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The pitch that convinced Miyamoto to back Mario Rabbids - Here's A Thing

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In this week's episode, we're taking a look back at Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Chris Bratt (@bratterz) tells the story of a Nintendo fan that realised his lifelong dream: working with Shigeru Miyamoto himself. Illustration & Anni-mation by Anni Sayers. Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Eurogamer (8 months ago)
If you enjoyed the illustration in this week's episode, we've uploaded a speed drawing you can watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWGl8rvg1I0
Night Cat (8 months ago)
go away; It looks like a band, it's marketed like a band, but it could be a brand of packet noodle for all I know or care. It's also short for behind the scenes though.
Mark (8 months ago)
Night Cat isn't BTS that shit band from Korea?
Night Cat (8 months ago)
The animation was a cut above in this video. Thanks for the BTS look too.
Kelvin Davis (1 month ago)
Wow, after watching this, I have so much more respect for Mario + Rabbids, and for Ubisoft in general. I always thought it was a pretty good game (I finished it recently), but I never knew just how much time and effort was put into making the game, knowing the risks they would need to take (especially considering that no one would've guessed Mario and the Rabbids would have a crossover, in a tactical RPG of all things). Kudos to Davide Soliani.
rexrabbiteer (2 months ago)
the only thing I dont like about this whole idea is that it so obviously is using the popularity of the Mario series to sell the crappy Rabbids universe. would have preferred Rayman and mario team up
Evil Patrick (2 months ago)
This is why being Italian is a joy!
sketchesofpayne (3 months ago)
I still don't understand the point of skinning the game with the rabbids or mario franchises. The gameplay is good, but it is generic and could be given any theme. How about a theme that actually has anything to do with tactics or guns? Hell, they could have made it Pikmin themed. The little astronauts with guns fighting alien creatures would make more sense. Plus, Pikmin is basically a real-time strategy game, this would have just been a turn-based version.
Wael Kdouh (3 months ago)
Great episode!!! Well done.
CrazyBiscuit (3 months ago)
This dude looks like a Rabbid
DanTheMemeMan (3 months ago)
nice video good job
Phan Tom (3 months ago)
What a beautiful story
Brian Escobar (3 months ago)
I actually think this game sucks and yes I actually bought it and I regret buying it, I thought it was going to be an action gun game but it turn out to be a stupid turn base strategy game, HOW FUCKING LAME!!!!!! So I return the game to gamestop and happily got my money back and bought another better game.
Koolikoo (3 months ago)
This made me smile, like a lot!
Antwone Jackson (3 months ago)
Was an absolutely adorable game lmao.
Zurany (4 months ago)
I still hate this game Just LOOK AT IT
Goretantath (4 months ago)
This game looks awesome and this back-story is just pure epicness! I wonder how long this giant smile will be paining my face x)
HotDog123 (5 months ago)
The presenter kind of looks like a rabbid
Dayvo (5 months ago)
Your makeup looks so weird
Adam G (5 months ago)
100% the game. Awesome.
Bacon (5 months ago)
Glad this game came out, Ghost Recon Wildlands was a forgettable throw-away experience
Woo 60fps \∆/
Ifrit (5 months ago)
Hearing the story of how this game came to be, has made me go out and buy it. When someone puts that much time and effort into something, it really should be celebrated. Thanks for telling us the tale.
Ifrit (5 months ago)
Indeed! Sure the game market is a business, but there are still those out there with the will and drive to keep making the games they want for art and entertainment.
elin111 (5 months ago)
In these days of constant AAA BS, loot boxes, rusehd/unfinished games charging full price, and all that other crap, it's even more important to highlight the good games made by devs that still put effort into the games they're making.
Ironclad Guildhand (6 months ago)
LUIGI IS NOW A COLD AND HEARTLESS SNIPER! I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! And anyways, the next game they're gonna collab on will be Assassin's Creed: Donkey Kong Island!
NickelBugg Gaming (6 months ago)
Holy shit Soliani is AWESOME!!!! Mad respect my guy!!!!
Temulgeh (6 months ago)
Why did ninjas start cutting onions behind me
1973Washu (6 months ago)
Mario + Rabbids seems to be one of the few occasions where Ubisoft gets everything right. They have a game with good mechanics and a reasonably funny story and engaging gameplay on a platform without annoying DRM. (Yes the Nintendo ' walled garden' of a game line up is a form of DRM, but it has minimal impact on the player)
n8kedbuffalo (6 months ago)
Great video guys. Loved the illustrations and commentary.
salmonminer (6 months ago)
Since this video came out, 76 people have risen from hell and disliked this video.
Titan-Evergrande (6 months ago)
Ok, I take back what I said. As much as I hate the rabbids it had some passionate back behind it. This is a really good video.
TheStikerPro (6 months ago)
Oh #$&* Not Again....
Name Namington (6 months ago)
Damnit. This video has made me cry twice now.
Dairunt (6 months ago)
1:04 So the guy wanted to show a pitch of my favorite game running on my favorite console? I like this guy already.
rivolinho (7 months ago)
This was great. More please. There's definitely room for bit less PUBG sessions!
Skeleton (7 months ago)
Wow. I loved playing through the game, and I felt like a lot of heart went into it, but I never imagined the game itself had such an interesting backstory. From humble beginning I suppose.
Mnop Rarotunga (7 months ago)
A fantastic video on a fantastic story. Great work and thank you for sharing it with us :)
Shockz Hybrid (7 months ago)
Interesting video but you stare at the script for so long it's uncomfortable to watch.
Grant Cooper (7 months ago)
Video game development dreams *do* come true!
The Sad Traveler (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for making this video! We have been wanting to get Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle fore quite some time now, and knowing the history of it's development has moved it to the #1 spot for our games list.
Speedeamon666 (7 months ago)
Respect to david, not everyone gets to meet their hero twice and impress him with your own work. I will definitely buy this game just for the reason of how passionate david was to make this game
High Rollin' Armadillo (7 months ago)
What a journey that man must've been through. To be THE guy to pitch an entirely new game to the creative minds behind Mario and a ton of other Nintendo games as well as be ACCEPTED by them after so many hard months of nonstop back-breaking work. I know I can't be that guy even if I wanted. Thank you Ninty for allowing this game to be made and thanks to the developers of Kingdom Battle for making this game what it was.
Nigthshadow (7 months ago)
"there's never been a turn-base tactical mario game before" Isn't paper mario for all intent and purpose a turn-base tactical mario game?
elin111 (7 months ago)
Not exactly. It's an rpg with a turn based combat system.
elin111 (7 months ago)
Personally, I think Mario looks better in M+R than in Odyssey.
Calan Cartoons (7 months ago)
Is Chris Bratt in this video related to Chris Pratt Haaaaa...
Chillava (7 months ago)
This guys love and respect for Miyamoto is absolutely adorable and it makes me really happy for some reason. He cried! Now I'm crying!
Michael Jameson (7 months ago)
I'm still not picking it up because Rabbids is basically the same thing as Minions. I do feel bad knowing what went into it now tho.
elin111 (7 months ago)
Rabbids came out long before Minions. And are funnier.
Steve ross (7 months ago)
No, they really aren't. Rabbids are not the same as Minions.
sebaspi1 (7 months ago)
very well written speech great story amazing man made his wish come true.
Jim Smith (7 months ago)
this was a really cool story Chris, and very well told! I like this format, I hope you keep making them!
Lerbyn (7 months ago)
Its funny how rabidds became a better game then ghost reacon considering ubisofts focus on it
El diablo da Costa (7 months ago)
Weird seeing Mario being made by something other than Nintendo.
Rita Rubary (7 months ago)
Wow that was incredible!
Tolinar (7 months ago)
DangerMouSe (7 months ago)
Dweebo Supremo (7 months ago)
well put together video and very interesting. thanks!
Banquet42 (7 months ago)
I watched this video originally a week or so ago and have watched it a few times since then. Really love this content, please keep up the great work!
Gilbert Tang (7 months ago)
That end brought me to tears. So incredible.
Kyan D. (7 months ago)
Man what a champ! I’d love to be in his shoes one day, for the good and bad.
Bryce Johnson (7 months ago)
To be honest I thought Mario Rabbids was dumb but this video made me want to buy it lol great job
Narwhalmelon (7 months ago)
At least Mario + Rabbids was good.
Connor Gallihugh (7 months ago)
i bet he could do a killer mr bean
Charles C (7 months ago)
I've never been a rabbids fan but I just had to buy this game. 😁
Monz (7 months ago)
This was & still is an awesome game. I picked it up when I bought the switch as a bundle deal. I didn't think too much of the game, I was already planning on what game to buy before I got home....but once I put it in and started playing, I was hooked. I remember thinking to myself, this isn't your standard Mario game. Very well done with this game, in every aspect it shines. Mario+Rabbids 2??
technodude458 (7 months ago)
this was amazing
Yassi (7 months ago)
Lol Chris Bratt... The European discount version of Chris Pratt
LetsPlayKeldeo (7 months ago)
I can overlook the Hatred for the Rabbits for such a passioned man and such anazing story
itsAlex64 (7 months ago)
What a great video. I'm definitely picking up the game now.
Patrick Marsh (8 months ago)
I love it but dude the difficulty on some of the challenges and in general can be very hard. Which isn't bad. If you are a little kid and know nothing of strategy then you'll have a hard time
Half Blind Productions (8 months ago)
If the coconut gun isint I'm this game I'm gonna be really sad
Holy crap. They had a single junior programmer with little experience making a game that was presented to Miyamoto? That's like what would happen if Ant-Man tried to take on Thanos alone. Sure he could do it, there's even a post I saw on /r/MarvelStudios the other day that suggested a way he could do it, but it is VERY unlikely that he manages it.
ヌリシルヴァン (8 months ago)
I dislike The rabbit with a passion and when I heard about that game I was in shock, like "no, how could this be" I even wished that this game would fail at time because I disliked those rabbit so much, yet, after seeing some footage I had no choice but to try it. This game is simply amazing in term of gameplay, visual and general design. They did an awesome job and I'm looking forward futur game they will develop. (even if there's rabbit... I still hate them)
Mister Dream (8 months ago)
I had planned to buy the Switch in the summer of 2018, but when I found out what Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was, I went to buy a Switch within the next two days. To me, it was the game that sold th system to me.
Jacopo Barberis (8 months ago)
This was beautiful
Ricardo Toureiro (8 months ago)
And thank you for this video!
2071Johnny (8 months ago)
If Sonic Boom and Rabbids crossovers can become a thing, then literally anything is possible, especially if you have enough shiny coats of paint.
Almond Joy (7 months ago)
2071Johnny And Passion. Don't forget passion.
Jared Ponder (8 months ago)
Somebody should post this on r/NintendoSwitch. I'm too lazy
Ueda Yuuji Fan (8 months ago)
Is THIS why Fracture But Whole was delayed for so long?
Dev Kerrigan (8 months ago)
No lie, up until this point, I'd legitimately pushed Mario+Rabbids aside because it looked like sucker-bait. The rabbids are cheap, nonsense designs, devoid of anything but 'cute' psychological triggers like Despicable Me's minions. I actually now really pity that Davide's passion is wrapped up and presented this way, his story is rather nice and the game does look potentially solid.
Steve ross (7 months ago)
Dev Kerrigan The game is a lot of a fun and the Rabbids add their unique sense of zaniness to the game which leads to a lot of funny moments throughout. It's essentially a Looney Tunes game with nothing but physical comedy and visual gags around every corner. Honestly, it's the Rabbids that truly make this game more than it is Mario. They give the characters these bombastic personalities that really make them stand out.
WalrusDComedy (8 months ago)
Beautiful video! Just subscribe!
Prich038 (8 months ago)
Anyone else think that Minions are basically the same thing as Rabbids?
Super Wooper (8 months ago)
Rabbids are a little better.
J. Laurich (8 months ago)
What a lovely story
Connor McLernon (8 months ago)
To me, this game is proof that Ubisoft can still make good, if not great games
Daniel Gomez (8 months ago)
I, I knew they didn't have a big team but. I didn't know they didn't have a programmer for so long and that their first programmer had no experience making games in any way. So glad that this game turned out to be so great.
Shankovich (8 months ago)
What an inspiration to do what you love!
The King of Vithen (8 months ago)
The King of Vithen (8 months ago)
Some Bad Batter ...I agree sadly #imreallysad
Batter has a rotten day (8 months ago)
The King of Vithen fire Emblem should die #iwish
secretagentman (8 months ago)
And people say devs don't put passion in their games anymore....
oldenvye6432 (8 months ago)
I always had a good feeling about the potential of the crossover but even I was surprised how well it worked when I got to play it. Bring on the sequel.
TvSonic Serbia (8 months ago)
ReineDeLaSeine14 (8 months ago)
I loved seeing this...thanks to you and Davide! I guess Miyamoto-san helped too...
Ariel Moll (8 months ago)
I love this kind of stories but I wish it didnt includes (almost always) an overwork and crunch elements
Fidel Soto (8 months ago)
I dont remember the last time I cried, but somehow I have tears rolling down my face right now after watching this. Maybe I'm projecting meeting Miyamoto and getting his approval...
Despacito (8 months ago)
I feel kinda bad for making fun of it now
Blaque Link (8 months ago)
I wish we got a mario crossover with rayman instead.
PrototypeXD001 (8 months ago)
I remember seeing the leak and thinking this is so stupid and unimpressed then I saw it at E3 and realized this was XCOM and was sold. Bought it on release and never regretted it
JewelKnightJess (8 months ago)
I kind of feel guilty because when this game concept first leaked and those first few pics emerged, I was really critical of it. It seemed like a bad mix to me at first and I was expecting nothing. However the more I looked the more I liked it, and I ended up buying it at launch and absolutely loving it. The team made an absolutely cracking strategy game that oozes Mario charm, has a great sense of humour and is just as polished as any 1st party Nintendo game. They have every right to be proud of their creation, especially in an industry where publishers often don't let developers follow passion projects.
Mecha Leo (8 months ago)
Mario and Rabbids: Idea hated at reveal, small scale development team at the edge of disaster, followed with hard work and dedication, creative vision, love for their work, and surprising amount of success. Star Wars Battlefront EA Edition 2: Highly anticipated game, large scale company, but rushed out rehash of the first game, implemented cash grabs, horribly unbalanced and unoptimized at launch barely any genuine details until launching the available beta, ignorant or blatantly lying response team, puts an entire concept of free to play games into question, people sitting here wondering what the third will be like.
Avalon (8 months ago)
Productive joy!
Rick Palmeira (8 months ago)
your video might have convinced me to buy this game
Taber McFarlin (8 months ago)
E-ManAnimates (8 months ago)
I grew more accustom to this game over time, but this story truly does sell it to me! What you described is nothing short of a fairytale!
Zinogg (8 months ago)
this is what passion looks like if you have it, you'll go beyond your dreams :)
TheErnieforss (8 months ago)
Make me appreciate that the game was only 4 worlds. That man worked way to hard. Ubisoft should have gave him a bigger team.
Tyson (8 months ago)
Great video about a great game. I’m really happy for Soliani about how great this game came out.
When I found out about this game I was like “How in the world is this going to work? Like it’s basically XCOM!” But after seeing a few gameplay videos this game looks really fun! If I ever get a switch this will most likely be one of my first switch games.
Christian Dauz Wow really? That’s great!
Christian Dauz (8 months ago)
The XCOM developers were also impressed with the game!

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