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GHOST RECON WILDLANDS - The Predator Trailer (2017)

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GHOST RECON WILDLANDS - The Predator Trailer (2017) A new free mission is available for all players: The Predator hids in the Wildlands and he comes to find a new challenger. Hunt him and beat him in the hardest fight you ever known to get exclusive rewards! New Predator contents are also available: - Unlock new customisation items from the Predator movie as Predator gears and other iconic characters. - Play as the Predator with the new PVP class in Ghost War. ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (1083)
Braeden Crow (9 days ago)
I play on Xbox if u want to play this we can add SuppliedDrake44
KAZIK KAZIK (22 days ago)
Super game
tekryn (1 month ago)
When I was playing i didn’t know this was in the game and me and friend were wondering around and we saw some guy get shanked.
MechaGoji Bro 7503 (1 month ago)
Man, this is awesome but it'll be nice to have an actual Predator game ya know. If it's this easy to make another franchise character DLC surely a game similar to *Concrete Jungle* can be made.
FB I (1 month ago)
Urmila Singh (1 month ago)
The wristblade is from assassin's creed Am i right
Yiğit Kaan Dönmez (1 month ago)
With undead team just a stupid DLC
Chris james (1 month ago)
Played it never got to kill him
Thomas Salz (1 month ago)
What is this under
Tanid Nganthavee (1 month ago)
Man I would hate to be the ones getting hunted. That would scary AF!
John Bustamante (1 month ago)
I'll duck the predator
Yuval Gamliel (1 month ago)
Soo it’s like decit?
Jatt Da Channel (1 month ago)
cool dialogs man if it bleed we can kill it
Jack F (1 month ago)
I'm mad that I can't play with other people's on ps4
N. Oki (1 month ago)
They should take predator to different parts of the map too.
MANTRA 321 (1 month ago)
I'm gonna have me some fun!
Boogie City (1 month ago)
Boogie City (1 month ago)
OK but please put a game mode in to wear we can actually play as the PREDATOR# SHOULD BE PLAYABLE!!!
Mariana Santos (1 month ago)
Never played the game but i love predator
stranger on net (1 month ago)
Dominik Williams (1 month ago)
Better than the 2018 movie by far
Angela Storm (1 month ago)
I hated this it was so hard I raged so much but atleast I got the bio mask finally
Clyde Wilson (1 month ago)
can't wait for the game come out definitely keep this game forever Big Time Predator fan
Ben Geiger (1 month ago)
To bad you can’t be the predator
Andy Gillis (1 month ago)
I have been on this for hrs now shooting it till next year but it will not die I'm sure that's not right. A Solid 45mins no deaths I lasted is something I missing?
pablo villa (2 months ago)
Still better than the last movie
theworldofmilton (2 months ago)
Should unlock for new film
Imran Razally (2 months ago)
Josh CheeMook (2 months ago)
I wish you can play as the predator
Medieval Legend (2 months ago)
Hardest hunt for me so far
Spacetoy (3 months ago)
bloody excellent it is too
Hassan Syed (3 months ago)
Why don't they just make a standalone predator game already?
Play Group Lp (4 months ago)
I love THW predator music
Altair Wilson (4 months ago)
After the yeti challenge then predator now they should do more bring in lake monsters or aliens or even spiritual demons anything that will make wildlands open more doors, keep this game alive before every other game destroys it
Doggo In The Cosmos (4 months ago)
The mission is literally cat and mouse
Diles46 - AIRSOFT (4 months ago)
XxHÿpęr_FûrrÿxX Xx (5 months ago)
I can’t kill him it’s too hard :(
MonsterVerse Godzilla (5 months ago)
I know I'm late, but this was probably promitive material for The Predator.
Beast Master (5 months ago)
Killed him
MOy Corbin (5 months ago)
Carlito :v
Laynez8795 (5 months ago)
This is a shit dlc
Wolfplayz5672 (5 months ago)
RIP Carlito Now who's gonna edit AlbertsStuff's videos?!
Yuri Sierra (6 months ago)
Poor Carlito ;-;
Dank Man (6 months ago)
This is hard as hell to beat it took me 57 times to beat it
Blacksáber Predator (6 months ago)
HOLY FUCKING SHIT lets hunt!!!!
Hami Chahal (6 months ago)
where is arnold schwarzenegger?
Russel (6 months ago)
Copyright violations?
Wolf1 Wood (6 months ago)
Imádom a játèkot, de szerintem ez az intró el van cseszve
Diegi Viveros (6 months ago)
So technically Aliens are canon in the splinter cell universe
Killer Beast56 (6 months ago)
NoVa Ice (7 months ago)
Run!!! Kill it!!!! Fuck!!!😂😂😂😂😂
pablod23 (7 months ago)
shame of free mission like 2 last movies, sucks...
Bruce Lee (7 months ago)
This was made so well
Connor McIntyre (7 months ago)
I think Ubisoft should definitely make a Predator game
Brain Jim (7 months ago)
The most difficult side missions I've ever done.
Senator Armstrong (7 months ago)
i could never defeat it
louka therese (7 months ago)
je veux ce jeu
stannitra mitchell (7 months ago)
How much is this DLC
Javier Velasquez (8 months ago)
This sucks that they didn’t make an actual game, I mean a good game of this is right there but no one made it
Derek Teets (8 months ago)
need a new AVP already
LaineHughes1 (8 months ago)
Anyone else here think we need a full on AAA Predator third/first person game? Aliens vs Predators 2010 was the last one and it was amazing
Robert Andrew (8 months ago)
If they did this they'd better have skins to look like the original cast... that way I can play a goddamn sexual tyranasaurus
theVillalpando Mendez (8 months ago)
Now this is DLC
Luanmondi Nuhaj (8 months ago)
Love it🤙🤙
Astaroath (8 months ago)
It's February 2018, waaay past the original deadline, and the mission is still in the game. I played it today for the first time coop with a friend. I think we won guys, they are going to keep it in forever !
Zöld Cactus (8 months ago)
Andrew MacDonald (8 months ago)
You're saying Hawkings was killed by a fucking lizard?
Dual L (9 months ago)
This mission was so hard
Amadeus Eisenberg (9 months ago)
Too bad this game is so shit.
Eloy Martinez (9 months ago)
Over here over here anytime predator laugh.
gangrichie (9 months ago)
If it bleeds we can kill it!
The Skipboy (9 months ago)
CplDwayneHicks11 (9 months ago)
You bring in the Predator to challenge Scott Mitchell, Ding Chavez and Sam Fisher. Thats what I want to see a real crossover fight.
_________ (9 months ago)
the actual gameplay not tense like that lol
Act Of Vengeance (9 months ago)
"If it bleeds, we can kill it"...only Arnold can said that...
Bryant Hernandez (9 months ago)
Get to the choppa
I played the game the predetor can kill u one shot but its easy if u with pros...its so fun and challenging
D.A Silver (9 months ago)
i wonder if i had that wristblade for real
Get to the chopppppaaaa!
MrGrImM 757 (9 months ago)
Dlc was awesome, but the actual mission.... Fuck that mission!!!!
bob smith (9 months ago)
So disappointed
JWC art (9 months ago)
We need a new Predator game. Or even better, a new AVP game!
puk puk park (10 months ago)
shadow creepy (10 months ago)
Another stupid dlc
OutsideCookie 21 (10 months ago)
Damn, how'd they get the rights for this?
Seth Laffey (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who wants to have sex with a female yautja
Alesk (10 months ago)
Lolz thats look like far cry 1
T9Chris (10 months ago)
There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man. ...
anthony g (10 months ago)
Jason Travis (10 months ago)
send in the big guns
Wolfsong 27 (10 months ago)
I’m gonna have me some fun ^_^
Di Bo Chet (10 months ago)
This is why I won't go camping
Jack F (10 months ago)
I do not recommend this dlc to you because you can’t kill it (well I can’t) (I swear my ammo heal him
Christopher Gongora (10 months ago)
Is this like Friday the 13th the game?
Crazyllama Fortnite765 (10 months ago)
Claude richard 547 (10 months ago)
Metal Marine (10 months ago)
is this free?
RPG 303 (10 months ago)
kill me now.... i m right here!!!
john quetel (10 months ago)
Keep this predator missions going Ubisoft pleeeease,i love to fight the ultimate predator !

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