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Tomb Raider 2 The Dagger Of Xian - FULL Gameplay Walkthrough DEMO (Fan Nicobass' Remake) UG4

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Tomb Raider 2 The Dagger Of Xian FULL Gameplay Walkthrough DEMO make by Tomb Raider Fan Nicobass' Remake on Unreal Engine 4. Note its Just Demo they not Make Full Game only the Demo Project by Fans. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. That’s why Tomb Raider fan Nicobass is leading development on The Dagger of Xian, a Just Demo remake of the second game in the series, only this time built on Unreal Engine 4. He’s been at it for a while now, but I’m talking about it today because he’s released a playable demo for the project which you can download and try out. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (1592)
Ultimate Gamerz (4 months ago)
Note: Its Just Demo Make by Fan and not making the Full Game Its just Project.
Eduard Mihai (6 days ago)
Ultimate Gamerz i asked the project director on facebook and he said that he will make the full game, and maybe they will release the full great wall level and the croft manor. Sorry Ultimate Garmerz but you misleading the people :)
Please finish the project id be willing to pay anything for it
Ruffnek Renegade 98 (17 days ago)
Ultimate Gamerz Hey man any news on whether the guy has made any more levels and/or if it will be released to play ✌👊
Alex B (18 days ago)
Old remake games would be better than modern games! Game producers should think about it.
How buy the game? :v
Heric Ribeiro (5 hours ago)
shadow of the tomb raider becomes trash comparing to this
Heric Ribeiro (5 hours ago)
DaedalusTwelve (15 hours ago)
Still better than Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
desertdrag0n DD (19 hours ago)
Well done
desertdrag0n DD (19 hours ago)
Omg omg I need tr2 for ps4 ASAP
LaEsposaDeYoongi :3 (1 day ago)
Me trae tantos recuerdos 😢💕
Onii San (3 days ago)
Pinshe culote y pinshes pechotes xD
ankur verma (3 days ago)
Wow ,will happily pay 60 dollar for this on PS4
MAZINGER-Z GAMER (3 days ago)
Lastima que no este en ps4
I am shocked. It is just awesome
Rianon SorrowShine (4 days ago)
Non-marked climbing areas... I'm in Heaven I suppose?
chrismne92 (4 days ago)
This is a real Lara Croft!
Vicky Sts (5 days ago)
Neffateri McCain (5 days ago)
This is flawless for a fan made demo.😲 I wanna play it 😂
Cycromorpt (5 days ago)
When the summer games coming??? IMMA SHOP ALL OLD TR GAMES!!
Nåt Nåt (6 days ago)
Kudos to Nicobass for making this work of art.
Kevin Leach (6 days ago)
I can't wait to see the rest.
Ruthmarie Gambaro (7 days ago)
Love it. Really good 👌👌👌
Pipster (8 days ago)
Nice job. Love Lara but think the new reboot is average. Especially think the 'actress' who does Lara's voice now is terrible.
Lord Belial (8 days ago)
I would have a remake of Tomb Raider II over any new Tomb Raider game. This looks amazing. Doesn't matter if the graphics are behind the newest TR due for release. I'd choose this as a remake over Shadow of the Tomb Raider in a heart beat. Every. Single. Time.
TheVann Vann (9 days ago)
Saqueadora de túmulos e assassina de animais. Bela "arqueóloga".
Nicola Byrom (9 days ago)
Troll hunters
mimi love (10 days ago)
The Lara I love ❤ I like playing the new TR even tho it's too easy. But I don't like the new whining little shit Lara who can't even tie her own shoelaces. "Modern heroine" my ass.
Erik Bennacer (11 days ago)
I spent a few minutes trying to understand how the heck this would run on my PC back in 1997 :)
DragonflyUK1907 (11 days ago)
K-rain (11 days ago)
Tomb Raider Trilogy remake should be a thing
Sang ho Lee (12 days ago)
Wow!! Amazing!!
Mr.Snackmix (12 days ago)
Honestly mate, if there was some sort of kickstarter or patreon aiming towards making this a real deal, i would gladly donate.
DirectorMeadows (12 days ago)
This was my all time favorite, it has such a great feeling and I think you kept it with what you did here! It looks AMAZING I would pay GOOD money for this.
Dima Aq (12 days ago)
I don't know why I'm crying in the club right now
Hakan Özbay (12 days ago)
I totally thought this was official and got confused for one second about how I didn't know this game of the series that I completely know.
Zuz A (13 days ago)
Where are the tigers?! She suppose to slay two of these beautiful creatures. There was a sound but it's not the same. Edit: there was a tiger, I'm so satisfied right now
Mario Franco (13 days ago)
I miss the old good pyramid-shaped tits :’)
Tomáš Holub (13 days ago)
old nerds complaining about new lara and old one...go play your prehistorical bullshit walking simulator through tombs and dont waste your time bullying fans of new games ...both got some good sides and bad ones...new lara at least make some sense
Immoral Timothy (13 days ago)
wow, people like this are proof that justice is a myth, how does he not make games for big companies already? This is possibly one of the best looking remakes iv ever seen
Allan Candaza (14 days ago)
Square Enix on the other side : Hmmmmmmmmmm?????
badash786 (14 days ago)
I love this. Whoever made this is super talented and very creative. its perfect
J Prez (14 days ago)
THIS is Tomb Raider. Could have done with less music as it takes away from the atmosphere which the PS1 games were amazing at creating but otherwise a very good looking demo. I hope we'll see the PS1 games remade like this in the near future.
Jairon Cardoso (14 days ago)
sinthor4s (14 days ago)
this demo looks amazing and really promising
Ryan Sinclair (14 days ago)
This needs to be on PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch.
geo smile (14 days ago)
Karina H.L (15 days ago)
Awesome to relive so genuine
madguy881 (15 days ago)
That's how Tomb raider should fucking look like.
DerZeppterdesAldi (15 days ago)
Its such a waste that they dont finish this it would be the best Tomb Raider of all time ...
FDesign Tutoriais (15 days ago)
This is the best remake I ever seen in years ! That´s is a great job !
Alvin Ip (15 days ago)
I think she's not human
aistaxoxo (15 days ago)
Take my money.
Mariehamn 360 (15 days ago)
I wish someone could learn me to make games like keep this
anand sharma (15 days ago)
this is real?
Sagar Gon (16 days ago)
This is what I want, I don't really like that run and gun
K' Will (16 days ago)
One word.... WOW
Drazen Chronicle (16 days ago)
Its beautifohl!
هل تعلم (16 days ago)
Best best best i love this
Mr. Stano (16 days ago)
Good job!
Tina Whosoever (16 days ago)
This is incredible and I would buy it in a heart beat! Beautifully done... I can tell that the developer really loved the original game and respectfully recreated it without dramatically changing Lara. Something a true fan would do, and I love that so much!!!! The nostalgia is strong with this one!!!!! Ahhh I want to play!
lamella (16 days ago)
It s the beeeeeeeeeessst 😱😍😍
RGV N (16 days ago)
graphicaly good , that time
Serpil Biter (16 days ago)
12:42 look at the under floor
rubycandy92 (17 days ago)
Tomb raider games are the best. I wish they would remaster them for the next Gen consoles. Same with medal of honour games. 👍
YourPalHDee (18 days ago)
It makes no sense for her to start in a helicopter, drop into a cave, just to end up on the wall anyway.
YourPalHDee (18 days ago)
Eidos/Square Enix, hire this mother fucker!
Zeilton Bulldog (18 days ago)
Está Laura está parecendo a Valéria do planeta games
Rayan Thoth (18 days ago)
Ervin Basaran (19 days ago)
download  pls very very nice
Abdullah Rehman (19 days ago)
Looks like fortnite
Hùng Đỗ Thành (19 days ago)
making full game would cost serious dollars. That why they only make demo. Cost alot too.
keepan2 (20 days ago)
I need full version fucking now!
FPortman (21 days ago)
This is true Tomb raider Lara Croft. Restart franchise 2013 or rise of the tomb raider bullshit.
Diggarci (21 days ago)
Tina Rose (21 days ago)
Very good job .
Dmitri Panchenko (21 days ago)
really awsome game man.. good job but where's her light for the dark areas?
tann koemhiv (22 days ago)
can you show your pitcher game
Kvendy (23 days ago)
I feel this remake better than rise of tombraider
Ese juego esta para xbox one?
Fernando Romera (23 days ago)
Is this a rwmake or something?
Alex Ilyin (23 days ago)
B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T. u have put me in an updated childhood. thank u!
LEGEND PAVAN (23 days ago)
Nice gameplay u done it best
Panda (24 days ago)
Wow its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0
Jerry (24 days ago)
изготовлено с толком
Yasmin Iris (24 days ago)
Esse jogo é pelo ex box ?
Synthia17 (25 days ago)
That was my first ever TR game, the kid in me cries of joy! I still recognize the areas
V82MP (25 days ago)
When is it being released on gameboy?
Mikael Murstam (25 days ago)
niiiiice. You honored the boobies!
Dregen (25 days ago)
After watching this... I´m gonna download TR2 for pc :D
Manisha Patil (25 days ago)
Which link you download this game
Czyrus Bon (25 days ago)
This is the LARA CROFT i fell in love with. Athletic, self-sufficient and gorgeous. Impeccable remake I must say.
dollytah ull (26 days ago)
amazing demo. i just wish she had an olive skintone like the original one.
Missa Bhj (26 days ago)
isme eiger (26 days ago)
if i were a woman, i want to have Nicobass's babies, so they could some years later roll out the whole story of TR2
isme eiger (26 days ago)
this is the best mod i ve ever seen.
Manuel Santos (26 days ago)
How come developers don’t source out these engineers who clearly do a better job
LEON (26 days ago)
OMG, perfect
Scarlet Fate (27 days ago)
*cries I've always wondered what TR2 would look like if it was remastered or remade! This is BEAUTIFUL❤
Des & Jan Parbery (27 days ago)
My god, those games designers NEED your skills & urgently. The proof is all the positive feedback you have! WHY DON'T THESE Games Designers SEE? What you've recreated here is what we've always screamed out for in a Tomb Raider game! If you're ever asked to design a TR game, please, for our unquenchable desire to play the TR we all loved before the PS2 age, You have to say "YES!"
Stuntmandouble08 (27 days ago)
Make this a full game and bring it on Steam, now!!!
Mani-aX (27 days ago)
and you know we all came here to see the swan dive and leg flip over while climbing up :D :D :D. this is awesome!!!
Jacqueline Loz (28 days ago)
This is amazing work!
Stefan Bausche (29 days ago)
Fantasic game

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