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WOLFENSTEIN 2 Trailer (E3 2017)

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Text Comments (1805)
Michael Presley (3 hours ago)
This game sucked more ass than Elton John at a gay afterparty.
TheMcpvideo (14 hours ago)
Was a good game until I crapped out on me at the end of it,anyone know how to get PS4 out of safe mode tried some different ways didn't work, beginning to be very disappointed in PlayStation.
J M (1 day ago)
Got all these niggars with the Whitey's pushing this shake shit but it's real in Africa and you white people are sucking it up but when you get it replaced but all these fucking the refugees in America. I ain't got to be no fucking electricity or water. Are you going to play your video games you fucking idiots
WPO 4 (2 days ago)
I got a few levels of the dog hehe
mohsen aslani (5 days ago)
Night Animation (5 days ago)
Тим Тимыч (5 days ago)
desertaxe (10 days ago)
Libor Tinka (13 days ago)
...meanwhile mouse trap videos are flagged "inappropriate for YouTube" for being too violent
Carlos Village (13 days ago)
This would be so nice. Go to hell dough boys
Леман Русс (13 days ago)
Хочу поглядеть теле-шоу про гигантскую собаку-бота. Серьёзно. Думаю у него были бы больше рейтинги.
Oscar Cordero (14 days ago)
Panzerhund or Doomslayer?Who would win?
Immaboi, rightmommy (2 days ago)
Have you seen doom slayer?
eviltreemonster (15 days ago)
That God we won in WW2. Life under a Nazi dominated world would be absolutely hellish.
И опять америкосы выручают мир, уже тошнит
Mohivan Nas (16 days ago)
5:43 отсылка на Deus Ex
Goofy Bri (16 days ago)
Hey - I wanted to add, that THEY ARE MAKING WOLFENSTEIN 3! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p25P-IDMY0Q). Wolfenstein 3 - Youngblood is to be released sometime in 2019.
Goofy Bri (16 days ago)
I worked my way through 95% of this amazing game and have to say this in in my Top 10 Best Video Games of all times! I thought it was amazing to start out with the main protagonist in a wheel chair. What a novel concept. Anyone that didn't play this is truly missing out in the gaming world. I hope the developers come out with a Wolfenstein III.
unknown user (17 days ago)
Игра отлично будто и трейлер
cuzztom youtuberzZ (17 days ago)
Wht was that in the last
Kajetan Nakonieczny (18 days ago)
Thats a good gal'
Звуки стула 🤣🤣🤣
ROSKA POSTU (19 days ago)
Fallout vibes..
Jason Vorhees (19 days ago)
This makes me damn proud to be American
Jason Vorhees (19 days ago)
Aodhan Gallagher (20 days ago)
This is basically the American revolution but the British are nazis
Zach Earwood (22 days ago)
id honestly live in the shadows or deep in the mountains in Canada that rather live in a Nazi-Italian-Jap abomination world that needs a tsar bomba shoved into the core of the earth to destroy it.
Diego Venegas (22 days ago)
What is the music of the ambient?
Coconut Crab (23 days ago)
I got a 1970s snicker add.
joshua c (23 days ago)
Why isn't a game that's literally always been about killing Nazis not inexplicably changing it's entire story and narrative to kill communists instead?
andrija leder (23 days ago)
There should be a movie about america to cause I think americas did the same thing. The took the land of indians killed them etc almost or is iqual as the thing the nazis did. And what do u guys think
GoxtA (25 days ago)
:) shooting nazis :) any1 know what the track is called at the end of vid at 8:35
John Locke (25 days ago)
Wolfenstein 2 is a great game. And nazism and communism are more similar than you can imagine. Globally, communists killed more people than Nazis if we consider all the countries like Russia, China, Cambogia, ecc. But remember that all those kills were caused by multiple countries, in different parts of the world, while Nazi Germany killed on its own more than 11 millions of human beings and caused 24 millions of dead by starting a world War. Besides, communism has always been distorted into some kind of bloody dictatorship (so in some kind of nazism), this is why we can say that real comunism wasn't never applied in a human society, and comunism is a basic ideal of freedom and equality for all the people , while nazism is an ideal in which idiot theories about superior/inferior races are involved, this is why it is wrong absolutely, especially because there is no scientific demonstration of those idiot theories. So if there is an ideal that can be despised, that one is nazism, because communism can be only despised for the way in which it has been applied by idiot assassin rulers
Cool video!
Shipwright1918 (26 days ago)
BJ is one tough SOB and a badass, 'nuff said.
Ubermensch Superiority (28 days ago)
Good world with no liberalism bs :')
Thesavagesouls (1 month ago)
SJWolfenstein 2
Fascist Wolfe (1 month ago)
Man imagine if the soviets won. The mostly jewish government killed 30 million because they werent jewish or they were christian non ethnic jews. Best jewish propaganda of the year. Bethesda is fishing for goty points from those jews running the industry. Bethesda knows which ethnic group keeps all the power. We need a progressive game about hollywood jews diddling kids for communism. Progress smells like, little boy asshole filled with rabbi juice. Needs more Hillary Clinton and Netanyahu. Gotta hand it to these big corperations. Their games run shitty and are made in chinese sweatshops and on the blood and tears of severely underpaid american idiots with crippling debt who turned their artistic prowess into slave labor. They sure do know how to never make anything off color. First rule of business: cut corners with chinese commie labor, and be as close to the jewish media narrative as possible.
Flying Doggo (1 month ago)
What a sweet girl
Thomas Lapesse (1 month ago)
Fucking Nazis
6:37 plot twist random black guy in the back playing the flute is the most important character in the game
Polski Czołgista (1 month ago)
Why Liesel listend to that little girl? That was strange...
Wald Smokowy (1 month ago)
John Millard (1 month ago)
can we fight Antifa.
Erick Salazar (1 month ago)
That thing looks like an upgraded version of a pinky demon from doom 3
Temuujin Tsc (1 month ago)
Is it even a game? LOL
new message (1 month ago)
I want that dog. what a nice doggie
ART_ROCHA ARTTRA (2 months ago)
Eu já zerei duas vezes .
hello (2 months ago)
I love this game...you dont just kill nazis...you blast the shit out of them...very satisfying.
Макс Псих (2 months ago)
Very goo:D
Joseph (2 months ago)
vilko krska (2 months ago)
Fallout 76 (2 months ago)
3:26 Have you take your German Lessons
calvin huddleston (2 months ago)
games that advertise heavily usually aren't very good *cough* league of legends btw i wasnt referencing to wolfenstein im just getting spammed by league of legends
epic vmbo fights (2 months ago)
Aw why kill herr comandant he seemed so nice
5050 WW2
Waffen SS soldier N.4486 (2 months ago)
Haha! BlitzMan! Blitzkrieg!
vilko krska (2 months ago)
Why are the communists classified as the “good guys”???
Dizzle (2 months ago)
Awesome trailer. Played this game a while ago, but never actually watched the trailer. Wolfenstein is better than a lot of games out there. They went all out for this game. I was never bored.
Scott 64 (2 months ago)
That cat monckey is cute
Wiktor.Meller06 Meli (2 months ago)
Nice dog i men
alfa-psi (2 months ago)
He still has his head in this video.
Sergo0018 (2 months ago)
Есть не пендосы?
Daniyar Bisenov (2 months ago)
Sergo0018 Нет
Michelle Elliott (2 months ago)
It was butyful
Yuriy Ivanovych (2 months ago)
я еще будто застрял на вольфштейн нью ордер в прыжке на мост, этак и удалил игру :)
Quad X (2 months ago)
*1:46** CAT MONKEY!*
Wotans Krieger (2 months ago)
Damn what a magical world, why Hitler didn't win the war...
Emil Kulisic (2 months ago)
Fricking panzerhunds
Avici Huoyan (2 months ago)
I'd soak my hand in acid to have a giant robot dog of my own. I could ride that fucker to Wendy's and get myself some french fries.
Track in the end, please.
mario castañeda (2 months ago)
Below me is the gay (2 months ago)
It would be awsome to have giant robotic nazi dog
VladDikPie (2 months ago)
Headless Jim (22 days ago)
Dog will win :)
Pablo Cruz (3 months ago)
Nazis :v
Janino Sibal (3 months ago)
I through it is a Zoid haha
TheGrafDuckula (3 months ago)
beste game ever
Sushi_ Addict44 (3 months ago)
see? dogs are OBVIOUSLY better than cats. especially robot ones.
rodraku (3 months ago)
Great nazis are litaraly everywhere and wenn you thing youre with good poeple they are communists in this world you cant ascape fascism
Zimr Game Dev Tips (3 months ago)
German or Else
laabitres (3 months ago)
i need to get this game
Typ 3 kiryu (3 months ago)
The german pepol are nice
soviet1 (4 months ago)
only the anti white side is playable?
penetratorr (4 months ago)
This "Liesel" trailer is epic :D
Sn4KeTundrä 3162 (4 months ago)
It's Fallout
Kenexxa (4 months ago)
As a German it is really cringy to see those Germans speak English with that accent >.<
WAKE UP LIUTENANT (4 months ago)
> - > what the fuck...its that trailer...
troll gawd (4 months ago)
German filth
jutubaeh (5 months ago)
seams lizzl made the bughünt vv and missed $üm ^ ^
Quinsareth (5 months ago)
This game looks fun, but I'm disappointed you can't also kill Antifa and BLM because as a Jew I can tell you that those far-left idiots are just as anti-Semitic as Nazis.
Mark Lofgren (5 months ago)
She's crazy °¬θ A PANZERBOND 1961
Mark Lofgren (5 months ago)
Panzerbond 1961
The Russian Bullfrog (5 months ago)
Yo if you put captions on at the part where Liesel burns the truck it literally says *RIP The truck lol
Mysterious Individual (5 months ago)
Why do you always have to destroy the nazis in Wolfenstein? I would love it if you could choose sides with the resistance or the nazis. I know this will never be a thing since they can´t publish a game where the nazis win but one can dream, right?
Hellfire (5 months ago)
What drug did he take at the end? Cuz I’ll have what he’s having!!
A13X Ha1ku (5 months ago)
Liesel the friendly panzerhund
M1Studios (5 months ago)
Wait 1:37 wtf Germany
solwen (5 months ago)
Was waiting for a "Menschen die Deutsche genannt werden, gehen sie ins Haus" graffiti in the trailer
Eli Blvck (5 months ago)
Was dat a cat monkey
the mobile team (5 months ago)
the algorithm (5 months ago)
The trailer is really badass !

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