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Game of Thrones without the special effects

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So dragons aren’t real then. But then in Game of Thrones nothing seems to be real, even down to the windows! For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1 The following clips take all that away and give you an insight into the incredible special effects used in HBO’s hit TV show…yes it includes a bear and a man pretending to be a dragon. See more Game of thrones special effects work here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwNPVLppQFQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skAqGmWvNNw http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar
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Text Comments (1682)
Blackbird (6 days ago)
wow so much cgi, they should've at least used real dragons, dissapointed in hbo
sunidhi sharma (10 days ago)
Baap re baap🤐
Frank Lee Steamed (19 days ago)
What a job...
Gadgetro (21 days ago)
That's such a cute green ball :3
Hussein Adan (22 days ago)
After watching this , I don't care about season 8🤣🤣
Monkey Man (22 days ago)
Amazing work but it’s sad
boubacar yenika soumah (23 days ago)
j'attends impatiemment la saison 8
SERBIANGAMES 123 (24 days ago)
I hope nobody walked into a wall
Nachrichten 24/7 (27 days ago)
nicht überspringen : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z_srVhXHaI
Aisha Melani (27 days ago)
IT SKILLS (28 days ago)
Completely nonesence.....
IT SKILLS (28 days ago)
Dissapointed.....You people should,nt show the reality....Because of this I lost my interest in this season....
andy silver (29 days ago)
It'd be cool to be part of a tv show like this.
Jane (1 month ago)
C koa la musique
What made those effects so real wasn't the high technology but the high performance of the actors that made us believe that all of that was real
Aural Art Productions (1 month ago)
Cool to see how the behind the scenes work!
FatLi TheLi (1 month ago)
This is so painful to watch.
Charley Smith (1 month ago)
how the fuck do rhey not cry laughing with the guy dressed as a dragon i cant😂😂
Leesa Unique (1 month ago)
Wow! Yes you have to be a great actor/actress with special effects like this! Where do I sign?
Serenity Moon (1 month ago)
Love acting!
Ruby Castillo (1 month ago)
The magic...of technology!
SONALI kapse (1 month ago)
I can't believe this...oh god this is not real what I saw in got..we should appreciate the actors for there acting...
Joshua Scoleri (1 month ago)
The dragon with Tyrion is not actual how they do the special effect on the show. But part of a skit from SNL
sombra van de groep (1 month ago)
MFarooq Ahmed (1 month ago)
amazing acting nd views.such videos looses interest
George H. (1 month ago)
Now you gonna tell me all the nice racks I've seen in this show were CGI as well? my life is a lie.
ewa mlodz (1 month ago)
und wozu habe ich das alles geschauen?????
talia841951 (2 months ago)
Oh no why did I watch this? Now I can't unsee it
Shadowgirl (2 months ago)
They put a lot of work in to this, but honestly it made me laugh seeing it without the CGI or visual effects, it looks so funny,. Especially, the one with the small boat in a tub of water in a room, he has to pretend he's in an ocean, it must be hard to keep a straight face. They all look so awkward without visual effects. hahahaha I still love GoT.
Boudicca (2 months ago)
Uhh was the bear trainer dude dressed up as Brienne of Tarth? Or was Brienne actually feeding that bear in her scene? Lol
Monkey Man (2 months ago)
BYRIALSEN1 (2 months ago)
4 weeks of costume making, 6 hours just to put on costumes, 11 hours of casting and 6 hours of pealing of the costumes..... and thousands of hours of render and editung
Şeyma K (3 months ago)
Tadı kaçtı
Ali Boo (3 months ago)
wait game of thrones is fake? like wwe?
Balance (3 months ago)
Everything was a lie! God damnit!
Walter White (3 months ago)
DAYUM its amazing 😱😨
Maria Prenga (3 months ago)
Now the only thing that we can do,is respect all the cast, the production and anyone who has worked for this Serial.Congarts,you are real professionals
rukh khan (3 months ago)
Wyatt Swafford (4 months ago)
I want to watch this show but there is way to much nudity and I’m only 14
Lance Santos (4 months ago)
Ghassan Masuk (4 months ago)
Jonas (4 months ago)
Lizards with wings would have looked better
Art of special effects is amazing 😊
Aleksandra Markovic (5 months ago)
Wait, dragons are not real?!
barbarybar (5 months ago)
So all you have to do is stroke the ball.
Cristina Crss (5 months ago)
Raptor moe (5 months ago)
if they spent half this budget on story development and proper script writers i would be happy...
Antek Borek (5 months ago)
ja jestem z polski i ja cię tak lubie ale niewiem czy wiesz co to vanka jesili wiecz to nią jesten
Franklin Egbuche (5 months ago)
After seeing this, A bigger respect goes to the editors who have to create something out of nothing and make them all look so real and blend so well with the humans in those places. And one has to respect the actors and actresses you've to imagine things and act so well upon their imaginations. Keep in mind that both season 6 and 7 of GoT became so expensive that each episode in them cost $10 million dollars to make. Which is the reason why the production had to technically put aside the direwolves to save enough money for the dragons who were more vital to the story than the direwolves. $10 million for an episode isn't strange since some other movies have also gulped similar amount. Notably Breaking Bad last set of seasons.
comma (5 months ago)
i wish i could get a role of guy pretending to be a dragon in future
Kontra Jiroskop (5 months ago)
A nomp iuyto nobella muços san pedtuiopsss quatro Audi 4 teker dört çeker lan yupiiii
Miss Anonymous (5 months ago)
Whatttt the castles arent real??? And the landscapes arent either? Im literally shocked... like for real 😱
Mohammed Irfan (6 months ago)
At least actors are real.
Razvion (6 months ago)
This is quite interesting !
TATTI TV (6 months ago)
Mr. X (6 months ago)
I hope the sex scenes weren't animated ....
QZ- A.S.M.R (2 months ago)
Nah, the actors actually had sex..
аня (6 months ago)
now i know why it takes so darn long for the seasons to come out
Anne-lise Serret (6 months ago)
Damn. I feel sorry for them 😂
Jack Price (6 months ago)
I didn’t realize how much was fake
Don Corleone (6 months ago)
so much work goes into this but its all wasted by retarded SJW showrunners.
StormEyes1991 (6 months ago)
Whoa! Kudos to the entire team, actors, cameramen, and artists but especially the CGI artists.
surag dachchu (6 months ago)
LoL only CGI my imagination ruined from this video
Jafar S. (6 months ago)
That’s amazing! I need more of this
Alexandra Baelish-Stark (6 months ago)
Dacyr (6 months ago)
0:53 That bear was real? Wow...
I PurpleYouTaehyung (6 months ago)
Oh my god
azy9981 (6 months ago)
shit even the 2 feet wall isn't snow. I'm sure the producers asked the CGI guys how big can you guys go and the CGI guys woulda said as long and big as you want. lol
Andy Paul Cabrera (6 months ago)
So my childhood is a complete lie?
Robert King (6 months ago)
The last season was a slump in form
Naman Kumar (7 months ago)
Wow. It's so interesting to know about reality. Baratheon theme is my favorite. I forget all fear when l hear this theme.
rob maan (7 months ago)
Its really amazing... This the best series i ever seen
racistprincess666 (7 months ago)
I know special effects are used here...but i didnt know the extent of these effects...awesome job
Aero Mateen (7 months ago)
And we Engineers call it Computer Graphics.
arvincheech (7 months ago)
Wow, real smart! Respect!!
edison palacio (7 months ago)
Casi todo es animacion.
Lisa Ravenclaw (7 months ago)
That "Dragon" made me laugh so damn hard 😂😅👌
Johnny Skinwalker (8 months ago)
So the bear attacking Gwen was really just a dude feeding a bear. lol
Kitty Mittens (8 months ago)
... at least the horses are real
Gandalf Grey (8 months ago)
i love that bear
ZR ENTERTAINMENT (8 months ago)
z (8 months ago)
green screen is life!
Cassa frass (8 months ago)
Holy crap, the CGI stand-in behind Peter Dinklage at the :30 mark looks EXACTLY like Bobby Moynihan from SNL.
FELIX Mac Mornie Vanessa (8 months ago)
elverdaderosol (8 months ago)
La perfecta comunión de talento y dominio de tecnología.
Naju Reis (8 months ago)
My life was a lie...
Starmite (8 months ago)
This is sad, nothing is real :( not even the castles
Floofi Floof (8 months ago)
Anybody else who wish they didn't see this? 😐
ekin başaran (8 months ago)
cream (8 months ago)
lol when people decide to praise the actors more than the people who made the effects.
Renan Romão (9 months ago)
Nulla (9 months ago)
Weew. Amazing effects
GarfieldLov3r (9 months ago)
The Epic Song in the midle of The Video what is the name from the Song
NATELYAH TAYLOR (9 months ago)
A least their green is waaaaaay much better then what they used in sharkboy and lavagirl😂😂
Mintah Thomas (9 months ago)
I can't wait to tell my kids this hetorigeuos story like this
Faye Temple (9 months ago)
I'm 13 and I watch game of thrones
Spike Spiegel (9 months ago)
So cool!
KayC 344 (9 months ago)
The bear is fucking real
philipp plein (9 months ago)
Lol so GOT is like 96% fake ass shit they just computerized everything
Jesús Pineda (9 months ago)
What? No real dragons?
Amelia Amelia (9 months ago)
At least the bear was real

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