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10 Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow Secret Exploits And Glitches You Totally Missed

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Text Comments (313)
Casper van Doorn (4 days ago)
The Safe Corruption glitch
Loadilastic theWolf (10 days ago)
I luv it
Agarosfly (1 month ago)
you can use missingno whitout problems if you give him 4 new attackmoves so it dont ruin your game and you can level it up :)
Davis Bell (2 months ago)
how does the color scheme change thing work?
Joshua J WARS (3 months ago)
You have the same entry as 10 Mistakes 2 More.
Rogal Dorn (3 months ago)
The most fun i had was, when i captured a MissingNo and tradet it to my yellow edition. At first everything went well but at some point it turned in to a machop with an 100% Krit change on his Karate chop and it later learned an attack that was named VM3 and looked like leer but did damage. At the end all my sprites where distorted ore where displayed upside down or cut into stripes thete where arranged totaly random and wrong.
ALEXISDESU Desu (4 months ago)
I got a mew in 1999 at a toys r us. then used a Monster Brain(pokemon save adapter) to save it. it's still active.
HappyPepe (6 months ago)
"You totally missed" First one is MissingNo. LOL! REALLY DUDE?
CommanderM117 (6 months ago)
you missed the biggest unkillable Pokemon only heath center daycare and potion can end it immortality
Eve Admin (7 months ago)
No hidden pokemon out of ?????? and --------- and the charazard is charazard m
StuckInMeta (7 months ago)
Dislike. I knew all this shit on the playground
Tim L (8 months ago)
I have .missingno
Silica (9 months ago)
"You totally missed" 1st one in the list is missingno can i close the video now?
Silica (9 months ago)
How does it "remove parts of the games code" if the games code is stored on ROM, and thus physically impossible to modify?
Onii Meno Kyo (9 months ago)
The last one is called pokegod
Thegreatkingslayer (9 months ago)
You have become the devil and the devil has become you....that’s some deep shit.
HexBolts 4Life (9 months ago)
I friking hate charmander. BlusbasUr and blastoise are cool and better
chairman lmao (9 months ago)
"Daylight robber?" In America, we call it "Highway robbery."
Squek Squek (10 months ago)
In half life 2 ravenholm when those aliens kept spawning I just kept killing them thinking they'll go away but they kept spawning till my brother told they wont that I just have to look for path somewhere...
Daniel Hannah (10 months ago)
also the Mew can be got legitimately from Cerulean also Gen 1 games didnt have batteries as they didn't have an internal clock
John Cassady (10 months ago)
great tho great
John Cassady (10 months ago)
porgy jusr porgy smh
Jacqueline Anderson (10 months ago)
Ryan Centnarowicz (10 months ago)
What about fighting prof oak?
Guy LaRue (10 months ago)
Fuck you with your zedddzzzzz
Kestrels Call (10 months ago)
One joke I remember, was get off the St Anne, surf to the right, walk along the sandbar till you find a truck, use strength, and Mew was "supposed" to be underneath. 😂
George Deming (10 months ago)
if the pc crossed over with the copy pasted center in celedon has anyone tried to see if there was a hidden nurse in it or an invis trader woman?
George Deming (10 months ago)
so yes thats the easiest way to get a kangaskan also, and you can teach missing number fly before you evolve it into kangskan also. so dont go to safari zone for a kangaskan
George Deming (10 months ago)
catching a missing no wont ruin your game if you evolve it into kangaskan
Dragon Master (10 months ago)
you can retrigger the mew glitch with a method which supprisingly was listed in this video
Dragon Master (10 months ago)
missingno doesnt ruin your save. the only damage it does is corrupt hall of fame data. you can find proof of this by looking at the videos of people trying to exploit their save files. the only things that can corrupt your save are super glitch and glitch items (if you know how to activate them)
Graft (10 months ago)
me and a mate tried cloning a Mew through the trading method, we switched the game off during the transfer and the cloning worked... except Mew was sent to the abyss and we both had a my lovely Pidgey... I never saw said friend again
Brent Brooks (10 months ago)
U can cap him again by doing the fly trainer glitch just find a ditto and let him trasnform into ur pokemon with a special stat of 21
mary freegirl (10 months ago)
that's awful ahahaha
SuperLuigiSixty4 (11 months ago)
Wow. I forgot how subdued Simon’s voice was.
FlyHigh (11 months ago)
Damn, I only knew Missigno!
Papa J (11 months ago)
"You totally missed". I dont think this means what you think it means
heypachuco1991 (11 months ago)
I remember I accidentally used the Mew glitch but screw up and didn't caught Mew. And I got so frustrated because I didn't know how I got there in the first place. xD
ILOVEPIE (1 year ago)
glitchhunter09 (1 year ago)
Missingno usually won't ruin your game. 'M on the other hand can freeze your PC if caught at level 0. Actually any pokemon at level 1 and 0 can cause this.
arkayen666123 (1 year ago)
I caught and used Missingno, and my game never corrupted. I also made my own Game Genie cheat by accident, just entering random code.
Julian D. Breakdown (1 year ago)
That was cute ^^
Flaming Gaming (1 year ago)
Julian (1 year ago)
I knew about Missingno and also remember a Mew glitch similar to the one listed. However, I don't remember Lavender Town being involved. I remember flying (or Teleporting) away from a Juggler and flying back to Cerulean City, being incapable of opening my Start menu, and encountering a Mew on Nugget Bridge. Like the genius 10 year old I was, I named my Mew "Glitch."
OriginalDarkMew (1 year ago)
Quixotic311 (1 year ago)
Do people really not know how hexadecimal values work?
RockYouVideos (1 year ago)
dude looking back on it, the missingno glitch was pretty epic.
Liam Khan (1 year ago)
My old school once banned Pokemon cards for banned Pokemon cards for about 5 months then just gave up on the ban because everyone was sneaking then in
Nick Iuro (1 year ago)
My avatar is not creepy!
Erdag Ahmet Yilmaz (1 year ago)
Loved the last one.^^
Skibiskit Skybiskit (1 year ago)
the walls that have rare Pokemon don't it crashes
Bloodmoon Angel (1 year ago)
Played Earthbound and didn't liked it
Clorifical (1 year ago)
No female symbol?
missed? 10, no, didn't miss 9, no, didn't miss 8, no, didn't miss 7, knew of, never tried, because of risk of data loss 6, no, didn't miss 5, didn't miss, never tried, though, due to tedium 4, no, but it's too risky 3, no, though I only used it a couple times in a different way (MissingNo. can do it, too.) 2, never did it, but I understand how it works and why it works, don't play anymore, though. Trainer/Fly is super fascinating. 1, this one wasn't one I knew, but I still see how it works For those who don't know, the firs Pokémon games tried to save as much space as possible, so certain variables are used in more than one equation, meaning things like opponents' special stat are also triggers for Pokémon appearances, when the code can't find actual scripts, so it inserts the data it can access that it "Thinks" it needs. It's pretty interesting and there are sites dedicated just to researching it. It's pretty fascinating.
RSD Michael (7 months ago)
Shut up nerd !
Teirusu155 you are well tough for knowing all but once of them ain't ya
Blake Walden (1 year ago)
Missingno does not corrupt your game. actually if you catch it and level it up it becomes a kangaskhan. which leads us to believe that it was originally the data for a pre-evolution of kanga but was removed. these games are full of junk data like that.
HellCallBack (1 year ago)
I only knew that pokemon cloning glitch, didn't have any clue of those others.
Uncle Bad Touch (1 year ago)
Dragon Warrior (1 year ago)
For the Mew glitch, you can use any trainer that'll trigger when they appear on-screen. The first chance you can do it is on the route north of Cerulean with the trainer left of Nugget Bridge and have a Pokemon use either Fly or Teleport back to Cerulean. You can walk through that route just fine for who-knows-what-reason and after you fight the Slowpoke kid, just walk back and you fight a Mew. Another fun fact is that the shore-water tiles to the left of the north entrance of Seafoam are also considered grass for some odd reason. That's how I initially found Missingno when I was a kid, and I didn't know how the glitch even triggered and I had a key item in my 6th item slot so I didn't even know about the item duplication either.
ssjup81 (1 year ago)
In the Japanese version, the currency is yen. ¥500 isn't much. Maybe about $5.00.
StickFiguresMaster (1 year ago)
omfg that 3 people dugtrio!!! XDDDDDDDD ahahahaah!!!!
Jérémy Auzou (1 year ago)
liked the video not for the glitches, but for the language used to explain xD
Shacktackle Boombaby (1 year ago)
Honest to god, I accidentally did the walk through walls glitch once and it froze my game and I was so PISSED!
Justin Cook (1 year ago)
I never used any of these glitches, mostly because I borrowed and beat Pokemon Blue from a friend over Christmas break way back in the day. I did however know the duplication glitch in Pokemon Silver and used it a ton. For those who don't know gen two added the ability to transfer a Pokemon from one box to another in the "move" part. When you did this the game would require you to save for it to accept your change. When the message "your game is saving, please do not turn off" came up turn off your gameboy. The next time you booted up the game you would now find two copies of the Pokemon that you just transferred, one where it was to start with and then one where you moved it to. This made getting both Umbreon and Espeon very easy as all you had to do was level your Eevee up until it was ready to evolve, stop its evolution, duplicate and then level the two up separately; one during the day and the other at night.
Alonso Perez (10 months ago)
Justin Cook and i used that to duplicate items as well, by giving them items, 5 at a time, ahh the master balls and sacred ashes
Tomakze (1 year ago)
When I caught Missingno he turned into a level 250 Kangaskhan
Chara (1 year ago)
b illy When I caught missingno, my game crashed.
Kirsty Pokemon addict (1 year ago)
I'm 12 but I know all the glitches lol next Time plz do a better list. I don't want u to be offended but I swear everyone knows these. Do some stuff related to item under flow or how to beat yellow in 00:00. It's possible I've done it
John Francis (1 year ago)
does that mean theres 3 possible mews in the game, i was unaware of the one with fly
SuprFlare (1 year ago)
Pokémon Satan is a thing. Pokémon Platinum
Choco Rocky (1 year ago)
Alex Hunt (1 year ago)
he frogot pokemon named m
Chara (1 year ago)
Alex Hunt that Pokémon is another variation of Missingno. It only shows up with a custom name due to the data ending in a 00 and some other number, hence why it usually shows up at level 0.
samedzz (1 year ago)
Sans1570 (1 year ago)
Steven Bonnell (1 year ago)
Why is the title of the video "Secrets you totally missed" yet it opens with "HAHA I KNOW EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT MISSINGNO"
Cookie Ninja (1 year ago)
Because if they hadn't all the comments would have been "but what about missingno?"
Lemoniscence (1 year ago)
Missingno will only corrupt your save if it is level 0.
the mexican naruto (1 year ago)
hell yeah
James Williams (1 year ago)
I... think I might retire from Pokemon for a while.
genmaximus110 (1 year ago)
Your loss!!
MrTrigun1 (2 years ago)
#Sh*tBallsForW@nkers I want this tattooed on my body.
StickFiguresMaster (1 year ago)
theres a few things I've heard before concerning tattoos specifically quotes: years from now, you may wonder where you got your tattoo from, and what it even means. (according to some people) Tattoos are blemishes! If you ever get one, we will have it surgically removed! (according to other people) It's great to want to have a tattoo, just be sure you'll remember what you got a tattoo of, otherwise if you don't whats the point.
Rhydonvictreedel (2 years ago)
In gen 1 you could get onto the bike path without having a bike. to do so all you had to to was hold down the left arrow while talking to the guard and eventually you would pass him and you would appear on the bike while on the path
Simon Bodega (2 years ago)
so wait, DON'T save?
Morgan Kasper (2 years ago)
Morgan Kasper (2 years ago)
SquirtleSquad_G (2 years ago)
tbh I knew about all of these back in 99. when I was 4....... granted I had older brothers. but the internet was not the same back then
SquirtleSquad_G (2 years ago)
and I actually figured out the PC one myself a couple years later because I noticed it looked like a Pokemon center
Chase Lambert (2 years ago)
Can you do all these on the virtual console versions?
genmaximus110 (1 year ago)
Nope. Missingno and item duplication doesn't work. You can get Mew, though via the teleportation glitch method. I did it Yellow on the 3DS.
Silent Snitch (2 years ago)
BTW: Pokè-cash is Japanese yen sooooooo 500 yen is $5 in the USA
Madmax4774 (2 years ago)
How do I make the counter glitch easier
Matthew Polito (2 years ago)
I have a mew in my yellow cartridge 😋🤔😮
A Fat Penguin (2 years ago)
+WhatCultureGaming Y U NO LIKE PIDGEY????
phil bettinger (2 years ago)
Ryzek IV (2 years ago)
funny thing about the Missingno...i encountered more Mewtwo's than Missingno's...owned several of each too...
Simon Bodega (1 year ago)
I encountered more Porygons XD
Mischievous Mr Magpie (2 years ago)
in my opinion pokemon go is dumb
SabreDance256 (2 years ago)
I knew all these except the ZZAZZ one. Pretty cool
Pietro Aretino (2 years ago)
Looks like its time to dust off the goold ol' gameboy and red&blue cartridges.
mynamesalwaystaken (2 years ago)
Very good :)
• Dominic • (2 years ago)
zed really i zee also jake from the cubscouts is THAT DUDE!
samplexample (2 years ago)
Painfully plain Bulbasaur?! FUCK YOU!
ionceateapinecone (2 years ago)
Mayorofpeepsville (2 years ago)
So these glitches are caused by shit math for wankers #shitmathforwankers
hayharut (2 years ago)
title and then 0:50 yup
basslover10 (2 years ago)
pokemon yellow didn't have the infinite glitch.
Randomark3087 (2 years ago)
If you cut down a tree, go stand where it was, save the game, reset it, you'll be on top of the tree when you continue.
Sam Nelson (2 years ago)
i would go though rock tunnel with out using a exploit or using the TM:Flash i knew the whole place by heart
Ashter Moon (2 years ago)
actually you could face missingno much earlier doing the heal in lavender then the mew glitch and going to face the first saffron dojo trainer then losing the battle once returned to lavender missigno would appear at level 7
Ashter Moon (2 years ago)
same thing you could get mew earlier using some trainer close to the bridge in cerulean and the first swimmer in misty's gym yet I never tried that one on Yellow
Ashter Moon (2 years ago)
and is fake you could even use missigno in battle and won't delete your save, just graphic glitches they did not even remove it from the virtual console versions
Sato (2 years ago)
MissingnoXpert would be pleased by this list I think. Good balance of typical stuff and the really good shit.
Sato (2 years ago)
+UJO J yeah that is truly bizarre...
UJO J (2 years ago)
yeah, it's a pretty good list, I like the random things you can do with super/ZZAZZ glitch though, like activating it then going to the purified zone in lavender tower.............
Sato (2 years ago)
+UJO J ye, I just mean in general
UJO J (2 years ago)
He would have wanted them to mention that the long range trainer isn't in viridian forest in red and blue. The alternative method is, to put it mildly, infuriating.

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