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Nintendo Switch Sales Reach Almost 15 Million (HATERS WHERE YOU AT?!)

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It feels like it was just yesterday that Nintendo announced the Switch reached 10 million units sold. Now, due to the holiday bump at the end of the year, their reports through the end of December put the system at just shy of 15 million units sold. Are we tired of winning yet? Twitter: https://twitter.com/JohnnyZaccari Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/K8zzs5z Link to Official Nintendo Data: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/hard_soft/index.html
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Jay Dursley (3 months ago)
Dude wait till Pokemon and Smash come out on the switch
squid din (4 months ago)
"When it comes to hand held gaming... I'm sorry but you dont f*** with Nintendo." - ChiGuy 5:14
ARS (4 months ago)
Why Nintendo is the best: it’s body is Reggie.
Aj R.R (5 months ago)
Well the PS2 is not the king anymore and i am glad got to past the torch and sony will fall
FireSonicYT (5 months ago)
"the switch will just be another wii u" they said. but i like how well the switch is doing, outsold the wii u in just 1 year.
Key Board Warrior (5 months ago)
I don't understand how anyone can be mad about another system's success. That only means their system's companies will try to make better product.
Epicrazzmatazz (6 months ago)
483 billion yen is 25 bucks?
Clayton Humphrey (6 months ago)
What website was he using to look at console sales?
Carlo Nassar (6 months ago)
Hopefully, it'll have good sales by the end of its lifespan.
TT Tasnim (6 months ago)
Ik were the switch haters at, Some crying in the bed, Some saving for a switch...
tina (6 months ago)
I'm a long time playstation gamer, I brought my swtich last month and i'm in love! all the games are fun! nowadays big console ps4/xbox releases can be summeraised as 'men walking through forrests while talking simulators'. Still gonna buy my ps4 games, but if it's on swtich i'll for sure consider buying on switch just for the portability.
NisHH (6 months ago)
Switch is gay
LavaLava Wilson (6 months ago)
What is is outro
Alex Di (7 months ago)
Nintendo just needs to work on their online gaming.
Kaiden Hall (7 months ago)
switch only good console along with the 2ds and Super Nintendo mini
Darkzomboy TM (7 months ago)
6:14 did anyone else notice those loose Joycons? And I thought mine had issues...
GameNReader (7 months ago)
Haters: it doesn't have call of dutyyyy... 😭😭😭 Call of Duty doesn't compare to Mario
Malcolm Appleton (7 months ago)
Gaming In Action (7 months ago)
aperently, 38 hatrs be a here... but im 1+ to that 1.1K
Cookie Bear (7 months ago)
I know that smash switch is causing a lot of people to get the switch
Haters are in Russia. (No, seriously, almost every Ruskie fuck hates Nintendo)
Lore keeper XVII (7 months ago)
dont feel bad for us we where stupid enough to by the dumb game
Jinsei Cast (7 months ago)
Now let's see if they can break last year's numbers. Although with the announcement of Smash, I can see that happening. But first, a glass to Nintendo. Cheers!
Daniel (7 months ago)
Playstation is my choice... but i grew up on Nintendo, i still have my original nes, snes, gameboy, gba and a wii. I'm always rooting for Nintendo. It's much more child oriented though, so i'm just not too into it. Fuck xbox though XD
Dizzy Gear (7 months ago)
That yen to usd joke. I fucking lost it. xD
Turner D Century (8 months ago)
Btw most Nintendo fans didn’t know what was going to happen with the Switch. People knew Nintendo had the IPs to sell consoles. I remember seeing trepidation, come from many YouTubers hoping Nintendo wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of yest-year. This video reminds me of any fanboy, of any company. Philadelphia Eagles fans are chirping the same tune right now.
Turner D Century (8 months ago)
I just bought a PS4/PS3 controller converter for the Switch. I don’t even own a Switch. In case I buy one in the future, I can use my sweet PS4 controller.
Jack Smith (8 months ago)
I think GTA 5 is coming
Arthur Rodrigues (8 months ago)
so the switch sold more units in less than a year than the wii u sold in its entire lifespan. just wow (or not since the wii u was terrible)
Gamer Madden07 (8 months ago)
I just wish the Switch would get their online issues together terrible voice chat connected to cell phones which is ridiculous.No trophy system and stupid codes to connect to friends these reasons are why I choose my PlayStation 4 Over the Switch
Dat Neko (8 months ago)
As much as I love Nintendo the swich power is so lacking. I don't care for 4k 2k because I just play on Pc on 1080p with a 144hz monitor. I just wished it would do 1080p 60 fps with mid graphics settings for like doom, bayo 3, BoTW, etc etc :/ I hope Nintendo releases a more powerful switch later on!
monstarr .x (8 months ago)
I love my switch 🙄😍
Patrick M (8 months ago)
Haters still going to be like "But the PS4s sales are way higher and it doesn't matter that its 4 years longer on the market because its in the same console cycle."
FireSonicYT (5 months ago)
Glocorn (8 months ago)
^ lol found one right here.
Tidal Yacht (8 months ago)
It is a pathetically weak system that has to rely on a gimmick to even sell well. Much like the WiiU; it WILL fail in the long run. Just because it sold well in what is ALMOST its first year; doesn't mean it will stay that way.
Scott Sama (8 months ago)
The Microsoft salt is as much as the ocean 😂😂
Deadly Vanitas (8 months ago)
Chi: Do hear that? Me: That is the sound of forgiveness.
YvelYen (8 months ago)
How is the switch gonna flop? Hater:"It does not hav cuhl ov doodies." Me:They got Splatoon 2 (War between cod vs splatoon happens) cod gamers-lETS TESTROI TEH STOPED SQUEEDS. Splatoon gamers-"WOOMY NGYES WOOMY NGYES NGYES WOOMY!!!"(lets engage a war with a lower-tech-than-octarian race)
Nissan Skyline GTR R34 (8 months ago)
I hope that we get free monthly games when the full online service drops in September.
Dive Dodge (8 months ago)
They need to port xenoblade chronicles
diego Padilla (8 months ago)
i think the gameboy mini was a flop. but only because of the nintendo ds
Wait so does this mean the Switch's first year sales out did the PS4's first year sales?
TheAbsol (8 months ago)
I hear it broke the record the PS2 held for so many years.
Robert Garza (8 months ago)
Why does everyone say Marvel verse Capcom? Its Marvel VERSUS Capcom. Cmon people we all went to school and were taught correct pronunciation. Versus
Verbal_Soulzzz (8 months ago)
Switch is good but it's not a Ps4 or Xbox lol the switch can't have overwatch,COD,GTA, Star Wars etc. all those titles casuals want. And due to the crypto currency just turning pc gaming upside down well I would choose Ps4 or a Xbox due to the great library's over the switch.
Random Blade (6 months ago)
"Switch is good but it's not a Ps4 or Xbox" Because they are NOT competing with them. Why do people compare the switch with home console or gaming pc. "the switch can't have overwatch,COD,GTA, Star Wars etc. all those titles casuals want" COD confirmed to be ported into switch. Idk about others. But i think casuals already been fulfilled by Nintendo's first party.
PikaPlayzHD (8 months ago)
Star Wars Battlefront II was shite, so good as for CoD, well it's rumoured it's getting this year's CoD and GTA 5 could possible come to the system too so I mean...
signerleo snyder (8 months ago)
you porf it cant run them no you dont
THE FINAL STRAW (8 months ago)
Some times I disagree with you but I gotz to admit you are ruthless
ShadowSnake95 (8 months ago)
Remeber reading a comment that said, the only switch users are just the WiiU fanboys and the sales boom will crash... About that...
Mike Man 2005 (8 months ago)
You don’t f**k with Nintendo
LilSoonerFanInMO (8 months ago)
All I have to say, is #DealWithItHaters
Octo Gamer (8 months ago)
I’m glad switch doesn’t have hate except from ps4 players and xbox players.
Tidal Yacht (8 months ago)
I detest the Switch because it is a worthless gimmick much like the WiiU was. Once the third parties abandon this garbage; the fans will look upon this with shame and realize they wasted their money. Initial sales do not automatically determine a good product.
lonely whale (5 months ago)
Tidal Yacht BaCk In My DaY NiNtEnDo WaS GoOd
Zach Early (6 months ago)
Random Blade thank you! Everything you’ve said is so true
Random Blade (6 months ago)
_"I detest the Switch because it is a worthless gimmick much like the WiiU was"_ Apparently portable = gimmick _"Once the third parties abandon this garbage"_ Trust me, it won't. _"the fans will look upon this with shame and realize they wasted their money"_ LOL! If i only buy switch for zelda and mario oddyssey. And the switch is somehow 'dead'. I would still think that my money well spent. I don't buy console so that the console get supported by the company more. I'm buying a console to play their game. What stupid logic do you have? _"Initial success is NOT long term success. Once people look past the blind hype; the Switch will go down as another WiiU. "_ Is there actually a person hyping the WIIU? Nope. Is the WIIU has good sale in one year? nope, is the WIIU has good 3rd party? nope. Is the WIIU games is as good as the switch's? nope. And sure, initial success doesn't mean long term success. But also saying it means failure is next level stupid. _"Switch is a worthless gimmick that has the WORST version of "all of your favorite games"."_ can you please tell me what "gimmick" is? Because i can just say gaming PC is gimmick. And what did you mean by the WORST version? _"Guess what the WiiU also had at the start? Third parties"_ Yeah, but that's like. The first week or month. In this case, it's been a YEAR for the switch. _"And yet; much like What WILL happen to the Switch, they abandoned the system."_ Oh, you're a fortuneteller now? _"Also, TONS of gimped ports and many of them being ports of OLD games. The same is already happening with the Switch."_ Sure some ports are bad. But others are awesome. And saying that a NEW console is getting old ports is bad is just stupid. _"However, will it be able to maintain that after its first two years; especially once both the customers and third parties become more aware of its problem? Unlikely. "_ Look Mr. Youthinkyouragenius. Third parties, especially from indie games ports more games into the switch. The switch's architecture is easy, making porting or creating games easier. You also doesn't specify the _problem_ third parties will be aware of. Sure, there's some small flaw, but i don't think it's too big of a deal for developer and consumer alike. _"I miss the days of when Nintendo used to know how to make GOOD home consoles."_ Very subjective. Also, this isn't a home console. It's a hybrid.
Zach Early (7 months ago)
Tidal Yacht I bet you’re also one of the people that claimed it wouldn’t have good initial sales. And since you were proven wrong you’re claiming it won’t stay good. And you’ll be proven wrong again
Zach Early (7 months ago)
Tidal Yacht ah yes nostalgia. The thing that makes it so people think only what they grew up with is good and everything else is bad because it’s not their childhood
Ebefren Revo (8 months ago)
Sony Fanboys Tears are the best Tears
Anu Mul (8 months ago)
I’m not a hater, but ps4 is better.
Zach Early (7 months ago)
Anu Mul switch and PS4 go so well together though
zelda64rules (8 months ago)
In my opinion, next sales goal for Switch: 21.74 million
Zach Early (7 months ago)
zelda64rules why so specific? Just wondering
Vyse195 (8 months ago)
they out did the Wii U, now they need to sell about 8 million more to out sell the GameCube. Nintendo next goal will be to out sell the N64.
Tidal Yacht (8 months ago)
Yes; it was. Not as much but there was still too much hype for its own; not helped by the lies that many of the third parties spewed at E3 2011. Just because something is hyped; doesn't mean it will be good. NEVER forget No Man's Sky.
Vyse195 (8 months ago)
Who was talking about the Wii U...no one was. You got to troll harder.
Tidal Yacht (8 months ago)
Gee; the WiiU was so amazing it beat the MUCH MORE powerful PS4 and Xbone. Oh...wait...
Vyse195 (8 months ago)
Tidal Yacht yes such strong hardware it beat the PS1... or wait it lost to the PS1.
Tidal Yacht (8 months ago)
Good specs and a strong first party line up. Only real downsides were the weird first party controller and it began the third party curse that still exists even on the Switch. Let's not forget that the Switch has FAR more issues than the the N64. Heck; even the Wii is a better system; which is saying something.
Shambles1980TRealOne (8 months ago)
hey that's almost as many as a c64... So that's like umm. yeah. COMMODORE! but 1st thing you can efficiently hack it and slam some emulators on there like the ps1, game cube, mame, snes and all the sega(s). with some real games. then im sure it will be worth getting one. dont get me wrong. The WII sucked balls, but i bought one when i could throw emulators on it.. And the 1st xbox was useless until we threw emulators on it.. but in terms of software.. you realize you fucked up when you only sold 4 games at a rate thats even remotely worth mentioning.. 2million sales, aint no one porting shit over for that. let alone making exclusives. Seems a lot like 8million people bought a switch played it 1ce and said "nah" il just leave that in a drawer until its useful. And the others aren't buying any games either. Its hard to get a developer to come make a game for you when the best selling game is the only game that managed to sell enough to make it worth their time. (that was even bundled with the console which helped boost the numbers) And all 4 are Nintendo exclusives... People aren't buying skyrim to play on the switch. most have it already, and just having it mobile wont help unless you travel for hours ALONE, because who the fuck wants to be on a long journey with some cuck that just plays skyrim for the entire flight.. Skyrim probably fucked Nintendo royally. Aint no one spending the time to port and optimize for the switch for a measly 500k sales.. So why don't you check how many switches were sold before odyssey. and how many were sold AFTER the game was bundled with the console.. Not a hater, but you are fanboying so hard you are missing the facts lol. ANY WAY. like i said if people get it hacked up good so you can emulate on the thing at a good frame rate, then people may start buying games for it that arent Nintendo exclusives.. But if you own a pc or any other console you are buying any AAA game for one of those and not the switch.. Indi and less expensive games would probably work well on the switch though.. binding of isac stardew valley enter the gungeon older sim citys. the sims.. PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 1.. Any golf game Table top card and board game emulators. most of the nintendo DS libary.. All really good games for the switch.. And where nintendo should aim for. The more AAA games they try to port over the less devs will want to work with them due to shitty game sales. p.s I do hope you realize that that switch sales are about the same as a PS vita right now.. Which as you should know was a MASSIVE failure.. and i doubt it will reach the 76million sales needed to get to the ps4's current sales. "unless emulators get involved." And its NEVER getting 155million to match the ps2. Even the wii with emulators and old people buying them for exercise only managed 101million.. id estimate switch life time sales to be about 35-45million as a standard console, and you could probably double that if it gets a decent homebrew following and is able to be easily hacked.. and even then it would have to replace Nintendo current handhelds and have all thse games ported to it or at least emulated really really well. But 35million life time would be pretty good for what it is in all honesty.
Glocorn (8 months ago)
Glad to see no one really fell for this bait.
Aryan Garg (8 months ago)
Shambles1980TRealOne Wow, never saw someone be so riled up about a person you don't even know. Chill, it's not that serious.
Shambles1980TRealOne (8 months ago)
nah i think laughing at you is worth more than the $5 a day this guy makes. hell delivering papers is worth more than this guy makes.
Aryan Garg (8 months ago)
Shambles1980TRealOne No you are just an idiot.
Arthur Wacker (8 months ago)
Thing is, I want the Switch to feel more like a Console everyone is playing. On the Wii U, we had Miiverse!! Which felt like a way to connect with people about Nintendo. It's just irritating how Nintendo aren't adding any Media to the Switch.
Real_SuperPig (5 months ago)
Arthur Wacker I loved miiverse, drawinf sruff and watching other people's posts. If something like that comes out on switch I would buy the online service instantly
Jinsei Cast (7 months ago)
I'm more concerned with their upcoming paid online service. I mean, right now it's free and not the full deal, but voice chat is a massive concern and current options are super limiting or archaic. Media apps can come later.
ScroogeMcDucky (7 months ago)
Mix Squad No like you can buy just one month for 3.99 but if you buy the whole year it’s 20 it’s like a deal you spend more but In the long run it’s better
Mix Squad (7 months ago)
ScroogeMcDucky also this isn't really confirmed.
Mix Squad (7 months ago)
ScroogeMcDucky I think you're a little confused on the math there. 3.99 a month would be about $48 a year. It's actually around 1.50 a month.
Koopa Troopa Poopa (8 months ago)
The Switch was dead upon release. Anyway, nice video! I'm glad the Switch is doing so well.
Mario Guy66838393 (8 months ago)
Tiago FCPorto (8 months ago)
Great video!
radioactivsmurf (8 months ago)
Feel sorry for Xbox
Apple_ PRODUCTIONS (8 months ago)
I love video games in general, nintendo has those games that are unique and take risks. Playstation and Xbox (practically the same thing) use more traditional shoot em ups and mature adventures such as uncharted and cod. People who argue that their console is the best and that all others suck are stupid, and likely 11 years of age.
Bunny Rabbit (8 months ago)
May i but in i am a fanboy of all consoles i have a ps4 xboxone s nintendo switch i hope nintendo switch win console of the year so looking forward to bayonetta collection aswell as bayonetta 3
King Kull (8 months ago)
The haters have been banished to the nether regions.
Tidal Yacht (8 months ago)
I am still here; and I have PLENTY of reasons to detest this thing to the very end; no matter how well it sells beyond its first year or two.
King Kull (8 months ago)
I don't know, Xenoblae 2's numbers are already higher then previous entries in to the series in barely a month of sales, I think its safe to say that Xenoblade as franchise is here to stay in the Nintendo family of franchises. Also at 1.6 million ARMS is also now a potential franchise for Nintendo.
Tidal Yacht (8 months ago)
If only Xenobalde 2 was on a REAL home console; if only.
Falchek 24 (8 months ago)
I play PlayStation and this was great. I’m sending this video to my uncle and see what he thinks.😂 Nintendo’s back in this bitch! Lets go!
Mutt God (8 months ago)
Haters had reasons to hate and for good reasons. The voice chat, online bs and lack of options for a console? I had a love hate relationship with the Switch. Yes I love the games but that was about it. There was no hulu, no browser, no new Ips that were worth it and so mnay other issues. I hate the fact that the Switch does do much but play ports. Sure Zelda was great and Mario but the no browser, no apps, voice chat that may or may not exist lol honestly, the only reason the switch is selling because the big name games like Mario and Zelda are out with DLC. No other reason. If you were to compare the Switch to the hype switch they aere talking about in the beginning, where is the 4k? The Apps? Streaming? Online services? Where the fuck is all that? Amiibos are practiclly dead and no one wants a console with games from a decade ago.
Kirby Masta (8 months ago)
Random Blade the wii had Internet channel, Wii U had internet browser and the XBOX 360 had Internet...... Explorer. Ok I’ve lost hope
Glocorn (8 months ago)
I wonder why the switch is doing so well even without all of that.. oh wait it’s a GAMING console, hard to believe yeah?
Random Blade (8 months ago)
And what kind of gaming console has a built-in internet browser?
Random Blade (8 months ago)
You forgot one big thing: PORTABILITY
Joseph Kerchner (8 months ago)
Your outro hits me in the feels
Derrick La Saga (8 months ago)
Nintendo profits after ALL expenses is 1.07 Billion US
Capyelite (8 months ago)
I never got a chance to get Bayonetta 1 and 2. Can’t wait till it releases.
RedGeoBlaze (8 months ago)
For some reason, I don't think the software numbers are mostly people downloading 3-4 games with a few outliers. I have a feeling that many (not most) have a ton of games downloaded like I do. Maybe it's only physical sales, or digital, but I know that I myself already have 25 games on this thing, most of them are great (looking at you BrawlOut)
Eeveekyu (8 months ago)
switch haters are fuckin EVERYWHERE in my school... just the other day some dude was like "oh the switch is a baby console!! buy a ps4 or a gaming PC and play some fortnight lol" idiots...
MidnightFUn12 (8 months ago)
seeing that you can play skyrim on the go blew my mind. from then on i always believe that the switch will be a success.
VGF80 (8 months ago)
And 1-2 switch has still sold more than arms. Let that sink in.
Savij (6 months ago)
The Switch isn't even a year old, and we have these cocky Nintenyearolds feeling a need to gloat, call people who aren't as substandard, simpleminded, and submissive as they are "haters", and can't just be humble that their preschooler gaming company is making bank off of them because of how impressionable they are. "Haters"? Nah, kid. It's more like insecurity and fear on you all's ends. But hey, keep thinking a bunch of numbers ever truly told the story, much like you think it makes you little fanboys look and sound intelligent to gloat. I hope you can brandish these numbers when all of the hype and your glorified and overpriced gaming tablet dies down. Too soon, Jr. Ah yes...phase two is a bunch of lazy enhanced ports...wow. I guess they do print their success...along with their naive and gullible fanbase's money!
Savij (6 months ago)
*Apparently simply hating on popular things makes you a superior being. And the people who he reffered to as "hater" probably person like blackb0nd or other people who exagerates things and deny statistics while belittling switch user.* No, apparently "hating" on popular things makes you a hater, remember? Isn't that the idiotic rhetoric you all and this asshole who made the video lose so many IQ points on? Remember that brash irony for what it really is. He's also calling anyone who doesn't share such a simpleminded, substandard, and submissive mentality to "Allah Nintendo", like you tools, a "hater". If you were able to read on an adult level, you'd not get so effortlessly triggered the way I command you to and misread my comment the way that you did. Then again, your ineptitude is why you're here confirming every single thing I say while failing miserably to have an ounce of relevance in what you are conflicted with. I laugh every time you trip up on the ad hominem parts. Hey...if the shoes fits, wear it, right? LOL And who is talking about Blackb0nd anyway? AH...that's just it - just like your frail ass, all of these insecure children, along with the Nintenyearold who made this video, can't be "proud" of anything you're arguing is a success without looking over your fragile shoulders worrying about what someone else is saying about your God and their toy, because that's how truly WEAK you sheeple are. And that's just it - it isn't about Nintendo or the "success" of the Switch. It's about you insecure shitheads creating condescending fake wars and shit-starting off of the backs of your frailties. If you frail Nintendo sheeple were truly proud, then people like me and Blackb0nd (watch this kid assume me and Blackb0nd have some "hate collaboration" for Nintendo and the Switch just so he won't have nightmares) wouldn't trigger you so easily and give you goosebumps. You'd truly be proud without having to worry about and react to anything we have to say. But, continue to be frail little shrimps while pretending to be big boys instead, about what you claim to be proud of. I ought to make a career out of busting you frail things and your poker face bullshit. *I'll deny statistic and calling those who use the statistic have insecurity because reason!* "And here I prove once again, without a shadow of a doubt, that I'm another of many uninformed idiots born yesterday. Everything is SO black and white and a matter of fact in my fantasy world! What happened to the color?! How narrow-minded can I truly be? I'm the type of guy who needs a manual to live life "properly", because I'm truly devoid of the ability to think, act, and live for myself. Call it discernment or whatever...I'm hopelessly incapable of it. Brain, where are you and why are you SO small? My helmet suddenly expanded!" I hear ya kid, loud and clear! LOL *But he doesn't think he's somehow the "intelligent" guy or the "intellectually superior" guy for liking the switch. He's simply praising the switch. While also questioning "haters, what argument are you going to bring after this statistic" due to the fact many of the "hater" claims the switch will fail. Personally, i don't care if switch succeed or not, as long as i'm having fun with it. I'm good?* He's not as humble as you're trying to sell him. If he were, then he wouldn't have made and felt the need to make this video. Spewing negativity in general and pretending there's a "positive message" in there somewhere doesn't work that way, dear uninformed man-child. You can "praise" the Switch without having to make some antagonistic trash doing so. His "message" had a very shitty delivery. But hey - every toxic asshole out there pretends to be a genius with THAT logic as well, so he may as well jump on that hype train! And...please, child. Calling anyone who doesn't like what you like and/or say what you wanna hear a "hater", is a very elementary and condescending mentality to have, courtesy of said person. *I don't get the switch being overpriced. I mean, can you find a hybrid console that is portable and can still play games as good as the switch on the go while costs less than 300$? And if the tablet "dies". We'll just.. play the game as usual.* Nice PR statement, tool, but, you'll have to do a LOT better than that. You simpletons are so amusing, slamming that "hybrid console...herpa derp" card down like it's a royal flush or something. Let me have fun with this with a few examples of the Switch's abominations. Feel free to bend over with apologies for refutes, tool. Oh sure...a video game system is only successful if it's made like the Switch...congrats on the idiotic logic once again. The specs are still last gen garbage at best. That's what always mattered most, and only sheeple defend against that fact with the "Bu-But the GAMEZ are what truly matters the most." drivel. Hell 720p instead of a 1080p display, unless I dock it?! How ancient is such a sub-par resolution when 1080p is the standard for so many things, and for $300, they can't do better than that cheap nonsense?! LOL What about the inability, for some stupid ass reason, to take your game saves across ANY other Switch hardware? There's literally NO excuse and even less reasoning behind this dumb shit other than to take MORE control out of their tools' hands while taking even more of their easy money. Even you sheeple can't argue against this flawed design. Again, for $300, when EVERY SINGLE OTHER video game system allowed you to take your saves across the same hardware? The dock is a cheap ass piece of shit USB hub Nintendo actually has the audacity to charge $90 for a replacement of...I actually found THAT more laughable than the other Switch abominations honestly. The kickstand is SO awesome...if you wanna do an SNL skit on how many different ways you can roast that flimsy piece of shit. LOL Nah, Jr....an inevitable revision is at least a smarter thing to wait for. I'm sure all of you simpleminded, substandard, and submissive Nintendo sheeple are trying to validate your dimwitted early adoption fever of the Switch while its many flaws go over your substandard heads. *Lazy enchanced port? Which one? WWE? those are 3rd party. And, are you saying that i'm and other people somehow "deceived" for having fun?* Eh, aside from the massive amounts of typical shovel-ware "gracing" the system, ALL of the tired and true Nintendo first party titles/franchises are what's lazy- no - saturated, if anything. Learn to read already. The point is, you play one of them, you've played them all. I bet even you can tell me how the ending of the next Mario game will be! Other than being born yesterday, I can only imagine all of you tools pretending that somehow, the magic is still there in Nintendo's saturated garbage because your brains are so small and you lack vision and standards to know and want so much better. But "have fun" regardless. Only YOU care. Oh, and...YOU are only deceived by what you are conflicting yourself with here. I'm just here for the fun ride, kiddo. You tell me.
Savij (6 months ago)
*"I'm just gonna call him a kid, edgelord jr, or whatever so i can feel better about myself". Oh please, sir. I'm not "butthurt" or anything by your laborous words spouted on the internet.* LMAO And he's STILL REACTING AND REPLYING TO PROVE MY POINT with empty drivel and no argument. Again, what are you trying to sell here, Mr. Edgelord Virgin Jr.? *Look sir, i will say this again. Insulting me and calling out slur in a two paragraph doesn't make your argument stronger.* ...because you've done SO WELL at proving- no - reinforcing my points by running back here in agony just to pad out your bitch fights with a "troll", right? Remember, "Einstein"...you're the jackass continuously feeding me and my amusement with your emotions and lack of intelligence. You're not wise for arguing with a "troll" repeatedly after trying to come off like you're better than he is, yet, you're still here under romantic pretenses refusing to let go of your obsession over him. Gee, I have a way with the ladies naturally, sure, but...a hypocritical little bitch who pretends to be smarter than this "troll" he's wasting his precious time and emotions on? Man...I'm CONTAGIOUS...a MAGICIAN even! Oh and...congrats on the lack of self awareness once again, oh dimwitted one. You desperately try SO hard to make ME look like the bad guy because you're not old enough to look in the mirror at your own mind fucked little self. LMAO *Yet again. Insulting me, calling me some sort of loser in real life doesn't prove shit. It makes you look sadder if you write a whole paragraph trying to assume what i'm like in real life.* Thanks for dissecting ALL of that yet again just to holler, "NO U! Waaaaah!" at me once again in a different crescendo, kiddo. No argument here as well; you're just effortlessly reinforcing every single thing I called you out on only to pad this "debate" of yours out with more delicious salt and tears. Kleenex, my dear sweetheart? LMFAO So, what have you proven otherwise yet other than to come back a day later to project and cry like a little bitch to confirm every single thing I say about you? I can imagine how much your nerves grind every single time you force that little pea brain of yours to think about WHAT empty all of text and noise you'll spout to "hush me up" with, only to yell another tired "No U! Waaah!" and more empty drivel without a single argument and refute. *So you admit that you're a fool? And what's with the manhood problem? I'm never discussed further about manhood problem.* Ladies and gentlemen, when your own projecting and empty drivel is so bad, you do like this child and pretend that this rabble that he's struggling with is somehow a refute to what he's replying to, let alone passes for relevance. You may as well stamp all of your replies with a "No U!" watermark, kiddo. LOL *and please, can you actually provide me with a reasoning behind your original comment? Instead of giving slur to the people that against your opinion?* LMAO When every single reply you make is an empty mass of elementary noise? Oh, sure, let me back away from having SO much fun with you instead. Sure kid...sure. I'd rather enjoy the shrieks you're making to try and look smart and make you feel better about yourself. You're just aimlessly trying to bounce every single thing you have NO argument for and can refute back at me in good ole "No U!" fashion...like every other sniveling bitch who can't drop his prostate and take the ass whipping he asked for. Nope...you don't get off easy here kid. Let's see what else you cooked up for me. I'm sure I'll have to apply the same amount "effort" to that laughable idiocy as well. Oh gee...let me break out the national guard for this baby!
Random Blade (6 months ago)
From your original comment: _"The Switch isn't even a year old, and we have these cocky Nintenyearolds feeling a need to gloat, call people who aren't as substandard, simpleminded, and submissive as they are "haters"."_ Apparently simply hating on popular things makes you a superior being. And the people who he reffered to as "hater" probably person like blackb0nd or other people who exagerates things and deny statistics while belittling switch user. _""Haters"? Nah, kid. It's more like insecurity and fear on you all's ends. But hey, keep thinking a bunch of numbers ever truly told the story"_ I'll deny statistic and calling those who use the statistic have insecurity because reason! _"much like you think it makes you little fanboys look and sound intelligent to gloat"_ But he doesn't think he's somehow the "intelligent" guy or the "intellectually superior" guy for liking the switch. He's simply praising the switch. While also questioning "haters, what argument are you going to bring after this statistic" due to the fact many of the "hater" claims the switch will fail. Personally, i don't care if switch succeed or not, as long as i'm having fun with it. I'm good? _"I hope you can brandish these numbers when all of the hype and your glorified and overpriced gaming tablet dies down. Too soon, Jr."_ I don't get the switch being overpriced. I mean, can you find a hybrid console that is portable and can still play games as good as the switch on the go while costs less than 300$? And if the tablet "dies". We'll just.. play the game as usual. _"Ah yes...phase two is a bunch of lazy enhanced ports...wow. I guess they do print their success...along with their naive and gullible fanbase's money!"_ Lazy enchanced port? Which one? WWE? those are 3rd party. And, are you saying that i'm and other people somehow "deceived" for having fun?
Savij (6 months ago)
*Calling me a kid or anything doesn't prove anything. Besides, you don't know my real age.* LMAO This wuss is STILL butt hurt because he was SO anally disturbed by something he couldn't win at and that didn't involve him, yet, included himself in that he had to run here, snarl like the little frail pussy he is, and cry even louder. Stop trying to pick fights you can't win, sweetie. I'll get you some crayons instead so you can draw some fake targets...in COLOR. *I'm just calling you out because you acted like a jerk and seems close minded towards other's opinion. In fact, it seems the person who want to show their "manhood"is more likely to be you.* Nah...you're just flashing poor reading comprehension. The Nintenyearold man-child who made this video and your butt hurt boyfriend you're so upset for, in some misguided and unwarranted fit, gave me an argument, I debated it, and you just brainlessly wrote it off as me being the problem because it wasn't what you could intelligently process. Not sorry that I didn't spout dick sucking rhetoric for Nintendo to make you feel like your life is worth living, kiddo. I'll leave that to you and your flock of babies in a huff over their little accessorizing kid's tablet. Ah, and...you finish with a "No U!"? Neat...just like your useless blood-soaked footprints running back here after all this time to come up with more empty noise for me. You really need to learn how debates work, hun. *You seem to be a perfect victim for r/iamverysmart. Looking up synonym to make yourself look smarter. Also, what the hell do you mean by edgelord gimmick. I found nothing edgelord-y about the switch. In fact, stereotypically, it's quite the opposite.* Have you been drinking? I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what you're yelling to yourself in that first mess of a sentence. As for the rest, well...I was talking about YOU, Mr. Edgelord Virgin Jr. You're here still trying to pop your cherry because I hurt you so bad inside. You poorly try to insult me for being "not very smart", but here we have a little child fancying himself wise for arguing with what he has determined to be a troll. Who were you saying is a victim of this r/iamverysmart thing again? Boy, you're flopping all over the place. You're like a bad flick and cheap thrill...amusing only to yourself for about 5 seconds before flushing your clit again with more blood. Can you be less predictable when you get your ass handed to you like I'm the one disturbed here? Poker faces only work if you sell them as genuine, doll. *Again, Calling me a kid or anything doesn't prove anything* Speak for yourself, Mr. Edgelord Virgin Jr. You're here pretending to be "clever" arguing with what you are certain is a troll. I have yet to see one drip of substance coming from the froth in your mouth. It's as dazzling as you shit-starting, then running away with your tail between your legs because I'm too much for ya. No one told you to stretch your chest that far out, little fella. Ya might wanna rediscover the sprawling world you're so confused in. That way, you won't roost here trying to "aspire" in a self-made bitch fight over the internet with a random guy you're obsessing over. Wanna hold hands now, darling? LMAO Again, Mr. Egdelord Virgin Jr....more intelligence and less r/iamverysmart pseudo-intelligence. You're supposed to be teaching ME, remember, champ? I can't wait to see what a bright young man like you will achieve in life if you ever drop something between your legs. You do SO well flashing your limits on the internet...who am I to expect anything of value out of a baby flipping his shit in YouTube's comments section, let alone the internet?! LOL I WANNA BE, I WANNA BE, I WANNA BE LIKE MR. EDGELORD VIRGIN JR.! It's like the "Oscar Mayer" and "Like Mike" songs...only, far less impressive...like your laughable presence here. *I smell irony here. Your reply is totally mannered and not stereotypical despite calling everyone a 'nintenyearold' and 'kid'. Yeah, totally! /s* Man, you're a limited little chap...more lazy "No U!"s and bias against your condescending friends I chewed out. No mention of your buddies though, and you want me to actually take any of you seriously? I knew I smelled something putrid...and it's the same useless hot air coming out of that frothing mouth of yours. #r/iamverysmart *I don't aim for the 'big boy looks' or anything. Also, you calling out slur made you look more immature and laughable than making you look 'tough'. (which is actually ironic considering every description you gave fits more to you)* Man, your echo chamber is SO bad that you're starting to desperately neglect your grammar more. What the fuck are you trying to say here, kid? It's like trying to decipher a caveman trying to use Morse code! Also, another obvious lazy "No U!" is obvious. *good job, you're making yourself looks more and more like an edgelord who spits garbage to hide your insecurity.* ...says the child running here in a huff TWO MONTHS LATER, THEN A DAY LATER to spew some angry tantrum at me because I hurt his fellow Nintenyearolds SO bad that it mutilated his frail ass and anything he called himself having inside to start an incoherent and hollow bitch fight with a random guy on the other end of the internet...and the Tampon moves further up your ass too, kid! Relax, darling. I know YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO YOUR LIFE THAN TO obsess over fake wars and a random guy on the internet, because you were clearly born yesterday, but...you make this too fun to not do . Hell, you're practically writing your own tragic tale! I'm just here to sign it off! Oh, and I love the dick sucking Nintenyearold response instead of an actual refute and argument to what I said (you swear I'M the limited one, though), along with your lack of self awareness, doll. Remember who I have coming back for more fake bitch fights he's headlining. *It seems you're the one who need it more based on your attitude in this comment.* Yet, here you are, two months, and then a day later, yelling the exact useless rabble at ME, muffin. I just love when the pot tries to flash a credible IQ to the kettle... *Yep, using an emoji. Now you convinced me more that you're just a total troll with no life.* LMAO This little fragile bitch is even TRIGGERED by an emoji! LMFAO I guess that puts an edge on your tired projections, sweetheart. So...wow. All of that useless hot air...for me, all to say, "I know you are, but what am I?", while continuously facing AWAY from the mirror, coward? You're just like the rest of the jackasses out there with no accountability...why do you think I have yet to take you seriously? But, let's recap your 0 - 2 streak: You came here, in a menstrual huff TWO MONTHS AFTER ANY ACTIVITY on this comment chain, and then a DAY LATER NOW just to start and continue some shit due to YOUR OWN insecurities I stirred somehow. Then you spout some "I'm better than you." bullshit rhetoric that you not only fail to take heed to, but managed to effortlessly serve as an antonym of...all because of little old me! You're a fragile little bitch who is trying SO HARD to make this about me because you have NO argument and substance whatsoever other than to be the poorer troll in all of this. Bitch, you need a lecture from, "How to Debate 101" for starters...all this hot air just to project! I gave you what you couldn't handle, yet you asked for it, and like a defeated little wimp and sore loser, you cry more to me over something you got in over your head in. Learn to pick your fake battles better, kiddo. And when your balls drop, maybe I'll take you seriously and we can have an actual conversation rather than you yelling at me and throwing a tantrum and your toys for attention. You only came back to get scolded some more...talk about manhood problems. You've convinced yourself that I'm a troll, but yet, you're the fool arguing with a fool...makes sense, Einstein. I'm sure you've graduated at the top of your Special Ed class, only to nosedive more in trying to actually go about things the smart way in life, only to cry like a little bitch on the internet of all places. No one told you to put a wager on your interpersonal issues, sweetness...you volunteered at my expense! I'm sure you'll run back here again, trying to "expertly" dissect everything I say just to reply, "No U! Waaah! Stooooooop him, Mummy!" 10 million different ways. Same circus, different clown. I'll be ready for your next awful poker face, though.
Random Blade (6 months ago)
Radiant Holy shit. You must be dedicated troll account. I am baffled by how you think, especially this part: "you failed to debunk even .00000001% of, instead of your typical and fruitless "That's not true." PR bullshit." It's like: "Oh, imma spew more garbage over and over and ignore his claims, and when he replied. I will say he's a dickrider because reasons!"
wii switch it up gaming (8 months ago)
nintendo switch needs a 2d mario game.. totally reimagined from the wii and wii u style 2d mario. kind of how they put 2d mario in mario odyssey..
opli gangaa (8 months ago)
Units shipped not sold lol
Connor Schultz (8 months ago)
opli gangaa *people say there on a waiting list* I think were good.
Nicky Scott (8 months ago)
This really doesn't surprise me at all that the Switch is selling pretty well. I mean, seriously. While you had idiots out there, last year that just flat out believed that the system had a 0% chance of even selling just 2 million units in its first year, you had people like me and many others out there saying: "A system that gives the player the ability to play games in almost any way you want. Play the same game on the same system either on your TV or on the go without having to get another piece of hardware to do that." Why would anyone not want to game like that or want a system that does two things for them? As long as Nintendo keeps those games coming, which they definitely did all of 2017 alone, and third-parties start embracing the system, which we're also seeing, then people will be interested in getting the system. It's funny how back early last year and even in 2016 when Nintendo finally revealed what the Switch was, when I typed in "Nintendo Switch" on YouTube, I saw many hate videos and now, they're all non-existent for good reasons. Heck, you got gamers out there saying that they want certain games to come to the Switch, mostly because the system's ability to play games on the go. I'm sorry, but where's the failure in that?
Landon Greer (8 months ago)
TheAbsol (8 months ago)
Sage of Fire (8 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO6V3sLTQvU&lc=z23odv5j5krmhblim04t1aokg3f2oejw4hbg5lbjh0ufrk0h00410.1517531412545455 Sadly there are STILL haters who are denying the Switchs rapid number growth. They're lost.
PikaPlayzHD (8 months ago)
oh god, this guy is pathetic
Sage of Fire (8 months ago)
Breath of the Wild. Game of the Year 2017 and only the third highest selling Switch game losing to both Odyssey and Mario Kart. Wait what?
JD (8 months ago)
1:47 BotW is not a Switch exclusive (on WiiU)
Emmanuel Kolleh (8 months ago)
Nintendo rules the world
Snipe M.D (8 months ago)
I like how it's not even 1 year old yet... Rest In Peace Wii U, https://i.pinimg.com/736x/6c/f5/e3/6cf5e32ff51d3afe7e0e01b6a3894158--charlie-brown-christmas-tree-peanuts-christmas.jpg
Steven Lee (8 months ago)
I remember telling my friends that the Switch was a game changer and was going to sell 10 million in the first year. They didn't believe me. I wouldn't even believe me if I told myself it would sell 15 million+ in a year back then.
Dan Thomas (8 months ago)
I prefer PS4. There’s a greater variety of games and the system is more powerful, allowing it to have certain games the switch can’t without making stupidly big sacrifices. I know, graphical prowess isn’t the point of the switch, but that doesn’t excuse it. I’ll resign this opinion when I see games of the same calibre of Uncharted 4 and God of War 4.
TheAbsol (8 months ago)
THANK YOU for not being like most of the other PS4 fans here.
Phillip Scott (8 months ago)
Daniel Thomas So your reasoning for not having a switch is the same reason you shouldn't have a console but should play on pc. Nice try, kiddo.
Cool Orange Fox (8 months ago)
How much did Playstation four sell in 9months? And if Switch sold more well someones gonna be hating on those sony fanboys at school XD
Phillip Scott (8 months ago)
Cool Orange Fox Less.Have fun with those Sony Ponies!
Jamil Triaa (8 months ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if the Switch closes 2018 with 30-40 million units sold. If the next main series Pokemon game comes out this year, I can see Nintendo pushing 50 million total unit sales.
Molerat Gaming (8 months ago)
I love this guy, his sarcastic tone is so damn funny
Derek DeSmet (8 months ago)
Would of been 20 million already of they launched with 5 million ready to sell
Molerat Gaming (8 months ago)
if Monster Hunter World ever comes to the switch, then GOODBYE
The Forgotten Ones (8 months ago)
I wish there were more games for the switch though. I’m not too into indie games so I’ve only really played four switch games since nearly a year of owning it. I hope Metroid and Pokemon come out this year
Phillip Scott (8 months ago)
The Forgotten Ones The simple fact that a game being an indie can put you off is the mindset of a non-gamer. Play because you like, not because of artificial status, derived from production costs. When you are through puberty, you will understand.
spectrumbots42 (8 months ago)
It's selling well because of new management at Nintendo. I know it'll make a perfect secondary system when I get one! Also, what doubters? Most people I've seen doing videos on Switch were providing feedback and fair criticisms to make the thing better. I'm getting one myself, and I still stand by some claims such as it needing better online..
spectrumbots42 (8 months ago)
Well, I guess asking for a better experience for a product that I want to buy makes me a bad person. I did the same for the PS4 a few years back, but okay.
Phillip Scott (8 months ago)
spectrumbots42 So you don't have one but know it needs better online. Lmao, fail, kiddo.
Admyr 6 (8 months ago)
the video name makes you sound like a fanboy please just stop with. Everything was good tho
Yotsuba (8 months ago)
Despite the haters and losers, we are going to make Nintendo great again!
A Typical Moth (8 months ago)
Still waiting for a new animal crossing game!
Free High (8 months ago)
Zelda Breath of The Wild has Sold more than 8 millions including the Wii U sales . . .
metalgamer 817 (8 months ago)
You are just the best.
Desolatiion (8 months ago)
You do realize people are busy playing games.. You will get to play them on the next nintendo as an HD remaster dont worry.
StefD // SDG (8 months ago)
I'm a ps4 gamer and nint1080p play4k lol hey hey hey lol how it Ur day
StefD // SDG (8 months ago)
Lmao i am Nintendo fan just a prank bro Mario bros squad lol hey hey
SetsunaAngel99 (8 months ago)
I am waiting for the 400GB sd card to go on sale... I still have 16GB of space and I own 12 games.
Rick Diculous (8 months ago)
This console war/console supremacy pride thing is so immature and lame. Why can't people just enjoy playing video games instead of spreading this petty hate/smug attitude
TheAbsol (8 months ago)
That's true. I've seen a few people take it too far, the Nintendo haters almost always being the worse side. I don't often see Nintendo fanboys with their heads stuck up their ass as far as Sony fanboys. Either way, I just wish gamers were more respectful to each other.
Rick Diculous (8 months ago)
TheAbsol petty people will be petty I guess
TheAbsol (8 months ago)
I think it's fine for Nintendo fans to act a little smug because Nintendo broke records right after their worst selling home console.
Andi Commodore (8 months ago)
Cause they did that since the Sega/Nintendo days.
Anthony Herbert (8 months ago)
I’m trying to get a switch, I’m dying while waiting for my birthday tho

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