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[2015] The Walking Dead Escape : FULL Course : Comic-Con (San Diego, CA)

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2015 HD POV of the Entire Walking Dead Escape Obstacle course at San Diego Comic-Con in California. This year's run included Aaron, the saviors, Negan and his bat Lucille. This was filmed opening night (July 10th, 2015) during the 6pm Wave. I enjoyed the acting and the variation in the course this year. It still feels a little on the short side. I wish they'd make it an official 5k. Regardless, I had a great time. I highly recommend checking it out if you're in the area for Comic-Con. My favorite part is around 4:05. We change directions and most of the group decides to improvise and go running through the bushes. It was fun, chaotic and un-planned. For a second I lost myself in the excitement and it felt real! :) Thanks for Watching! Keep Calm and Wear Running Shoes during the Apocalypse! Here are my other Zombie Runs 2013 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOFupZXFJxQ 2014 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu6y04zSK94
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Text Comments (18193)
chemora lett (4 minutes ago)
is this really can't be🤷🤷🙏
Cendan Stevens (32 minutes ago)
Wow they do a good job at acting
Jeza Bel Oliveira (1 hour ago)
Kary Torres (9 hours ago)
Kary Torres (9 hours ago)
vak devi (12 hours ago)
This is kind of fun
Noorah Dhoodhat (13 hours ago)
are they really😨😬
doom skeleton player (15 hours ago)
is that real zombie?
Haixia Jiang (22 hours ago)
Tori Kirby (23 hours ago)
This is so fake
samara Azevedo (1 day ago)
Nossa muito legal
Rajveer wwe show## (1 day ago)
Who watching wwe
Я российская и ни фига не сообразила
Rizkirahman Rizki (1 day ago)
Aku ingin melihat
Is this real
Sí ubiera un apocalisis la ciudad estaria destruida
Jun Plays (1 day ago)
If you think this is real, y’all need to grow up. I watched this when I was 9 and I knew this was fake
They really killed He
Brunodxx (1 day ago)
soy español y no entiendo el inglill
is this fake?????????
Mauro Volpi (2 days ago)
Nobody 2018?
Mauro Volpi (2 days ago)
Nobody 2018?
Lexi Marshall (2 days ago)
OMG the walking dead😦😦😦😦😇
Muhamad Helmi Rizal (2 days ago)
FSGTV (3 days ago)
R.I.P Aaron 1like = bring to life again☹️
This is the worst video ever saw in my life
There’s no way that that’s real
Why did you kill him🙁😩🙁😩🙁😓😰😨😓😱
How is that even allowed on YouTube
Whoever killed that guy he’s an BICH
Cee Er (3 days ago)
Lol scary not ok it is
Roshni (3 days ago)
Did i see Darth Vader running from zombies?
Leo Moody (3 days ago)
Kinder Kniffert (3 days ago)
OMG wahr hab ne Loch scc
Maša Čebulj (3 days ago)
Lol fake movie but good👍👍
Is't look real
Is't real or not
Scary... -_-
esho aewaz (3 days ago)
bab bab lol da guy died
I am scared
Christina Bouchard (3 days ago)
BI will kill you on my dad chromatogram
Christina Bouchard (3 days ago)
Stop or I will kill you well my bad that there are sparks and shark night it’s as nails
Leonardo Garcia (3 days ago)
Dang that looks scary
Herobrine Girl Gaming (4 days ago)
Yes 2018
WOLFACE (4 days ago)
Una buena experiencia THE WALKING DEAD
Courtney Canton (4 days ago)
Aron is still alive cause that’s a fake suit like if u agree😄😄😄😄
Haily Baily (4 days ago)
Those zombies looked nice XD
キノピオ! (4 days ago)
Pokemonfortyumyum Lol (4 days ago)
This is really cool I love the walking dead
lucia Tuckler (4 days ago)
I've done one way worse it's based off of Dying Light that's the one I did my God I went sliding everywhere it was fun and scary BTW it's in Atlanta Georgia
Beauty Arnaiz (4 days ago)
thats true or not
Patricia Roberts (4 days ago)
Beats in face, as you see im a reasanble guy??
STOP PROGECT ZORGO! 4 (4 days ago)
Jesus im in canada 🇨🇦 he is illegal he just made his face go bye bye and his eyes bye bye he should be arrested forever
Mery Martinez (4 days ago)
Girly Gamer (4 days ago)
Hi random person scrolling threw the comments just listen🙂You are very handsome or beautiful🙃I hope your having a good day and god bless you❤️😁
STOP PROGECT ZORGO! 4 (4 days ago)
I been there but stop progect zorgo
cynthia avelino (4 days ago)
Is this real
Kimber Rose (4 days ago)
Some sexy zombies
Jhonny Salem (5 days ago)
Aron i missed you😂😂😂
Jhonny Salem (5 days ago)
Host:Everyone hurt?? Me: I tripped Host:your legs You do say
Erin Battaglia (5 days ago)
Is this real?
Darth Vader should use his freaking saber for what he can do trust me watch the moves
Kasper Gordon (5 days ago)
lydia garcia (5 days ago)
Is it real 🤭🤔
Richard Budnick (5 days ago)
Was I the only one thinking about newt....I know he’s a crank but still
Taytay Williams (5 days ago)
Are they real zombies
Ismir Halilovic (5 days ago)
GOVERNOR101 (5 days ago)
I've never seen Darth Vader be a coward before. Doesn't he have a light saber? Like if you agree. Reply if you disagree.
Little babby Hamilton (5 days ago)
Aaron is best boi
TheLivingLatios (5 days ago)
9:11 "Go,go,go,go follow me!" *runs past him*
Wolfy Cutey (5 days ago)
The heck his face got ripped off holy Macaroni
i dont know dot com (5 days ago)
Darth Vader running from zombie COWARD YOU HAVE A LIGHTSABER! when they are going up the thing its sad THEY JUST NEED SUM MONEY
my land (5 days ago)
This is absolutely fake🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💩💩💩👌👙👃👅
Tiger Kittygirl (5 days ago)
Are they real zombies?
Tjong Tjin kong (5 days ago)
Is that real jesus
julia julinha (5 days ago)
Stephanie Thomas (5 days ago)
Darth should’ve dressed up as a zombie and then halfway through take his mask off and be like “Surprise Bitch”
Stephanie Thomas (5 days ago)
Around 8:00 it was so funny bc they were like “He’s been bit” and the tour guides like “He looks fine now”
Siti Putri Jamilah (5 days ago)
Jane Fella (5 days ago)
are they real
Wolf Bird (5 days ago)
Which part of Star Wars is this?
Princess Marru (5 days ago)
This is creepy😱😨😰
Princess Marru (5 days ago)
Are those zombies real?
Arnaldo Benitez (5 days ago)
is this real?
1XxEricaRedxX1 X3 ;3 (5 days ago)
Dennise Henry (5 days ago)
Zombies are not. Go.
Sam Gangte (5 days ago)
💇🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 means
cute pet yey (5 days ago)
Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ah
Losaline Mafuahingano (6 days ago)
Are there real or there fake
Jimena Torres (6 days ago)
Alexclockman (6 days ago)
i want to kill that guy that killed that poor kid
negan kills but he doesn't kill anyone
Wendy Chen (6 days ago)
I’m going to have nightmares about this
Ahmed Iraqi (6 days ago)
Why did you f*** kill him
Riza Islam (6 days ago)
This boy is dead baseball ⚾️ bat
Rachael Collins (6 days ago)
Rachael Collins (6 days ago)
if so... U GOTTA PARKOUR LIL' BOI! I WOULD'VE SCREAMED MY SELF TO DEATH! P.S: Darth Vader running from zombies. Never saw that before...
Rachael Collins (6 days ago)
are those REAL zombie's?
Sandra Robles (6 days ago)
Stop it youmin😲😲😲
Katarzyna Balejko (6 days ago)

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