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17 things you didn't know about Horizon: Zero Dawn (new PS4 gameplay)

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New Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay! You can also learn something new with these 17 things you didn't know about Horizon: Zero Dawn. Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (613)
Ameena G (18 days ago)
Imagine riding around on a stormbird, a flying, deadly, electro ball firing, tackling, killer robot bird
ScoPperlOit FinnimBrun (30 days ago)
This game is freaking BEAUTIFUL.
Julia Shenandoah (1 month ago)
Boston Dynamics Monster Hunter World. By the way, I really hope Boston Dynamics can create even more impressive robots after Big-Dog and Atlas to inspire HZD2....
Hadi Jafari (1 month ago)
Liked just for the accent. What accent is this?
Karl Rock (1 month ago)
Just got this game now. Over a year after release. Loving it.
DANNY1 RUIZ (2 months ago)
Ifti Awan (6 months ago)
Robots mimiking reall animals was the best thing they did
Thomas Parker (8 months ago)
why is the gameplay so bad like they miss half the shots and don't know how to play, horizons basic combats not even hard
Mia Ria (8 months ago)
I find it funny that the team would watch David Attenborough documentaries for inspiration because I started watching them due to playing this game.
Harby Franco Fernandez (8 months ago)
This is what happens when producers actually care about what they are making and wanna be careful about it. Take notes sega
Harby Franco Fernandez (8 months ago)
Wait a minute... where's borja pavon at?
Moneyshot (8 months ago)
This game didn't disappoint me like many other ones and it's addictive as coke.
black jack (11 months ago)
horizon zero dawn only level.50 and i got full all and get weave sheild armor :D
Might0fHeaven (1 year ago)
I don't know why, but it feels good looking at the protagonist's face. It isn't specifically pretty, its just polished and the facial expressions look realistic and good.
JeRrY tHe MoUsE (1 year ago)
baby aloy is the cutest thing ever
niwrej amsedel (1 year ago)
Wow. Im surprised u pronounce aloy right hehe
Laz (1 year ago)
It's been a long time since I've had this kind of drive to achieve 100% in a game, great job Guerilla ^-^
TheMGSlow (1 year ago)
Human AI is really stupid, they just walk right into visible tripwire traps.
Kim Bloxham (1 year ago)
Anyone else think aloy and Korra sound familiar
Andymanaman (1 year ago)
Absolutely incredible. The catalogue of great games now on the PS4 is massive. I'm a Microsoft fan also, but really, the PS4 is just far superior.
brian carter (1 year ago)
Finished the game in 2 days....what now? #BORING ....needs more character customization. weapons, armor, home base, etc
allfunkedup158 (1 year ago)
Northern Irish + American accent
Anthony Webber (1 year ago)
about number 7 in this video, i don't think a crocodile can jump like a Snapmaw can
Rasmus Jørgensen (1 year ago)
Such a wonderfull game!
DV8TOR MY TAG (1 year ago)
if u are on the fence on whether to get it...GET IT...AWESOME GAME
Chris Stokes (1 year ago)
My favourite ps4 upto now, sorry uncharted 4 😁😁😁😁😁
IDontKnowWhatToWrite (1 year ago)
The player of the video is wasting a lot of arrow on the robots, it's easier and faster to kill it with the spear (mostly 2 hits is all it takes to destroy the small machines), normal arrows are best used in stealth kill.
Justin Watkins (1 year ago)
I love this game. it's basically what I hoped it would be. if there is a sequel I'd like to see a better system for using potions and I'd like them to fix the swimming mechanic. it just feels werid. I'd also like about 1,000 different machines to fight
TYMCreeper (1 year ago)
For #4, about the dialogue wheel, there is an achievement which requires you to always choose the compassionate option along with some other things in order to get everyone 'on your side' or with you. I believe +PS4trophies made a video on it.
Fluffy Dango (1 year ago)
That trophy has nothing to do with your dialogue choices, you just have to do some side quests to get a few NPC to ally with you in the final quest. I have the platinum trophy. One of the easiest platinums I've gotten.
spencer jones (1 year ago)
Every year I get highly addicted to a new game and I'm glad it's this one now
My Dog Elsa (1 year ago)
Love this game it looks AMAZING Aloy is awesome.
Kevin Vu (1 year ago)
Is anyone out there looking for tint in game secrets? I know it just came out but the only guy posting secret is posting really obvious crap
Jeremy Zaandam (1 year ago)
I'm life in amsterdam
Kieran Joyce (1 year ago)
This game raises the bar for every game that comes after it. Truly breath taking landscape and a unique take on a over saturated market of open world games. I have played it for a week now and keep getting lost in this beautiful world. Only to realise hours later I still haven't done the next mission. That's not a complaint I have loved every minute and I'm still finding things that surprise me. If you don't owed this game you should really try it out. There's nothing like it when you get hands on with the game and take down your first big machine
ks2033tv (1 year ago)
How did I play this game for 70 hours and not realize Aloy and Chloe are the same voice actor O_o
Frankie Dinero (1 year ago)
This is one of the few games I love to explore and take time with.
Nic Jor'Wil (1 year ago)
They have tech and they use primitive weapons with futuristic technology?, wtf???.... they could've recreate assault rifles and snipers then running around with a fucking bow and club:(....zzzz, fuck this game tech'primal....
Mark Magtoto (1 year ago)
xD by design wtf im sorry you do know you can upgrade your weapons?
LifeEntity (1 year ago)
For some odd reason I have a boner listening to the narrator
Phil Ramey (1 year ago)
This game is flipping amazing
DevineGamingTV (1 year ago)
Looking at the characters face in this game I see we have reached the Very-Creepy stage in the "Uncanny Valley". The graphics look very crisp and nice, but the facial expressions WITH these nice real looking graphics makes it creepy/weird. Games coming out with these graphics need more facial muscular movements, or else it will fall in the uncanny valley. Just please don't get me wrong, the game looks nice. Imagine buying a Doll that looked completely like a human, but ONLY the lips and eyes could interact like humans do. ANY other facial interaction is non existent, wouldn't it be freakin creepy?
Tranduil95 (1 year ago)
i was rly hyped when they announced this game, now watching a bit more of it the gameplay seems boring
Tranduil95 (1 year ago)
Phil Ramey well i cant rly speak as i havent played the game, just it only seems you dodge and shoot an arrow so far
Phil Ramey (1 year ago)
Tranduil95 12 hours strait gameplay no way this is boring
Fate Breaker (1 year ago)
the literally just came out.....like 3 hours ago. what do you expect us to know lol
Deborah Siggins (1 year ago)
zoid rip
Soy Fish (1 year ago)
Great video!
David Unkown (1 year ago)
wish you could make a male character, I wish there were more gender options in games...
Isaac Rosdail (1 year ago)
5:18 If only Far Cry Primal could've taken that advice....
Manuel Mendoza (1 year ago)
i can't wait.
Willy Severus (1 year ago)
welcome back to life chloe! sorry i killed you in life is strange <3
The Truth (1 year ago)
1for 17. Ashley Birch is awesome
X T (1 year ago)
the display is telling me that she can whistle really good
Michael Seabrooks (1 year ago)
due to adulting, my best friend's wedding coming up, and my planning my own engagement, this is one of the last 2 videogames I plan to purchase lol. ever. the other one is Mass Effect Andromeda. I just won't have the time to invest into new games after everything kicks off so I'm hoping this game is as amazing as it comes off.
James Jiao (1 year ago)
Far cry 4 clone?
Tien-yo Dai (1 year ago)
I like her voice
Breezy Memez (1 year ago)
This is like fallout 4 but better
Lt. wreck (1 year ago)
This game is hyped to shit I hope it's not the next heavenly sword.
Chill Carl (1 year ago)
Mmmmm I liKe thaaat
tenth gen (1 year ago)
there going to need to put more outfits in this game cause it looks like its going to get stall really quick with the same old same old I no they would sing the same old song we wanted the player to fill the game a certain way but dang every thing so far looks the same
Brandon Huber (1 year ago)
Brandon Huber (1 year ago)
what a nice voice
Zanarkke (1 year ago)
Water sucks though. Still not seen any towns.
Zanarkke (1 year ago)
Thank you.
carpetfluff35 (1 year ago)
Like the one literally 20 seconds into this video?
AbsurdShark (1 year ago)
I can't wait for this game.... Also, i can't wait until i have enough money for a PS4...
shawn byers (1 year ago)
Chloe from Life is Strange is the voice of Aloy, that's awesome!
Riley Bugg (1 year ago)
So hyped
thestew56 (1 year ago)
#18: Aloy's bow animations were inspired by a Nerf toy
vomitoriumbassist (1 year ago)
We're about 18-19 days from this gem guys and gals! Cannot wait for this to take over my life! Looks incredible!
vomitoriumbassist (1 year ago)
IAmThe GameBoy lol.. we'll see
IAmThe GameBoy (1 year ago)
vomitoriumbassist STOP calling it a Gem you'll Jinx it, everyone said stuff like that about No Man's Sky
Phil Anson (1 year ago)
very detailed thank you.
Jerry The Jerk (1 year ago)
no multiplayer?
Rising Cookie (1 year ago)
Wow! I didn't know that Ashly Burch was the VA! This was perhaps the comprehensive coverage videos for the game. Thank you so much, Wolfie.
rollin thundahh (1 year ago)
I really don't mean to be a downer, but this game looks kinda boring😕. Like I admit games nowadays are really good "simulators" but I don't see this being"fun". Like everyone is salivating over the "realistic graphics" and "open world" but hasn't this been done like a million times already? Well hopefully I'm wrong and it turns out good
Luke et (1 year ago)
ps4 is going to have a good couple of months nioh, horizon and God of war!
Michael.C Lawrence (1 year ago)
I Preordered this Game back in Early January
cody dunivent (1 year ago)
I'm really trying to like this game but it just dose not interest me
Mark Magtoto (1 year ago)
cody dunivent rpg is not for everyone thats understandable me neither i don't like rpg coz when i got a fallout 4 last time i return it the next day but i want a different game i like a exploring games and rpg like fcp and H0D
mlkncookies (1 year ago)
the last fact isnt even related to horizon. ok maybe very loosely so i dont see why it is included.
Brian Worden (1 year ago)
Damnit they had the chance to bring back everyone's favorite FFX minigame.. lighting dodging.... I hated that area so fucking much.
luckdragon88 (1 year ago)
Even though ive been vaguely aware of the game's existence for a long time; in the recent weeks I kind of feel like i'm only just hearing about it. Its gone from being something i dismissed as nothing to being one of my most anticipated games. Looks like it will be fun and a new IP is very welcome. The nice thing about new IPs is they have nobody to please yet. There isn't an existing fan-base that will riot if they screw up the next installment. Gives them more freedom :)
LORD LEX (1 year ago)
why eurogamer promoting this game so much!
IAmThe GameBoy (1 year ago)
LORD LEX They were probably Paid to talk about it a lot
Sherard Salarzon (1 year ago)
This is probably one of my realistic game that I saw on my life. I rate it as 75% realistic 35% non-realistic. Can't tell you what's real or not because it will be an article to read and explain. This is the future of gaming. Yet still taking engineering. Gaming or our reality?
Watching Videos (1 year ago)
Your accent.. I need some new underwear.
help! why is overcooked not available for Asia Pacific ps4
Anas Bakhit (1 year ago)
please, *PLEASE* be a good game.
Naughty Senpai Gaming (1 year ago)
great, now im going to see chloe price in my head whenever Aloy talks the whole time i play this game. not sure if i should feel happy or upset.
Wretched Slippage (1 year ago)
It looks REALLY good for a PS4 game.. PS4 exclusives always look better than their cross-console counterparts. Im excited for this
TenofSwords (1 year ago)
It's nice to see that Alfred E. Neuman's bloodline survived the apocalypse.
RaceToNowhere (1 year ago)
I don't care if they are robots, they are animal-looking and behaving. This makes of the game basically a hunting simulation. Not the kind of thing I'll spend my time on.
Uncle Death (1 year ago)
Can't wait for this
Andreas Rønning (1 year ago)
They are relying way too much on secondary motion for their characters. Aloy looks like a stiff mannequin decked out with swinging bells and chains.
Greg Kiss (1 year ago)
Aloy is pretty! :)
Havoc Surge (1 year ago)
I'm gonna wait for a review, but god damn I have high hopes for this. My only concern are the side quests and story development. If fetch quests dominate this game it would be a waste of an amazing world.
Manakai 0 (1 year ago)
I have always believed that the voice acting is what made life is strange. In a story game dialouge is very important and honestly the animation wasn't very good, however I got so sucked into to the characters voices themselves that I didn't notice that often.
Paolo Sinopoli (1 year ago)
The map should be as big as Witcher 3. I'm only worried that this game lacks deepness and a solid storyline. Amazing graphic and sets can't compete with an amazing and moving story like Witcher 3. Will it be an unforgettable game? I hope so, but I'm not so sure anymore...
Wild♦Card (1 year ago)
also the voice of cassia cage.
Zach Raymond (1 year ago)
I know Xbox Fans buying a PS4 just for this game
Gage Sanderson (1 year ago)
Yes so glad that the robots are gonna actually be threatening and you can't just play this like a far cry type game.
No Other xD (1 year ago)
Serious question, what this game offer after the main history is over? is just like Far Cry 3? you end the story and that's it? empty guard post and a few side quests?
Amanda C (1 year ago)
this game is a mix of dragon age, mass effect and far cry lol ..not a bad thing at all
Infametheus (7 months ago)
It was like Metal Gear/The Witcher/Far Cry for me
davidwhistler1977 (1 year ago)
even know some of the people that made the game made fallout and others made witcher? if anything it seems like post apocaliptic set thousands of years after man fell/witcher 3 type game
Amanda C (1 year ago)
sometimes i feel like this game looks like a bioware game and less like guerilla
The Dragon Wolf (1 year ago)
What's the accent? Sounds like Australian or New Zealand I'm talking about the narrator on the video btw
Wor Jackie (1 year ago)
DaisyRidley Completely the wrong side of the world. Sounds more like a Nor'n Ireland accent to me.
HD Simplicityy (1 year ago)
Voice acting still sounds mediocre, as with the facial animations. The open world looks good, though.
David Gao (1 year ago)
After hearing there are only 25 robot models, I am a little bit concerned...
Fiend (1 year ago)
David Gao ohh nah look at watch dogs 2 and mafia 3 1 type of enemy lol
David Gao (1 year ago)
That it could be fairly repetitive
Fiend (1 year ago)
David Gao concerned for your safety?
ilikedrumstep (1 year ago)
sooo fkn HYPED!!

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