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Top 13 New Upcoming HORROR GAMES of 2018 | PS4 Xbox One PC

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In this video, we take a look at the Top 13 Upcoming INTENSE Horror Games 2018 & 2019. These Video also cover New Horror games of PS4, XBOX ONE & PC. Some Game Demos out now you Must try. Which one you want to play comment your thoughts like the video and Subscribe For More. 00:00 The Peterson Case (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 02:49 Moons of Madness (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 04:06 Reborn (PC) - TBA 2018 05:19 Overkill's The Walking Dead (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - Fall 2018 06:47 Call of Cthulhu (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 08:59 SILVER CHAINS (PC) - TBA 2018 10:58 Scorn (PC) - TBA 2018 13:15 Visage (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 14:25 The Sinking City (PC) - TBA 2018 15:04 Pathologic 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - 2018 17:22 Song of Horror (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 17:53 Ad Infinitum (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 18:45 MADiSON (PC) - TBA 2018 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (811)
MADiSON Videogame (3 months ago)
Thankyou so much for featuring us!
MADiSON Videogame (17 hours ago)
Thank you!
tasherajean (5 days ago)
Man if this came out on ps4 or xbox one would 100% buy this. It looks amazing!
Leon Heyer (9 days ago)
MADiSON Videogame 😯
IanSucks (14 days ago)
MADiSON Videogame scorn looks like a marine entered a zerg lair by accident
Hello Blessed One (25 days ago)
MADiSON Videogame how can you play these games & have a good night rest & sweet dreams you mean to tell me you allways feel ok there are know demons or the devil him self playing with your mine or your house justing asking & just saying .....🤔😶😒☹
AbbieGirl46 (4 hours ago)
the first one looks like PT
Greedy Boi (8 hours ago)
where is GTA 6?
SilentDeath TACO (16 hours ago)
Call of Cathulu is going to be great
marco pivetta (1 day ago)
so... many... P.T. ... clones
Jennifer Banquil (2 days ago)
For some reason😶 I thought I was watching a movie 😶
Tanner _wayne23 (2 days ago)
I think all the creators had resident evil 7 in mind... the houses look very similar
Juan Nunez (2 days ago)
I used to love playing Horror Games have a Large Collection. I stopped since they all Are First Person View Now Days.
Gaming Tech (3 days ago)
I Want The Peterson Case
ROYALTmagic (3 days ago)
TBA means cancelled lol
Toastanium (3 days ago)
At 9:10 when the door just unceremoniously closes in your face, I laughed uncontrollably. It's just like mmmmnope
Matheus Omena (4 days ago)
God forbid!
TaraKoza (4 days ago)
Dafaq? First game looks like compilation of P.T, Hotel 626 and one old horror about nazis and robots-dinosaurs in trenches called 1916 Der Unbekannte Krieg
Eric Skyler (5 days ago)
These all look great! People can complain all they want they ain't gonna stop making these games so if you don't like it don't play it. Whiny babies Lol
0:50 вспомнился отель "overlook" из Сияния Стенли Кубрика.
Jon Lynn (5 days ago)
Stoked to see Song of Horror making a comeback! Looking forward to that one for sure!
Logan Alm (5 days ago)
Nick Stoliaroff (6 days ago)
Anyone else think that video games are scarier than movies now. Movies are so damn predictable
Megan Z (7 days ago)
Song of Horror looks phenomenal.😍💖
Leah Rose (7 days ago)
This looks amazing
Joel C (7 days ago)
I remember the first Call of Cthulhu game, it was great!
MaGmA (7 days ago)
15:11 - Don't touch me!
Matt Robertson (7 days ago)
Silver Chains games says "PC", but all the buttons appear to be for PS - what gives?
Impulsive Ray (7 days ago)
I feel that the ones that look the scariest in this video are the ones that we'll probably never get or they'll just end up on PC.
servo honox (8 days ago)
None of them were match the horror and spookiness tensing gameplay of Silent Hill series
servo honox (8 days ago)
Another Silent Hill P.T. look alike fuck we dont need PT rip off we need the real one
Chris Johnson (8 days ago)
My Vote Goes for "Visage" only ✊
jimmy the killer (8 days ago)
The only thing I hate about a lot of these clips, and not only this video mind you, is that the clip starts with a minor scare, then a lot of wandering around in darkness, then the first time something of note happens, it cuts away to the next one.
TheJackal917 (8 days ago)
Many seem like a decent horror titles. But you know why no one ever could top original Silent Hill games (1 to 4) ? It never had in-your-face moments. Such moments are cheap and uncreative. To mess with psyche one needs some serious skills. Not like that Agony bullshit, for example - it was sooooo boring and unimaginitive. And horror is in unknown.
Whofan06 (9 days ago)
I can't stress enough the effect P.T. had on the horror game genre. It's undeniable the influence it had and that it sparked a whole new generation of first person psychological horror games. Some pull scenes and sequences straight from the original teaser, but they all go to show that all it takes is a creative mind and the right spark of inspiration to create a lot of new, better things based on an existing work. And P.T. was just a teaser, not even a full game! I'm the most excited for Visage, I think it's one of the most frightening explorations of true psychological terror I have ever seen. I watch the gameplay with my fingers covering my eyes.
WesttleCraft (9 days ago)
How about despac E to 3? I'am WAITING!
Malignus (9 days ago)
I await the return of 3rd person survival horror games. We need more Silent Hills, Evil Withins and Dead Spaces, not more Outlasts, Amnesias and PT's. :(
rania dandis (9 days ago)
I can’t play video games without anyone sitting next to me.. yes I’m a chicken
Micky Macleod (10 days ago)
The Peterson case reminds me of p.t
PikolUploader (10 days ago)
Lame ass indie crap, imitating a mixture of RE7 and P.T The way I see it, realistically, only Pathological 2 will be good, since P1 was good.
Adele D (10 days ago)
Damn 3:47 looked like new Metro game, with same sounds and graphics
Gamers Freak (10 days ago)
Nice Video you Gyz may also like - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nElDQBonQIs
Rozalin (12 days ago)
5:30 Lee??? Is that you??
Rozalin (12 days ago)
Video only started and Im alredy wanted to leave :\
Mark Vargas (13 days ago)
damn there making games, look so real cool.
Mark Vargas (13 days ago)
fake why would they show gameplays jk
Jackson Reece Music (13 days ago)
The Peterson case's soundtrack is so generic
Jon T (14 days ago)
Most games now days are just CGI-porn with no good story to bring you in.
METALJOKER (14 days ago)
WEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!! Looking forward to piss on my full fabric garment!
christopher carrera (14 days ago)
3:42 when i first saw earth
citystar2318 (14 days ago)
Wish u had bothered to edit something, like a pause or blank screen, in between each clip; wasnt sure what game was what sometimes.
Lunat1C.TV (14 days ago)
0:43 is this the overlook hotel? :)
cun7us (14 days ago)
The Peterson Case looks sick. Can't wait for that.
shahrose butt (14 days ago)
Murphy's law.
Haninos (15 days ago)
They really need to bring new horror ideas, with good stories, why they looks always the same? WTF !! 😯
Tobi Lee (15 days ago)
Der echte Felix (15 days ago)
Visage is the only Game that looks like a real horror game...
DeepFriedJoycon (16 days ago)
I love how none of these have a Switch port
Jackie Hiraka (16 days ago)
All horrors don't even exist
Jackie Hiraka (16 days ago)
But some do in heal
Mika Jauregui (16 days ago)
Honestly any (horror) game with a macro/micro AI in it, will be scary. One of the best in my opinion was Alien: Isolation. Truly a riveting and horrifying game that left me shaking and mostly screaming.
SecularDogma (16 days ago)
Oh look, another game created entirely by white men, that will be played by a 90 percent white male demographic, where I can star as a black lgbtypt+ disabled woman
Kenny Batson (16 days ago)
These all look like they'll be wildly disappointing Why don't people understand that simple things are the scariest? Remember P.T.? Just a ghostly woman, a hallway, and a fetus. Most of these just look absolutely retarded. Scorn is the dumbest shit I've ever seen. "Oh maybe if everything including the guns is made out of flesh, it'll be cool." Disappointed with how many confused ideas there are out there. We need Hideo Kojima to finish up with Death Stranding so he can show the world what's up.
xx link7 (16 days ago)
the skeleton on fire part made me really laugh
Kat Pumpkin (16 days ago)
You're not supposed to shake Polaroids
Life of Regina (16 days ago)
Dang it, I wish I could play these games, I get motion sickness in the first 5 minutes. Any suggestions how to get over this?
rob16248 (14 days ago)
I'm sure there's medicine you can take for this, like pills you take to prevent seasickness.
Life of Regina (14 days ago)
rob16248 I actually play quite often.
rob16248 (14 days ago)
If you're new to video games just keep playing, then sooner or later you'll get used to it.
Matthew Globe (17 days ago)
Im scared
Shiney McShine (17 days ago)
The best part about these games, Dust Particles! they make it look soo REAL with dust particles flying everywhere :)
Frostguard1 (17 days ago)
Fatal Frame anyone? I keep seeing people saying resident evil and silent Hill but honestly those weren't scary for Jack sh*t. Only one's ,I can think of atm, that were decent in terms of some scary moments that most ppl talk about was dead space 1 and 2 and of course F.E.A.R 1 with dlc, damn good game, though not really scary, fucked up hell yes, scary meh and evil within 1, never played 2, was also pretty good. Also sidenote are we sure Outlast is horror because that shit of a game made me laugh. Amesia never impressed me those kind of games just aren't scary, they do provide good entertainment when you and your friend do stupid shit though. My grammar is also pretty scary.
bannor216 (18 days ago)
why has no one done texas chainsaw massacre. i could direct the hell out of that game
Any of these game companies should remake KILLING TIME! It was on 3do platform!
chinito4u1 (18 days ago)
2:24 the voice over of facts verse...presents..
Misa Manabu (18 days ago)
6:24 min Lucille ?
R&B Beats (18 days ago)
Looks interesting. Well am 27 years old and sometimes i like to play quality games, is that ok ?
Jimmy Reed (20 days ago)
I'm sure they're all going to suck as bad as the last 20 nobody can make a scary movie anymore!!!
Miabella Candelaria (20 days ago)
Their all First Person boooooriiiiiing
*Razzy (21 days ago)
Nothing has a fucking release date.
CheyenneOfTime (21 days ago)
And they all look like trash
Elay Sieukfp (21 days ago)
not scary enough.
Dormin (21 days ago)
Sign of horror.. looks stiff and boring.
Audrey Hernandez (21 days ago)
Audrey Hernandez (21 days ago)
what the hck was that
Jeff scott (22 days ago)
...And finally, Madison... could be a successor to silent hill 4, remember the holy candles that kept demons away in silent hill 4, well, I believe a couple of these games— could be a reincarnation of silent hill... most specifically, Madison, it reminds me so much of silent hill 4... it does not seem like Madison will get cancelled/aborted either, I hope Madison will be successful...
Jeff scott (22 days ago)
There’s something... de ja vu about pathologic 2, it has the silent hill siren, it kind of reminds me of, amnesia, and what really makes it creepy,,, the silence....
Jeff scott (22 days ago)
Some games took the whole house and remodeled and stole the baby doll and mannequin concept from Resident Evil 7, what a kind of slick way of development...😼😼😼
Jeff scott (22 days ago)
Jeff scott (22 days ago)
I JUST KIND OF KNOW IT IF THE PETERSON CASE IS TO BE ANNOUNCED, But it would be nice to have a successor to silent hill
Jeff scott (22 days ago)
I can see the Peterson case being CANCELED ALREADY!!
KAT MA (22 days ago)
No PS4 Only? :(
beavisbonce (22 days ago)
TBA meaning .........probably never
Souza Souza (23 days ago)
Bem real
Spruce Goose Moofies (23 days ago)
most of these just look like 'walking through spooky hallways' simulators.
TripperLIVE (23 days ago)
only one in third person, easy pick for me
RiokoParaKiss (25 days ago)
Guys don't let the FP view fool you. Out of all these games listed, Pathologic will be 110% worth it. The devs are a small russian team but they create beautifully crafted games and if you haven't, play Pathologic Classic HD on Steam. Best story I've ever seen in a videogame, interesting character development and storytelling. You'll be craving for more. Around 60 hours of gameplay if you play the 3 characters. That, or wait for this remake. The game isn't widely known which is sad because it REALLY is good but that's why I'm here doing free publicity as a mega fan of the franchise ;P Go go Ice pick lodge dev team! Gogo Pathologic!
Joseph Archie (25 days ago)
These are some of the best games ever especially MADISON
KIŁŁTØKYØ (25 days ago)
Silver Chains has Minecraft sound effects
Armin Arlert (25 days ago)
Hello Blessed One (25 days ago)
How can you play these games & have a good nights rest there are no demons no devil in your in home right?🤔😶
TheKrazieness (26 days ago)
Markiplier is gonna love(?) this year's lineup of horror games.
Maria MAria (26 days ago)
I like them so much they have good grafics and i loked them !!!!!😁😁😁😁😁
Jonathan Leasi (26 days ago)
In I'm I'm I'm thinn koo koo
Ash (26 days ago)
15:08 great boss battle.
ForWhomTheGameTolls (27 days ago)
I wish I enjoyed first person games a bit more.
Sonic Hedgehog (27 days ago)
In the beginning of pathologic 2, I wonder what happens if that creepy mummy thing catches you😵😵😵
Walther Penne (27 days ago)
a jumpscare happens, idiot xD because that´s what happens a LOT in this fucking 0815-game....you seem to adore hahahahaha! You clearly never played a GOOD resident-Evil game if you think RE 7 is best xD
Tiffany Chen (27 days ago)
Watching others play is better....
princevinny18 (27 days ago)
WTF they all look like the same game >.<

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