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Nintendo Do This

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The Nintendo Classic Editions are cool, but the Super Analogue NT does better Wanna check out the Super Analogue NT?: https://www.analogue.co/pages/super-nt/ 💥💥💥Stuff I Use💥💥💥 Music Source: https://goo.gl/X3yZVS Camera: http://amzn.to/2AN6tbV Lens: http://amzn.to/2jMWdG9 Mic: http://amzn.to/2jNFwKF Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2jOQgsq ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡️ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Text Comments (561)
Joshua (7 days ago)
Retro duo with av to hdmi adapter, $60
Lanceypantsy17 Gaming (20 days ago)
Is the title and the thumbnail having a fight, where one wants Nintendo to do this when the other doesn't?
Jeremy Seal (1 month ago)
I feel no shame playing Nintendo roms. I've bought the games 3-4 times counting when they came out, the GBA versions, and Virtual console.
Jeremy Seal (1 month ago)
They should put all their classic games on the Switch. Nintendo hates money.
BottleCap109 (1 month ago)
The point of the classic editions is for people that don’t need to the game to play them.
Levi Patterson (2 months ago)
Preach it brother preach it !!!!!
Nick Mieczkowski (2 months ago)
He predicted the n’t meme
Smoke MEMES!!! (2 months ago)
Nintendon't Me:Wasn't this a homebrew app?
Mike Duijghuisen (3 months ago)
Or just buy a CRT. Play ANY old console on your tv! Or an emulator. Play ANY retro console game on pretty much ANY device!
Let me get this straight. You spent over 600 dollars on this one video?!? Dude...
the crafterboysnl (3 months ago)
I can play in 1080 wit a normel nes (no converders
Mär-Chan (3 months ago)
Retron 5 is pretty awesome
cryptoslice (3 months ago)
emulators free every game and can hook up to tv
bdon w (3 months ago)
Just buy a retron 3
Reel Of Cubes (3 months ago)
But can it run minecraft?
Jay Beach (3 months ago)
I have that
hbarudi (4 months ago)
There is also the 3rd version of the hyperkin supaboy, the sfc version. It can play any snes title while being portable at the same time and support 4:3 aspect ratio. There are other options to support nes, genesis, famicom, and super famicom on that device.
Aleknil (4 months ago)
Just give us VC.
GLWI TV (4 months ago)
You sound like Charlie Day so much
Tim Timsen (4 months ago)
Or, you know, Virtual Console for the Switch.
omg I just watched a 5 minute add
the_randomizer (4 months ago)
I just use my Analogue Super NT and an SD2SNES and I can run all the games using near-perfect hardware emulation.
Gregory Pabst (4 months ago)
Nintendont is actually an emulator for the GameCube that can run on the Wii.
The_Official_MH5 (4 months ago)
...but you need to pay both legs and an arm to get the games you want. So i’ll just get the SNES mini and NES mini
over00lord Unknown (4 months ago)
You know, I *HAVE* to commend you! :D I just realized: It is sad that I sometimes forget that I have CC turned on, because I occasionally enabled, and then I forget, since so few videos actually have them... :( :/
Keegan Moore (5 months ago)
$190 for a piece of plastic.. And I could just, ya know, buy an actual original console on eBay or something for...50$. Annnd you CAN play those on current televisions. So if you were to buy the actual OG console, or one of the nintendo remake things, it would be more bang for your buck regaurdless.
Cody Schmitt (5 months ago)
André (5 months ago)
[WUT] Squid Boi (5 months ago)
Soooooooo, Tetris?
StellaCharlie (5 months ago)
But what about retro pi
hater De (5 months ago)
i think they should offer one free virtual console game included with every system
AssistedIgnorance (5 months ago)
0:47 Am i the only one who hears him saying the biggest tits?
Pc... Anyone?
pinoi78 (5 months ago)
But the SNES Classic w/ hatchi > these other options
Edwin Villagomez (5 months ago)
this ad was over 5min long
The Real Truth (5 months ago)
They won't because Nintendo is a Shitty company.
Shane Bryson (5 months ago)
Why not just buy a Retron 5 and call it a day?
zeke hansen (5 months ago)
Hyperkin retron 5.
Snivy Servine (5 months ago)
2:01 Do you wish death on your console!? That thing is an actual fire hazard if turned on so remove it!
71M3L4PSE (5 months ago)
Is this a sponsor video?
KuraIthys (5 months ago)
mmh. The thing is, if Nintendo made something akin to the Super NT themselves, they could possibly use an ASIC implementation instead of FPGA, and would in principle have the actual transistor layouts of the SNES circuitry available to work with. Further, if they could get sufficient marketing and volume behind it, the price could be lower as well. And of course, they could do the same kind of game bundling that they did for the SNES classic. More or less. (they'd have to figure out SuperFX and SA-1 support for those titles specifically, if that's what they went with.) Nintendo COULD do it, but the question is, why would they?
Lin M (5 months ago)
Sega do what nintendon't
Oozy (5 months ago)
How the hell can people say these are overpriced?!?! You get the console the 2 free games it came with,AND another like 28 games Each game in the 80s cost right about $40-$50 And the console itself cost like 100 bucks
Mitch McCann (5 months ago)
Ps: have you ever heard of a fucking computer or raspberry pi? It's not hard to setup, it's like 5 clicks. The sweet middle you were talking about was the ouya and that failed so hard
Mitch McCann (5 months ago)
Nintendo Don't do this, it's one of the worst marketing decisions ever
chuck zgrabik (5 months ago)
I just bought at real snes for $50 that things a rip off.
biff322 (5 months ago)
I've always thought they should make one of these with multiple cartridge slots. A single unit with slots for NES, SNES, N64.
TheDUSTzone (5 months ago)
or you can just emulate snes games on your pc or phone (which is free and portable)
CyborgJiro (5 months ago)
Why isn't nintendo doing this?Just give me the options to buy old and affordable games on either that idea or the switch and ill be good.
f937r (5 months ago)
Or just use an emulator and an 8bitdo. 35 bucks for the same experience.
Kisai Yuki (5 months ago)
There is a happy medium. Buy the Analogue Super NT. Then bug Konami, Capcom, Square-Enix, Atlus, etc to make their multicarts (See that SFII cart you have there? Yes like that.) Or if you want to go the "online storefront" route, build a SOC-FPGA cart like the SD2SNES that has a WiFi chip in it, and just straight up build a storefront for it. It won't prevent the games from getting dumped by a copier again, but it will make people have a way of buying the games in the same fashion they are currently used to (eg GOG/Steam) instead of resorting to piracy.
NeonGamer (5 months ago)
why waste 190$ when you buy the original for 70$ on ebay?!?
TheScarletInfector (5 months ago)
RetroPie That is all. . . .
Jonathan Cooper (5 months ago)
you got that one right, Kevin. WHATEVER THE HELL NINTENDO IS PLANNING FOR THE N64 CLASSIC, THEY OUGHTA INTEGRATE A CARTRIDGE SLOT BEFORE THEY RUIN YET ANOTHER CLASSIC SYSTEM!! unfortunately, they're probably not gonna do that, and instead just go the lazy route by loading up a bunch of classic games onto the system, and hopefully sell two controllers with it to keep the price relatively affordable, as opposed to us getting four controllers right out of the box, and making us pay more
aspeckledturd (5 months ago)
I feel like where nintendo really missed the mark was just in not providing a wifi connection for the classic additions so you could easily download more titles for that said counsel. They could have been printing money had they just allowed people the option to purchase more games online. Also, It would have been really cool if they had included some sort of code included with the purchase of the classic counsels that would allow you to play the games on the switch as well, not like they have had issues selling the classics but hey.
RedSeve (5 months ago)
Where do I get that hoodie?
CabinDoor (5 months ago)
what a silly system. Maybe if it was 50$, but 190!? gtfo.
0011peace (5 months ago)
Emulation was the answer.
Shindinru (5 months ago)
If the Super Analogue NT is for enthusiasts then it missed the mark. I was fine with the price, but no way to get audio directly from the console was a instant no sell. Rather then get audio directly from the console I have to pass the HDMI signal through a HDMI Audio Extractor, adding cost and possibly reducing audio and/or video quality. At the very least it should have had a 3.5mm stereo jack.
Tygofive (5 months ago)
But can you do T H I S ?
Ember Noir (5 months ago)
The classic consoles are shit, I would only buy it if they allowed other cartridges to be put in
RetroProGamer (5 months ago)
Nintendo should just bring out a new SNES (or any older System like NES, Gameboy and so on) with HDMI and RGB and a Cartridge Slot and just make some Multi Carts.
Baku Haku (5 months ago)
I get what this system is, but I don't own any SNES games and they're kind of expensive so I'd rather just buy an $80 system with a bunch of them already on it
Kilravok (5 months ago)
The thing about retro that retro-lovers love is the games, and they would play them if possible on any console they already own. Instead of bringing out these fake retro machines, they should port the retro games to the new hardware. I want the entire Zelda collection on my Switch.
James Carter (5 months ago)
not sure if you mentioned this or not but technically this console inmates the real Hardware of a Super Nintendo, so technically it's better than the Super Nintendo classic console as it's just an emulator.
marvel mary (5 months ago)
35$ get that chinese version it olays em fine
Jo Metzger (5 months ago)
190 fucking dollars is sooooo stupid! I would rather buy the original classic snes from eBay etc. instead of that overpriced piece of crap.
Xasurak (5 months ago)
this ending is probs the best one ive seen
lil toaster (5 months ago)
I hope they stop makimg mini consoles and make the damn vc for switch already i do not want to see a mini 64!!!!!!
Cat (6 months ago)
Great video! I love how it's informative but entertaining at the same time. Also, it's very well structured and keeps the viewer engaged at all times.
Dlol. (6 months ago)
It has the auxy logo... Why???!?!??????
Yusuf Shabazz (6 months ago)
Emulator?.... For free?...... With even more customization?
ham salad (3 months ago)
Woah hold on their buddy, are you saying that I can save hundreds of dollars and hours of my time if i download a rom and an emulator?! For an experience which is nearly identical?!
MrDannyloco (6 months ago)
Or just get an emulator lmao
Rion Wilson (6 months ago)
nintendont is actually a thing, its a gamecube backup loader on a soft modded wii
Bryan Rojas (6 months ago)
Sega does what ninten don't
Crazy Wendigo (6 months ago)
R.O.B is a genius. A misunderstood genius.
Matthew Henning (6 months ago)
Jamie Camilleri (6 months ago)
SuperNickid (6 months ago)
@Kevin Kenson: The reason why Nintendo do not reproduce the classic version with the cartridge, instead of pre-download, because they would have to reproduce a tiny version of the cartridge and they can't do that anymore since it will be too expecive, and if they did do it, than the Nintendo classic edition mini would have cause 200 dollar with the 2 controler, just to buy and to buy each cartridge they would have to charge 100 dollar per cartridge just to cover the cost.
SuperNickid (6 months ago)
@Kevin Kenson: The reason why I never bought the Nintendo NES Mini, and the SNes mini was because of that reason your limited with the pre-download unless you hack it, while if you hack it, this may reduce his life spend and will not last as long as if you did not hack it just to download some rom into it to have a larger library of game, which download Rom his illegal even if play on the console that his meant to play in, the exception his if the game his re-produce like a Kaizo hack of Super mario bros.3, a Kaizo hack of Super Mario World, they don't have to be kaizo related, they can look like the original game but overall they are considered diffrent, if you want to still download Rom just to increase your library, if you want to keep it legal you have to limit yourself with the non-official one, as long as they don't strait off copy the game and the only diffrence his the mario sprit. The other reason why was because I already bought does game in the E-shop about 3times, on the Wii, and then on the WiiU, and then on the 3DS, enough is enough, and I know you get a discount if you already bought that game for the Wii, when you buy it for the WiiU, but even though you have your account connected to your 3Ds you still have to pay full price for the same game on the 3DS.
Scuba Dog (6 months ago)
those are sleeeeeeak
KingDD Games (6 months ago)
0:21 whats this song called?
NomNomWolfie (6 months ago)
Nice NOM
NerfProcrastination (6 months ago)
The title should be "NintenDO this"
LetsTalk About (6 months ago)
How about the retron 2s? They look great. Play nes/snes games with ports for original controllers, and comes with controllers designed like originals. They plug in through av, but there newer systems are hdmi. And the best part, brand new there right around 50 bucks. This other stuff seems pointless.
Smokey Blunt Roach (6 months ago)
more unreleased titles would be awesome! imagine if the NES classic had a finished anything of bio force ape. which btw is too good of a game. well, as far as the few levels that exist.. or something like throwing a nod to, for example say, sivak games with battlekid. or any third party devs for that matter. i know of one that i cant remember the name of, but they have gone as far as to finish unreleased games, sometimes with original devs. OH!!!! perhaps some of those rare gem titles that cost a fortune: Nintendo world championship, flintsone surprise at dinosaur peak.
The_Only_Zac (6 months ago)
This video is good but the title is really bad.
Nice Shot (6 months ago)
Or just hack your classic edition and put every game you want on it. Such a waste of time switching cartridges.
Shigeru Miyamoto (6 months ago)
siskavard (6 months ago)
Why isn't Nintendo doing this? Because why would they let their customers play games they already own or can buy from 3rd parties when they can charge people for these old games themselves through their online stores?
Classified Information (6 months ago)
I have my dad’s SNES but the only game it came with was Mario is Missing. It was boring so I got Super Mario World and I love it. It’s not 1080p though (makes sense) but I still love it.
MrMeow Catty (6 months ago)
Nice, kinda. Why didn't it come stock with 4 or 5 controller hookups on top of a definitive promise of a faster processor and more ram? Some SNES games kind of suffered a couple of lag issues and if anyone has modding aspirations, a clock speed closely emulating the original SNES as well as ram availability won't be very conducive to creative endeavors, like new and interesting speed runs, or item/level randomization or even level creation, on top of any possibility of making previous solo only games potential real time co-op, with actual reliable game play, like how it could be fun to make Super Mario World itself True Co-op, if it actually had the processing power and memory to support lagless play as well as vertical split screen and a way to handle the physics so that you don't kill each other by accident, just because you touched each other. Yes I saw the video someone made of their attempt to make Super Mario world true co-op-able,and it was a sad experience because the original SNES simply could not handle it.
Chris Darvin (6 months ago)
But can you do this?
badreality2 (6 months ago)
This guy has never heard of the SD2SNES, has he...
anonymousprofess (6 months ago)
Why Nintendo is not doing this? Well because the company is ran by old idiots in really expensive yet ugly suits who can't get with the times. So companies like Analouge NT is making more money off the Nintendo Brand than Nintendo. Similar to the scumbag scalpers who was making more money off the NES classics than Nintendo. Its a shareholders Nightmare!
ChaosInvoker (6 months ago)
Or they could just release virtual console on the Switch and you would have Nintendo's rich library on a modern console and on a portable device all in one. I have a feeling Nintendo will announce this with the big online reveal.
Classic Editions are better
You can add as many games as you want, plus you can add games from other systems, like GBA, GB, N64, PS, etc. You get custom border frames with the SNES Classic. You don't have to buy cartridges individually, because all the games are pre-loaded, and you can add any more you want. The NT doesn't have the original design of the NES and SNES. The only plus I see with the Analogue NT is 1080p resolution. That's why the classic editions win
July Jaziel (6 months ago)
In summary, "Where's that Virtual Console, Nintendo..."
colonforsecs (6 months ago)
Take your stalking cap off jackass.
Alexander Johansen (6 months ago)
Loving it man!

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