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7 Times We Rage Quit Games (And Did Really Stupid Things Afterwards)

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Rob presents our list of 7 times we rage quit games and did really stupid things afterwards. Are you guilty of any of these? Have any of your own rage quit stories? Tell us in the comments! 7 Tragedies Only Gamers Will Understand: http://bit.ly/2twTdW6 7 Times Games Were Just Showing Off: http://bit.ly/2twgJTo 7 Lies Every Gamer Has Told At Least Once: http://bit.ly/2gQ2faH PlayStation Access brings you PS4, PS3 and PSVita news, features and gameplay every week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest titles on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com (http://www.epidemicsound.com) Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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darknut 6 (4 days ago)
I played league of legends...
TLDswitchstart (6 days ago)
My worst rage quit happened during the the first week of 2015 when I was doing a mission in RAGE called the well where I was at a bit where I came down a flight of stairs and into a room where I kept getting swarmed by bandits and consequently killed. I must have had at least 20 go's at this bit over the course of 2 nights and eventually got annoyed to the point that I calmly picked up the mouse and slammed it down on the desk about 3 or 4 times with such force that it fell apart in my hand.
Bee Well (6 days ago)
rage quit uninstall...or RQU... dark souls 1 the first time i played... cant remember where, but the next day i installed it again... since then i always make a tryout game before the main
kyskei (7 days ago)
once when I was seven and I had just gotten my first console (PS2) and I was playing this car game that I didn't understand I rage quit crying because I just couldn't comprihend what I was supposed to do. it was one of the lowest points in my life
Big Fat Al (11 days ago)
I was grinding my teeth so bad it was making my teeth to move and causing a lot of pain while playing Fifa. My dentist made me a MOUTHGAURD! To wear while playing to protect my teeth😂
msfs19941 (12 days ago)
You live in a field in Wiltshire?! I live next to lots of fields in Wiltshire! What a coincidence
Joseph Leatherbarrow (12 days ago)
I would consider myself quite a rational person but when I was trying to get the platinum for bloodborne I got so angry at amygdala in the cursed chalice dungeon that I head butted my controller... as hard as I could... rapidly...
Terence Caron (12 days ago)
Stop the video at 10:30 unless you wanna be deaf.
Troy Dube' (13 days ago)
Nothin wrong with pickin Ryu.
Scott Brown (13 days ago)
The street race with erol in jak 2 was the first time i threw a controller at the wall. It basically exploded on impact.
The EPIC GAMER (14 days ago)
Celeste i hate you
Anakin Schafer (18 days ago)
I once threw a controller on to a couch pillow and it bounced and landed in the bookshelf perfectly on top of a book
Anakin Schafer (18 days ago)
Here's a task check every video and count all the times Robs says "for ages"
SourWaffles (19 days ago)
One of my favorite rage quit moments wasn't me rage quitting, but one time in red dead redemption multiplayer there was another player who kept trying to kill me but everytime I would kill him instead at first he started complaining about the weapon I was using so I would switch and after I went through all the weapons he decided he had enough saying "screw this" and then he began to play guitar which I could hear through the headset. I just sat there laughing until I cried was a very strange experience
Nemo Atkins (22 days ago)
I don't USUALLY rage quit (I'm pretty good at just powering through even as I get angry, so I rarely reach a point where I quit out of anger), but I do remember getting so frustrated with Shin Megami Tensei IV that I closed the system. Without saving. After having played the game non-stop for several hours and spent most of that time doing level grinding. I then left the system alone for a while before coming back to it and, noticing it was still turned on and having forgotten how long I'd been playing the game, decided to stop wasting the system's battery and turned it off. Without doing an extra save just to make sure I didn't lose any progress. Yes, I did feel like a massive idiot when I loaded my save back up next time and realised what I'd done...
SpockIOM (24 days ago)
The best/worst rage quit I ever did was in days BP (before PlayStation). The year was 1994, the system was the SNES and the game was Lemmings. Yes, Lemmings. I’d been working on the same long level (don’t ask me which) that required a lot of precision on a huge map, avoiding pitfalls and traps, probably about an hour and a half plus and many failed attempts I thought I had it right. I set my last builder going and he reached the exit so I blew up my blocker and the rest of them started on their merry way. Bear in mind the time limit, the speed of the lemmings and the complete lack of a fast forward button or the ability to save the game... Well eventually the lemmings got to the last bit and catastrophe! Instead of leaving the bridge that carried my first lemming to safety and landing on nice solid ground the little buggers, all 98 of them fell through a crack 1 pixel thick and plummeted to their undignified doom with that cutesy, squelchy “splat” they made. I was livid. My 13 year old self loudly vented his frustration... “Bollocks!” I think is what I yelled. This resulted in parents telling me to switch the game off and give them the cartridge which I got back the following day, and the worst bit was the kicker... I’d written the sodding password down wrong! I had to plough through the previous very tedious and difficult level again many times before I could torture myself again. So apart from lost progress and having to do another level again, I got Lemmings confiscated! Lemmings! I ask you! Oh how my mates laughed!
Foul Lily (1 month ago)
I don't destroy equipment, but when i get really mad I hit my chair or my head, and one time I rag quit to Horizon Zero Dawns Sneak training ground exercise and I hit my head hard enough to give myself a headache and make myself dizzy ^^; Otherwise tho i dont rage quit much at all
Melon Tart (1 month ago)
I've rage quit Shantae Half-Genie Hero due to some of the bullshit in it. Also, I missed Delsin Rodent.
Ren Dori (1 month ago)
i just had to rage quiet ac rouge as i died ten times in a row and its a timed thing and i suck at them. i nearly broke my controller hitting it so hard on my desk. im sure my neighbours must wonder wtf is going on
Gsam 3 (1 month ago)
So a friend of mine pished me to buy street figther 4.i didnt realy like the game at first, but now its ok ish. Every time he comes over to play, he reckes me. So then i go on a tantrum and dont do anything, so that he is basically playing himself. He always gets of about it so its pretty satisfying.
Ostrich Banana (1 month ago)
Does anyone else ragequit, then sort of pathetically try to convince yourself that the game had bad controls, or poorly programmed physics or something?
J. Alexander (1 month ago)
Uh. Apparently I'm far more patient than I thought.
Dog Lover (1 month ago)
Phantom Lishie (1 month ago)
Me and my boyfriend have broken up 7 times so far due to dark souls.
Cluckery Duckery (1 month ago)
My rage quits these days mainly consist of immediately powering off the console.... hardware's expensive, no need to break stuff lol
OMEGA Gaming (1 month ago)
When you are on a losing streak, any game.
My way of rage quitting is not playing that game for several years
Gea Force (1 month ago)
After 1000 hours of Souls games, I can't feel angry anymore. Whenever I get killed I'm like "Meh, whatever" On an unrelated note, I also lost my capacity to feel joy, so when I actually beat a boss I'm like "Meh, whatever"
Tommy Brumfield (2 months ago)
I can’t see rob getting angry. He’s too silly😂
Kotilainen (2 months ago)
My rage quit casualties over the years - 1 broken pc mouse , 2 broken controllers, 1 broken tv remote control, broken soul calibur v disc, broken micro maniacs disc, teeth marks in my current controller. Yh i rage sometimes.
Man Drake (2 months ago)
I once broke a TV with a pair of scissors. I don't even remember what game it was now. I just remember my dad was furious and I had to replace the TV using all my pocket money for months. Then than replacement was not allowed in my room and if I wanted another TV for my room, I had to go and buy yet another TV. Yeah, that was a valuable lesson in keeping my temper.
Emma Benn (2 months ago)
I've smashes the controller on the ground breaking one side, bit my controller, threw a disc the the other side of the room making a crack in it, hit my ps4 and threw a disc out of an actual window
Emma Benn (2 months ago)
And yelled at the top of my lungs shouting words i will not repeat
Steven Loaiza (2 months ago)
Broke a TV screen with a ps3 controller... yeah
Desmond Chew (2 months ago)
I *almost* rage quitters on a puzzle in a dungeon in a tales game called tales of symphonia. You have to walk through the dark to get to the puzzle points and if you drop down, you go straight back to the start. And not just that, you have to go back and forth through those puzzles to get to the finishing point. Like I literally fell down to the start for 30+ times( it shines occasionally, and there's no invisible walls) so I walked through those single path through the dark again and again. Worse is I fell when trying to get the chests
So I was once playing overwatch I don’t want to come off rude but my team sucked so we weren’t winning any matches but it was like 20 matches of losing and since I’m pretty competitive I umm grabbed a pen and started stabbing it on paper...did it to hard and the ink splattered everywhere..I learned my lesson
Squinky (2 months ago)
I don't so much suffer from rage quitting; I know when I'm getting mad, put the controller down and just walk the hell away for a while in my worst cases.I do, however suffer from a vicious case of vengeful competitiveness; Back when Mortal Kombat for the PS3 was coming out my best bud and I would play each other on the Demo every day until the game launched and we had our fair shares of wins and losses....until the full game came out and he picked Sektor and would, invariably, serve me my hind quarters on a silver platter; my response was to spend hours upon hours a day for a week while he was out of town practicing on my favorite character, Smoke. He came back and played me (as Sektor of course) and was dumbfounded to find I had improved so drastically that he could do little more than stand there and block because he knew the second he tried to move I'd combo that red robot into ketchup. It actually got to the point where he, nor any of my other friends would even play me on the game if I picked smoke and insisted I lock my selection before they did.
Screeching Pumpkin (2 months ago)
I smashed my ps2 controller because a 9yo beat me in Dragonball through spamming
Shoot McKay (2 months ago)
That water slum level in Jak 2 can do one
Shannon Cain (2 months ago)
When I was a kid I put a screwdriver through an N64 racing game cartridge.
Arrell Magister (2 months ago)
I've genuinely never broken anything while angry at a game. I may let out an angry huff but honestly I don't get that mad
Stephen Wilson (2 months ago)
I'll be honest I just build up so much. Past tensing up and breaking controllers. And I stay completely calm and then I just break down. Entirely
Nerossu (2 months ago)
That godawful catcher chocobo part in Final Fantasy X where you had to get a time of 0:0.0
Shoe Anklerest (2 months ago)
I mean.. once I raged so hard i punched my right buttcheek... the bruise is still there xD
Ryan Christian (2 months ago)
I raged at overwatch broke my controller and mic I still haven’t replaced my controller the tyangle button is sunk in so I can’t ult
Pamela Helton (2 months ago)
I rage quit on. Tekken 4
123mat1231 (2 months ago)
Bring back Delsin
DONALD HEAL ME (2 months ago)
I died to Ancient Wyvern on DS3 and I slammed my controller so hard my USB port broke and I couldn't charge my controller
Undefined Error (2 months ago)
Hahaha this video was hilarious Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who bites controllers :')
Dannie Farrington (2 months ago)
I thought I was the only one that bit my controller 😂
Ali Ebrahim (2 months ago)
Everytime i rage quit i would pinch myself till i calmed down, if i didnt. Id pinch as hard as i can... Yes i was stupid
Amazed Alloy (2 months ago)
I quit Dark Souls 2 after losing 200k souls
Cameron Cudnohowski (3 months ago)
There was that one time...against the devil on Guitar Hero 3. Yeah, I legitimately smashed that guitar (I know I hit those notes). Oh! Then there was the time I punched my flat screen and caused it to spiderweb...I forgot what game, probably Madden.
Anonymous Gamer (3 months ago)
The worst rage I had was...closing the application and playing Skyrim.
jono walker (3 months ago)
As a collector, the street fighter story made me rage quit the video ... I came back though.
Knorkes Holzbrett (3 months ago)
when you play grand prix in Mario kart and you already are in the last race while you got first one the three races before but you get 2nd or worse in the last round right in front of the finish line 😠😥
Fox Dru (3 months ago)
I’m no no kuni 2 I only died once until the last boss, I died 4 times in a row
Fox Dru (3 months ago)
Or whatever the bosses with an eerie aura are called, it was the slime one by gold paw I think, I fought him at level 20, I came back a few hours later now level 59 and pummelled his sorry goop
Fox Dru (3 months ago)
My first death was when I tried to kill one of the cursed bosses just like in one of these videos, I challenged a far too hard boss and lost.
Chris Garner (3 months ago)
Way, way, way back in the days of yore. Say, 1991 or ‘92. Becoming so frustrated with Super Thunder Blade, trying repeatedly, for weeks, to fly through those damn caves on the second stage, only to crash again and again and again, and being further insulted by having every enemy onscreen continue to pump rockets and bullets into my smoldering wreck of a chopper afterwards. Then, becoming so enraged , that I smash my controller down onto my Genesis, breaking the volume switch. There is a happy ending, though; 22 years later, I finally beat the game!!! Childhood. Vindicated.
LilPrince Killa (3 months ago)
Spammers make me rage quit. And it's not automatically, it's when they spam the first time, I find a way around it and they find another way to spam. And after I find another way around it they find another way to spam. And the spamming is due to glitches in the game. I'm tactical but Igot low patience. So I just stopped playing all together.
ryanfranciscoalpha (3 months ago)
I remember mine in resident evil outbreak im in the final step of finishing a good ending then outside while walking on a wooden pathway with water a shark suddenly grab me im very frustrated throw the disc and never played it again
McKaylee Pugmire (3 months ago)
I missed the entire kingdom hearts series while looking on with a mixture of guilt and incredulity because I rage quit the coliseum in the first game, before Phil ever let me into a single match. Phil is a really hard teacher you guys! (says the one final fantasy fan in the world who couldn't even get through a fighting arena tutorial on the third or fourth level of the first game)
Terrell Smith (3 months ago)
Destiny 1 pvp and a team of lag switching cheating fuckwits whom I kept getting matched with caused me to throw my controller into my TV this breaking it...borrowed one from a friend ended meeting the same team of fuckwits again! Whom for some reason we couldn’t get away from in matching this causing me to rage yet again destroying my controller which flung backwards and hit the newly borrowed TV this breaking it. Needless to say I avoid Destiny pvp for the most part even in D2
I remember being 6 and not being able to button mash the quick time events in god of war
sasuhina399 (3 months ago)
I like every gamer out there rage quit (usually in Dark Souls) but I've never done what you guys do. The most I ever do is quit the game for a while and sulk and pout on my bed. You guys are violent. Is that normal for everyone else? Am I the odd duckling? O.O
GeometricalNeko (3 months ago)
Geometry dash xD
The Ginger Nut (3 months ago)
Aah, Crash Bandicoot 1 in the remake. Took me 20 attempts to kill Ripper Roo, amd just as I hit him with the TNT crate, I slipped off the tile and drowned. Rage was an understatement
ATOMIC ct47 (3 months ago)
I remember the time when I was playing bo2 (with bots on veteran) and every time I got no scope or blown up by one of them I would just tell at them and call them a hacker.
Ronald Schmal (3 months ago)
I had a roommate back in the vanilla WOW days. Blackwing Lair had opened, and in those days 40 man raids were pretty hard to organize. But anyways, they were getting their asses handed to them. My roommate got so mad he ripped his keyboard out of his computer. When I say ripped he pretty much dragged the computer along until the cord came out. He then open the window, and flung that keyboard out of it, while hanging onto the cord, and proceeded to slam the window closed on it, several times before he let it go (we were on the 3rd floor). He got dressed and went out to booze. That's the worst rage quit I've ever seen.
Crispin Nisbett (4 months ago)
Michael Flannery (4 months ago)
I raged quit ratchet and clank when I tried getting "faster than a speeding amoeba" trophy still can't do it. If anyone has any tips I would gladly take them.
Dimas Saksono (4 months ago)
i still remember to this day, that atrocius lightning dodge in FFX for lulu celestial weapon.... i rage quitting so hard at 198 dodge! took my ffx disc out and burned it
Picolas Cage (4 months ago)
Fifa 16, final game of division 1 all I needed was a win. It’s 4-4 in the 89th minute and Gareth bale is outside the box, he shoots... ... it bounces off the bar and they score on the comeback.
Lightning H-VIII (4 months ago)
That internet connection isn't bad at all. It took me 2 days and 12 hours to download a 20 gb game
GethSpectre 66 (4 months ago)
i've smashed my headset after an awesome duel in for honor, just bout to get winniing strike n some b stard back slashes me , in a most dishonorable way , not played since !
Back Country Pastimes (4 months ago)
Does rage quitting street fighter 4 because of the final boss and then running around your neighbourhood shirtless pretending do be Zangief while you spin around with your arms out shouting "OOUUYYYAAH" in the middle of a sunny day when ALL your neighbours are out sunbathing count?
John Carter (4 months ago)
I raged quit dark souls 1 took it out of the ps3 thew it like frisbee with everything ounce of strength into a tree and shattered into little pices. Take that Artorias morale of the story never hit a buff Merchant unless you can kill him within seconds or he will kill you. Dark souls1 is still dead to this very day.
casper130rocks (4 months ago)
i matured in my teens when game controllers lost there cords they use to stop after a few feet of cored the first controller i had fly across the room and smash into little bits all over the room and cost me $100 dollars to replace my game rage lowered remarcably
Corbin Garrett (4 months ago)
Trying to rage quit without damaging the microphone, priceless.
xtreme gamer (4 months ago)
Nobody ever got used to the street fighter 4's combos
Stephanie Sanders (4 months ago)
I know I'm a bit late but one that sticks out to me is I was doing the training on Mortal Kombat Deadly alliance and I was trying to do Frost's combos and I got so angry I broke the disc and smashed my controller on the floor so hard and so many times that I broke it in half 😂😂😂
Diontae Daughtry (4 months ago)
Chris Costa (4 months ago)
I have owned all PlayStation's during their generations and the PS4 is the first time I ever broke a controller playing a game. Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy is the bane of my existence. I have yet to play the game again after I had gotten so mad and threw my controller across the room and it shattered. Not one of my proudest moments haha
Angel Gd (4 months ago)
Sorry dude but that Street Fighter story is pathetic. At worst I walk away angry, then realize it's a game.
Jurie Cilliers (4 months ago)
Rage quitting is the reason I shouldn't play a local fighting game like Mortal Kombat or Tekken... I tend to get the blood rage 😅
Jurie Cilliers (4 months ago)
Which ends up in me beating the other player because he beat me on the game 😂
Chillwave *6 (4 months ago)
My bro who's 10, has ragequitted Fortnite several times and knocked my room's furniture in result and usually a bit whacked the controller. I try to tell him that the Switch Pro Controller he's playing always is LITERALLY 80€ which is VERY MUCH. I don't want to lose it to someone who can't get #1 Victory Royale.
Sen Howler (4 months ago)
I got over the worst of my rage-quitting during the days when controllers were joysticks and I was able to buy one with all steel interior parts that was pretty much unbreakable. Now, I just throw my controller at the other end of my couch which is fairly safe.
Gaetan Osman (4 months ago)
Rob you're a gem to the community, I've literally binge watched every single one of these top 7 features. Nothing brightens my day than to watch one of your videos with your hilarious voice over comments
Mathew Kevern (4 months ago)
7am. Had no sleep and still brought to tears laughing at nathen sooo funny it's brilliant.
Ork The Bald (5 months ago)
Shepherd Clone on the Citadel DLC in Insanity difficulty (doing insanity run through). Threw my controller down so hard on the sofa it bounced, hit the ceiling and shattered!
Louise Huint (5 months ago)
You genrs soda
J J (5 months ago)
Had to show the girlfriend this video to prove I'm not the only one who has had a major case or rage quitting, mine however was when playing NFS Most Wanted back in the day. I tried and tried as hard as I could to tag the zillion police cars before making my final escape and after my 100th attempt, almost an hour into my final grind got busted! Jumped up out of the chair in a fit of rage and used all my strength to try and snap my PS2 slim in half. The worst part was I wasnt strong enough to actually snap it in two and ended up with a unusable banana shaped console and no satisfaction of completing the break! Lesson learned.... hopefully! Thanks for the video, made my day 😂
Badger (5 months ago)
The only person I know who plays PES
MattyMcMaster Gaming (5 months ago)
I actually rage quit Dark Souls 3 at Lordran Castle and I actually ended up deleting my character. And uninstalled the game.
Rage quit what's that??? I remember going on rampage lol
Doc Hollywood 42 (5 months ago)
I’ve bitten my controller and even the game case 🤦🏽‍♂️
Tbail1138 (5 months ago)
I actually didn't know rage until from software entered my life.
Christoper Putt (5 months ago)
If this doesent show that gamers and self control dont mix i dont know what will.
Kurt Reynolds (5 months ago)
That Jak 2 sequence nearly ruined my entire summer one year.
Im not from Belgium (5 months ago)
Two words: Online Fifa Cost me about 3 controllers and a chair so far
Franz Marcos (5 months ago)
have you ever raged so hard, you ended up getting asthma by the end of the week? that happens to me a lot
wakamakahe jim (5 months ago)
I once rage quit Pokemon, yes pokemon, and tried throwing my tv remote at the wall, and I missed and hit my tv breaking it.

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