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First Look at Nintendo Labo

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Get ready to Make, Play and Discover with Nintendo Labo! Nintendo Labo is a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences that combine DIY creations with the magic of Nintendo Switch. Available on April 20, 2018! Learn more about Nintendo Labo here: https://labo.nintendo.com #NintendoLabo #NintendoSwitch Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! https://goo.gl/HYYsot Visit Nintendo.com for all the latest! http://www.nintendo.com Like Nintendo on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nintendo Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Nintendo Follow us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Nintendo Follow us on Google+: http://google.com/+Nintendo
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Text Comments (64503)
martinrex 587 (6 hours ago)
encerio van a vender carton porque yo creo que esto es otro nivel de retraso
VoorheesTV (18 hours ago)
So, they're cardboard...controller...add-ons?...interesting. #BudgetCuts You're literally selling cardboard.
Sakura Miku (1 day ago)
So... Cardboard huhh?
JacobTheProGamer B (1 day ago)
Studio Pölhölä (2 days ago)
Microsoft - 4K Sony - Virtual Reality Nintendo - Cardboard
Pixelated TR (3 days ago)
0:34 that's what my switch looks like
Mister cactus du 38 (4 days ago)
on peut faire un god michel en carton
Mister cactus du 38 (4 days ago)
oui salope lique
Mr Maynard (4 days ago)
Y cat noises
Iris Etienne (4 days ago)
lorenzo sunderland (5 days ago)
1:03 uta My favorite
Leanne M (5 days ago)
Stephen Marble (6 days ago)
I need one tat is so cool
Afogatto (6 days ago)
Incredible!! And everything is made of cardboard!
Sarah Elaine Hassard (7 days ago)
Nintendo Labo is very good so awsome and cool😍
majorkonfuzion (8 days ago)
The cardboard box that you have is ideal for fooling your enemies. It's a very important tool for infiltration missions. Look, I'm not exaggerating when I say the success of your mission hinges on how you use that cardboard box. But in the end, a cardboard box is only made of paper. Handle it with care or it won't be of much use to you. Don't think of it as just another box. Treat it with love... Don't be rough. Okay?
Minato Namikaze (9 days ago)
Cuando nintendo se queda sin ideas y empieza a vender carton
Mireya Paez (9 days ago)
1:25 yeii
Jacob The Pikachu (9 days ago)
Why is everyone negative about this
KingpinUno (9 days ago)
I just realized at the end it said 4-20. Figures Nintendo
Is it weird that cardboard is so expensive? XD I know u need cardboard to play the games lol
Uli Schmidt (9 days ago)
You know what I like about Nintendo? The fact that they think outside the box by making games an peripherals all about boxes!
TheDogeMaster 971 (10 days ago)
At 1:18 is the theme of the Wii sports resorts theme
Mickael Prevost (12 days ago)
I am 41 years old and when we were kids we played with a cardboard box and a piece of string and we were happy, so I come back to childhood and I thank Nintendo !
smurf cmd (12 days ago)
This is serious?
Allan Let’s blog (12 days ago)
I’m getting Nintendo labo for Christmas
Sunny S (12 days ago)
I wonder when they’re gonna announce the Labo kit featuring the stuff in 1:59 to 2:03
boss onthemicroscope (12 days ago)
i kind of want more of these
Gaby Ulfe (13 days ago)
nintendo por que no ai nintendo labo en argentina
Risas Callejeras (13 days ago)
*vagas a ver lis comentarios No gastes tu tiempo leyendo esto*
Jazz aw (14 days ago)
alv a quanto lo dan xdxdxd like para gratisxd alv no ma carton se mamo c mamut cepillin c fue con otro que sad alv
Damien Black (14 days ago)
Why is Nintendo charging people for cardboard??!!
Gabriel Castañeda (14 days ago)
Vine buscando oro y encontré cartón :v
Shanker040 (15 days ago)
I though this was a joke
veronica jaramillo9 (15 days ago)
Es muy chuli
Demasiado caro viene en 2 pavos de 70 y 80 euros además tienes que montar tu los accesorios. Muchas cagadas.... QUEREMOS EL GTA5 ENTRE OTROS DEJAROS DE CHORRADAS
Hazman (16 days ago)
Nintendo Labo copying Silk Labo right?? The word Labo same as Silk Labo
Juanda17 gamer (17 days ago)
Nintendo hace magia 🙌🌠
walkabout (17 days ago)
wait what??
Greig (18 days ago)
Cardboard has more views than Wii U’s sold
Brandon Moir (18 days ago)
Did I hear some cat noises in the song? Or was it just me? Edit: I love it how they're always being creative
Eon (18 days ago)
I was first like what in the world and now I’m like WOAH I WANT ONE WHEN IT COMES OUT
Samuel Assunção (18 days ago)
Vou começar a vender papelão por 70 U$ kkkk
Z1ng1s (18 days ago)
Looks lame and stupid... Never gonna try out. :/
Matthew Seven (20 days ago)
Playing with a card board box?...Nintendo you sneaky mofos😉
Charly Kill (21 days ago)
stos car-toons :v
y eso es sólo cartón!!!!
Alguien Abla español???
Han Sol (21 days ago)
Ryan sold it first!!
RightYou (22 days ago)
That feeling when everyone overestimate the strength of kids.
RightYou (22 days ago)
80 bucks?! What a steal!
savage sandwich (22 days ago)
we can use our, imaginaaaation!
Por que carton
Gamin Perfect (23 days ago)
Actually I could make that with trashed cardboard
Much Farhan (23 days ago)
wwwwoww very creative
I will buy your labo just pls ok thank you nintendo
Hey my labo is broken pls make tutorial toycon 1 if you do that i will
Lego figure 360 (24 days ago)
And this folks, is when nintendo starts making games about cardboard instead of yarn. And then....there was yoshi's boxy world.
Rattlehead (24 days ago)
As the classic said: "what were they thinking?"
Bill Beis (25 days ago)
i can imagine the meeting that took place ... well , nintendo fans dont care about specs , 3rd party games , big gaming library , having to buy the same game with 3 new stages in it , playing the same smash bros since gamecube , buying gamecube controllers in 2018 , paying for online gaming , buying dolls that give them a costume in a game , buying old nintendo consoles for a load of cash even if you find the games for free in emulators , forcing them to play pokemon go in 2018 , forcing them to buy an expensive memory card so they can have their library in one place .... how abouttttttt we sell them the package for 100x the price it costs by making it transform to something idiotic? SOLD !
Rain (25 days ago)
Does the video cartridge come with it
HELLMINE (26 days ago)
No manches wey nos venden carton
Ryan H. (26 days ago)
Why am I watching this I don't even have a Nintendo Switch
hector isaias (27 days ago)
Parabéns nintendo deve ser um otimo produto
hector isaias (27 days ago)
Caramba meu sonho é ter alga coisa da nintendo mas eu não tenho dinheiro nem meus pais😔😖😭
GolSco (27 days ago)
Ah yes, paying actual money for a piece of cardboard. I love it 👌
adiphardiman (27 days ago)
Some toy cons are actually not included yet😞
Arrow Head (28 days ago)
This is why I love Nintendo, I could never see Sony or Microsoft doing something like this. However I had a feeling it wouldn’t sell well when I first saw it.
BryceSoker (7 days ago)
And I'm sure Nintendo loves morons like yourself...
Brandon McLean (11 days ago)
Arrow Head <<<Nintendo's burner account
Damien Black (14 days ago)
Arrow Head if it were meant for kids to be creative, then it would be the kids making not half design, but all of it. That's what creativity means
Arrow Head (14 days ago)
Damien Black it’s not just cardboard it’s specifically designed by Nintendo for the switch and of course there’s the game that comes with it. It also may be Nintendo’s designs but as you saw you can add your own designs to the stuff in all kinds of ways. I think it’s a lot better than kids playing a bunch pubg over and over
Father Time (28 days ago)
lol all it is is cardboard $70 for some cardboard
Kinh The King (1 day ago)
Father Time actually it’s 5$ for the cardboard
Blue skull (29 days ago)
time to appreciate them cardboards lol
andres satsuki (29 days ago)
great i will pay 75 euros for buying carton . i have some boxes . may i use that too ? nintendo : NO..
wavyheat305 (29 days ago)
If playstation doesnt make a portable console like the switch im done with them. This is ridiculous
Ryder Barton (25 days ago)
wavyheat305 Go Complain elsewhere, your Expectations went too high.
Tuấn Kiệt Lê (29 days ago)
Where I can get it and Nintendo Switch
Arrow Head (28 days ago)
Tuấn Kiệt Lê it’s everywhere bro check GameStop, Walmart etc. or you could just order it online
SEJV Channel (29 days ago)
People who are in love with cardboard would love this if... Oh wait, it’s out (I’m pretty sure anyway). *GET READY CARDBOARD LOVERS*
Jleggett1251 (1 month ago)
Its just cardboard, change my mind.
The Leet Stright (1 month ago)
Some idiot's gonna break their JoyCon by taking the cardboard limits too far.
QZ- A.S.M.R (1 month ago)
I made a piano and left it outside now it's soggy
I do the real one, not the early one. Early one is: DIY Nintendo labo.
Damien Black (14 days ago)
裁判官チャック飛ぶのマリオ why would you spend money on some cardboard?
I already got a nintendo labo!
TheMuffinMan (1 month ago)
But can it play DOOM?
Inkling 360 (1 month ago)
Why so much people hate labo?
Inkling 360 (13 days ago)
Damien Black (14 days ago)
Inkling 360 because it's just cardboard and Nintendo is charging 70 dollars for it
Rage YOLO (1 month ago)
And here is Nintendos next Mistake 🙂
Elliott Films (1 month ago)
Cool, but google did it first
Maverick Quinto (1 month ago)
I like this its a great use of cardboard.
Chloe Flourence (1 month ago)
Hello, drones. You will buy our cardboard.
This music NEEDS to be in Smash!
Zadorien Hollis (1 month ago)
This is better then the iPhone..
Insert Name (1 month ago)
tf is this
souptroophat Esplin (1 month ago)
Labo for Smash Brothers 5
Puddle Slime (1 month ago)
Nintendo CEO: Ok so we need something new for the Nintendo Switch... something fresh and original... Nintendo Worker: Well we've lots of cardboard in the recycling department... we could use that to... Nintendo CEO: That's a great idea, let's make it a DIY project and sell millions of it! Nintendo Worker: That's not what i meant... Nintendo CEO: Yes you did because if not you'd have to end your career sooner!
Q McNicholl (1 month ago)
Super asome
That will be 85$
방호진 (1 month ago)
한국인 모여라
Eairy Guy (1 month ago)
I love how Nintendo has actually gotten to the point where they can sell us literal cardboard, and we would buy it.
Oliver Romo (1 month ago)
Not meme
MrTerminalX (1 month ago)
Teaching kids all the cool things you can do with Engineering. Promoting creative out-of-the-box thinking, ironically, _with_ boxes. Good work Nintendo!
Carson Allen (1 month ago)
JG_IsBack SFM (1 month ago)
hehehe. 4.20 2018
kaelyncrash (1 month ago)
Okay but this is low-key a really great way to get kids into STEM at an early age.
fer (1 month ago)
After watching this video suddenly, I'm thirsty for some soymilk.

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