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Metal Gear Solid V - Episode 45 - A Quiet Exit (S Rank) Parasite Suit (Armor)

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Text Comments (723)
Aman Kumar (2 hours ago)
Опять пидаРашки всюду лезут. Как они зае....
تحسين Mur (22 hours ago)
عزه هاي راد اينيجها
Achmad Yhanie (22 hours ago)
Janis Sprogis (1 day ago)
i think mute like to destroy balls especialy ............ balls
Angel Gutierrez (1 day ago)
Like si lo has jugado
あるふぁ。 (2 days ago)
1:32 君には何が見える?
Rod Kerkhoven (2 days ago)
So unrealistic. More fun reading Batman comics.
ネコスキスキ (2 days ago)
古岡こうき (2 days ago)
日本猿 (2 days ago)
M a X (2 days ago)
Вот хрень, могли бы вообщем эту тёлку разоблачить до гола.
all games
Anh Nguyễn (2 days ago)
شيم العبه
Os cara com AK devem ser Soviético.
حمزة تيتس (2 days ago)
Game is available in Mobile
Kids Games HD (3 days ago)
waooo .. ilikw it
danang aji prasetyo (3 days ago)
Yg penting ada toket aja gw tonton
melanie barcena (3 days ago)
the play internet (3 days ago)
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Ralph Velthoek (3 days ago)
Sex and vilance !
Roman Davыd (4 days ago)
И снова злые российские! Вам самим не надоело
md rabbi (4 days ago)
Huckleberry Hound (4 days ago)
this game Is so dumb
DSkreet (5 days ago)
Using grenade launcher for single target infantry instead of a normal gun, learn to aim
Lalboi Ngaihte (5 days ago)
CyberJay1226 (6 days ago)
If she could do all of that why couldn’t she just break the ropes herself, or phase out of them? Nerd writing, that’s why. 🤓
smitten kitten (6 days ago)
Do u like her?
Tanpa Nama (6 days ago)
NEK DRA (6 days ago)
gaireil_iron (6 days ago)
Lol like the Ironman
kalana kdt (6 days ago)
This game doesn't make any snse
Gaming FireDrago (7 days ago)
Dragon mania
Fanai Val (7 days ago)
What is the name of Game?
Carol Dudley (7 days ago)
That girl is sexy and dangerous 😍😍😍😍😍 and guys really I came for the breast there sexy they make mi horny
What is the name of this game possible my friend
Subendu Mandi (7 days ago)
José Roura (8 days ago)
I was like "yeah, thats it, get wet baby"
Rishi Sonowal (8 days ago)
The very thing i hate.... impossible stunts like those Chinese movies
TheBigHase (8 days ago)
FSK 12!? ;-) Voll das Killer-Babe. BS aber legendäres Game.
home tech (8 days ago)
Sexy fight.
Niko Bellic (8 days ago)
Joder que tetas
Ardi Setiadi (8 days ago)
Oh noo
Josh Araujo (8 days ago)
wtf is this retarded stupidity
Tam Phung (9 days ago)
nhin em nay muon xoac
AV (9 days ago)
отчего неприятели снова российские?
Sean Andrews (9 days ago)
You know damn well I'm not looking into your eyes.
babydontcry _kms (9 days ago)
Nice fap moves lol
Ash Ram (9 days ago)
That's what i call a cut scene
Вова Вебер (9 days ago)
Americans idiots!
Al Siciliano (9 days ago)
I guess these boobies are to hide her ability to make pants disappear. 0:47 - 1:10
anonymus person (10 days ago)
Can be a good movie
PG FLASH (10 days ago)
PG FLASH (7 days ago)
She is QUIET the sniper
RUSH RACER (7 days ago)
Who is she?
Hector Calvillo M (11 days ago)
A Like to Subscribed
韩盼亮 (11 days ago)
Lormy's Secret Society (11 days ago)
The real heroes are the soldiers that didn't get a single boner while fighting this chick
binggo C (11 days ago)
Alpha 93 (11 days ago)
poje*ane w ch*j
King Joker (11 days ago)
1:01 so cruel. please call police
すぃかキッズ (11 days ago)
Nice Person (11 days ago)
i click because i see breast
Tonnie Blankenship (12 days ago)
WOW...!! That chick coming back to life, and biting a plug out of that guy’s neck was very unexpected...!!😳 I might need to check that game out..!! That’s definitely not the Parasite Eve I remember way back when... hahahahaha 😍
Der15sow Niger (12 days ago)
в реале на танке задний ход и стреляй.
ホイ卒 (12 days ago)
Rian zc (12 days ago)
TheGoodGuyIan (13 days ago)
Well rule 34 did quite the work on this
TheGoodGuyIan (13 days ago)
This is why we respect WAMEN
Nine Swords (13 days ago)
Hear my girl? NaNa is special she knows what the way to get defensive
شنو اسم العبه
谷昱辰 (13 days ago)
What the game
abu zahra kunju (13 days ago)
Don't wach your children
Thi Danh (13 days ago)
Game ?
zeregaa (13 days ago)
listening to Trend killer by The haunted while watching this
rajendra kumar (13 days ago)
1 иσ. α¢тισи внαι
Daniel Cullum (13 days ago)
Fuckn sick
Housseny Traore (14 days ago)
j'ai envie de
ᄒᄋᄅᄋ (14 days ago)
( * ) ( * ) X
оld 70 (14 days ago)
Пучек сцаных волос захуярила всех .......
OMS studio (14 days ago)
Super soyer
Andreo Rappani (14 days ago)
Was für ein SHIT GAME !!!
Toheed Khan (14 days ago)
Name of this game ..?
Hamid Sumaniya (11 days ago)
Matal gar 5 game of line
マルクス皇帝 (15 days ago)
あなたへのおすすめから消えない やめろ
ELH_Fiver_X (15 days ago)
Muhammad Al Zufri (15 days ago)
Bijinya diinjek man wkwkwk
魔理沙教 (15 days ago)
めっちゃスカってしたw ち○こ潰した時
Mathmario 2004 (15 days ago)
2:06 poor guy…
super man (15 days ago)
2018 ??
Ramu Ramu,naik (15 days ago)
Vino gaming 134 (16 days ago)
Sam Brown (16 days ago)
Bullshit, he is under fire but alive. Nonsense
Japan Movie (16 days ago)
P4B16李子驀 (16 days ago)
Zammy Wang (16 days ago)
Came for the boobs, I don’t even know this game
sebastien Canete (16 days ago)
just like fortnite
Vainglory VG (16 days ago)
Devil Jin (16 days ago)
Is it weird that I was aroused by this Why is my dick bending on my jeans
Fahim Salehi (16 days ago)
It's amazing
gucci lambo (16 days ago)
pause at 2:06...

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