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Exploring Akihabara Japan and Beating SEGA Crane Games

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Day 2 in Japan! We stopped for some delicious Beef curry dish at Bondy before making our way to the Electric Town! Other stops include Shibuya and Ginza. - Albert Kuo instagram: @alb3rtkuo #japan #akihabara #cranegames
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Lexi (3 days ago)
Ah, Tokyo. A place where a hopeless adult otaku like myself can find fellow weirdos that the rest of society has rejected. I can dream.
Young Prophit (11 days ago)
and yeah japan isnt really big on spicy food
Young Prophit (11 days ago)
damn i wanna go ;_;
Top 8 Studios (22 days ago)
Watching the crane game was way more fun than it had any right to be lol good tactics for sure though!
alb3rtkuo (20 days ago)
Top 8 Studios 🤣 we had a ton of fun figuring it out. Glad you enjoyed! 🙏
Artist Zhanna (24 days ago)
amanda Derp (26 days ago)
You can ask the workers to reset the game
Miguel Marrero (29 days ago)
Great quality video my friend, insightful and familiar! Subscribed :) keep it up my man I'd love to visit here
Mandy p (1 month ago)
I want that exq figure u won
alb3rtkuo (1 month ago)
Mandy p it is a pretty sweet figure 😉
XBakaTacoX (2 months ago)
"I want that." "I like that." "Look at that!" Akihabara.
pickleflavoredchicken (2 months ago)
Arcticfloof (3 months ago)
If y’all look closely at the background at 25:11 you can see Lev and Yaku from Haikyuu on the poster!!💙
Marc Young (3 months ago)
Where was that re:zero event held?
alb3rtkuo (3 months ago)
Marc Young the actual merchandise event was held at the Shibuya Marui department store. They also had the Re:Zero cafe and Re:Zero themed SEGA arcades all around Akihabara
esink (4 months ago)
thank you for keeping this footage raw and making such a long video!! for me, this is what's most entertaining! hope you had a good time in Japan!
alb3rtkuo (4 months ago)
ezzie I’m glad you like it! I wanted to present my Japan experience as raw and authentic as possible with little to no edits so I’m happy to hear that it works! 🙏
Loki Collects (4 months ago)
This really was an entertaining video. I would love to have a go at some prize figures....instead of buying them on amazon 😂
alb3rtkuo (4 months ago)
Loki Collects not the most intelligent use of cash but it sure is a heck of a lot of fun!
LeTaurus (4 months ago)
Great video! I hope I can travel to Japan in the future as well.
alb3rtkuo (4 months ago)
LeTaurus thank you 🙏 Japan is definitely worth visiting at least once if not more 👍
SoHardToBeMe (4 months ago)
Mhoutsukai no yome!!!
Hudson Ball (5 months ago)
I BEG YOU! PLEASE GO BACK AND GET THAT ARNVAL MK1 BUSOU SHINKI IN AMIAMI!!!!!! Send it to me. I will reimburse you every last yen!
Hudson Ball (5 months ago)
Instead you had to go for that dumb iDOLMASTER figure that you hadn't even seen the anime for. T_T. Though I would have forgiven you had it been Iori from iDOLMASTER.
alb3rtkuo (5 months ago)
Hudson Ball LOl unfortunately I’m not in Japan anymore. I really should’ve just bought it 😭

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