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Top 10 BEST OPEN WORLD Games of 2017 (PS4 Xbox One Switch PC)

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Text Comments (99)
PLAYSTATION GAMER (2 months ago)
GTA 5 is number 1
Assasingamer 1 (5 months ago)
Really?, no Destiny 2, is the best open world game
Flashfire 356 (5 months ago)
70-100 hours? I've played botw on the same savefile for 500 hours or more and I still haven't 100% it.
NEFFY JR (6 months ago)
Really you really didn't put gta in that is the most popular open world game
Brennan Perdue (7 months ago)
Origins the best assassin's creed? What about black flag
darren see (8 months ago)
OK ENOUGH OF THIS NINTENDO S*&@ EVERY SINGLE LIST I SEE... 1. Mario or 1. Zelda i mean when will subnautica or call of duty get a chance at the number 1 spot
robot6644 (7 months ago)
Can't tell if you are joking or are serious. Btw, which console do you play on?
TransformingToybox (8 months ago)
yo, monopoly is for 85 yr old dildo hammer bung waffles.
Shayl Pokle (8 months ago)
Are any of these free to play
Sophina Asghar (2 months ago)
Shayl Pokle t
Unlucky Prince40 (9 months ago)
Is this video for weeaboos
JD Carpenter (9 months ago)
But incredible exclusive games for ps4
JD Carpenter (9 months ago)
I think that Microsoft has to step up their game
JD Carpenter (7 months ago)
robot6644 i hope it's good then
robot6644 (7 months ago)
Apparently the devs behind Forza Horizon are going to be working on a game and that game is heavily rumored to be a new Fable but modernized.
Lampshade Ç (9 months ago)
Thing is all these require real good pcs
someone (9 months ago)
Yakuza 0 reminds me of sleeping dogs
Scott Robertson (9 months ago)
Grand theft auto? Just cause?
Scott Robertson (7 months ago)
Badusername 3 it’s dying but it’s still got plenty of people
Dylan Hall (7 months ago)
Scott Robertson gta's dead
Kyle Cullen (9 months ago)
Scott Robertson both great. Neither from 2017.
Fortnite moments (9 months ago)
Trash video there is no fortnite
Chris Kirby (3 months ago)
Your trach
BL4 Z3 (6 months ago)
Fortnite moments what the frick?! It’s not like every single thing is about fortnite your trash
Unlucky Prince40 (9 months ago)
Fortnite is not open world, learn to read
Steven Shoemaker (9 months ago)
way to much anime cut down on it. but good video
Tw1ch (9 months ago)
2:24 i do Already =)
Rushdi Latiff (9 months ago)
This is my honest opinion on this, there is nothing to put down anyone here, we all differ in taste. I'd say games like ghost recon wildlands, sniper ghost warrior 3, COD WW2, The witcher 3, assasins creed etc should be at the top. Now when you look at these games, some may have poor gameplay though it has good graphics, but some will have awesome graphics with average and good gameplay. I'm not the guy who likes a game though it has awesome gameplay but the graphics sucks or looks so childish and cartoonish (Yet again, this is what I feel, there is nothing that I'm putting down anyone here). Now, why can't they create those awesome gameplays on the current 4k games? If this meets all our requirement, all of us will focus on best gameplays while having the best graphics. Thanks.
robot6644 (7 months ago)
You... you do know Witcher 3 came out 3 years ago in 2015 right?
Luka Ž (10 months ago)
Voice like cult of mush. Is it him?
VEGSYO (10 months ago)
is this cult of mush?
Laro (10 months ago)
Didn't even include GTA 5 Wow
Logan Arnold (4 months ago)
Laro didn’t release in 2017
Gok Wan (5 months ago)
Trapper The Money still better than some 2017-18 games honey
Dylan Hall (7 months ago)
The games dead
Trapper The Money (8 months ago)
Laro that shit is fucking old now
Krisna Hartawan (8 months ago)
you really small brain laro
Panda Outlaw (10 months ago)
St George (10 months ago)
Wish they actually made games for grown ups
Kronos (6 months ago)
+TrippyUK Grow up, snowflake.
Anthony Bruno (8 months ago)
Trippy Uk Huh? Horizon zero dawn is a tribal story based on trying to find out why the world ended. Nier is an adult themed story as well. Tom fucking clancy every game they release lol. I feel like yiu just want attention and im giving it to you.
Jon the lamb (10 months ago)
Trumps No.1 UK Fan every shooter is 17 plus or something g
St George (10 months ago)
Steer your arrow.. how fucking old am I
Ayden Blessum (10 months ago)
Your vids suck ass!😖😖😖
Dan Gent (10 months ago)
The King (10 months ago)
ladies model make me sick!
Randomness Prevails (10 months ago)
too much gay anime shit
Allen Albertson (10 months ago)
I want to see your perfect game that you are comparing these to. So fucking annoying.
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 (10 months ago)
Normalize the audio already.
kyle gregory (10 months ago)
I know in really late but I wanna start gaming again, should I get ps4 or Xbox 1 guys?
Quinn Conabree (7 months ago)
NightSky夜空 (9 months ago)
You know what, pc get pc (Not trying to be a elitist) pc IS superior.
NightSky夜空 (9 months ago)
kyle gregory pc for the best graphics, Switch for Zelda.(like seriously Zelda is Amazing)
kyle gregory (9 months ago)
Kyle Cullen , yea I ended up w ps4, thanks
Kyle Cullen (9 months ago)
kyle gregory PS4 I say. I just think it's better
How Big is the Map? (10 months ago)
I love open world games! Nothing in this life can give me that great feeling of freedom!
JMX CR7 (7 months ago)
How Big is the Map? Ii
Karl trembath (9 months ago)
How Big is the Map? Wait...This has to be a joke right?
Randy Bradley (10 months ago)
It's great to see 5 of those games on the list are either exclusive or console exclusive to the PS4.
STACY BURK (11 months ago)
I'm sorry, but the graphics make so much difference. Zelda's graphics are so bad, I just couldn't get into the gameplay. I'm not saying Zelda is a bad game. I'm sure it is. But I know for a FACT, there's LOTS people like me that won't play games like that unless it has great graphics. Most people are visual, and that's why so many people are buying 4k tv's and the latest and greatest gaming machine. There's also lots of people that don't need great graphics. I'm happy for them that they have Zelda. But I'm pretty sure if they had a choice to play Zelda with awesome graphics instead of the poor graphics it currently has... they would choose the awesome graphics. It just makes a game sooooo much better.
robot6644 (7 months ago)
Graphics are important to an extent. You need a certain level of graphical power for a game to be played in a 3D environment like Super Mario 64. However, having top of the line graphics means nothing if the game can't even function properly. This is where the next step comes in "Art style." And art style is what truly keeps a game alive aesthetically. Remember when Halo came out and everyone thought it looked amazing? Today it looks like garbage (plays good though so I still love it.) Games like Zelda the Wind Waker and Shovel Knight will be considered for years to come as pretty damn good looking games for years to come despite one having a simplistic artstyle and the other being 8 bit. A modern example of this is the Witcher 3. God damn is that game beautiful. The use of lighting is fantastic. However you can already see the game starting to age graphically. The more realistic games start looking then previous games will start to look worse. However games that try to last longer don't die so easily. While Horizon Zero Dawn is a good game, it won't last the next gen as a game considered good looking without some sort of graphical update. Breath of The Wild on the other hand will definitely be looked back on for years to come as one of the most well aged games of this gen. Especially since all of those issues you mentioned with the framrate haven't been an issue for months.
Squidwood (9 months ago)
You sound dumb.
Daniel Gutierrez (10 months ago)
So you'll never play games like all the Indies, not even games cartoonish games, or awesome games like Persona 5 just because graphics aren't as realistic?
Daniel Gutierrez (10 months ago)
~There's LOTS of people like me~ You mean retards? 🤔
Jimmy Rose (10 months ago)
STACY BURK not always. Sometimes people like to have a more cartoony, unrealistic aesthetic. Not everything has to look like real life all the time.
WolfMan Gaming (11 months ago)
Personally Horizon Zero Dawn should be number 1.
robot6644 (7 months ago)
Ah yes. The Playstation fanbase. Perhaps the most toxic of them all as they will insult you and your mother more than 12 year old on CoD.
steamingwillybeamen (8 months ago)
Anthony Bruno your head is square like a Minecraft character. Youre not in shape lol
Anthony Bruno (8 months ago)
steamingwillybeaming Who the fuck is a gamer and cant afford a game thats on sale by now anyway? Lmfaoooo what in THE fuck
Anthony Bruno (8 months ago)
steamingwillybeaming Huh? Why cause im built and in a gym? Dude youre a fucking idiot for real.
steamingwillybeamen (8 months ago)
Anthony Bruno lol sure. Its obvious by just looking at your picture thay youre poorer than most people
ONEWAYLEEWAY (11 months ago)
Currently at 7:54 and I’m calling it now Zeldas your number 1. If so Horizon should be no 1 grrr 😆 😉 Edit well, well, well look what’s number 1 haha
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (11 months ago)
Can you make a gaming video every hour ? 😁 kidding, brilliant vid thx.
Liam Donaldson (11 months ago)
Nice list but seriously a days gone thumbnail?
Tech Hybrid (11 months ago)
Liam Donaldson it's actually Ghost Recon wildlands silly
Mr Niater (11 months ago)
Liam Donaldson no that was ghost recon wildlands
Picses Albafica (11 months ago)
Hahah this guy just compared the whitcher whith ac origins get me out
Stephen Fox (11 months ago)
I have a huge cock
Robert (11 months ago)
U got big titties too or at least im assuming based off ur profile pic...
Tech Hybrid (11 months ago)
Stephen Fox no one fucking cares idiot
Stephen Fox (11 months ago)
I'm hard right now
Stephen Fox (11 months ago)
It's so big !
Volcanoids (11 months ago)
Great list :)

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