago)
Bioshock Collection had 2 discs if I remember correctly
YoungJefeHommes (1 year ago)
Elder scrolls is 60 tho
OrangeEntity (1 year ago)
YoungJefeHommes Amazon prices
YoungJefeHommes (1 year ago)
Lol doom is 60 too wtf
giancarlo (1 year ago)
Tales of the borderlands is free currently for ps4.
Spawn Cap (1 year ago)
You don't find the best deals for PS4 games on Amazon just like you don't find the best PC game deals on Amazon.
Spawn Cap (1 year ago)
Gamefly for console games.  I can buy most of these for less on a daily basis not just some temporary sale.  When Bloodborne was released I bought it from Gamefly for less than $20 3 months after it's release.  These are used games but come with all active codes in box, and out of the 100 games I have purchased from them disks have always been in immaculate condition.  PC you already know CDkeys.com, Bundlestars, etc., (reputable) code purchasing sites.  Then there are used game stores for console games (not gamestop except for maybe on black Friday) that many times have a game cheaper than I can find anywhere online much like PC games use to have before going all digital.  I have only found better deals once or twice a year on Amazon, Steam, or GOG when they have their specific sales for PC and many times I purchased that same game for PS4 at the same price a year earlier from Gamefly.
Coffeepup (1 year ago)
Spawn Cap where do you find them
Allen Luis (1 year ago)
remember taxes people
Tank Connors (1 year ago)
borderlands telltale is free for ps plus!!!!
Jo Al (1 year ago)
I keep buying games but not playing them...
TheIronWolf2018 Z (3 months ago)
saad tahir pvz gw2
darkwear gt growtopia (11 months ago)
Jo Al so what are you doing i guess yiu buy than wait untill you get a ps4
somewhataddicted (1 year ago)
Jo Al same
J Yoder (1 year ago)
saad tahir same it's annoying
Jay Dub (1 year ago)
I do the same thing all year.....then we get a 2 week Christmas Vacation at work (that I usually stretch into 3) and it all makes sense.
Osama Ahmed (1 year ago)
You should do this video after every 2 weeks though. great stuff
WM Tube (1 year ago)
great bro, I like it
Prince Dizzy (1 year ago)
Excellent video, love this type of content.
tS Tuquan (1 year ago)
Prince Dizzy same
Chef_ Boi (1 year ago)
Prince Dizzy hey I found a video you might be intersted in
Tech Hybrid (1 year ago)
playstion is the best😎😎😎
zaid houssaini (2 months ago)
Dylan Merrix (1 year ago)
You all are retarded, the best gaming device is the switch man
Jerooxama (1 year ago)
+Noah Heissler Dude you got borderline rekt hahaha.
Jeroxama (1 year ago)
Noah Heissler I think you are a complete retard opinion means "a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge". At least search the meaning of word before embarrassing yourself.
Noah H (1 year ago)
Andrew J you must be borderline retarded, a opinion is when someone believes something may be superior to another's beliefs u fucking dumbass
Games and Memes! (1 year ago)
Hahah I got Shadow of Mordor last week ITS GR8
FAZE NOZEY (1 year ago)
GReat vid man 😎

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