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AC Unity and Rogue Plot/Ending Analysis!

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Text Comments (34)
ashish bhatt (1 month ago)
Play ac unity- it feel bland Play rougue then unity- really awesome experience.
jane thomas (1 year ago)
I'm sorry, but isn't it Connor, not Conner?
ph11lyfan2004 (1 year ago)
I'm crying all the time when I was ACU ending, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE!!!???? I was upset when the other females in the franchise died but this one makes me heartbroken. Arno and her knew each other since they were kids!!!!! And she has a great personality. Pisses me off Ubisoft. I know it's only a game but it's better then twilight!!!
Lunar (1 year ago)
Honestly after playing rogue idk if I can still side with the Asassins. I feel like shay and the templars are right.
Spark Films (1 year ago)
0:52 Shay McCormac?!?!? He made McDonald's? Holy crap....... MIND BLOWN.
thomas brady (2 years ago)
I found Unity's final monologue to be pretentious, hypocritical, morally cowardly, and unrelated to anything that happened in the story. Arno and Elise were terrible characters and I couldn't stand them.
Atoting abode (2 years ago)
I have assassin creed rogue I'm confused his an assassin and he become a Templar assassin? I'm I right ? 😉
TGOokami (2 years ago)
2:57 #KilledYoDad (i can't stop laughing)
José Ruiz Díaz (2 years ago)
4:53 is beautiful what u just said, but I don't think so, I just think that Elise is stupid, unnecesary, w/o an objetive next to fuck all the men in France, WHAT THE HELL SHE WANT, FROM THE BEGINING WHEN U DISCOVER SHE IS A TEMPLAR SHE JUST KEEP CRYING, BETRAYING AND BEING STUPID WITH YOU, that's one of the reasons that proves that also the AC story is getting down, Bad characters
José Ruiz Díaz (2 years ago)
I dunno which could be better, Shay hunting Connor, or Arno searching for Shay, but must remember that the AC saga is getting worse and worse, we just should wait for Syndicate. I think the Story is Awesome, sometimes the way that Ubisoft show it is not the best but keeps being good, but must remember that a good story can't sustain AC much longer, even the story is getting down DX
chrisellersagangsta (2 years ago)
My question is why isn't shay ever mentioned in ac 3 he was a major player in the Templars so idk why Connor wouldn't have gone after him I'm sure Achilles would have mentioned him
Matux. Matuxowy (2 years ago)
Ur welcome debilu
chrisellersagangsta (2 years ago)
thanks captain obvious i just wonder why ubisoft didnt think the plot through
Matux. Matuxowy (2 years ago)
cuz ac3 was released before rogue
PrinceRPG (3 years ago)
Gret video i find that black flag seems to actually be the weakest in the series it didnt add anything to the mythos i feel 3 rogue and unity all come together and hopefully the next ac is connor vs shay that would be crazy and maybe arno has to stop this or a 3rd organization it would be nice seeing an older connor i know people hate him but i like him if his game wasnt rushed he would of been an great character
Jose Gabriel Amantoy (1 year ago)
PrinceRPG I agree. It didn't even feel like an assassin game. More like pirates creed
Jordan Suggitt (3 years ago)
Why were the modern day assassins looking for the sage? They mentioned it once and it just blew over my head
Loej - (3 years ago)
Unity means as one the templars and assassins had a peace treaty. Does this mean anything.
Environmentalist98 (3 years ago)
A future dlc with Shay fighting Connor would be really good, and would tie up some knots in the story. Up to now, we don't have info on the later lives of Shay or Connor. And they really need to elaborate more on what Shay meant by having his own revolution later on, and see what he did for the rest of his life after 1776.
123samthegod (3 years ago)
I would think that Arno would be one to have a battle with shay as well. Maybe a little connor and Arno VS. Shay action in the game after victory?
Environmentalist98 (3 years ago)
+Revvy That could be possible, but I think that Shay was talking about a revolution during his own life time, not during the late 19th century which i assume the next game will take place (you see the Houses of Parliament, finished by 1870). The industrial revolution did not take place overnight like the French Revolution, its a misnomer to call it a revolution because it was very gradual, starting with the Spinning Jenny in 1760, & then the slow introduction of steam engines, etc.
Revvy (3 years ago)
I think Shay might be talking about the industrial revolution, since we know the next game will be set then.
JackOsborne (3 years ago)
Vote for an alternative ending!http://www.thepetitionsite.com/706/408/139/make-an-alternative-ending-to-assassins-creed-unity-as-an-update/?cid=headerClick#sign
Oliver Snowden (3 years ago)
AC rogue is awsome
zee_ (3 years ago)
Not a big fan of unity's story had to some what force myself to play through it but after watching this video and seeing the bigger picture gotta say it makes sense, Great video!
portjon97 (4 years ago)
I won't be watching this video since I try to avoid spoilerinos. But I have a question. Is the Modern day story line really that bad? Because the time anomaly trailer made it seem pretty fun...
portjon97 (4 years ago)
+DreamcastGuy Ah man, yeah seems like they started paying less attention to the real life scenarios after AC 3...
DreamcastGuy (4 years ago)
+portjon97 Nope, that's all you do is walk office to office and use different consoles. You climb around a tiny bit to get to hidden consoles later on to access later memories but nothing special. I never really ran into any bugs, I would just fall off stuff randomly at times.
portjon97 (4 years ago)
+DreamcastGuy That blows, the trailers made it seem really cool (Which of course is their purpose). Also, is it buggy on console as well? Because Ubishit made an awful PC port again :/ Also, just wondering, does the Real Life part of AC 4 (Which I'm currently playing) have any more depth than walking inside of an office and doing assignments for some weird IT guy? Do they explain more? Don't spoil, I would just want to know what I can expect swicne I really like the way the real life sequences in AC 2-3...
DreamcastGuy (4 years ago)
Both of the modern timelines are pretty useless. I can't really tell you why because of spoilers though. 
DarkusHeliosDM (4 years ago)
@2:52 Shay killed Charles Dorian, Arno's biological father, not his Elise's father
DreamcastGuy (4 years ago)
She refers to him as an adoptive father in her letters, hence why I call him that. Thank you for the correction though! 
egott94 (4 years ago)
I thought that was a great analysis. I agree they did a great job writing the story for Unity.

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