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Top 15 PS Vita Roleplaying Games | Best Vita RPGs

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Buy these games here and help support this channel via the Amazon affiliate links: https://goo.gl/qbmcuS Ranking the 15 best PlayStation Vita RPG video games so far. These are the top-rated roleplaying titles released on Sony's handheld gaming console that received high scores from both critic and gamer reviews. whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (221)
Kyore (2 months ago)
Seems like vita was made for persona.
MazDanRX795 (2 months ago)
Do you intentionally mispronounce everything or have you just never said these words and names before? You have a nice voice and it sounds like English is your native language, so what gives?
chicken hat (4 months ago)
lol the japanese CC constantly says "I'm gay"
MeatPopsycle (6 months ago)
MeatPopsycle (6 months ago)
Eye Sack
Taylor Chance (6 months ago)
I didn't want to say anything about the voice over but how the fuck did she pronounce pivotal around 7:29?
Kosteri x (6 months ago)
How are these rpgs. All flashy crap
saprissa9 (8 months ago)
RIP my beautiful turn base system :(
Uncle Chubby (9 months ago)
I did type in best vita rpgs, didn't I?
Atharia Lochagos (9 months ago)
This host seriously needs to pick up a dictionary. She cannot pronounce shit.
claxcyr (9 months ago)
Roleplaying games they said.
Coty Ezell (10 months ago)
Final fantasy to me was always the best of the best. It seemed like it doesn't matter the game, the company does what it wants and often creates it's own gameplay, each final fantasy varying in style and gameplay from the next creating a more diverse community. I tried several of the persona and it didn't hook me at all. I felt like playing a Anime spinoff of devil may cry. Where there is 2 worlds and something is always happening between the 2 to create conflict for the protagonist.
XxJgamingXx Mobile (10 months ago)
Freedom wars wtf
Sean M. (10 months ago)
Ah, yes my fellow gamers. I also enjoy games very much and am in touch with your communities. I also enjoy RPGs such as the Binding of Izaak.
Alexander Gerasimov (11 months ago)
jrpgs are not rpgs
ian moone (9 months ago)
Alexander Gerasimov what? how? jrpgs are rpgs made in japan
wisnu zainesta (11 months ago)
FF X should've been top 3 tho
jrizzle8769 (11 months ago)
i think the creator of this video needs to research what a real RPG is......
Lucidrequiem (11 months ago)
You have absolutely no idea what an rpg is...that much is very clear. You seem to think it means side scroller, it doesn't. Vita has some very good rpg's, you managed to miss most of them on a list of rpg's.....your level of failure is truly impressive. I couldn't have done better myself unless i posted a video that said "top 10 Apple products" and then filmed myself taking a massively toilet shattering shit.....wait...my video would actually be extremely accurate, never mind.
Miguel Condado Olivar (7 months ago)
Lucidrequiem Could you point me towards some good RPGs?
Robin Mattheussen (11 months ago)
I realize these Whatoplay videos are insanely low quality, but putting The Binding of Isaac, Gravity Rush, Rogue Legacy, Muramasa Rebirth and Soul Sacrifice on a list of Role-playing games has to be a new low. And why is the best series on the system (Trails of Cold Steel) only an honorable mention when you were clearly in dire need for more actual RPGs?
ian moone (9 months ago)
Robin Mattheussen Soul Sacrifice is an rpg though
portal78 (11 months ago)
First learn what an RPG game is and THEN make videos.
Minoru Miyamoto (1 year ago)
The list is nice but many are not considered RPGs
Rasco (1 year ago)
This chick doesn't know how to pronounce the word "pivotal" lol She straight up said "pie-vitol". But hey, she's a chick who sounds like she might be hot, so let's give her a job in videogames!
Jose Cabrera (1 year ago)
I have never played persona games and I’m a huge rpg guy? Is it really that good?
Heinrich Kotula (1 year ago)
Do your channel even know what RPG game is???
josimar paixao (1 year ago)
wtf??? digimon is 15? gravity rush is a rpg????
humor (1 year ago)
its very sad that i have 13/15 (i dont have the 2 indies) of these games, no more good releases
Light Scaliber (1 year ago)
Got both Persona 4 Golden and Trails of Steel 1, love em both!!!! x] I want another RPG!!!!!!!
chicken Daddy (1 year ago)
anyone gonna talk about freedom wars?
Nucking Figger (1 year ago)
Smashing thots.
TVC Optimus Prime (1 year ago)
enough with persona 4 golden we know its a good game already😅
Luvbacon (1 year ago)
Gravity Rush, Binding of Isaac, Muramasa, Rogue Legacy? These really aren't RPGs by any definition in use.
whatoplay (1 year ago)
You're right. We're working on our categorizations a the moment. For now, we'll settle with going by developer definitions. We hope this will be enough to satisfy our viewers.
Luvbacon (1 year ago)
And no, Dragons Crown does not in any way define what is an RPG. An rpg needs character power growth, character development, some level of strategic combat, and story.
Liam Scott (1 year ago)
"Ubisoft has outdid themselves" what fantastic journalism
airok4bboy (1 year ago)
Love voice of video.
Egemen İpek (1 year ago)
RPG - Gravity Rush get the fuck outta here bitch
Joe Edwards (1 year ago)
If I had to give up all my systems but one, I would keep my PS Vitas!
FlashMan (1 year ago)
Erickkach (1 year ago)
just found this channel and it reminds me soo much lf that xplay. or gplay show on G4.
Tude Krez (1 year ago)
Someone, please beat Persona 4 Golden, It's always no.1 everywhere I go for PS Vita. The game iss toooooooooooo good 😄😄😄
Yianni Contis (1 year ago)
Carl Buccarey (1 year ago)
5:15 "from the developer that brought you Mighty #9".... shit, that's not a great reference guys.
Peter Peterson (1 year ago)
persona 4 g
Futanari Hermy (1 year ago)
Also if you are a fan of Persona... Persona 2 Eternal Punishment on PSOne Classics and Persona 2 Innocent Sin on PSP Classics are good choices
bmpynks (1 year ago)
Salt and Sanctuary? I know it isn't for anyone but man oh man. What a ride.
Uub (1 year ago)
Unrelated but I really like your voice! It sounds good in videos like these
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Thank you! :)
dracoamry (1 year ago)
The 5th Persona was placed under a different name for the Wii U it's the Shin Megami Tenshi Toyko Mirage FE. It's a Persona / Fire Emblem cross over. Follows the same basic Persona set up we all love and adds a weird twist with the Fire Emblem Franchise we all love as a tactical game.
Red Akimadori (1 year ago)
B-but Akiba's Trip... How is THAT not in there!? (But, I can't argue with number one) I own P4G and I can agree 100% with number 1 lol
Michael (1 year ago)
One thing you do better than most other reviewers: You keep the title in the bottom left corner which makes it easier to write down a game's title. Thanks!
Darin Parker (1 year ago)
Binding of Izack.
Pecto's Pages (1 year ago)
Most of these can barely be called rpgs. Seriously?
Brandon Lewis (1 year ago)
Knew it. P4G is sooo over hyped.
Luca Falasca (1 year ago)
Do you know what RPG means?
GoldenSirius (1 year ago)
Half the games on this list are not RPGs.
Shattered Sentient (1 year ago)
God Eater 2 Rage Burst and Freedom Wars
Kirigaya Kazuto (1 year ago)
P5 on Ps vita ???
Anes NB (1 year ago)
曼LU (1 year ago)
did psv got any monster hunter game except mh frontier
曼LU (1 year ago)
did psv got any monster hunter game except mh frontier
Idraki Faeez (1 year ago)
Its sad that Attack On Titan is not on the list even in runner-ups. As a huge fan, I think its really a good game, imo
Le Kanraposte (1 year ago)
Le Kanraposte (1 year ago)
"Elements" does NOT make the _whole_ thing. Just because in a fighting game you can "level up" does not make this a "RPG". A RPG must have an important central story, interaction with NPCs, customisation with items and exploration. There is two kinds. The JRPG with random encounters like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, and the Adventure RPG like Zelda and Skyrim. Here, they show PURE action games and try to pass them up as "RPG". This make no senses. Just to be clear, let's take a very dramatic movie about a guy who must deal with the fact that he's about to die of cancer for the 199 minutes of the movie's 200. And then, literally at the _last_ minute, he's taken by a UFO to be cured. Does this make that movie a science fiction one? NO. It's a tear jerking drama, nothing more, nothing less. While we're at it, Pac-Man could be a fucking "RPG" because you play Pac-Man's "role" and you get "experience points". Stop mudding the RPG term on everything. Pepper on a bannana dosent change it into a steak.
Idraki Faeez (1 year ago)
Le Kanraposte The idiot is you. Those games on the list contains rpg elements which being said, it is rpg games in short :>> pft
Idraki Faeez (1 year ago)
Le Kanraposte First, rpg has grown into many sub-categories (either its action-rpg, or contain rpg elements). Second, you cant blame the channel. They only follow the officials tag the games and store listing (which is rpg)
Zloy_dedulya (1 year ago)
Trails of Cold Steel 2 is not even in 15, and fucking Minecraft in Dragon Quest universe is on 3rd??? This is fucking shite!
Do you know what an rpg is??
Loofret Nico (1 year ago)
isaac is not a rpg ! gravity rush is not a rpg ! rogue legacy is not a rpg !
Jeff Archuleta (1 year ago)
Tales of Hearts R
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Tales of Hearts R has a PlayScore of *8.01* on PS Vita, at present.
David P (1 year ago)
it has a play score of a, just say of.
EonHSD (1 year ago)
I bought Dragons Crown a few months ago, looking for a new RPG to play. And I've got to say I don't remember ever being this disappointed in a game.. Also, ohmygodpersona5
Aaaa Aaaa (1 year ago)
half of this games are not even RPGs...
SnazzyBoxx (1 year ago)
Why are there so many platformers and side scrollers? The ps vita is capable of bigger and better things , yet when I go to the store there are no decent 3D adventure/mature/free roam games. What waste of an amazing portable console
kingmatt2563 (1 year ago)
SnazzyBoxx Because of the limitations of memory and the poor marketing campaign in the west, 3d games never really took off. I expected a GTA on the system. I want Sega to port Shenmue onto the system, but that will never happen.
SnazzyBoxx (1 year ago)
I tried so hard to get into digimon, but I just couldn't
valencia boy (1 year ago)
please do best hack and slash games... u gained a subcriber dou
Sekai Subete (1 year ago)
No Ys VIII Lacrimosa of DANA?
whatoplay (1 year ago)
I'm afraid, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana wasn't released yet in NA and doesn't have a PlayScore yet. We hope it'll be released in NA soon.
Daniel Wood (1 year ago)
Personally I liked Trails of Cold Steel 1 & 2 MORE than Persona 4, but fair enough.
Andrew Hayford (1 year ago)
So....G is sometimes pronounced as J...just saying.
Carry Me Anego (1 year ago)
whatoplay (1 year ago)
You said it wrong. It's supposed to be PER.....SO.......NAAAAAAAA!!!
Big Cow Productions (1 year ago)
pie-vittel? you mean pivotal?
FRCB (1 year ago)
I love these list, especially the Vita ones.
Connor Merritt (1 year ago)
Persona 4 Golden is number one, definitely. But The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1&2 is easily second. Both fantastic. Such an underrated series, that is amazing.
Anes NB (1 year ago)
Anes NB (1 year ago)
+whatoplay god damnit critics
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Currently, Freedom Wars has a PlayScore of *8.17* on PS Vita.
el Mouhtaref (1 year ago)
هل يوجد احد عربي في هذا الفيديو
Waleed Nader (1 year ago)
el Mouhtaref نعم
ProtosMerkabah (1 year ago)
Question.. How is Gravity Rush an RPG?
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Gravity Rush has a role-playing elements, hence, it's an action-RPG.
Mistertitanic (1 year ago)
How is Gravity Rush an RPG?
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Gravity Rush features role-playing elements. It's an action-adventure, action-RPG.
Ulruk The Obliterator (1 year ago)
long live the vita!
Unexpected News (1 year ago)
more small game on my channel
Omar Eidah (1 year ago)
Can you get us a play score for the Inazuma Eleven series please ?
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Sure, we'll provide a list of the games current PlayScore on 3DS below. On 3DS: Inazuma Eleven - *8.22* Inazuma Eleven 3: Bomb Blast - *7.84* Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attack! - *7.71* Inazuma Eleven GO: Light - *8.07* Inazuma Eleven GO: Shadow - *8.01* Inazuma Eleven Go: Chrono Stones: Wildfire - *8.15* Sadly, Inazuma Eleven Go: Chrono Stones: Thunderflash hasn't received enough Critic reviews for us to know it's PlayScore on 3DS.
majed jameel (1 year ago)
why there is no videos about Vita is it dead 😀
Epic Troll Internet (1 year ago)
Idraki Faeez but god eater 2 / toukiden 2 is as good as monster hunter, summon night 6 are as good as fire emblem, OK the ps vita are don't have pokemon, but have digimon :) the Rayman origins/legends on vita are as good as mario on 3ds, danganronpa are as good as Phoenix wright the only difference is the 3ds games have lot more marketing in west, the vita games does not have the same marketing in west, they just they uploading them to ps store without marketing
majed jameel (1 year ago)
+Idraki Faeez boring Is that a joke 😹😹 OK play killzone on your Vita
Idraki Faeez (1 year ago)
majed jameel srsly 3ds are boring. Sure they have MH,Zelda,Pokemon,Fire Emblem but other just sucks. And its always mario again and over again .-. Shet mayn
majed jameel (1 year ago)
+black man well There is Monster Hunter and Zelda games There is alot 😏
Basile (1 year ago)
3 games from Vanillaware in a single top 15 ? That's why I love the Vita this much <3
Alfons Darmawi (1 year ago)
vita have many great rpg games, really love them.. and need more games translated to english
Epic Troll Internet (1 year ago)
Alfons Darmawi interesting, in 3ds I can say more japan exclusive game but in vita all games I want to buy coming to west.
jude decear (1 year ago)
how about god eater rage burst??
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Currently, GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst hasn't received enough Critic reviews for us to know it's PlayScore on PS Vita. For reference, GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst on PS4 has a PlayScore of *8.31* so far.
lnsflare1 (1 year ago)
jude decear Technically, the God Eater/Freedom Wars/etc... games are Action Adventure games where you advance through a combination of building new gear from loot and gitting gud, like in Monster Hunter. Soul Sacrifice does have an experience based progression system based on whether you save/sacrifice/coin-toss the creatures you defeat, so it fits as an RPG from a mechanical standpoint.
Sunny Mustache (1 year ago)
Persona 4 Golden is a beautiful masterpiece
Leticia Putri (1 year ago)
Persona 5 is so good! highly recommended, I'm hooked. But I also liked Persona 3 the most
Moomoo SONCE (1 year ago)
Bakusaiga it's really soooooooo sad that persona 5 didn't come in ps vita version!! 😭😭
RedMalevolence (1 year ago)
Persona games are always good man. Personally liked Persona 3 the most, though I haven't played P5 yet.
LIQUID SNAKE (1 year ago)
Bakusaiga really? hmmm im new to persona but im instantly hooked to p5 and even saw the playthrough! but p5 seems way better in eberyway than p4G
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Of course it is! Here, take Whatoplay's Social Link!
Shinarock (1 year ago)
wheres p4 dance all night?
lnsflare1 (1 year ago)
Shinarock As that's not an RPG, It's imagine that it's on a different list. That being said, the Vita probably has enough Rhythm Games to make a top ten list of those as well.
Legit Tutorials (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work!
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
Nickie Archua (1 year ago)
Great list!
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Thank you so much you're one of our die-hard supporters and we're so grateful!
Ray Bacz (1 year ago)
Excellent video, great games, nice music. Goodjob whatoplay!
Ray Bacz (1 year ago)
OMG you <3 my comment @whatoplay. :3
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for you're undying support!
Heyyy Youuu (1 year ago)
please make top cancelled game >_<
Heyyy Youuu (1 year ago)
thanks..you the best
whatoplay (1 year ago)
That's an interesting suggestion. Thank you! We'll try to come up with a list for this great topic and hopefully publish a video about it, on our upcoming schedule. Please stay tuned!
mochi michru (1 year ago)
question what atlus game would be the best out of all the systems nintendo and or sony?
caos024 (1 year ago)
mochi michru Persona 5
alfaukos_tacos (1 year ago)
If you liked persona 4 golden, I highly recommend giving Trails of Cold Steel 1&2 a shot, it's definitely up there with P4G, in my book.
DiskFelcore (1 year ago)
I am finishing up FFX on the vita right now(played it on PS2 just replaying it) I was looking for other JRPGs to play on my lunch break and when I dont want to turn on my PS4, they look good, I added them onto my Amazon wishlist as a reminder when Im done with FFX.
alfaukos_tacos (1 year ago)
ProtosMerkabah plating it takes some grinding, but i grew up loving the grind in jrpgs. plated that, both cold steels and p4g, etc.
ProtosMerkabah (1 year ago)
+caos024 I'm getting both because both series are boss! Memories of Celceta was one of the first Vita games I completed (didn't platinum though...)
caos024 (1 year ago)
alfaucko I hope so. Falcom deserve more love for Legend of Heroes series and even for the YS series. Both are great series in their own right. I'll be buying Trails of Cold Steel 3 and YS 8 on PS4 to support them. Those 2 series deserve a lot more recognition.
alfaukos_tacos (1 year ago)
Agreed, on all points, and another point, towards hope for Cold Steel(and the Legend of Heroes, in general) gaining a following, is that Persona 4 was also released on PS2 years after PS3 was out, so maybe it'll all just snowball, kinda like the Persona series. Either way, you're right, P4G is definitely one of my faves, too, but I would like for Falcom to get more love in the future for their awesome work
Feliciano Mondigo III (1 year ago)
RIP Vita
whatoplay (1 year ago)
SonicSpeed (1 year ago)
I really wish the vita had better RPGs. I would actually play it then.
kainhighwind2 (1 year ago)
Yeah, with the PSP and PS1 catalog off the PSN, the Vita can give you Final Fantasy 1-10 on the go. Not to mention games like Breath of Fire 3, FFTactics: The War of the Lions, Dissidia 012 Duodecim, Persona 1-3, and a bunch more. It's also a fantastic system for fighting games if you're into them. Mortal Kombat 9, BlazBlue, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive... Not to mention the wonderful ability to stream from your PS4 to your Vita wherever you are in the world with an internet connection. The Vita is an absolutely wonderful system that Sony just forgot about.
lnsflare1 (1 year ago)
SonicSpeed Persona 4 Golden, Darkest Dungeon, Disgaea 3-4, Trails of Cold Steel 1-2, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, Final Fantasy X/X2, Tales of Hearts R, World of Final Fantasy, Odin Sphere Liefthrasir, Muramasa Rebirth (with Genroku Legends DLC), Dragon's Crown, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Demon Gaze, Bastion, X-Com: Enemy Unknown Plus, a veritable bucket of Atelier games, Child of Light, Dungeon Travelers 2, Grand Kingdom,Oreshika: Trained Bloodlines, Rollers of the Realm, Ys: Memories of Celceta, the digital PSP/PS1 catalog, etc... don't do it for you?
jazy921 (1 year ago)
6:27 "That's over 9,000!"
The gaming neko (1 year ago)
Steins gate?
whatoplay (1 year ago)
At present, Steins;Gate has a PlayScore of *8.58* on PS Vita.
lnsflare1 (1 year ago)
Toru 02 That's a Visual Novel, not an RPG.
DVGaming (1 year ago)
I think the legacy of the Vita will be that it was a hub for RPG and JRPG games, indie or not.
lnsflare1 (1 year ago)
DarkVengeance101 IMO, it is also the best handheld ever made for fighters, especially if you factor in digital backwards compatibility giving it large chunks of the PSP and PS1 fighter catalog.

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