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The way history is taught to us in school is typically quite rigid and based in supposed fact. Yet, as time goes on and new discoveries are made, our perceptions of our past continually shift. Particularly since the invention of photography, our historical records have become richer than ever. That still doesn’t mean that we don’t discover all sorts of new photos that change how we imagine our world. In fact, it happens all of the time. And it never, ever gets old. New video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! This video has been made possible by Myrtle Turner, Olga Tarczewski and Larry Fenton and her contribution on patreon! Visit my Twitter! https://twitter.com/WonderfulLifeYT Visit my Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Wonderful-Life-1605378549491283/ Visit my Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/wonderfullifeyt/ Support me on patreon. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3132462&ty=h
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Text Comments (2829)
Chuck Keough (2 months ago)
This was so good... I had to subscribe!
Martin Treier (10 days ago)
It is so nice to hear you people argue with each other.Stupidity.
kukol (20 days ago)
Only an idiot would subscribe to this kind of mind numbing shite!
Chuck Keough (25 days ago)
I see zero with ublock origin
MidoMan (25 days ago)
Ow really ... i have Ad-Blocker so i have no idea how many Ads it has... 12 is a lot....
WW2GUY 1 (3 hours ago)
#13 looks like Steve buscemi
John Parven (3 hours ago)
loved the Red Barron photo. Also want to know what happened to orphan Lucy. I tried to find out on reddit and google but yet to find an answer
Grand Negus (4 hours ago)
for once, photos with a description.....great work
Davin Dempster (6 hours ago)
12 ads
sos van eey (8 hours ago)
The graffitid planes are a good joke
Kiki Kat (9 hours ago)
The photos are very interesting but god this music is soo annoying!!
The unit squad (10 hours ago)
8:49 looks like a fucking douche bag to me The 3 kids are saying oh my god he ain’t covered in shit
The unit squad (10 hours ago)
8:27 perfect music timing The music starts and the soldiers shoot Blood everywhere with that song playing wonderful
Ker Vate (10 hours ago)
12 advertisements that will annoy you
HaJo Wolf (10 hours ago)
Fake...43 is NOT WW2!!!!!!
MADELEINE CONLON (11 hours ago)
5:57 The dude in the front looks like he just sharted
Hermanni Välikangas (12 hours ago)
Some if these are fake
Dan RBLX (13 hours ago)
*just gotta put intreging music*
FC Bayern München 1900 (14 hours ago)
Hallo irgendwelche deutschen hier😀🇩🇪
Jags Nation (1 day ago)
Bruh, there probably more ads then minutes of the video
Mr. Fahrenheit (1 day ago)
Holy advertisements, Batman
Android Gamer (1 day ago)
Such a powerful video! Well done
a memer (1 day ago)
The music made me laugh
92 new rare historical photos? thats kind contradicting. are they new, or are they historical? it should be "newly discovered rare historical photos" hi im very fun at partys
radical feminist (1 day ago)
the first picture gotta be fake
Loser Kanaman (1 day ago)
What is the title of the background song?
Outlaws (2 days ago)
I can’t stop binge watching
G. P. (2 days ago)
Can you share more information about #88 (the pilot and the cat in freefall)? Do you have a more specific date of when the test was made? Who is the pilot? Where was he flying? etc.
GhostOfRhurValley (2 days ago)
11:52 imagine that huh, talk about grandpa telling when I was a kid stories.
No McC (2 days ago)
It was very moving
Kayser Soze (2 days ago)
nice music. nice pictures. with data on the background. great job!
ManiacMVK (2 days ago)
Some photos are fakes.
Jorge Bonaldi (2 days ago)
Me tienen las quetedije como aguavivas con el himno de la alegría
Only 11% of the Wehrmacht was in the "Nazi party".
Phakamani Samukelo (2 days ago)
solar on PS4 (2 days ago)
The adds....
Tommy Chen (3 days ago)
U see history of people trying their best to end this trouble time but now a lot people suicide and never respect lives
Gary Morris (3 days ago)
Ku Klux Klan, not klu klux klan
Wookie Warrior (3 days ago)
2:01 what are the ods
FieryTooT (3 days ago)
You deserve none of thos adds I skip a fiew seconds right before it hits avoiding it
Bob Builder (3 days ago)
WWI Soldier looking at dog atop gun at 8:00 is my Great Grandfather - Frank Welch. No joke.
Does anyone know what the first Classical Music Piece is called and who made it? It's really wonderful.
noise (4 days ago)
Monica looked good in that pic, she coulda shmoked ma pole too mayan .
Rayane BBL (4 days ago)
1:16 When you look at the plate and the headlights it looks like the truck is screaming.
ciaotiziociaus (4 days ago)
10:25 cazz'è sta cosa?
Alex Smith (5 days ago)
4:58 The "First International"
Lord Hapu (5 days ago)
Was Bill and Monica picture before or after, the Blow Torch operation?
Renegade 5000 (5 days ago)
5:15 WW2 didn’t start at 1917, it started at 1938
Renegade 5000 (1 hour ago)
Henry Haglund oh geese I misread it, thanks mate
Henry Haglund (7 hours ago)
Renegade 5000 it says ww1 champ
Gaynor Hamilton (5 days ago)
12 ads really...
Chris Longski (5 days ago)
#8. The AIDS patient was being given last rites by a Catholic priest.
robertjuh (5 days ago)
that pic in the thumbnail used to be my profile pic for a couple years
Mathilde Poulain (5 days ago)
This is so fake just the first picture it’s said 1862 and the picture it’s in color 😂
Chris Longski (5 days ago)
Colorized. George A. Custer is lying down at left.
Robert de Boer (6 days ago)
omg that music gets on my nerves! Lol
Chris Longski (5 days ago)
Ode Am Die Freude is good music. 4th movement of Beethoven's 9th, methinks.
henkoss (6 days ago)
9:42 haha the way the tested that shit is to real
tri montesque (6 days ago)
Why i cant find the photo from tumbnail ?
Wyatt Stanford (6 days ago)
Too many ads
Destrudo Alexandros (6 days ago)
Craig Pennington (6 days ago)
Time keeps on going. It never stops. While it is going, lets hope we as a people do good things for as doing bad things, the world suffers greatly.
o my god 40 per cent of them where famous americans only known in america boring
Error Error (6 days ago)
the first one was so impactful it was taken in color despite color photography not being invented until 1907 YOU FUCKING RETARDED DUMB FUCKING SHIT EATER
Julflips :D (6 days ago)
Wtf how many ads 15?!?
Flag Waver (6 days ago)
Ads every minute or so. I turned off the video. Waste of time.
Ginger Bee (6 days ago)
War is a horrific thing.... why aren't HUMANS wired to be better??? I will never understand the Evil that humans force upon each other & the Animal kingdom...😭😭😭😭
CSM101 (6 days ago)
Ads ruin it...you suck.
Fucking hell thats a lot of ads
maximo lemos (7 days ago)
14:00 wtf
Lloyd Nieto (7 days ago)
Man that music, beautiful choice
Don Rajah (7 days ago)
2:20 best pairs of tits in Hollywood at the time.
Ratcum _ (7 days ago)
First AIDS victim went from “have as much gay sex as possible” to “I’m going to die and so are you”.
Bernabaus (7 days ago)
13:45 almost a meme
That Guy (8 days ago)
*i was impacted by soldiers peeling onions*
MrCorvusC (8 days ago)
18:06. Quite literally looks like it was made in a shed...
ffjsb (8 days ago)
Someone doesn't know the meaning of "unearthed". None of these photos were buried in the ground... "Just discovered" would've been a better way to say it, but clearly Custer's photo has been around long enough to have been colorized. BTW, a photo that's been published in LIFE magazine is hardly "rare".
Abel Crespo (8 days ago)
Robert wadlow was 8 Feet 11
Heaven Lanes (8 days ago)
Think of a good title for 13:45.
John F. Kennedy (8 days ago)
Y'all realized the scared German boy in the thumbnail pissed himself
Ron Currier (9 days ago)
Really liked the vid had to watch it in silence because the music was for me.... terrible.
Max dog (9 days ago)
So the earth is flat in the first ever picture of earth or space Woooo Im not a flat earther
Noah Newsome (9 days ago)
11:26 so Battlefield V isnt too far off
bunnyfreakz (9 days ago)
11:21 leaked footage of battlefield V
Trickster14 z (9 days ago)
13:56 how do you guys think they did that?
survivalguy fyi (9 days ago)
Anyone know the Aircraft at 8:37? Looks like Korean war era, not WW2. I could be wrong though.
Elias Anid (9 days ago)
#22 thats what I call a POWERFULL handshake. If these two did a fusion, dragonball style, that would be crazy.
5helly755 (9 days ago)
You really put that many ads in one 19 minute video??? I get you want to make money but that's rediculous and shameful
judsonkr (9 days ago)
2:26 Damn. Could you imagine getting a face-full of Jane Mansfield's titties? That is some serous motor-boating.
manyaman keni (9 days ago)
mt pinatubo
Cortlin Fleet (9 days ago)
What was the photo for the thumbnail of this video.
Good pictures... the music gave me a headache
Jellybellymike B (10 days ago)
Your telling me you expect me to watch a 20 minute video with 12 FUCKING ads
seth crew (10 days ago)
theBatman (10 days ago)
Rip Hitler. Sorry Europe is getting raped these days.
Lil Toe (10 days ago)
In the thumbnail the boy soldier pissed
jasper Mervin (10 days ago)
Go Go Gadget!
jasper Mervin (10 days ago)
Wow I didn't realize the Queen and Marilyn Monroe would be the same age.
Mihai Mirescu (10 days ago)
I dont have a single ad Feels good
Dennis The Menace (11 days ago)
That communist theyre executing is crossing his arms What a rebel
Melicoy (11 days ago)
Rinisanta Novita (11 days ago)
So sad to watching this
commonconservative (11 days ago)
I think the glass wall around the French landmark should be called the obviously transparent  border wall
Real Cringe (11 days ago)
8:42 Americans didn’t develop jets until early 1950s, so the photo was most likely taken near the Korean or Vietnam war era, however Germans had jet propelled airplanes during world war two
PsyintZ (11 days ago)
(7:30) See, all you flat earther idiots? There's your proof the earth is round.
PsyintZ (11 days ago)
(0:26) See? It's pretty obvious she was DTF.
LordAlvinhaze (11 days ago)
12.52:: all the 9 sons of a bitch who caused WWI and the consequent 'hate' between european nations (hate still alive today in 2018). Next time '''kings'' like those will tell you to 'they threat us! go to fight fo your country' answer them ''fuck off and go fight by yourself the whole war''... this should prevent any future genocide
Why so many ads? Jezus fuck 12 ads? Showing pictures you didn't make and have human suffering in it. You are the worst type of people. Get a real job and stop living of peoples emotions like a parasite.

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