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AD INFINITUM - Official Reveal Trailer (World War 1 Horror Game)

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AD INFINITUM - Official Reveal Trailer (World War 1 Horror Game) The game on Steam Greenlight: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405884472 Ad Infinitum is an atmospheric single-player horror game, which puts you into a World War I setting seen through a first-person perspective. You find yourself in the trenches of a forlorn battlefield where your are being hunted by vicious creatures. Solve puzzles to clear pathways and sneak through trenches to hide from vicious creatures. Avoid dangerous threats and try to escape this world of pain and death. The surrealistic setting is based upon historical background information that was used as an inspiration to create the game world. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief?fref=ts My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (4146)
Mr Feast (5 hours ago)
Finally a horror game based in ww1
Sup Dude (6 hours ago)
Daddy gon rape you
Josh Olson (23 hours ago)
so are we gonna get any more info or just this small trailer that came out a year ago
Jesse Cardona (1 day ago)
When does it come out?
Superb_Nova XCI (1 day ago)
But is it multiplayer
Robo Wolf (1 day ago)
It’s like deathwatch, or whatever that movie was called
RayZE Adaam43 (2 days ago)
More like Deathwatch to me
hazmat unit (3 days ago)
Did verdon and a horror film have a baby
Ron Shirley III (4 days ago)
Shouldn’t that have come out by now
Marstuber (4 days ago)
What a shit game
Rembrandt van Rijn (7 days ago)
Calling it now, the monsters are a hallucination of a soldier going through PTSD. The war itself was like a horror novel onto itself. Troops committed to insane asylums upon returning, talked about seeing paranormal events and animals with glowing eyes, sighting of specters, a Canadian soldier said he was saved by the spirit of his dead brother.
Crimson 7 (10 days ago)
Robot dinosaurs
cyrvsjacob (10 days ago)
So any follow up on this? It’s only been a year and rewatching this made me think this has a lot of potential
eddiespagheddie (10 days ago)
Problems already 1. Already Showed the monster 2. Nothing
Homer Simpson (12 days ago)
Oh look it's every horror game monster ever
Kalan (12 days ago)
Could literally just be a soilder suffering from mental trauma of war
Bradley Murphy (14 days ago)
Is this coming out for PS4
Jurica Marakovic (15 days ago)
RetroRocket56 (16 days ago)
To Infinity and Beyond
Starguy 1o1 (16 days ago)
One problem I have with this game. You have no weapons in World War 1. That a bigger stretch of logic the the monsters.
Ironclad _Turtle (16 days ago)
Just hide in your tank, dumbass...
The Renegade J (16 days ago)
Oh and let me guess you have no weapon to defend yourself. What a shocker that’d be 😱
Laucir Esteves (17 days ago)
When is gonna be released?
The Meta (17 days ago)
What if the monster is really a trench raider, and the soldier has PTSD and his buddies are dead or fightin in other parts?
Cap Gamer 10 (17 days ago)
AD VICTORIM! Oh shit wrong game
Carrera4K (17 days ago)
Probably what the dead saw during those nights in the trenches......😐
._. the way the monster looks and acts doenst fit in the game ambient in my opinion...
Commander November (20 days ago)
Where are the other soldiers?
Erich Von Mexiko (20 days ago)
Hahahahahaha the title is super funny (only mexicans will understand).
Wigga Mcwiggins (21 days ago)
It looks freaking insane
Dan Eyal (22 days ago)
This is probably a ptsd based game...
Flo Dallas (24 days ago)
Interesting setting! I remember playing that section in The Darkness where you relive a twisted version of ww1 when your ancestor brought the demon in the bloodline. I liked it.
Pantsalonis (24 days ago)
sucks you cant use a gun or anything and only hide.so why even have it set in ww1
6GEZ (25 days ago)
This game remind me "1916"
Pantsalonis (24 days ago)
6GEZ you wont be able to use guns or melee weapons in this game
Kaeo Rapozo (28 days ago)
Well that's not completely and utterly fucking terrifying.
Pantsalonis (24 days ago)
Kaeo Rapozo they try to make it sound scary because you cant use a weapon and only hide
jonny Novoa (29 days ago)
They could have made a better trailer because im not going to buy a game that i know nothing about
jonny Novoa (24 days ago)
Honestly it's not a game that I would enjoy
Pantsalonis (24 days ago)
jonny Novoa you run and hide only cant fight back.
Francis Harkins (29 days ago)
I wonder if this game is still in development?
Kebabcı ali (29 days ago)
What happened to this game
I ham the danger jpg (29 days ago)
This man has the slowest running speed I've ever seen.
Ken the Wolf (29 days ago)
Ello dino
晨祐廖 (29 days ago)
shitty trailer
Riley (29 days ago)
I've always had a thing for games done in a realistic setting with paranormal/horror elements. Pairing those two are the coolest things you can do I think
xAndrzej42 (30 days ago)
There is a tank in this video. Instead of getting inside it and trying to use it, he runs away. If this is another game where we run, and hide, full of jump scares, and without possibility to fight back. I'm out
Pantsalonis (24 days ago)
yeah,you just run and hide.
Kyle The Ham (29 days ago)
xAndrzej42 Those tanks were unreliable as hell and would get stuck all the time... and it’s stuck in the trench so I doubt that’d work.
Javyah Davla (1 month ago)
Ahh yes, I remember learning about Slenderman's great uncle's role in WW1 against the Ottomans
刘伪吃 (1 month ago)
Beef Testosterone (1 month ago)
This won't be a long game since the whole trench area was about 5 miles
March Towards Havana (1 month ago)
Oohh whats the story behind this, is it a demon that was brought there by the atrocities commited during the war or is the soldier simply having a breakdown and hallucinating.
Pantsalonis (24 days ago)
March Towards Havana and you can only run and hide
Emre Tuna Fidan (1 month ago)
Metreye selamlar
Valami Izé (1 month ago)
Not too clever. Clever means for example when you saw the xenomorph in the alien, it was hiding in the wall but the wall was full of pipes and black stuff and you didn't saw the xeno. When it moved than you saw it and you realized it was there too before you recognized. This is clever. Problem is if you are not clever enough in one moment you may be overcome by temptation and start using huge amount of jumpscares. And jumpscares are not scarry. Because fear is from inside you not outside.
Ryan Massey (1 month ago)
Конечно дудки
Hayden Howell (1 month ago)
Merlin Weiss (1 month ago)
Now this is a game i won't dare myself to play
Home Guard (1 month ago)
I still say it isn't as scary as being in the trenches in general.
Leandro Lahiteau (1 month ago)
Did he just say "bravo" in WWI? I could swear in that time they used "butters" and "bravo" use began with modern warfare or at least WWII if i'm not mistaken
Deadpool (1 month ago)
Isn’t WWI a Horror game already?
Adolf Hitler (1 month ago)
1916 anyone??
EnduringHMCGOLD (1 month ago)
Looks tight
Seraph (1 month ago)
That's probably what it was like for the people who fought for a long time...
Michael Myers (1 month ago)
Holy shit this looks amazing
Daniel Graham (1 month ago)
It would be scarier of u where a Jew in Berlin being hunted by nazis
Patato Ezz (1 month ago)
Kath Ramores (1 month ago)
before It cant be that scary right?,i mean running in no man's land with rain and darkness shrouding you? After WHERE IS MY MP18?!?!
Old Finders (1 month ago)
Czy to jest ta drabina Tivolta?
dan kovač (1 month ago)
But where are all the boom-booms?
FuelJumper Film's (1 month ago)
World war 1 horror game would probably be better than world war 2
FuelJumper Film's (1 month ago)
I might buy this it looks cool
Blitz_ (1 month ago)
yep ads are infinitely scary
Death angel (1 month ago)
Here's a question why does the place look like COD2 map origins
Death angel (29 days ago)
Kyle The Ham thanks
Kyle The Ham (29 days ago)
It’s good bro don’t worry about it
Death angel (29 days ago)
Kyle The Ham my bad it's been a long time since I played
Kyle The Ham (29 days ago)
Ya mean COD BO2?
Uriah Hansen (1 month ago)
Where the fuck is this guys battle buddy?
Christian Danielson (1 month ago)
This is basically exactly like an old game where instead of creatures it was robot dinosaurs. Like this is the same game 8 years later with different creatures
Happy Joker (1 month ago)
Mor wendigos?! 😂
Psalmas (1 month ago)
looks like scp 096
Psycho Panda (1 month ago)
He finna dead
Jeez Bruh (1 month ago)
I hope hitler is your main character
Isnt this a war zone? Just shoot the motherfuckers
JustNayNay 47 (1 month ago)
When acid stars to kick
devinhallsworth (1 month ago)
Honestly the actual world war 1 was even more terrifying than this.
The Fall In (1 month ago)
This is actually somewhat accurate. There have been many stories of trench monsters due to the amount of schitz in the pits. (Schizophrenia I mean) and the conditions were absolutely awful so this is probably the story of some poor man stumbling through the night running from a monster in the dark as a 6 year old would. Poor guy.
Steeven Nunez (1 month ago)
Tyrice Martin (1 month ago)
Is it just me, or does that "monster" give me the slender man vibes?
TheCosmuc wrench (1 month ago)
So I wonder is the monster supposed to represent PTSD or like Stormtroopers or maybe the fear of a gas attack?
Bluu Aqua (1 month ago)
Looks like SCP 096 lmao
Ramon GSM (1 month ago)
rip bf1
Fortnite Player9064 (1 month ago)
This is up my alley. I love horror games and I want this game. When does it come out? I wonder if i will get scared if i played this game.... na I can't get scared of this game. I played to many horror games since I was 10. I hope this real and not fake like some horror games o seem lately
Luimtegger (1 month ago)
It looks like that one level in Jericho if anyone remembers that old game. I played it on the Xbox 360 when my friend let me borrow it. But yeah this just looks like a well polished HD version of one of those levels. XD
Greg Fisher (1 month ago)
Any word on when this is coming out? haven't heard anything.
Nixon reviews (1 month ago)
Random Guy (1 month ago)
Scp 106 anyone?:D
Gurtington (1 month ago)
Y'all think the monster is real or it's just psychological horror bullshit?
Ww1 is such an interesting setting. So much old and new at the same time scary stuff is just gonna make it so much more weird. Hope it’s a great game
Uganda Knuckles (1 month ago)
Ad Victorium Paladin
Archos Coplin (1 month ago)
Why do game companies only make linear games.
myles samonset (1 month ago)
We need more horror world war one fames
NaTosha Evinrude (1 month ago)
Dumbest trailer if ever seen
GEEBENBOOF 21 (1 month ago)
Ok war is enough to be used as horror.
Charlie Reisner (1 month ago)
The Germans would have won had they deployed about 50 of those things against the British
Camille Evans (1 month ago)
O.o looks fun
Spartan_ 177 (1 month ago)
1944 ?

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