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The First 13 Minutes of Dark Souls Remastered (Captured in 4K 60fps)

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Relive the opening moments of the critically acclaimed, genre-defining game that started it all. Now remastered in high-definition detail running at 60fps Dark Souls Graphics Comparison: Remaster (2018) vs. Original (2011): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpGcCpU-9VM Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (568)
Carlos Rodríguez (2 hours ago)
Time to invade the new players of the franchise, just for that reason, and the steam discount, ill buy it. Praise the celestial big yellow ball!!!
viperawezome194 (5 hours ago)
I'm going to buy this remaster but i swear to Miyazaki's mother if i get 5 frames in Blight Town im getting a refund
Arjun Sharma (14 hours ago)
For me only the colur of dropped items and bonfire hv changed also ithink they hv remastered it so new players can play who havnt played it before which i serously doubt but again its for the 1 percenters who didnt pkayed it.
Avean (20 hours ago)
Yeah not quite God of War is it ey?
Darksky1001able (22 hours ago)
Why do they make the dragons look like fireflies with the wings?...
SP Yoon (23 hours ago)
You can get so much better graphics with a couple of custom shader/enb installed.
Losqualo Telli (23 hours ago)
look exaclty the same wtf
that monster killed Oscar :(
Josh Rowe (1 day ago)
*Runs past boss so we cant see the new shading/ effects in their animations* yeah that's cool guys I guess...Cheers
We’ve seen this gameplay walk through so many times , explore another area!
CEO of Youtube (1 day ago)
20$ tops
Tuatha De Danann (1 day ago)
Just stop moaning and don't buy it? Really not interested if elitists don't buy it or think it's shite (and let's face it half of the moaners will buy it anyway!), less twats online is a bonus.
Aaron the Baron (1 day ago)
This is 8 Minutes of Gameplay. -_-
Rayze Terranus (1 day ago)
I thought if you killed the Asylum demon without dying you got his hammer....
Chris Pesce (1 day ago)
Sooooo hype
Marvin Staal (1 day ago)
this doesnt look remasterd
Jumbo Paras (2 days ago)
Wow! i get nostalgic already:-)
Diego Asdafasda (2 days ago)
ehmmmm ok, nice remastered
Zapstur (2 days ago)
Looks like some of the animations run at very different speeds. That means there is going to be a major learning curve for any returning players. Also, any speedruns done on this game will have to be listed separately from the original, for multiple reasons, one of the major ones being that you can use multiple items at once.
Eric Cartman (2 days ago)
Dont care if it doesnt look much better. At least i can play that finally on ps4
The Golden Waffle (2 days ago)
I’ve never played ds1 so
Jay Ghost (2 days ago)
Lol ign noob can't parry
Heisenberg (2 days ago)
I seriously don't understand all of the bitching and moaning surrounding this remaster. The game looks fantastic (new effects are stunning, old assest still hold up), it runs buttery smooth (even Blighttown), the quality of life improvements are great, the DLC is included, and the online will be reignited (alonged with some welcomed rebalancing). It checks all the boxes for a good and worthy remaster. Sure it isn't a full blown remake with the Bloodborne/DS3 engine, but who was seriously expecting that? Who seriously thinks Dark Souls needs remaking? It's a masterpiece as is. And for all of you who are like, "It's $40 for DSFix.” You do realize DSFix isn't perfect right? DSFix still doesn't let you play the game at 60fps since anything above 30 breaks the game's physics and causes other bugs. DSFix also doesn't include the quality of life improvements like being able to consume multiple souls at once. Dark Souls: Remastered is a worthy remaster.
teoman özer (5 hours ago)
Heisenberg GOD DAMN RIGHT!!!
SexCannonMusic (2 days ago)
minutes of intro cinematic xD
Basement Dweller (2 days ago)
you mean 1800p...on the most powerful 4K console ever made?..bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha
Shujin Academy (2 days ago)
I never got to finish the first Dark Souls so definitely getting this.
Gtr12345david Awesome (2 days ago)
Can’t wait bloodborne 2
GamePlayUK (2 days ago)
the "remastered" 4k graphics look turd
Kesateria Matahari (2 days ago)
Elai Ng (2 days ago)
Can’t even parry a Hollow...... just sad
Roquetteur (2 days ago)
This was just lame for a video preview of the first 15 minutes. Really IGN?
Achrias (2 days ago)
I'm not sure why people are complaining. The new FPS cap is great and the textures are a lot less washed out and muddy. The original Dark Souls always looked like the screen was dirty or cloudy or something. This fixes that.
Camilo Delgado (2 days ago)
Those parry attempts were very underwhelming.
Josh Wilcox (2 days ago)
Is the pvp any fun?
TECHPROPH (2 days ago)
It looks nice, though I was expecting a little more
DOOM92 (2 days ago)
Hell Yea Dark Souls!
RevPerdueJosh (2 days ago)
To everyone saying “Now NEW people can experience this game. HALO MCC, SOTC, RE...these competitors CAN SAY THE SAME BLOODY THING AND DID A BETTER JOB x50! NO EXCUSES! Very lazy work here.
Xander 'The Wolf' (2 days ago)
The first 14 minutes basically just shows what the trailer showed. It looks good sure but I'd rather then show off areas that were problematic like darkroot garden with the trees that looked like they belong in DooM (the original DooM not DooM 4) and I think that's an issue many people have with what we've seen so far from the remaster. It's all low demand areas , no Lost Izalith, no New Londo Ruins and no Blighttown nothing that we can definitively say "yes that looks much better than modded DS1 !" if they showed some of the problematic areas I mentioned in a trailer or gameplay then I'm sure some of the disdain for this remaster would die down.
Xander 'The Wolf' (1 day ago)
Devion Kex Yes I've seen people releasing some videos of Blighttown popping up recently but I still think they should've shown Blighttown and darkroot garden in the network test. That way people would've gotten to see first hand that they're fixed, regardless I'm glad they're fixed well Blighttown at least
Devion Kex (1 day ago)
Bandai did a stream where they showed off blight town and it runs at 60 frames with no frame drops on console. We haven't got anything for pc yet but It can be assumed that it'll be much more optimized. there are also some youtube videos of people who had pre-release versions of remaster showing off the frame rate on PS4 and PS4 pro. It's 60 frames at blight town. 100% clean.
Toedgabriel55 (2 days ago)
monster you kill Oscar!!!!!
thestew56 (2 days ago)
I will still prolly get yhis for my ps4 even though i have it modded on my pc. I wonder if it will look any better than dsfix?
lentilgnz 0628 (2 days ago)
If you have the black firebombs why not just kill him on the first encounter?
Zel (2 days ago)
I dont like the blue you get in some shadowy bits.. just looks wrong. everything else mostly looks fine give or take.
Paradise (2 days ago)
oh nice a port
Ace Strife (2 days ago)
So what was remastered? Looks just like the original with dsfix, which was required to play the damn game on PC in the first place. Guess I shouldn't expect much when they charged us for a DX11 patch for Dark Souls 2.. which still lacked features GeDoSaTo had and still didn't bring back the 2013 version's features. FROM, you may make some good games, but damn are you technically incompetent.
You killed Oscar you heartless bastard!
Jeremy Lim (2 days ago)
The models for characters still look about the same. Feels like they just upgraded a few things like having parallax occlusion and some lighting, particles and bloom effects. Maybe they fixed and added a few new things but for pc players this isn't worth buying.
criminal238 (2 days ago)
The mod community could have done so much better than this
Walter Mercado (2 days ago)
Having played it on Xbox 360, it think this looks like a really good and i cant wait to play it on my ps4.
Gaurav Ghosh (2 days ago)
IGN with its terrible gameplay ........... please stop playing with people tooo
Tiago Benetti (2 days ago)
much better now. It seems that the pressure that fans made on youtube talking about things that were not good already had an effect, but we have to keep pressing for them to improve the game even more.
Unholy-Soil (2 days ago)
No, not worth it! ✋😠
bob heat (2 days ago)
so many people asked for a remaster and now all thing backlash for literly giving everyone exectly what they ask for... i hope banco doesnt come out with any other good games because their definitly not going to remaster anything else.
alteisen99 (2 days ago)
Why did you kill Oscar???
The Compa (2 days ago)
I have never play one of Dark Souls games before, it seems to be a right moment to joing me into this whole massive and challenger world ...... and die like 420 thousand times. :)
Marusim (2 days ago)
Broke your hands.
Beepman (2 days ago)
just get the prepare to die edition honestly oh wait you cant
Naher1mne1utub (1 day ago)
you can buy a key on a different site and activate it through steam library
xxNightWulf (2 days ago)
Yes. In fact, looking at the online community right now, there are 1,523 playing it.
Ryu Hayebusa (2 days ago)
They took it off steam? Will I still have dark souls prepare to die edition on my steam account?
Devin White (2 days ago)
Beepman I
Kanista17 (2 days ago)
worth buying for people who didn't play it and those who want to participate in co-op and pvp.
Ambiguous Sobriquet (2 days ago)
And the biggest tragedy of all of this, is that because Dark Souls "Remastered" exists, as it does, we will never get a Dark souls remaster done to its fullest potential.
Ambiguous Sobriquet (2 days ago)
All I'm saying is, if you are going to remaster it, do it right.
Zay Jonathan (2 days ago)
Ambiguous Sobriquet Meh. Anything beyond the PS2 era would be silly to Remake imo.
Rahul Mandal (2 days ago)
Looks better than the last PC DS1 Video
Sarthak Panda (2 days ago)
They didn't even touch the gameplay bugs and balancing, which witcher devs CDPR fixed for free in their games' enhanced editions
Abhishek Venkat (2 days ago)
Sarthak Panda they only left the pvp bugs nothing else
Mike Cranston (2 days ago)
Of course we will all buy this and love it, but PASSWORD MATCHMAKING is going to start a Twink/Gank Squad arms race. All they had to do is leave matchmaking alone, but this change will literally open a whole box of problems and twinks we can't begin to imagine. See everyone there!
Sturla Hansson (2 days ago)
I must say I am dissapointed. I was not expecting a remake. I expect bigger graphical overhaul. Its pretty much a DSFix for console users. I even prefer the old bonfire and light reflections. Compared to skyrim special edition (which was free for previous pc owners and featured way bigger overhaul of the graphics. This is not really worth the discounted 20$ on pc.
Decimate the Soul (2 days ago)
Well I never got to play the dlc so I'm super stocked for that, and this is not that bad for a remaster, I'm not gonna complain I'm just glad it's for current Gen now
Monkey.D Luffy (2 days ago)
Only play dark soul 3, bloodborne and i want to play it on the go with switch , and they got delayed , nice.
iiTz PeanuT (2 days ago)
Money Grab
Areguil (2 days ago)
How about footage we haven't seen yet.
Frisky (3 days ago)
I know From Software doesn't plan on making anymore sequels to Dark Souls, but I hope they make a Sequel to Bloodborne. I just started playing it recently and boy is it fun... and frustrating. But mostly fun.
PandaPukeeeFIGHT (2 days ago)
Frisky honestly I also hope they make a sequel to bloodborne, but from is not that good at sequels bro. + the Bloodborne story is flawless, no need to ad new things to it. But I think we’ll se souls like games in the style of bloodborne, fast gameplay..
Jarrett Odom (3 days ago)
the reason people are pissed at this is because it looks more or less the same with DSfix on PC so no real change if you have been playing on PC. but honestly its a remake the reason why I am not upset is because they said specifically months age that there would be no real changes. yet everyone on PC still got pissed because they expected more from it like better graphics or different enemy placements like SOTFS had. PC players aren't satisfied because they already have most of what this offers but they have been going out of their way to say that this is insulting or that its nothing but a port honestly they just need to stop hating on something that's perfectly fine this is not a remake half the stuff they wanted was never going to be in here if you don't like it don't buy it.
Vic M (3 days ago)
What does remaster mean to you folks/gamers?.... and have you played or knew about the bugs. The original game had?
Tashila37 (3 days ago)
SweetFX for 5$
Cypher (3 days ago)
looks gorgeous why is everyone complaining
KNM Gaming Guides (3 days ago)
It would have been a better deal if they simply made a package where you got Dark souls AND Demon's souls remastered. Clearly it's not that they've put that much effort in this on that doing Demon Souls as well wouldn't have been feasible. Because it's such a shame how many people have missed out of Demon Souls because it's a ps3 exclusive.
Pro bot pixelz (3 days ago)
So cool!
FiniteRich (3 days ago)
one more week until i can enjoy some jolly cooperation, i came to dark souls late, played it via back compat on my xbox one. was kinda tough finding peeps to play with
FiniteRich (3 days ago)
kindle that fire yo
This game will give nightmares to the unsuspecting kiddos that will accidentally buy it for their switches
Safil Mullick (3 days ago)
Good video and all, but it didn't have the most important bit of dark souls... "You died"
michael vang (3 days ago)
Did some little research of the remastered edition, turns out not much has changed. Same UI, same old bugs from 6 years ago, they removed the steam version that was modded to be playable, slight graphic/fps upgrade. No initial improvements to combat taken from DS2/3. Bummer Fromsoft really missed the opportunity to remaster DS into something "new" for new players yet familiar to old players.
michael vang (2 days ago)
Sunless Fiend if the only thing improved were the graphics and to me it seems like that is the only improvement based on the videos I've watched then yeah its more of an HD upscale. When I see the word "remastered", it makes me think of improvements that would be made to the entire game better. Fix bugs that were in the original game and what not. Same bugs from 7 years ago still exist.
michael vang (2 days ago)
Tiago Benetti Less than a week from being released I'm sure this is the final version. IGN wouldn't post content that isnt finished unless said otherwise.
Tiago Benetti (2 days ago)
michael vang yes. It's not the same version showed weeks ago. It has some improvements and I hope more are coming.
Sunless Fiend (2 days ago)
michael vang "it's more of a HD version instead" ... so a remaster? The combat improvements etc that you're expecting would be a remake, not remaster.
michael vang (2 days ago)
Tiago Benetti version? U mean the final product? I never said there wasn't any improvements.
778899mike (3 days ago)
Remaking this in 4k is really doing a disservice to the original and team.
Ganonbros (3 days ago)
"The first 13 minutes" Yeah more like the first 10 minutes since everything before is the prerendered cutscene.
Liron Levi (3 days ago)
Hmmm...the Remas...Port looks nice
INCOGNITO Mode (3 days ago)
So it's literally "Git Gud in 4k".
Jesse Turner (3 days ago)
Yeaaaaa it doesn’t seem to look any different so I think ima pass
Thugasaur (3 days ago)
should I play this on pc or ps4?
778899mike (3 days ago)
Thugasaur On the system you use more.
Yajnaji (3 days ago)
useless video, everyone and their mothers already know undead asylum by heart.
Jon Creech (3 days ago)
This looks darker than earlier videos and comparisons of the remaster. Did they lower the brightness following fan backlash?
Awayforthewin (2 days ago)
Jon Creech no the screens the earlier gameplay were recorded on werent calibrated correctly so they had to turn the brightness up in-game
WolfyWalter (3 days ago)
A video says it reviews the first 13 minutes of the video, a full quarter of the video is represented with the trailer of the game rather than the content the game is supposed to provide, we in the Dark Souls Community have already seen the same game play for the remastered multiple times so how would this change our minds on the quality given to the community? When the game comes out the largest argument is going to be against the fact that they then put the effort in to update and upgrade the Dark Souls experience, players would have noticed already the poor quality light balance and the over excessive lighting in object placement. I'm glad that when Dark Souls remaster comes out I can tear it apart and modify its textures to properly represent the game
Rubens Michel (3 days ago)
SirBranDon100 (3 days ago)
They finally found someone who can play a game... I'm looking forward to some gank spanking action in 60fps.
Bori Gaming (3 days ago)
i cant get this on the switch... ill end up breaking it
The Zapper (3 days ago)
Started with DS2 sotfs, then Bloodborne, then DS3. Can't wait for DS1
Henry Myth (3 days ago)
At least IGN they got someone who can actually play the game.
The Zapper (3 days ago)
Started with DS2 sotfs, then Bloodborne, then DS3. Can't wait for DS1
Brujo Hernandez (3 days ago)
Jorge Alejandro (3 days ago)
"Graphics are the same" Here we have people complaining about the game not being a remake instead of taking it for the remaster that it is
Igor Kolinski (3 days ago)
Its just the pc version with dsfix. Yeah because the pc base game was unplayable. Every pc player, myself included, are complaining about this despite the numerous bugs being fixed, texture overhauls and steady 60fps or 30fps that doesn't require a pc crafted by Jesus himself. This is a remaster not a remake. Dark Souls Remastered is just doing what every other remaster is, fitting the game into the newest generation of console.
Igor Kolinski (2 days ago)
Tiago Benetti exactly!
Sunless Fiend (2 days ago)
Thank you so much for this rationale.
Tiago Benetti (2 days ago)
dsfix has unstable FPS and it is glitchy
Wall Russ (3 days ago)
$20 for DS Fix thanks
Soki Moh (3 days ago)
They say ludleth is the pygmy.
Jurriën (3 days ago)
Wow, what a shame
mardiov (3 days ago)
Fear the old blood

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