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Top 13 New Upcoming HORROR GAMES of 2018 | PS4 Xbox One PC

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In this video, we take a look at the Top 13 Upcoming INTENSE Horror Games 2018 & 2019. These Video also cover New Horror games of PS4, XBOX ONE & PC. Some Game Demos out now you Must try. Which one you want to play comment your thoughts like the video and Subscribe For More. 00:00 The Peterson Case (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 02:49 Moons of Madness (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 04:06 Reborn (PC) - TBA 2018 05:19 Overkill's The Walking Dead (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - Fall 2018 06:47 Call of Cthulhu (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 08:59 SILVER CHAINS (PC) - TBA 2018 10:58 Scorn (PC) - TBA 2018 13:15 Visage (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 14:25 The Sinking City (PC) - TBA 2018 15:04 Pathologic 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - 2018 17:22 Song of Horror (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 17:53 Ad Infinitum (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 18:45 MADiSON (PC) - TBA 2018 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (964)
MADiSON Videogame (6 months ago)
Thankyou so much for featuring us!
illegal tacos (21 days ago)
Looks interesting. Excited to see what comes of this and Visage
Lyngesplace (1 month ago)
MADiSON Videogame pø
MADiSON Videogame (3 months ago)
Thank you!
tasherajean (3 months ago)
Man if this came out on ps4 or xbox one would 100% buy this. It looks amazing!
Howling Wolf (21 hours ago)
Very first game.... another PT game? Shut up and take my money!!!
wynten cowboy (1 day ago)
First part reminds me of stranger things
moon light (2 days ago)
I would like a game where you are the monster instead of the human that goes through all of it.
HCIbn (4 days ago)
Why do they always make these horror games inside the house only? It’s gonna be a hard fucking NO! (except Scorn) on these shitty ass horror games.
Isa X 5 (7 days ago)
Reborn looked so amazing in the 1st 20 seconds. Then the guns came out.. and screwed it all up... not buying that game.
Kai Young (8 days ago)
These games look boring.
Marisol Ne (10 days ago)
😶🚬 let's all be onest some games are normal some are scary you scary cats are so dumb I lafe u idiots. Are dumb u are gonna die and rot in hell while I am in hevan well it's not always people going to hevan gotta be onest tho some rot in hell don't u agree with me all of us gotta be onest u gotta be my friends on this one if u don't u not my friends u will rot in hell while me and my friends don't rot in hell gotta be far tho uh well I don't know but still if your not my friends u will rot in hell and me and my friend won't hahahahahahahahahahaha
JoeEyeMonster (10 days ago)
If you REALLY want to see something crazy... Come check out my eyeballs.
Steph Goddard (12 days ago)
Wish didnt cancel the silent hill game with norman reedus in as a massive fan of silent hill and reedus
Steph Goddard (12 days ago)
Been waiting for some new horror games for my ps4
Daryl Scullawl (13 days ago)
Almost every horror game looks like the other.
Horse girl Jackson (13 days ago)
I don’t even get scared at all
Lamia Zlogonje (15 days ago)
These trailers put me to sleep
Bruce Kyle (15 days ago)
I remember a time when video games were good,growing up there were so many incredible video games...all of a sudden,as if I stepped into another world or something,games now are all these first person view jump scare games that come and go like tissues,they are just made for the "my reaction" videos on youtube so those people can scream and get views,scream and get rich...damn,what happened?!
The Ghost Hunter (15 days ago)
Who wants Silent Hill back !
dinis kwaski (15 days ago)
would a GTX 1050 run these games withe high graphics setings and 30fps at least?
mauko991 (16 days ago)
this why horror genre is dying now cause its shoving cliched troped bullshit we seen and gotten used to. everything is just rip off from silent hills or resident evil. to point people who writing a horror experience. you take everyday life and turn it into a creepypasta. something that'll challenge you and make you say what the fuck. something that'll make question everything you knew. this can be achieved by sticking them in hopeless situations that's simple. say hauntings. The ghost dont have do shit but the right thing. Say your a workaholic and have your dream job and your kid drown in the pool while your at work. now you change your life to fit the needs your last remaining daughter. the ghost can easily be there for the daughter and she has no use for the father, wife leaves with the kid, job not paying enough and the hero spirals in depression. Now that the surface, he meets new women but he afraid of commitment due to them wanting children in the future, when ever he tries to have fun the ghost shoves the past in his face. not cause its haunting him but trying to get him through his past and wants to let the hero know the child forgives him. but the hero see it as a threat. cause the child cant communicate well. now thats how you boil down horror to be believable. and i was still on surface level where there will be more to explore and creepy shit can happen and will happen. cause you set up a scene where the man hears the child playing in water in a empty bath tub but child dont know what hes doing and still think hes alive and wants his father. simple and effective than just some P.T./RE/F.E.A.R like bullshit they toss at us today.
한유진 (17 days ago)
무기가 있는 게임은 그 순간부터 공포게임이 아니다.
CaptainAwasome (19 days ago)
@2.16 just like Condemned 1
Ya Boi (22 days ago)
Now all we have to do is wait for the cancellation announcement 😒
Eveolution (25 days ago)
horror... the best genre yet, the one that the most wrong is done by. Pretty much every horror game feels just like a little more tense shooter. true horror can be achieve with out cheap jump scares and just limiting your ammo or supplies... Hope i can see another great game in the next 5 years or so... and one that is not just another link in some franchise chain...
Eveolution (24 days ago)
If you haven't already played all the classics like dead space, resident evil, silent hill ect ect... I really dont have any good recommendations at all. lol BUT... I do like psychological horror though, so if you are in the same boat i would say... i remember a game that i played called "Gone Home" ... i haven't been that tense playing a game in a long time. Starts out slow, but gets interesting. On top of that, if you haven't heard of "Doki Doki Litterture club" (free game on steam btw) I would check that out as well... although i suggest you not look up anything about it. Listen to the warning disclaimers but do not take the game at face value... (but you probably have already heard of that) .... P.T. was amazing but is no longer playable... "Outlast" is O.K. for a correct modern recommendation i suppose... "layers of fear" was pretty O.K. ... Other then that i got nothing... All the things that i have seen come out are described as i said in my original post, or have gimmicks like FNAF... if you have any please share. I basically will play anything if its worth it.
S3 1775 (24 days ago)
what's your current recommendations?
Nodfails (25 days ago)
I always see these good looking indie horror games from small time developers and they look so fantastic. Then I literally never see them release.
Burnwitch (25 days ago)
Reborn seems pretty dope
T3NS1ON (26 days ago)
I really hope some of these games wont be canceled because i have a gut feeling it will and i do not like that feeling at all i would love to stream some of these for my viewers for example visage is the game i am looking forward to. just asking tho why did p.t get canceled does anyone know? i feel like games like that are getting canceled and does anyone know if Allison Road has been canceled? i feel like it has but people are saying it has not
Chris Ferguson (26 days ago)
Pathologic looked really good
Grayson Lucas (27 days ago)
Grayson Lucas (27 days ago)
It's scary game I've been watching this at 11pm
Gabriel Nilo (28 days ago)
this video is nice because there is no one TALKING about the game. THANK GOD
Bolgernow (28 days ago)
The "Peterson Case" is just PT further developed. When the pulled the plug, they took it elsewhere
Rust Cohle (29 days ago)
Bowie is better than the stones...
tuna fish (29 days ago)
what poor placement of the vases,to big blocking paintings the owner would fire this decorator
Obryan Meli (1 month ago)
I'm not a fan of the waliking dead, but the trailer looked badass at least
roberto faisal (1 month ago)
01 02 (1 month ago)
the first one looks like pt
Shitty Bill (1 month ago)
The Peterson Gay Moons of Gayness Regay The Walking Gay Call of Gaylu Silver Gays Sgayrn Visgay The Sinking Gay Gayologic 2 Gay of Horror Gay Infinitum Gayison Every single one of these "horror" games look stupid and gay.
FreemanFDC (1 month ago)
so PT demo inspired, boring( only Visage show some nice moments Call of Cthulhu is this a some rebuild of an old Cthulhu game? wich called "dark corners of earth"?
Alex BigGeek (1 month ago)
walking down a hall simulators are not that great when they are all done the same. aw well i guess we are stuck with em til a different scenario sells well then we can get a year or two of whatever that scenario is getting remade over and over.
inplane (1 month ago)
Visage and Song Of Horror look extremely interesting.
hammami Mohamed (1 month ago)
The peterson case ro3b safi
Demon Hybrid (1 month ago)
1:19 Me: ...Is this zombies?? O.o
Aldo Parziale (1 month ago)
Everyone is waiting for "Scorn" to come out and hoping it's actually good cause it has promise and potential but we all know that sometimes even that can go to shit in final form but I really want it to be good cause I love weird, dark, creepy, scary, gross shit like that when done right
Ossama Aouinty (1 month ago)
nothing better than outlast :(
erin mefford (1 month ago)
I just found your channel it was in my recommended I just subbed
Kira Bradley (1 month ago)
Anyone have some youtuber recommendations for someone who does good playthroughs? I dont play these myself but I do like to watch :D Because chicken -.-
Lithus17 (1 month ago)
Why do horror game devs always insist on having black shit growing on walls and floors in nightmare sequences?? And always during dream/nightmare/hallucination states....gets old. And I love how a single bite or scratch in zombie games is enough to infect but you always see characters bashing zombie heads in getting blood all over them and they are still fine...smh
James Riccio (1 month ago)
UNIQUE GAMES (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/JrXV6sGuaSs most haunted game
fabien Gamology (1 month ago)
Hello Ultimate Gamerz! :) I'm working for Gamology (5.2 million fans on Facebook). I found your videos and I really like them! (Like this one! For example) I'd like to post some of them on our pages. But first, I need your approval. I'll also credit your original video in the comments. Have a nice day! Fabien. _ Our pages: Gamology US - FR - ES - Asia - TBOGM - GCN - Amazing Gaming - Crazy Gaming - Pixel Heroes - Gaming Facts - @GamologyOff (Twitter) - Gamology (insta) - Gamology (YT)
lyrag00 (1 month ago)
Jesus The Colgate ad scares the shit out of me
Left Past Saturn (1 month ago)
Well that's every horror game cliche ticked off... next.
Robert Montoya (1 month ago)
All these games combined aren't worth more than one silent Hill for PS4 would be. For them to cancel it was idiotic, it's like they don't want to make money
هشام بكير (1 month ago)
Miguel Sáenz Cardoza (1 month ago)
A bunch of PT sad copycats
Chris F (1 month ago)
Everything from visage and after look great!
Laura Fate (1 month ago)
lmao Skyrim dungeons
rafael madiam (1 month ago)
Piamond Dickaxe (1 month ago)
2:14 that voice sounds familiar :|
beer eyez (1 month ago)
Where is Silent Hill?
Giovanna Laudani (1 month ago)
Iron From Ice (1 month ago)
Visage and songs of horror look great gotta keep a eye out from them also call of cuthul
Mike L (1 month ago)
How many PT clones will we end up getting?
Futurama Pop (1 month ago)
The first one looks really good.
Ollie (1 month ago)
So borring... All of them
guinera ! (1 month ago)
what's the one in the thumbnail?
Drewbie UnderFire (1 month ago)
Pathologic 2 looked to be the best one in terms of creativity and horror
aventure hero (1 month ago)
Non one of the game get attractive beside walking dead
Tim Clark (1 month ago)
Are they 2018? No dates are given
Bianca Marin (1 month ago)
Fortnite Veds (1 month ago)
Jorge González (1 month ago)
I'm a simple man. I see combat in a horror and I'm sold.
emersonleon85 (1 month ago)
Konami has something special with PT. Since PT has been canceled there are so many games trying to replicate what they did in that demo. If konami ever tries to bring back PT/silent hills it won't have the same effect.
SuperiorMind (1 month ago)
I miss 3rd person horror like SHill games. For some reason first-person makes me feel nauseous after a while. Also most of these games seem to copy elements of other games. Some kinda lack original ideas or lack imagination(in a way that interests). Jump-scares - haunted house type stuff... I'd be more interested in something with good story with a great deal of mystery. I really hate games where you die at the end or it turns out to be a dream or something like that.
Nicole Dugan (2 months ago)
Kurose Riku (2 months ago)
I don't know why I thought it was a man in a dress on the thumbnail xD
Brewtr0n (2 months ago)
7:26 found the Cthulhu
Lori (2 months ago)
Call of Cthulu looks awesome. Scorn seems kinda cool too.
Xiled One (2 months ago)
Moons of Madness reminds me of the movie “Event Horizon”. It is my personal favorite sci fi horror.
lolicatgirls9 (2 months ago)
It's like someone saw all the military shooters in gen 7 that all looked and played the same and said "okay, now let's do it for horror."
10RexTheWolf01 (2 months ago)
2:33 "No one has to get hurt here"   Kinda to late for that now
Mervinthemerlin (2 months ago)
The key to horror and surrealism games is detail. Th world has to feel lived in.
The1Returner (2 months ago)
A few of these game titles are like 2 years old.
masjosh (2 months ago)
20 minutes? Wtf really
420 Monster (2 months ago)
That Reborn game for PC looks dope.
enter.the.void.II (2 months ago)
Pathologic 1 was by far the weirdest game I ever played
righteousfury1 (2 months ago)
These all look so shitty , unimaginative and indistinguishable from one another. But gee whiz look at those pretty graphics. That's all games these days really have going for them. It's like everyone is trying to fill the vacuum left by the cancellation of Silent Hills.
Tri Zone (2 months ago)
i have alredy play some few games oh them like walking dead , the madison....
beatsurfer (2 months ago)
Why all these horror games are in first person. I hate em'.
All gonna get canceled
Squirrel Attackspidy (2 months ago)
Visage & Ad Infinitum look awesome.
Roman Facts (2 months ago)
Best horrar game July 2018- https://youtu.be/lYnaq9WpjP8-
Omar Quintanilla (2 months ago)
What are people bitchin about FP format?? We haven't even gotten anything official that looks this clean and surreal with graphics like PT. RE7 didn't compare and the next closest was Outlast which was fucking awesome. Allison road is the only other game with great graphics but has been on and off so many times. Idk what y'll are bitchon about these games need to come out. We could then make a case once they release what kind of appeal they carry!!
Wakane (2 months ago)
Out of 13 games displayed, 12 of them use FPP. I wish there were more varieties.
mclovin (2 months ago)
The Peterson Case Kinda seems like This Guy Lives On peoples worst days
khaidy suwanda (2 months ago)
FRFD23 (2 months ago)
На некие футажи смотришь и прям писюнчик начинает провляться в трусишках ибо охото в их прямиком на данный момент уже поиграть, однако как досадно бы это не звучало и ах, полавинка забава "Ту би анонсэд 2018" и что-то не уверен что хотя бы даже полавинка из их уже вышла, хотяяяяя, хорошо..ещё только лето, надеюсь не по отменяют самые вкусненькие игры и они выйдут в наиблежайшие годы :з
Mr. Blunt (2 months ago)
I hate horror games where the walls start growing vines and shit. That's not scary. Can't they just have a realistic approach to scary games without all that exaggerated shit?
JagHeter Inget (2 months ago)
Looks a little like stranger things
Kim Sinner (2 months ago)
All these games are from a first person view? Fail :(

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