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First Look at Nintendo Labo

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Get ready to Make, Play and Discover with Nintendo Labo! Nintendo Labo is a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences that combine DIY creations with the magic of Nintendo Switch. Available on April 20, 2018! Learn more about Nintendo Labo here: https://labo.nintendo.com #NintendoLabo #NintendoSwitch Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! https://goo.gl/HYYsot Visit Nintendo.com for all the latest! http://www.nintendo.com Like Nintendo on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nintendo Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Nintendo Follow us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Nintendo Follow us on Google+: http://google.com/+Nintendo
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Text Comments (64329)
Bluestorm (15 hours ago)
wait.. what if you screw up assembeling this?
Nathan Boehm (8 hours ago)
You gotta be more specific, but I'm going to assume you mean to break the cardboard. In that case, you can just tape it back together. But they are well aware that it's just cardboard and they make sure that you cant mess up by having *very* detailed instructions.
Braixen Kawaii (1 day ago)
que muerda pero porque carton ese es el materia mas facil de ronper no lo conpro
MrBambooJ (1 day ago)
eMMM... Really?
Brandon Pizza (1 day ago)
hola ni entiendo les quiero decir o comentar que labo se escibe con v
Brandon Pizza (1 day ago)
jaja salu2 a fernanfloo
Angel Lopez (1 day ago)
Nintendo vende carton
Prince Pond558 (2 days ago)
Nintendo used Wii U boxes to make nintendo labo
Nathan Boehm (8 hours ago)
Alguien vino por missa :v?
Dilkert Oquendo (3 days ago)
Where's the box ghost?
JTXproductions (3 days ago)
Video is so satisfying
Realdudecool Games (4 days ago)
This is leaking more Labo like toy con 4
Natalie Dardon (4 days ago)
Nintendo labo is the best enen if i dont have a Nintendo Switch XD XD
Martin Ze77a (5 days ago)
Carton Network
Kįtšūmī (7 days ago)
Le falta color :v
Sergio Narvaez (9 days ago)
Tripzz (10 days ago)
Wait, you want me to buy a box? with another box in it?
Nathan Boehm (8 hours ago)
How many times I gotta say this. You're paying for the *experience* of building it
Kyle Decker (10 days ago)
Yes. This looks amazing and it can look cool all it wants to but the reality is that there is NO market for this and Nintendo has completely screwed itself over with its demographics, unfortunately kids these days don't have the 60 dollars for cardboard or the patience to make something like this, bad marketing move by FAR on Nintendos part
Terry Jhon (11 days ago)
Súper smash ultimate music nintendo labo
Aimeé Valeria xD (13 days ago)
Parece la caja de huevo que deseche ayer :v
Matin Thunder (14 days ago)
So since nintendo labo viraety kit and robot kit have came out. Some of us have seen the new trailer vehicle kit but my thoughts are thinking that there are more coming later next year supposedly since we see some toy cons that we have not seen yet. Well let's hope that's true. But it's likely true because they revealed the toy con vehicle kit and why else would they not release it if they put time and effort into the new toy cons? Plus nintendo needs money lol.
Mazinkaiser González (15 days ago)
Emmm Nos Van A Vender Cartón
Stephen Tam (15 days ago)
Nintendo Switch LABO ROBOT KIT 02 https://s.lazada.sg/s.ZpMv Free Nintendo labo from Lazada
Da Bellman Zoo (16 days ago)
My kids at the Club are getting a chance to do this on the 11th can't wait!! maybe they will let me play!
André (17 days ago)
I hope the LABO evolves into something more durable and long lasting. But alas, this is amazing!
Snax The Lunatic (19 days ago)
“ITZ JUST KARDBOARD!1!1!1!!1!” I hear you cry.
Sup3r Ry4n (20 days ago)
Nintendo: We can even make cardboard amazing!
Gil Zanda :v (20 days ago)
Nintendo, esto es raro pero se ve muy creativo, ES GENIAL!
Donnie Lopez (20 days ago)
C'mon another nintendo's failure *<*
Kinh The King (10 days ago)
It's not a failure.
adrian albacete (21 days ago)
Mr. Man12344 (21 days ago)
2:40 420
Daniel Ramos (21 days ago)
Lucas Brenchley (22 days ago)
you did a good job with labo i really like it
Rafa862lol (22 days ago)
Si seems hard to créate
Antonius Martinius (23 days ago)
This reminded me of Little Big Planet with all these cardboards. aah man, that was a good game
Name? (23 days ago)
Labo lab hoe
Name? (23 days ago)
1957: I hope in the future we will have flying cars Nintendo:
Name? (24 days ago)
$79.95 for a box made out of cardboard full of cardboard
Nathan Boehm (7 hours ago)
Your paying for the experience of building it
Terry Jhon (24 days ago)
Nintendo loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee etern forever
Asriel -MK (24 days ago)
I'd love the song so much 😍. But i don't see the name of a band or anything. That means is from Nintendo ? 🤔. In that case IS JUST MAGICAL.
Steleon14 (24 days ago)
Carton normal: 2$ Nintendo labo :y : 80$ Na mentira bueno mas omenos
Nathan Boehm (7 hours ago)
I dont know spanish but I'm going to assume carton means cardboard. You're paying for the experience of building it.
Mike Labonte (25 days ago)
I hope they make a pro version of the cardboard for competitive gamers like me
Daniel Bate (26 days ago)
So that's what the IR camera is for
sphere ! (26 days ago)
i have the labo toy-con variety kit, and nintendo was absolutely right when they said this would be perfect for kids-at-heart. i love this so much, and making every toy-con’s been so much fun. the price was understandable as well, as i’m assuming it was for the software that came with it and not the cardboard lol. seriously recommend this if you enjoy building things and also creating - the labo gives you many opportunities to create your own toy-cons and experiment w/ the software
King DeDeDe (28 days ago)
Baby uses this
Creeper Head (28 days ago)
This came out on hitler's birthday Is that a problem?
artecraftmanos (28 days ago)
es lo mejor de lo mejor las nintendos
Arjan Drizaj (28 days ago)
I'm going to buy it
European Mapping (28 days ago)
Like it.
raj grewal (29 days ago)
Sony: We got the best graphics and games the world has ever seen! Nintendo: We got games outta cardboard
yxna :v (1 month ago)
Es cartón we alv
AJaintedMan (1 month ago)
When the dude started playing the piano, I thought he was performing Runaway by Kanye West
Nathan Boehm (7 hours ago)
Alex Plumey (25 days ago)
hold my beer
Dani super pro (1 month ago)
Poppli Pro (1 month ago)
Anyone else notice the vehicle kit that comes out in September? Like if you did
Jake Peterson (1 month ago)
i never wanted cardboard so bad
Nathan Boehm (7 hours ago)
Nice profile pic
brian 2 (1 month ago)
It’s a cool thing but money too expensive
nobel Stifler (1 month ago)
Does these all come as a 1 pack or i have to buy them separately!!??
Nathan Boehm (7 hours ago)
The variety kit is the piano, rc car, fishing rod, house, and motorbike. The robot kit is just the robot, the vehicle kit is the car, joystick, submarine (the thing with the two wheels on either side), and petal. The rest we dont know about yet
Theoddballguy (1 month ago)
Nintendo I love you but wtf.
tan desesperados estamos?
Szabolcs Háry (1 month ago)
Vinny Nghiem (1 month ago)
Nintendo will be like:" Hey guys buy our cardboard to build stuff for 80$ and stuff!"
AlanVishialobosYutu:3 (1 month ago)
Y asi fue como nintendo empezo a vender carton xdxd
GoodSeens GS (1 month ago)
Finding a new use for cardboard. Well done, Nintendo.
PAINMEIKER _478 (1 month ago)
solo es carton!
MCKing45TheHero (1 month ago)
naz truter (1 month ago)
It looks super cool and I have it
Doug Grief (1 month ago)
Yeah not buying this junk.
Mister K (1 month ago)
Hey I bet I can make these people buy cardboard for the Nintendo switch
Altaay Mattila (1 month ago)
What does it even do? Is it just cardboard that you fold? Anyway, I'll take 10
Nonayo Dambusinus (1 month ago)
Y'know... I tried to watch the video, but I was blinded by the utter the bs :T It's a joke, put down your pitchforks hardcore Nintendo fans xD
Amaru (1 month ago)
nintendo is so childish
Nicky DIES (1 month ago)
Really Nintendo? You had a chance to remake the virtual boy? and instead, you made some cardboard? im not saying you're a bad company but it's a really pathetic idea.
Stan LT (1 month ago)
Makes a piano *seems legit*
Man technology is gotten so good i feel like were in 3018
Eve Hogarth (1 month ago)
I bet the people who came up with this said ‘when we were kids we only had a cardboard box...’ *lightbulb*
Alex Plumey (25 days ago)
hold my beer
gato loco (1 month ago)
Cool i Dont know it
0Awesome_Gamer0 (1 month ago)
Autism at its finest
why would i waste 70 dollars on that if i could just use cereal boxes and its free
Nathan Boehm (7 hours ago)
+Kinh The King yeah I'm on the king's side
Kinh The King (1 month ago)
My point is still valid.
I dont even play on nintendo switch I play on pc
Kinh The King (1 month ago)
русский гопник иван you won’t get the software tho.
Haileykitty69 (1 month ago)
This is actually pretty cool.......why are there people complaining about this?.....
James Robles (1 month ago)
Well time to sell my fish tank
Sean Lin (1 month ago)
To the people saying that Nintendo is literally selling cardboard, remember that LEGO also literally sells pieces of plastic
cameron kreiss (1 month ago)
FYI if even if it “comes with a game” if you break the tools for the game it makes it completely useless 🙂.
Kinh The King (1 month ago)
Then, buy extra’s
Josue Parra (1 month ago)
PK Brako (1 month ago)
TannerTheMatrix (1 month ago)
This is actually really stupid
DayOfMourningHasCome (1 month ago)
yep this ones going into my cringe compilation
NeZ pic (1 month ago)
The nintendo labo just sold 1.5 million units! Congrats nintendo
Muzz (1 month ago)
lili bei (1 month ago)
Amaterasu :3 (1 month ago)
i ate my labo
hey its me (1 month ago)
We wanted to do a cheaper design and an eco friendly design *grabs a wet peice of cardboard that a homeless man was sleeping on* this will do lets sell it
fantastic guys (1 month ago)
For labo pack 04 you can make a airplane
Grace Vue (1 month ago)
Nintendo ripping of their customers.
Guido fantástico (1 month ago)
Nintendo Gracias por hacer esto
SullysNQ (1 month ago)
This look like a nightmare for parents who's kids ask for help.
fishyfaic (1 month ago)
I think there's gonna be 5 kits in total We already have got 1 and 2 #3 has been announced There's some stuff in this that could make kit 4 And the 5th one could be VR please
Luarvic (1 month ago)
it costs like 2 of my smartphones...
Nathan Boehm (7 hours ago)

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