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Built exclusively for VR, Contagion VR: Outbreak will immerse you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse! Relive the stories of multiple survivors, team up with your friends in any of our cooperative multiplayer modes, or test your skills against other players in one of our PVP modes! The intro music is covered by my friend and not original! Website: http://www.contagion-outbreak.com/ MERPS REVIEW SCORE: • GAMEPLAY 8/10 • GRAPHICS 8/10 • AUDIO 8/10 • IMMERSIVENESS 9/10 • LENGTH 7/10 OVERALL: HOLY SHIT, I love the atmosphere in this contagious vr outbreak demo! Yes that's right, it's just a demo and you can check it out on steam! I've played the normal game on pc for a couple of month's with friends and the multiplayer pvp is just so fun and awesome to play! I can confirm that this will be in the VR version aswell! But for now we can only enjoy this demo! The atmosphere, zombies, weapons, story is just so freaking appealing! I hope you enjoyed this video! Would I buy this game again if I lost my steam account? It's a free demo! I love it! MY VR SYSTEM: • I7 2700K 4.6GHZ overclock watercooled • ASUS MAXIMUS IV EXTREME-Z • 12GB RAM • GTX1080 MSI SEAHAWK WATERCOOLED & OVERCLOCKED. • 256 SSD + 1TB HDD. Are you a VR developer and you have a business offer? • kingdtommy@gmail.com THANKS FOR WATCHING AND CATCH YOU IN THE NEXT VIDEO! MUCH LOVE, MERP
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Text Comments (9344)
I like it but why are the arms gone? Weird dude
Elijah Lafolafo (1 hour ago)
that a women not a sir
InternetBiased (3 hours ago)
Jimin, come get your damn boi Tony!
Yaresly Franco (5 hours ago)
What game is this ?
Moon of light (11 hours ago)
2.05 hahahahah i love u too bitch so funny
Johnny Graham (15 hours ago)
I'm absolutely dead. The news report said 3:20 and I looked at my clock and it's 3:20 here.
kullenberg (15 hours ago)
What a shit boyfriend
K Tarun (19 hours ago)
That's really awesome...nd this is just the beginning of the VR...Future will be f**king awesome
GameDev DemonPawi (22 hours ago)
I'm wondering if u can play the guitar in the game
Khaled Irkan (23 hours ago)
Nice town. Guns and bullets everywhere.
The Great Pretender (23 hours ago)
andrea ann (1 day ago)
You know u turning around so much tht i'm getting dizzy just by watching it..uugghhh..😵😵😵.. Anyone else feel dizzy?....
Kngcobra GAMEING (1 day ago)
that would be scary af if you some how forgot you were wearing the htc vr headset and thought the game was real life
SaltySlice (1 day ago)
14:09 *hears the word zombie* *shoots the TV* SHADDAP *dabs*
Morgan Beck (1 day ago)
i havent even gotten 5 minutes and im already shaking......
to om (1 day ago)
Poor tony, he was a good Men that did not deserve that.
TKKing X (1 day ago)
I sub
ryan games 2 (1 day ago)
he put the song of The last of us on the bottom
Nathan Blades (2 days ago)
Big Boi (2 days ago)
ᴜ sᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴅɪғғᴇʀᴇɴᴛ ᴡᴇʟʟ ᴀᴛ ғɪʀsᴛ ᴜ ᴅɪᴅ
Bella Sera (2 days ago)
This looks so good
dannymcnallymusic (2 days ago)
Considering how quickly technology is evolving. Can you imagine how scary these vr games are gonna be in say 20 years time?
Keith Johnson (3 days ago)
I like this game!
jhwhy28 (3 days ago)
Wife was dead ASAP lol he took forever to even try and go downstairs to meet her
S.O.A.P Crew (3 days ago)
How do you move around if you're on PC? Do you teleport or do you actually walk around
Christian K (3 days ago)
Turn up my volume? I don't trust you.
moula ali (3 days ago)
may i know the game name .....?
BowlOFassSOUP Ps4 (3 days ago)
This for pc?
cesar clich (4 days ago)
''Need more ammo''... *Use the pistol to turn down the tv...*
Autumn Young (4 days ago)
So cool
Zapta Dubstep (4 days ago)
This looks amazing!
Gave Drohl (4 days ago)
*picks up remote control* "wHaT iS tHiS?" Lul
Dalton burgess (5 days ago)
What was the vr game name
Renato Hidalgo (5 days ago)
Wow nice video gameplay I love this game so realistic
Surge Eagle (6 days ago)
What’s called bro?
Surge Eagle (6 days ago)
I mean what the game called tho
Slayer1983 (6 days ago)
For some reason this reminds me of the resident evil 2 remake :D
Gage S (6 days ago)
Like some kinda animal? Why didn't she say like a zombie?
The Almighty FRICK (7 days ago)
I would shit myself if i played this.
rachael bias (7 days ago)
Whats this zombie vr game called will it be for ps4 vr
Jonathan Smith (7 days ago)
Nobody recognized "Last of Us" opening music? Love that Soundtrack.
zexnoverse tobares (7 days ago)
Phoni Bushan Roy (8 days ago)
super realistic
NQS_20 #Natasha (8 days ago)
Aaaaaah so scary!😰
Daniel Ventura (8 days ago)
Pls do more
Tom Nguyen (8 days ago)
anyone notice the last of us theme song i the back ground [disclaimer] I know Merp did say enjoy the background
Sho Jo (9 days ago)
How would you feel about playing this game with the katwalk mini? https://youtu.be/vEhwLRX4m2s
jason yang (9 days ago)
Why did you drop your AR-15 and use your little pistol. You will have quick end for sure using that little handgun.
Rakshit Rax (9 days ago)
Will the PC version of this game release?
Jesse wells (10 days ago)
I wasn't even playing the game and my heart was racing wow i need to get this set up.
valih0n (10 days ago)
we need Manhunt remake on vr
boris michel (10 days ago)
Boi u are shaking
victorrick rosa (11 days ago)
Wen is this game coming out god
fuck you bitch!!!! hello from Russia , you are kid!!!!!!! suck off!!!!
Rockwell Molion (11 days ago)
*Turn the Brightness up of your Computer or Phone while Watching this and you''ll be fine as A Virgin Forest.*
Rockwell Molion (11 days ago)
*The only Youtuber who Roleplays like its Real life And he Doesnt know whats happening. ;)*
Rockwell Molion (11 days ago)
*This kind Of Games give me the Creeps*
MuhammadFauzan Bintang (12 days ago)
mate my heart to mate XD
PumpUP (12 days ago)
Guys... imagine playing games like this on fucking magic mushrooms ... would be awesome *.*
Siandroid (13 days ago)
Tony, mate. Look, you’re being bang out of order with trying to eat people’s faces and stuff. Great video, by the way. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 👍
Sku11Troop3r Fortnite (13 days ago)
Subscribe to sku11troop3r fortnite to enter a 100,000 v-bucks give away
Sergio Godinez (13 days ago)
its fells so
Paul Davis (13 days ago)
Looks fun, but in all honesty the only thing I could find myself saying is "LOOK DOWN THE SCOPE M8!!" haha
Ana Claudia (13 days ago)
1+ 🇧🇷❤
Amos Lee (14 days ago)
Fking nub as gamer keeps screaming
Brian Garay (14 days ago)
es el mjor juego de rialidad virtual loko me encanto
AviatorNicBoy28 (14 days ago)
Loved the fucking last of us music
Ninjinzo (14 days ago)
Damn imagine this online? Like Day Z but better? Damn. Future.
David Schneider (14 days ago)
The music sounds like the music from The Last Of Us
dinis kwaski (14 days ago)
the player's voice walked well withe the game lol
Meekanemone GamingYTz (15 days ago)
iPreston 2.0 (15 days ago)
Thank god this commentary belongs to the player and not the actual character, because I’d just shoot myself if this were the actual characters dialogue.
Patrick Wang (15 days ago)
I have a question, why all the characters in the zombie games and movies pretend that they never learn zombies before?
ramzi (15 days ago)
This guy’s dialogue just made the game 10x more interesting!
Matthew Smith (15 days ago)
Waiting for vr counterstrike
Jay Freez On The Beat (14 days ago)
+Matthew Smith hahaha you need a good cpu also
Matthew Smith (14 days ago)
Jay Freez On The Beat i know i meant waiting on my poor ars to get the funds
Jay Freez On The Beat (14 days ago)
already exist mate
He got scared when the message from thetv went off he jumped a little
Csaba Tárnoki (15 days ago)
Ahhh the moonlight sonata😎Can you play it Rebecca??😀
Lux Tenebris (16 days ago)
I thought at first that your voice was the character's voice xD
Matthew Caldwell (16 days ago)
My heart is racing rn oh fuck
Monark Gaming (16 days ago)
Are you going to go through the newest demo? Heard it's much better then the rest. There's a bunch out there, but I'd like to watch one of your videos instead. Much better.
Just to let people know yes this is coming to Psvr How I know is on thier official site I am hyped
Triatomicshadow45 (16 days ago)
this looks Dope as fuck
Ilumination (16 days ago)
Contagion Outbreak isnt new. there is only one new here it is in VR but the game is old !
Roiyaru Futagoza (16 days ago)
VR will definitely get your adrenaline pumping...it felt so realistic...even just watching the video, I felt a wave of panic as his wife called him and told him she couldn't make it to him...man that's not a call any man wants to receive from his wife...I'd go on a homicidal rage...great vid btw bro 👏👏👏
Gnome Child (16 days ago)
13:51 did that zombie say yes?
kiri wasn't ready (17 days ago)
Love your videos ! Keep up the awesome job buddy !
Girdenis Valiūnas (17 days ago)
At 10:00 i got so scared that much that my hearth hurts. I got so scared omg
Nathanyol Gaming (17 days ago)
I’ll be back I need to change my underwear
matthew hohman (17 days ago)
Tell me please that this is a real game not some fail kick start game that will never come out
Scary Social (17 days ago)
Is it me or did the beginning sound like “The Last of Us”? I’m not sure who the developers of the game are. No, just because it’s “apocalyptic” didn’t make me think that. The song that was being played (not even sure if it was the game or the gamer) and him asking for Tony made me think of Sarah.
samuel wrong (17 days ago)
Can u just force and play the fucking game dude...... stop talking like a idiot
Baldi Gaming (17 days ago)
That's is not a demo You just died You thought it end the game
mert gündoğdu (18 days ago)
with online- think.
Elzie’s Vlogs (18 days ago)
9:07 I feel bad for the dog
Garrett Prudek (18 days ago)
One of my worst fears brought closely to life good job man your awesome to put up with this
Byron Wheeler (18 days ago)
I wish I had enough money for a super computer and the Vive!!! Someone have $2500 to lend me?? :o/
Ricardo B. (18 days ago)
What is het name of this game?
mobizen plays (18 days ago)
What is name This game
Ash is Good IG (18 days ago)
hi you forget about that door and something else in the first place at the start and this at 16:45
Z (19 days ago)
What a bad aim You piece of shit....😒
Maykay.Jaykay Man (19 days ago)
The shit u edited in ruined it

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