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10 Things ONLY Stealth Gamers Will Understand

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Stealth games are the BEST. Chances are you've been playing them for years. Here are some things you might appreciate. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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DaeKirbyzx _ (22 minutes ago)
The title makes me cringe
diamondgaming 8969 (41 minutes ago)
In my head I was wondering when it when is it going to bring up dishonored two or dishonored one and then at 3:20 I’m like oh there it is
Marc Krieger (56 minutes ago)
No mention of the guard pile?
Valiant Videos (1 hour ago)
Everyone in battlefield 4 hates me because i literally massacre everyone with my stealth skills and its gotten me a 1.0 k/d im very proud of.
PandaKratz (1 hour ago)
see what us sneak gamers call SNEAK other ppl such as salty ppl calls it "camping" which is fine with me you dont always win guns blazing sword slicing ect.. IM A SNEK GAMES A CAMPER I WILL ALWAYS BE AND ALWAYS WILL
The lonley Hero (1 hour ago)
I am one of those gamers but I am also one that can (and probably will) go out and just kill everyone, like if you mess something up, i usually just go out and attack and sometimes i succeed and yes playing with other people saying they are a gamer on stealth games "ARE THE WORSE"
Lem819 (2 hours ago)
I think my favorite types of stealth games are when the unexpected happens more often than not... like you plan everything down to the second and then all of a sudden something you didn't expect happens and you have less than one blink to compensate... the ability to react quickly is what makes it satisfying
menacer26 (2 hours ago)
I always play CoD in a stealth manner. Lol
Blake Etter (3 hours ago)
Nothing from shadow of Mordor? You cannot beat the traps of Mordor. Drop a freakin blood fly nest on their head then sick the gouls on em
Michael Zuleta (3 hours ago)
Anyone know like amazing stealth games. Cause I would 100% want one
Lucio (3 hours ago)
*i 100% approve* *and I agree with number 1 I always sneak around as a non flanker hero it’s fun spawn camping with a hero that is so loud like roadhog or solider 76 and others I can’t help it*
Matthew Sell (3 hours ago)
When you have been sitting at your computer for 30 min and then miss the snipe
Alushian T. Brown (5 hours ago)
I remember in AC Brotherhood multiplayer, a guy was chasing me, so I ran around a corner and disguised myself, he killed an NPC who looked like me as I just walked near by.
rurik Aunimoto (5 hours ago)
One good example of the crossover is mass effect2. The first one you really don't need the cover. The second one you die almost instantly if you don't take cover. And you can use strategy rather than just kill.
Cris Hicks (6 hours ago)
Cris Hicks (6 hours ago)
Get all stealth abilitys
Gabriel Letcher (7 hours ago)
6:38 game?
YS3H BOOMER (7 hours ago)
My stealth coop partner is my dad
Fountain Soda (9 hours ago)
Yes so me
Richard Smith (10 hours ago)
Fuck yes. I love the tom Clancy stealth games
Zionkarma Chirimi (10 hours ago)
I like playing with my other sneaky friends
Otaku Carl (11 hours ago)
1:47 so true
Kim Kim (16 hours ago)
Yeah stealth at OUTLAST
Convincing an enemy or target that you're on their side and will just let them walk away... Then shooting/stabbing them in the back. Charisma... They never see it coming.
Garry Mangat (16 hours ago)
smtimes stealth gamers are called campers 😂
Cathair 929 (17 hours ago)
The assassins creed bench blend actually works irl most the time as long as who ever your trying to hide from hasn’t seen your face
Hunter Hollinger (18 hours ago)
Play skyrim and get the fury spell and get the npc to kill each other
This A Game (19 hours ago)
if it's assassins creed stealth is merely a nice option
Ian Dewey (20 hours ago)
I play pubg sneaky and my cousin calls me a sissy cuz I'm usually crouched or prone lol
CyberdelicXP (22 hours ago)
One of my favorite memories was in the original Tenchu stealth assassins was throwing the rice bowl right into somebody's hands as they were approaching you and then stabbing them. Hilarious
Game Over (23 hours ago)
Lol this is so me
~GamingNeko~ (1 day ago)
Number eight is literally players in Warframe
Peter Cram (1 day ago)
Stealth games are extremely boring! I don’t mind some stealth but not the whole game!
ammar nasser (1 day ago)
I warframe i just take a max range and duration banshee in spy missoin allong with a let just call it the bfg
ammar nasser (1 day ago)
Or octavia and ivara
Wolf Stingz (1 day ago)
Anyone here know the feeling when your sitting in a safe spot for like 10 minutes and go to get food “ knowing “ your safe and come back seeing your kill cam?
Brandon Broughton (1 day ago)
In fps. Every gun I have must be suppressed
unseatedewe 2393 (1 day ago)
Im the exact opposite of stelth
Novalixir (1 day ago)
So far, the stealth system in Metro series works best for me. It's notbrealistic but it's so damn fun and rewarding.
Caboose b (1 day ago)
You should have used payday 2 for when stealthing doesn't make sense
ImBoostedBot (1 day ago)
UniDraGuine (1 day ago)
my boyfriend and I are opposits when we play games 😂 we started to play skyrim again (different platforms but at the same time) so far he's upgrading smithing, one handed and heavy armor and im going for archery, sneak and conjuration lmao
E Tapia (1 day ago)
Arkham Origins changed my life
-NoName- (1 day ago)
I apply stealth in multiplayer and l prosper, these stealth games helped me sneak around like a sneaky boi
Garrett Schaffer (1 day ago)
I always love when stealth games incorporate fear in th enemies a. I. Where if you do it right you can leave them extremely frightened. I think splinter Cell Chaos Theory is a game that did it really well.
Dan Beam (1 day ago)
I am a huge stealth gamer and I see myself in each scenario you listed.
Riddhiman Hazarika (1 day ago)
Aim for the head..... Missed it........ Shit. Whatever....... Throw 3 grenade around Switch to a non suppressed weapon Ur all dead..............
Jeremy Luimes (1 day ago)
Anyone else gets pissed when (you a veteran stealth player maxed out in every possible way) in multiplayer a NOOB stands right beside you and not even trying to be hidden 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Jeremy Luimes (1 day ago)
Then your the one that gets shot!
Emanuel Pacher (1 day ago)
The moment when a guard is bugged and keeps looking the way you NEED to pass and you cant avoid
reece wynne (1 day ago)
The best clothes to wear for stealth are made of leather, because they're literally made of hide
Alex Plays (1 day ago)
as I clicked on the video PUBG came up and I guy said I am sneaking shooosh and I thought it was the video
Austin Stephens (1 day ago)
It is best to play steath in a blue room, and it is best to play first person shooters in a red room, Does anyone know why?
Empee (1 day ago)
Oh, the frustration after playing a stealth game and starting a totally non-stealth game. There, crouching in a shadow has absolutely NO EFFECT on hiding you from the enemy and they just shoot you.
Rix Prester (1 day ago)
Stealth takedown is the wae but when the queen is in da trouble. *You know the wae*
Propel Gamer (1 day ago)
Long live stealth 😈😈😈😈
Chris Oltmanns (1 day ago)
Sneaking up on someone and thinking DEAR GOD DON'T TURN AROUND!
Cameron Kamsa (1 day ago)
When playing games like CS, I prefer to let my teammates go first while I just shoot from a certain distance or storm in after they're both critically injured and reloading. Does this count as being sneaky?
Gabie Mashooo (1 day ago)
Pokemons are stealthy as fck
Kas V (1 day ago)
" ! " Totally got you to think of the MGS alert sound
Chris Adams (1 day ago)
Omg yes to All! I can never find someone who loves stealth games like I do with my play style I have. Maybe there down for the first five minutes planning with me then its, Leroy Jenkins !
noah one (1 day ago)
I look around for loot while i stealth around, in dying light i scrounged 2 million dollars by searching every little nook and cranny and finding swag
charles brown (1 day ago)
This is why I like snipers in multiplayer games
IArkhamNiteXL (1 day ago)
Not a stealth gamer but love the content lol I get Soo bored being stealthy xD
Beverly Archer (1 day ago)
I'm better at stealth than even my brother and he's good at alot of stuff 😂 I'm also good at being the rabbit I tango with hunters in Halo especially reach get up close taunt them by punching them and make them put their attention on me while Marines and partner takes them out still do when just by myself against them
That1 Ronin (1 day ago)
Man relatable so much, and pubg is the game I always integrate stealth too
Irie Buddha (1 day ago)
My last post was so stealth yall didn't even see it
peteq1972 (1 day ago)
2002 splinter cell, from then on that was it for me, stealth is the way forward
Craig Jones (1 day ago)
Really disappointed that the last phrase of "what're ya gonna do" didn't have an accompanying clip of that guy in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo saying "I got the herpes, what're ya gonna do?" 😂
Muhd Zainudin Imran (1 day ago)
Stealth like ninja bouyssssss!btw aggresive player should be carefull about stealth player...i kill a tons of aggresive player when i stealth and they get reckt AND I LOVE IT WHEN THEY DO....wkwkwkwk
X OPPAI X (1 day ago)
Synchronized: Detected
Blazing Bro (1 day ago)
i created a rogue on wow after watching this xD
Mainfraim Error (2 days ago)
I like peoples reactions in chat when you sneak around and shoot them in the back of the head
Sonicteam998 (2 days ago)
The best stealth kill I ever got was in Hitman Absolution. The part where you're supposed to kill the guy in the wrestling ring? I tossed a remote detonation explosive into the ring while hidden in the crowd. The, I detonated the explosive. No one knew it was me, and I simply walked out.
Susan Bolinas (2 days ago)
Stealth? I made a speedrun on a payday copy almost a minute on stealth My weakness: shadow raid
Willthecool2 (2 days ago)
Ya I am a total stealth gamer, I usually play R6 in the strangest way letting others get caught before I move into a room
mohd 9729 (2 days ago)
In stealth games players always look for every opportunity to make there mission easy so they take advantage of every detail available and notice stuff maybe the developer him self didn't think about
Rebellious Panda (2 days ago)
**Shoots A Guard In The Back Of The Head** "Guard: What Was That?!?!" "Hehehe >:3" "Guard: Must Be Nothing..." "WAT I LITTERALY JUST SHOT YOU IN DA HEAD **Stabs 5 Times**" "Guard: What Was That?!" "Guard: Must Be The Wind" " >:O I AM INSULTED..." This was I reply I copied it's funny
Taylor (2 days ago)
Who else likes the stealth in the new spiderman for ps4
Joseph Ho (2 days ago)
This made me remember playing Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater without getting seen or heard until the escort area. Which i just gave up, there were no Sleep Mines in the Old Days, unlike TPP and Splinter Cell Blacklist. It was fun, especially after the torture scene, and you had nothing besides a fork. So you had to manipulate the guard and taking the tranq smoke, and then call Sorroe just to get out.
Ryan Davidson (2 days ago)
I miss the old splinter games. Chaos theory was my favorite of them all
Ranger 4878 (2 days ago)
When you forget to save and get spotted an hour later after picking off everyone behind you and the one enemy gets a half shout out before you kill him but its enough to alert everyone else Nope never happened Again
Corbin Humphrey (2 days ago)
i do stealth to even the odds, if i happen to get caught i try to kill everyone, rinse and repeat
Sianic12 (3 days ago)
What I really hate is when all your actions in a stealth game are done by pressing X (PS4). I mean: why won't you let me jump, roll, or climb whenever I want? It's actually not a Stealth game but take R6 Siege for example - WHY WON'T THE GAME LET ME JUMP!
In Hitman, the levels take thrice longer because once I'm spotted I go on a rampage before loading the last checkpoint. 😂😂😂
Jonathan Kehn (3 days ago)
Try playing a non stealth game in stealth mode. I've played Shadow of war in stealth mode and mind control an entire castle before the boss fight. So sweet. LoL
Krystian Sobota (3 days ago)
How could you miss Thief as a example in one of the points. It's worth to mention that running and stealing everything without killing anybody is very good challenge and good dose of stealth 😉 Greetings bro!
Snazzy (3 days ago)
Im the type of guy to rage after failing the stealth part, so I go shoot up a schoo- I mean..a military base.
Kartikeya Verma (3 days ago)
Never say “it’s a game” it’s not a game it’s art its a way of life it’s my passion it is a part of my heart
MikaeruDaiTenshi (3 days ago)
I'm the type of "sneak until spotted, then hell breaks loose"
MercedesCorvette (3 days ago)
*Plays Assassin's Creed all day* *Plays Overwatch at night with friends* Friend: Why are you sneaking behind the enemy lines so much instead of grouping up? Doesn't help that I'm usually McCree with jinglely spurs ^^;
Kekiro 13 (3 days ago)
No one can understand how frustrating co op is until they try to stealth Golden grin casino on payday 2
Jeff Galef (3 days ago)
I couldn't stand being forced into stealth missions until I played The Last of Us. Now, it's definitely the route I prefer.
Typical Gamer Fan (3 days ago)
Or you see someone else just going in guns blazing, when the best thing too do is sneak but they continue to get it wrong, until you have a shot and you get it first try. And they get all smug and say "Oh I could have done that better" and then you give them the "really?" stare 😑
jigxter (3 days ago)
This video was soooo satisfying for me, to actually see other People love stealth gamed like me. I tought i was the only one That have to press resett button and try over. Wish it Would be more focus on stealth games insted of the battle royal shit now days
Arnav asdf (3 days ago)
You are right. I finished Dishonored entirely without killing a single person and MGS mostly undetected. When I tried playing CoD, I found myself constantly looking for a sniper and killing on a 1 shot 1 kill basis.
Its Dat boi (3 days ago)
I'm too poor to buy games like these
bryan caspe (3 days ago)
tenchu 2 original ps
demoonmunkay (3 days ago)
Stealth sniper style. Does as much damage as possible from as far away as possible to give myself time to hide should the enemy decide to investigate.
Joe Murphy (3 days ago)
Yes. When it comes too role-playing open world games I have that exact problem. Intent, build a heavy guns walk up and beat everyone to a pulp character. Reality, character level 12, damit I've done it again I'm sneaking around the map and not getting seen by anyone. It happens almost every time. I think we should start a support group for our fellow sneaky gamers
EON the xbox god (3 days ago)
1 and 10 are the ones I can most relate to! 😂
savage dude (3 days ago)
i freaking love stealth because i love roleplay :)

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