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FROSTPUNK - Official Reveal Trailer (New Survival Game 2017)

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FROSTPUNK - Official Reveal Trailer (New Survival Game 2017) Upcoming Game 2017 Frostpunk on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frostpunkgame Twitter also: https://twitter.com/frostpunkgame SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief?fref=ts My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (1219)
Handsome Nipple (8 days ago)
I thought soap was alread dead
Frost game 2 (1 month ago)
Frost game 2 (1 month ago)
Felix Pichler (3 months ago)
Thats sad af....
Tigs (4 months ago)
People are daft, complaining about the trailer? It tells us a lot about the game - It tells us that it's based in a frozen wasteland. It tells us that people are trying their best to survive. It tells us that there is hope - A city to survive in this storm. Screw you haters who don't like city builders or strategy games. There is NOT enough games for us who love them, I for one am extremely excited for this.
Adel Tiger (4 months ago)
The trailer look like so badass but the reality of the gameplay are so terrible...
Это весьма безжалостно. Больше не делайте такие трейлеры плиз
Gustavo Magalhães (5 months ago)
The trailer is so well made, its one of those trailers that you can watch it again and again
joe laroche (6 months ago)
Car northern region of Canada in a nutshell
Swoldier Nation (6 months ago)
Sad if you think about it, survived the end of the world only to die a sad death by falling, bringing another along with you, yet your body won't be found, nor will anyone really care.
Sash13 (6 months ago)
The atmosphere is so thick that you could not cut it even with 1000 C degree knife.
Giorgio Demeter (6 months ago)
He need some help
k moods (7 months ago)
worst trailer .... ever. tells you absolutely NOTHING. garbage.
Lucas Miragall (7 months ago)
what a fuck where is Roach? He is fucking Soap!!!!
秋月蓮 (7 months ago)
it is about the strength of numbers , good old soviet tactics.uuuuuuurrrrrrrraaaaaaaa
ManorAbramovOfficial (7 months ago)
Those mindblowing soundtracks are killing me wow
Qlimax Dota (8 months ago)
So... any news? Unless the game is to come out for 31st Decemeber it should be pretty advanced stage of its development by now.
M (9 months ago)
I always loved winter.
Kevzete (9 months ago)
Is it a PC exclusive?
spaceknedl (9 months ago)
Mariusz Kohut (9 months ago)
How did you manage to render a movie that drops frames? Or is it just animation that are poorly made in some moments?
Bring me Peter pan (10 months ago)
That was a pretty fucking awesome reveal trailer if I do say so myself. Theres so many good games that will be coming I can hardly handle it and I sure as hell know my wallet cant
김윤식 (10 months ago)
뭐야 열기구 떠있네. 걍 열기구 타고올라가면되지 뭘 저래 고생이람. 4명이 등반장비 살 돈이면 열기구살듯
so this is the history of how the kingom of mantle was born? get it? anyone?
Justin Ni (10 months ago)
gulag simulator
Hawke (10 months ago)
oh god people are never happy with anything, this gamer generation is worst than a old man yelling at cloud
Отель "У погибшего альпиниста"
andrew anderson (10 months ago)
So that city looked like Mini-Midgar...
stonecoffin (10 months ago)
Posers. I was a frost punk before it was cool.
Raphael Silva (10 months ago)
gorkem acikgoz (10 months ago)
i want to see more:)
Strangething Ebele (10 months ago)
GOT SEASON 3. anyone?
Zeronite (10 months ago)
fuckin hell, how has this slipped by me?
Bubblegumtoothpaste (10 months ago)
The day after the day after tomorrow.
Dave Martinezz (10 months ago)
god damn it who parked the boat there
Gus Machine (10 months ago)
Promising concept, not gonna lie
r.i.p buck
ohh its cowin (10 months ago)
so steampunk in the cold
Snowbrawler (10 months ago)
If this ends up being a - worst name - best game kind of situation, I'mma flip.
mattofthe7pathes (10 months ago)
This told as much as the title -_-
Scott Glennon (10 months ago)
The ringed city!
Scott Glennon (10 months ago)
Wait what is this give me
Flyin G (10 months ago)
wish it was game of thrones
typetak (10 months ago)
this is like the syrian immigrants going really hard in oceans and seas and all just to reach the new place
Vlastimir de gol (10 months ago)
Global warming finally debunked!
SirWallace (10 months ago)
Minecraft be like @me
Ben Sting (10 months ago)
1:24 looks like shinra city from FF7
Ppp Rrr (10 months ago)
This actually doesn't look like total garbage like the rest of E3.
Floki (10 months ago)
This Coor's Light ad is really sad.
JustSaiyanSteve (10 months ago)
This war of mine, was one of the greatest games ive played in awhile. I will support them!
Levi Mack (10 months ago)
what a cheesey name.
macroantoniox (10 months ago)
and What do you mean with this?
Not Sure (10 months ago)
It's a nice CGI film.
nexornator (10 months ago)
frozen Midgar ?
MaskedxNinjaHD (10 months ago)
Marc K (10 months ago)
no2party (10 months ago)
winter is coming
Barsik kill (10 months ago)
Бля,жаль челы разбились.
xXRabbitSnipezXx (10 months ago)
Holy...shit! This reveal gave me chills! I thought it was trully wonderful! Respect to the guy who tried to save the other dude. The guy could have let him go in the end but he didn't which was a really honorable thing to do but it ended up with him plummeting to his aswell. Really gives you the feeling of "there will always be consequences even when doing the right thing".
Alex James (10 months ago)
Did anyone else think of MW2 when they saw the thumbnail?
Day Zone (10 months ago)
Punk Rock))
wet noodle (10 months ago)
i see people keep trying to recreate this "punk" idea and it keeps getting re used and re used and it's just from a lack of unoriginallity and it's very sad because all of the familiar game series we love are coming to an end and it's all about nothing but money now.
Cra5hOverride (10 months ago)
SugarNaught (10 months ago)
I don't know what the fuck this is but it looks cool
Я Безымянный (10 months ago)
Unfortunately the ropes were not invented, it seems.
Greg Blank (10 months ago)
Not much of a trailer...
Jain Tech (10 months ago)
cinematic trailers should be illegal.
United Strafes (10 months ago)
Sweet a new surviv...........snore.
Moin Sumbhania (10 months ago)
F*ck YEAH! GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY!....er, I mean....sigh....ah, whatever.
الشبح GhostZ (10 months ago)
Nice ..
Erzats Erz (10 months ago)
*Yeti seeing the whole thing happening from affar* ''Damn punks! Get off my loan!''
Rando T. (10 months ago)
That happened so fast...
nate 123go (10 months ago)
is this like desert punk?
Connor (10 months ago)
What's the point?
Jon Doe (10 months ago)
Had me at "From the creators of This War Of Mine".
MrBazBake (10 months ago)
The ice age comes to Midgar.
Boris Bartkowski (10 months ago)
Midgar in Alaska?
Betho (10 months ago)
"From the creators of 'This war of mine'" *heavy breathing*
derp man (10 months ago)
That trailer went somewhere completely different from where I thought it would
Musikality (10 months ago)
It sounds like the composer used the Tina Guo cello from cinesamples.
AC6PILOT (10 months ago)
Idk what this is but looks cool... I like Snow
Alex Crawford (10 months ago)
This, as a concept, sounds really great. I hope the execution is great
Jamal Bentley (10 months ago)
When you and the boys run out of cold ones to crack.
justin flame (10 months ago)
daaaammmn you global warming its the day after tomorrow all over again
Splinter Cake (10 months ago)
Has anyone noticed the fact that there is a SHIP frozen in place at the side of that Mountaincliff? 1:06 btw
Alpharius (10 months ago)
PUNKY PUNK MCPUNKINGTON 2019 Survival Racing RPG Horror Juggling VR Skateboard FPS Strategy Mini Game Extreme.
Luiz Guilherme Cortez (10 months ago)
"Noooooo old dude"........... Wait that guy save him its ok".................... "Fuck"
Clouds (10 months ago)
pc or console or both or one console?
Jireh Roxas (10 months ago)
0:11 ayeeee strength in numbers Golden State Warriors :)
Depressed Child (10 months ago)
Anybody getting call of duty MW2 vibes?
Linksow (10 months ago)
No gameplay, no interest :|
yung malikai (10 months ago)
this trailer was cool and all but it was kind of stupid in the sense where i dont have a single fucking clue on what this game has to offer in *any way* other than it has something to do with ice.
Denislav Stanchev (10 months ago)
thus my interest was peeked
Silver Akstilettos (10 months ago)
Damn. Poor guy tried to save him but they both wind up dead instead :(
Yansan Han (10 months ago)
Tom (10 months ago)
here hold on I'll just catch you one handed after you fell 50 feet and hold both our body weights hanging from an ice axe. OMG Im slipping!
Livelys v (10 months ago)
how mw2 campaign should have started
I am Delight (10 months ago)
really I thought this was a video on Mw2 at first XD

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