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E3 2018 EA Game Trailers & Gameplay (PC Xbox One PS4)

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See E3 2018 EA Game Trailers & Gameplay (PS4 Xbox One PC). Waiting for E3 2018 EA Games, for Anthem, Battlefield V, Command and Conquer Rivals, Sea of Solitude, Unravel Two? Subscribe to Meteorite Games - https://goo.gl/ZXhdgT ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 0:00 - Anthem Trailer 1:43 - Anthem Gameplay 6:01 - Battlefield V 7:28 - Command and Conquer Rivals 8:29 - Sea of Solitude 9:24 - Unravel Two Gameplay 12:31 - Unravel Two Trailer
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Text Comments (108)
Meteorite Games (7 days ago)
Which EA game trailer did you like the most?
Chan Louis (6 days ago)
none of them
Andy Panda (6 days ago)
Meteorite Games Anthem trailer was badass
Vasja Majer (7 days ago)
Meteorite Games none
Caleb Frieslaar (7 days ago)
Anthem looks really dope
DrummieGaming one (7 days ago)
Anthem but I need more trailers or gameplay
Milki Money (1 day ago)
Don't dont don't!!! Belive the hype caaaarrrrk😂😕😢😒
Eli Wallach (2 days ago)
Another EA Garbage for smallminded folk.
curse Love (2 days ago)
i am sorry i stop playing Big companies game for a long time n i can careless about the game they make now i only play game develops by independent companies there r alot of good game out there u just have to look. if u find a good game u want to play from an inde companies just back them up n kick start not only will ur name be in the cridet u get to play in alpha n beta also help the team with the development of the game by giving them feed back as a alpha n beta game testers pluse u get a special in game iteam when the game goes green light for ur Braging right that u back the game up from the start to finish 😁 the best part no loot box😎 so yes i am not missing out on any thing if u like my epic comment please upvote me just to piss off EA 😂
FilthyNord (5 days ago)
It's just another shitty mmo like destiny chock full of microtransactions. Fallout 76 is the same. If it weren't for free to play mmos and mobile games like clash of clans, these companies wouldn't have the idea to make a design point of the game to be dependent on selling out the companies integrity and annihilating your money and happiness. Everything these days is turning to shit, movies, music, people. Everyone is a pussy. Only reason to make co op games is to force us to buy more consoles and force us to bring in more customers. Multiplayer games always die, singleplayer don't. I hate depending on moronic teammates. It's like group assignment in college, fucking retarded and socialist.
Addison Leavitt (5 days ago)
What the fuck was that stupid ass music playing over the Unravel Two trailer???
David Johnston (5 days ago)
Why they trying to make WW2 look like some steampunk mad max game in 1940. C&C is a damn mobile game. that's very lame
SpiderMan45 (21 hours ago)
David Johnston you're wrong in so many ways... the "steampunk" and the "mad max" look is the players problem since they will chose to use silly uniforms, okay?it's not obrigatory in battlefield v. you can enter in a server where the game will be much more closer to a ww2 setting compared to others if the players use correct uniforms and don't chose to be a female.
David Johnston (5 days ago)
why does every game need RPG elements with numbers poppin up everytime you shoot a fool. also need to also just stop with the lack of splitscreen. Im tired of having to take my console, TV and a copy of the same game so I can play at my friends house in the same room.
RifqyTrust (5 days ago)
EA games graphics is very sick! maybe thats why EA games had so many micro transaction
Ashton Armstrong (6 days ago)
I played anthem and its really cool not even close to destiny
SpiderMan45 (21 hours ago)
wait, what?
mayakovski (6 days ago)
:46, super hero landing, called it.
A.J. Bensinger (6 days ago)
Bethesda won
Nick Zanini (6 days ago)
Anthem looks like destiny which is a worse warframe. So no
SpiderMan45 (21 hours ago)
Nick Zanini for me looks the combination of those two
IGame AORUS (6 days ago)
Anthem wie halo und Horizon Zero Down. Sieht auf jeden Fall Episch Atmosphäre. Eine tolle Spiele mit viel Fantasy. Hoffe große Karte :)
Chan Louis (6 days ago)
EA and xbox sucks
KITKAT21 (6 days ago)
Chan Louis just get out, no one asked you to come
Kalver Jalak (6 days ago)
Anthem's song name?
Buster Foyt (6 days ago)
FU EA. There's enough great games coming without the need to have anthing to do with scum like you
Michael Espinoza (6 days ago)
I'll be honest. Flat gaming is just not impressive toe anymore. I think it still has a place but VR is so much more fun. I think all future consoles should have a VR add on option like PlayStation. But it needs to be at least on par with Vive or Oculus though.
Joshua Hiller (6 days ago)
There's a dearth of top-tier, AAA-quality exclusive games for Xbox One you can actually play this year. Looking forward to a new Halo or Gears of War 5? They're coming sometime in 2019. Meanwhile, the long-awaited Crackdown 3 has been delayed yet again to February 2019. Battletoads? Ori: Will of the Wisps? 2019 as well. The new Tomb Raider looked great, as did Sekiro, a samurai-infused spiritual successor to Dark Souls, but both of those are coming to PS4 and PC too. When Microsoft says it had 50 game reveals at the show, 18 of them with "exclusivity," it's counting tiny indie games and mere updates to existing games like Sea of Thieves
jerrimy seavers (6 days ago)
Thanks for compacting all the videos so I can see what games I won't be buying due to micro transactioning the shit out of them . Too bad because some of these games looked great
Monkey Man (6 days ago)
Anthem looks boring and generic and is gonna have an ego on par with destiny
summit1g (6 days ago)
can't wait to play all of them on my pc and ps4!
TheGhostAssassin (6 days ago)
I feel like this game needs music to spice it up a little like need for speed
Oliver Sharratt-Chan (7 days ago)
Look! She's gonna do a superhero landing!
XSBX hero2.0 (7 days ago)
I am so hyped about ANTHEM because its looks so awesome!!
Natsuki (7 days ago)
I was only interested in Unravel 2 and I'm hyoed
Angry Mandy (7 days ago)
Why is Destiny 3 being released so close to Destiny 2?
FlipOmega5 (7 days ago)
Battlefield V just looks like Battlefield is trying to be COD
RDIOGP 57 (7 days ago)
Me recuerda a la temática de Lost Planet
Haque Be (7 days ago)
someone make a proper ironman game already!
FlipOmega5 (7 days ago)
This looks like a mixture of destiny and Warframe for anthem
Rokelpidio 1103 (7 days ago)
2:50 Because cellphone towers, microwave food, GMO's, chemical ingredients in our food and water supply, cellphones themselves and WiFi; have made us retarded enough, to not realize it when we are hitting something on a video-game, without numbers spraying out of our targets anymore.
AlfaAndOmega86 (7 days ago)
Anthem engine footage is sick af, actual gameplay is lame and downgraded
FlipOmega5 (7 days ago)
AlfaAndOmega86 big facts
Vasja Majer (7 days ago)
Anthem looks like a a mix of IronMan and Warframe. Except that Warframe is fun, the trailer looks slow, cumbersome and boring....
alishanmao (7 days ago)
Ok The Command n Conquer , thats what i am waiting for :D
william wolf (7 days ago)
Anthem got a big nerf ,now it looks like à PS3 game .
Talk ID (7 days ago)
The.Relaxing. Gamers (7 days ago)
Anthem looks dope man. Looking forward to E3, how about you guy's.
AndreePL (7 days ago)
Remember ME Andromeda
Lostm (6 days ago)
Vasja Majer (7 days ago)
AndreePL i have the same vibe, like the last game footage of andromeda before it was released... i dont trust them a bit.... even if the game is stellar work like top noch amazing i am not buying it...
Macbiff 64 (7 days ago)
Waiting til i see da reviews first
minatoor (7 days ago)
EA is a bad game company whatever there games look like in a trailer they will sneak in micro transactions. And in the unlikely event they don’t they will re make the games every year too the point the franchise is so worn out it has a player base of 3 peope
It Cant Be Helped (7 days ago)
I cant wait to see the downgraded version.
Brunz M (7 days ago)
I'm calling it, anthem is EA's destiny, but with a shite load of micro transactions!!
unwanted ghost (1 minute ago)
anthem is more destiny with warframes good story design from what i've seen and yes i have played both destiny games and completed them and am currently playing through the seventh quest of warframe.
Anon E. Mus (7 days ago)
Iron Horizon Destiny (Wo)Man II *Coming Soon* *DLCS Coming Not-So-Soon*
FlipOmega5 (7 days ago)
Brunz M that's what I was thinking
XtakeAbreakX (7 days ago)
So this is like a destiny reboot , we’ll fuck me and call me Cindy as I unlock most of the content by dlc . Yaaaaaa, #satire
Leo Tacugue (7 days ago)
Anthem is basically Iron Man with Aliens, they even ripped off Jarvis LOL!!!!
WO LF (7 days ago)
small version titan fallen-w-
rossell choque (7 days ago)
Se inspiraron en Skyline movie
BrickMaster (7 days ago)
Skate 4
thehunter1277 (7 days ago)
If they do the battle royal on BF5 right and instead of a FFA it has the axes allies the set up take down of defensive lines destroying the environment forceing a change in game play for both sides if they do this right and have teams of 32 maybe 64 on both sides working together with maybe a ticket system for both troop count and/or vehicle counts that would in my thinking make a very interesting game play mind ya I've been playing since BF1942
corbit holmes (7 days ago)
i think he meant axis
Doc's & Simulation (7 days ago)
Axes? Who are the Axes?
Android Gameing (7 days ago)
Looks like Iron man
BlackLense (7 days ago)
Yeah, hoping for Iron Man skin in this game.
Bi Witch (7 days ago)
The Storm javelin looks more like a class (magic/spellcaster) I would normally play but THAT COLOSSUS THO!!! 😲😲
أحمد عمر (7 days ago)
Vladucard (7 days ago)
PS1 Graphics on the most interesting game? I hope what somebody gets fired for that.
Jonathan Quach (7 days ago)
@Vladucard when you click the video there is a settings icon on the lower right. Make sure you set it to HD or 1080P.
Violet Spark (7 days ago)
Sea of Solitude looks amazing to me. Doesn't look like PS1, and honestly, who cares that much about graphics?
Vladucard (7 days ago)
I was talking of sea of solitude what game are you talking about?
Aidan DORRIES (7 days ago)
Vladucard the fuck? You trying to be funny? It looks glorious.
Firesite (7 days ago)
Man that storm class looks so sexy OMG!
Zspector (7 days ago)
anthem looks super cool. I only hope that its not Destiny or Warframe like game, it would be huge dissapointment.
Zspector (6 days ago)
Wouter de vries yes very true. but look at World of Warcraft for esample, you never get bored on it because it has huge way of making the game interesting. even if you are max leveled and fully geared you never stop playing dungeons, or explore the whole world or even try to accomplish more achievements.
House Kang (7 days ago)
Both you mentioned are still great
chohakkai36 (6 days ago)
All games are repetitive, ALL!
DaBlazinBanana (7 days ago)
Ekk.0 its the bioware that made Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 not Andromeda
Wouter de vries (7 days ago)
to be honest.... Every single MMO game feels "grindy and repetitive" after a certain amount of time. Literally no MMORPG game I've played that wasn't repetitive xD
D Willis (7 days ago)
I'm so fucking hype for Anthem
Hu Jiaming (7 days ago)
I only wish EA to be dead.
Boom (5 days ago)
Maelstromb 1881 no u
Jennifer Nelson (6 days ago)
Me also hopes you die cuz ea is phonamal
FnordyDolphin 16 (7 days ago)
EA puts microtransactions in every game which makes me mad
Maelstromb 1881 (7 days ago)
Max Payne 311 ur mom gay
Hu Jiaming (7 days ago)
I wish your mom was never born too, hope you will disappear with EA soon.
Reiga (7 days ago)
Cant wait to pay multiple dlc's ....... to do ...pretty much anything in the games?
Monarchsub X (7 days ago)
Yea the context of that section of what they said they are doing for the content with the game did not sound good at all! They mad it sound like they were going to do what destiny does but worse!
Felhek Lehrian (7 days ago)
Where is the Sims 5?
DebuY Tube (4 days ago)
Felhek Lehrian there will be Sims 76, not Sims 5.
Onechi Lwenje (7 days ago)
What's the music in the last Unravel trailer?
colin v (7 days ago)
Onechi Lwenje Muse, Uprising
gaming gamer (7 days ago)
first 1
gaming gamer (7 days ago)
first 1

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