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Best CHEAP Nintendo Switch Games Under $20! | 8-Bit Eric

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Are there any GOOD Nintendo Switch games on the eShop? Are these Nintendo Switch eShop games worth the price? Here is 10 Games for the Switch on the eShop that are WORTH THE PRICE. What are the best cheap Nintendo Switch games under $20? As of today Nintendo Switch has tons of great game already. The games collection has really starting to grow. Today we will pick 10 best Switch games under $20. SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! ► http://bit.ly/1XrXsXI Subscribe to 8-Bit Eric ► http://bit.ly/1SujXqu Subscribe to my SECOND channel! ► http://bit.ly/1WLK6qQ DISCORD GROUP: https://discord.gg/mEH2KBs PAYPAL SUPPORT! Want to send a one time contribution towards show production? Or just as a virtual tip? ► https://www.paypal.me/8biteric CHECK OUT MY PODCAST! ChodeCast on iTunes ► http://apple.co/1T09gz0 Subscribe to ChodeCast on YouTube! ► http://bit.ly/25VDpqq GET SOCIAL WITH ME! 8-Bit Eric Twitter ► http://twitter.com/the8bitericshow 8-Bit Eric Facebook ► http://facebook.com/the8bitericshow 8-Bit Eric Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/8bitericshow/ 8-Bit Eric Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/the8bitericshow CHECK OUT FINALBOSSES.COM Exclusive content you can't see anywhere else! FinalBosses Website ► http://www.finalbosses.com WANT TO SEND ME SOMETHING? Please address it to: 8-Bit Eric PO Box 648 Somerset TX 78069 About 8-Bit Eric: Every Nintendo Switch game will be reviewed here! Wanna know if you should buy a Switch game? 8-Bit Eric has you covered, with his huge playlist of Switch game reviews, accessories and more! Music: Jason Hooft http://sickids.bandcamp.com/ Kevin MacLeod http://www.incompetech.com Audiomicro http://www.audiomicro.com All images, music and footage licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (189)
Howard Malone (1 month ago)
the lame chasers LOL
James Brewer (1 month ago)
He’s a pier I can not get shovel knight under 20 dollers
Alan Martinez (1 month ago)
Oh, I realized overcooked is in roblox (don't judge) and it is a really fun game!
Alan Martinez (1 month ago)
+8-Bit Eric Try it out if you'd like. The game is called, 'Dare To Cook' on Roblox.
8-Bit Eric (1 month ago)
Never played it before
whittrav898 (2 months ago)
I got a 20 dollar nentendo gift card for my birthday
8-Bit Eric (2 months ago)
Congrats and happy birthday
Ethan Ruerup (2 months ago)
It truly warms my heart to see mentally handicapped youtubers, such as yourself, so successful! Keep it up kiddo!
Ryan DXR (3 months ago)
Chubbtacular (3 months ago)
The commentary is so awkward
Apin (3 months ago)
iSheep (3 months ago)
What about Rocket League and Snipperclips
mattG503 (4 months ago)
Are there any good cheap sports games I should check out
Segal central (5 months ago)
Thx 8 bit Eric thanks for the idea of getting Stardew Valley!
Arcana Spells (5 months ago)
Really good video, +1 sub :)
ron roca (5 months ago)
Good video just one tip you should make wear & sell you own t-shirts with all your Social media, pod cast pay pal info, you have over $50K views just think if out of all those views you sold 2 thousands shirts to go along with & your fans will wear your shirts and attract more views for you. Just my opinion
thereelweeb (5 months ago)
Shut up eric
Playlist Central (5 months ago)
Where's Ageis Defenders?!?
Chloe Mcholoe (6 months ago)
I hate shovel knight so much..... D:
CJ Spear (6 months ago)
Great video man. Nice background and charisma. I haven’t heard of most of those, I’m glad to see some original recommendations. I’ll be coming back to this channel for Switch related content.
luisfernandolt (6 months ago)
Do NOT buy OVERCOOK. It is not how they paint it, out of my 30+ game collection this is the only game I regret buying
Barney The Brioche (6 months ago)
I want to get stardew valley but I’d never play it when animal crossing switch inevitably comes out
Finley O'sullivan (6 months ago)
Over cooked is probably the best for me thanks
KingDonnie19 (6 months ago)
love this channel so much
joeyjojojunior1794 (6 months ago)
"On Kon trair Mon fair." Great French. /S A for effort.
VANISHEDTOOTH96 ExtremeX (6 months ago)
For me one of them are the Arcade Archives
KioZ3 (7 months ago)
Wheres Celeste?
Tokyo Hexen (7 months ago)
it does sound as easy as it sounds tbf
Taco man (7 months ago)
When you meant less then 20$ I didn’t expect to go to the eshop search over cook and it being 19’99 but I guess it’s under 20.00$
Miles Plays (7 months ago)
Sonic made you feel feelings again
Sta rk (7 months ago)
You forgot A VERY CRUCIAL ONE THATS ONLY 20 BUCKS that game is Rocket league
livinglegend H-BOYZ (7 months ago)
First 2 GTA were in that format before 3d
Arthur Collector (8 months ago)
its cheaper not buy a switch
Force Ghosting (8 months ago)
Does your shirt say "The lame chasers"? 😉😉😉
Veronica Star (8 months ago)
New drinking game. Take a shot (or drink) every time Eric says “under $20”
Dave Fulton (8 months ago)
I was watching this and heard the call out to Abobo's Big Adventure, and was like... WAIT I helped make that!
sunsbookishgamesx (8 months ago)
Stardew is my fave cheapest one... thimble? Weed park? That game look really cool I'll check it out
AngeloMav (8 months ago)
i got the switch for christmas four games for it at the moment, oddessey,lego worlds,mario rabbids and fifa 18
Chris chibucos (8 months ago)
WHERE TF IS NBA PLAYGROUNDS??? Great list otherwise but man ur totally missing an amazingly fun game that's only 10 bucks!!! To anyone who reads this, check out NBA Playgrounds you won't regret it. I've played it more then any other switch game so far(I just got my switch recently but still)
Luke Falt (8 months ago)
Hey Eric, just ran into your channel, and I LOVE IT! Just got a switch and this video really helped! Thanks man, and please keep it up! I look forward to future videos!
nate m (8 months ago)
Great list. Picked up Thimbleweed Park and it is a new favorite.
Xeperu (8 months ago)
You forgot Floor Kids and Astro Bears Party ^.^
Grant Pate (8 months ago)
Kinda sad about the lack of Battle chef brigade where you hunt monsters while bringing parts back and cooking with match 3 mechanics
Dreaming of Drawing (8 months ago)
Is hollow knight on the switch yet? I can’t find it on the eshop
Stitch (8 months ago)
No not yet, but it's coming!
B. S. (8 months ago)
2d sidescrollers galore. They better be under 20, it's the kind of shit I could play for free on newgrounds or a snes emulator 15+ years ago or on my phone today.
GenericLetsPlayer 35 (6 months ago)
Bee Stee I agree, but it’s refreshing to relive that masterpiece we haven’t seen in 30 years
B. S. (7 months ago)
Ye Man no it's not. There's no creativity in rehashing a concept that's over 20 years old. If someone painted a copy of the Mona Lisa with different colours would you call that a masterpiece? What about if someone changed a couple notes in a piece of music Mozart composed?
Ye Man (7 months ago)
Bee Stee But Sonic Mania is a masterpiece.
Xlnc (8 months ago)
Great informative episode
8-Bit Eric (8 months ago)
Thank you
kichoprychacz (8 months ago)
Enter the gungeon is great!
Dough boi (8 months ago)
Mighty Gunvolt Burst is what Mighty no.9 should've been cause I still play it to complete with the dlc and it's still fun.
Dan B (8 months ago)
Closing 8-bit music track of your episodes is Killa!
John Donovan (9 months ago)
Shovel and Overcooked had a lot of buzz the year they were released. They didn't really go under the radar, you don't hear anyone talking about them because they've already released on multiple platforms
ChuckCheese • (9 months ago)
Where’s rocket league
Martoes (9 months ago)
Talking about steamworld dig 2 and calling it "adDIGted". I see what you did there ;). I haven't tried that one out yet, but looks very interesting. Thank you!
Myth Shark (9 months ago)
No kamiko???🤔
It’sThatTree (9 months ago)
No Gungeon? It’s really good
mrbee1551 (9 months ago)
Great video Eric. Just got my switch so I am looking for some great deals on lesser known games. Keep up great work
Happymonday 2015 (9 months ago)
MrAfroknowledge (9 months ago)
You display Star Fox Zero on your shelf like a trophy. Ok, I know now to never take an opinion of yours seriously ever again. Thank you for saving me time.
wmwilson (8 months ago)
MrAfroknowledge So a game that's never mentioned that's sitting in the background determines how knowledgeable someone is? Maybe he just likes the cover art. Maybe he ran out of room on his shelf. Why does it matter? One game doesn't represent someone's taste mate.
Carlos Cordova (9 months ago)
Isn’t the binding of issac under 20 digitally? Or is it the same price as the physical one?
erik colsla (8 months ago)
Carlos Cordova it’s $40
Victor Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Im not paying for an indie game, they are trash
Siccative AF (1 month ago)
Victor Rodriguez Terraria is an indie game and it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played gameplay wise. And if you get bored of terraria it’s ridiculously easy to get kids.
Joey Joey (8 months ago)
YouTube Morty stardew valley is the definition of indie. It was literally made by one dude.
Tsugumi wolf (8 months ago)
Lol then u ain't a true gamer or u just can't see all the good games on there lol I have like 10 games that are indie that are amazing
YipYip The Flying Boi (9 months ago)
Victor Rodriguez most yes, but don't sleep on Stardew valley, that game shouldn't be classified as "indie"
Daniel 1519 (9 months ago)
By far and away the best title under $20 was missed, and it’s one I know you like. Fast RMX
imohsowrong (9 months ago)
I still speedrun the HELL outta the original Mighty Gunvolt, even getting Top 20 through my IGT. And no, I didn't post my runs, but you can damn well expect me to set that WR. As of that game, the announcement of Burst was a jolly little thing for me...
Christopher Portillo (9 months ago)
Not a big fan a thimbleweed park. Didn't like it and wish I could return it. I feel the story was just not as good.
TheGamble209 (9 months ago)
Guns, Gore, and Cannoli
Veronica Star (8 months ago)
DansModernLife (9 months ago)
Great video Eric. I just sent you a sub. We have a lot in common 😀👍
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
Thanks I appreciate that
Glozwell (9 months ago)
Steamworld Dig 2 is probably my top recommendation. I loved it so much. Blaster Master Zero feels like a glaring omission, especially if you like retro games. I am also really enjoying Blossom Tales (very much a Zelda ALTTP-like) but I am nowhere near done with it so can't for sure recommend it yet.
TwoKanMan (9 months ago)
Not christmas but my birthday(dec 30th). I got my switch and some money so I wanna buy Splatoon 2 and Stardew valley(switch came with Oddyssey)
Smash JT (9 months ago)
Great idea for a video and very well done, Eric. I loved Mighty Gunvolt! Looking forward to your next one on these!
Smash JT (7 months ago)
Absolutely. I agree - bought it myself and love it!
norman smelser (7 months ago)
Smash JT I’m playing it now and it’s amazing. It’s a steal for $10
Anthony Alvarez (9 months ago)
For collectors, there is a rumor of a hard copy of sonic mania for switch.
Younes Ten (9 months ago)
I hope that Nintendo will be cheaper, cheaper price and an open world games pokémon
Alex Stilgoe (9 months ago)
I really liked oceanhorn, yes it's basically zelda but it is so charming and enjoyable. And pretty cheap too!
Karol Kaczorowski (9 months ago)
great video, great topic
Intimidation (9 months ago)
Great picks. Can't wait for Shovel Knight: King of Cards. Sonic Mania made me feel like I was in the 90's again.
stfnj (9 months ago)
Is it worth waiting for The Escapists 2? I guess it'll be under 20 too
GameZap (9 months ago)
This cool keep on doing videos like this as I can never tell which ones are worth buying until you show them off
RaphiPad (9 months ago)
Play overkooked with Gordon Ramsay Insults compilation in the back... man, we were crying laughing!
AtlasMoon (3 months ago)
Isaac Rumley (3 months ago)
I love that man
Nepu-Tech USA (4 months ago)
Don't forget to add a cooking mechanic so he can yell IT'S RAW!! xD
Mário Lopes (7 months ago)
RaphiPad That sounds...hilarious xD!
Ismael Rivera (8 months ago)
They should make a Gordon Ramsay overcooked version, that would be sick. Idiot sandwich version!
William Simmons (9 months ago)
A game i think worth mentioning is Cat Quest. I recently got it and its pretty fun for what it is. Its on sale on the eshop right now so you really cant go wrong and I would say its even worth the regular asking price as well. If ya'll haven't checked this game out I would give it a try it might just surprise you as it did me.
Danny Del Bene (9 months ago)
Sweet helpful vid. Thanks man
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
no problem anytime
bust2007 (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for introducing me to thimbleweed Park . I been waiting since manic Manson to play a game like maniac Manson !
bust2007 (9 months ago)
8-Bit Eric you just got you’re self a sub my friend .
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
glad you liked it!
Retro Patronum (9 months ago)
It would be nice to see physical releases for the games on your list that don't currently have one. Solid list!
Ethan Sohus (9 months ago)
For some reason, the original Shovel Knight does not show up in my eshop, only Treasure Trove and Specter of Torment. Do you know if they took it down from the eshop or there is some sort of special way of getting it on the switch?
Kai's Kool Kicks (9 months ago)
Ethan Sohus you can’t get shovel knight by itself. You have to get Treasure Trove to play it
Terry Mcinvaille (9 months ago)
I'm glad you made this video because I have $20 on my e shop account and I didn't know what I wanted.
Kevin Trainor (7 months ago)
That’s exactly why I’m here too! I have no clue what to buy
5 Years Ago (8 months ago)
JaycE (9 months ago)
What did you go for?
Blue Burger (9 months ago)
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
hope this helps man!
RetroPixel (9 months ago)
Already have a few of these, others I need to add. Decent recommend list!
John Q Public (9 months ago)
Stardew Valley is such a relaxing game.
Happy B (7 months ago)
John Q Public Agree! I am completely addicted to it.
Stephen Coleman (9 months ago)
You should upload some of your wrestling matches
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
I have there’s tons of them on this channel and on YouTube. Look up 8-bit Eric wrestles
BEAST MODE (9 months ago)
What's up 8bit I have a question I loved Fzero. Right now I'm deciding if I should get fast rmx because it's on sale but I'm also hesitating because Im also deciding on other titles like Guns, Gore, Cannoli, Stardew, Nine Parchment . Would u highly recommend Fast Rmx?
livinglegend H-BOYZ (7 months ago)
Get stardew valley too and omg I need a new f-zero game
Daniel 1519 (9 months ago)
BEAST MODE 100% get it, it’s an amazing game. Honestly they should have this company make the next F-zero
Brandon Molina (9 months ago)
BEAST MODE I myself would recommend Fast rmx. I've played at least 30-40 hours on the game. If you are a true F-Zero fan then get this. If you don't understand or don't like the F-Zero series then don't get it. But it's fast paced racing gets you sucked in once you understand the tracks.
Caleb Oliver (9 months ago)
dunno about him but ive played the shit out of it, at least 40 hours. its tough as hell at points and taking 1st overall in later grand prix is impossible. for me anyway. if you liked fzero youll like fast rmx for sure
Robert Smith (9 months ago)
Actually picked up Shovel Knight last night at your recommendation, loving my switch so far, it's getting expensive with games I already own and love being added to the store "but the portability factor though"
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
it's an amazing game for sure. and yes it is getting expensive.
Antonio Esai Castillo (9 months ago)
Can we have an episode dedicated to drugs?
Antonio Esai Castillo (8 months ago)
I've been on his livestreams before, so he knows we still want the recreational marijuana video.
sunsbookishgamesx (8 months ago)
Xanono 😂
Dan B (8 months ago)
Now we are talking..
Antonio Esai Castillo (9 months ago)
Recreational marajuana and what video games to play on them please.
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
ok what kind
Gordon Edgar (9 months ago)
Nice video Eric with lots of good choices. I'd also add in Blaster Master Zero, Battle Chef Brigade, Little Inferno, Steamworld Heist, Rocket League - so many great games on the Switch!!
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
agreed those are all great
U succ42069 (9 months ago)
What about the Mummy Demastered?
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
that is a good one. can't talk about them all. that will be in a later one.
GaMeStuH (9 months ago)
#SwitchHasNoGames Even their eShop is a joke on this console lol
Veronica Star (8 months ago)
wuuper (9 months ago)
GaMeStuH lol it came out now too long ago. Not really fair to compare it to other platforms libraries, eh?
The No Way Jose Show (9 months ago)
Agreed 💯. I would add Steamworld Heist. Plan to review this one?
FIGHTER177 (4 months ago)
The No Way Jose Show that costs more than 20
Tobias Souls (9 months ago)
The No Way Jose Show steamworld heist looks sick
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
yes i plan to
PikaLink91 (9 months ago)
People thought the Switch was a Zelda machine... back in march of last year. Nobody thinks that anymore.
PikaLink91 (9 months ago)
And don't get me wrong, I liked your video buddy. A great shout out to great indie games that may not get as much attention as they deserve. It was just that one little comment I dared object to ;-)
PikaLink91 (9 months ago)
If people aren't Nintendo fans, why would they have a Switch in the first place? Even if you don't keep up to date with all the newest in Nintendo, it is still pretty hard to miss Mario Kart 8, Odyssey, Splatoon, Doom, and Skyrim on store shelves. But I guess there could be a few still thinking Zelda is all there is.
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
people that aren't aware of what games are on the switch, still think that. not everyone is a nintendo fan.
Biffy Tannen (9 months ago)
Please tell me more about the drugs. (PS it's au contraire mon frère. Now you can impress the fly honeys with your French!) I would recommend Stardew Valley on the PC with mods. Anime mods. The default sprites and portraits are kind of crappy.
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
lol drugs coming soon
Luigi Mario (9 months ago)
what the hell man i wanted to talk about drugs
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
PikaLink91 (9 months ago)
Giving money as a present is just so fucking lazy. It is the least personal thing you can do.
Thicc and Quick666 (9 months ago)
8 Bit Eric when does your video about drugs come out?
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
Jan 2020
Brian Preston (9 months ago)
FIRST!...as in commented first, then watched! I liked Never Stop Sneaking and Shantae (was shantae 20 or 30?)
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
shantae is great too
Darius Truxton (9 months ago)
These are all great picks. Another one worth mentioning is "Riptide GP Renegade". It's a very well made jet ski racing game with a lengthy career mode, tight controls, and many multiplayer options. It's also under $10 right now with the 50% discount on sale NOW!
Darius Truxton (9 months ago)
Sorry I have no knowledge of the Android version. SwitchWatch recommended it so I gave it a try. I just know I'm enjoying it and getting my money's worth :)
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
good choice!
Brian Preston (9 months ago)
Does it look as good as it does on Android? When I watched reviews it didn't look like the splash effects were enabled. Also didn't say if it was Tilt control like Android or controller stick based.. In fact.. nobody compared the features and graphics to the android version, most reviewers just mention it's a mobile port...
aka Phoenix (9 months ago)
No Rocket League?
Isaac Rumley (3 months ago)
Brian Preston then dont buy them I've played it and had tons of fun and haven't spent a penny in the game. You're crazy bro
FIGHTER177 (4 months ago)
aka Phoenix that costs 25
Matt Huang (5 months ago)
Arcana Spells (5 months ago)
It cost like 30 $.
Preston Garton (8 months ago)
My name is Preston
Ircha Gaming (9 months ago)
Sweet video Eric. Personally I was thinking... There are so many 2D sidescrollers / pixel graphics / 2D platformers these days... I miss 3D platformers! 😩😋 in general I mean. 😁
R B (1 month ago)
Ircha Gaming wish granted
Erectile Weasel (6 months ago)
Ircha Gaming then i recommend snake pass
Connor McWilliams (7 months ago)
Ircha Gaming T
Juan'sTheName! (7 months ago)
Ircha Gaming ive heard Fe is good
Ircha Gaming (9 months ago)
True, I'm hoping A Hat in Time gets ported over to Switch!
FryyoAss (9 months ago)
ERIC!! you should play and review Steamworld HEIST. I'm playing it right now and I am addicted to it, its great ;)
GenericLetsPlayer 35 (6 months ago)
Frytastic69 I personally thinks it’s better on mobile
jfmthuglove (9 months ago)
BEAST MODE (9 months ago)
Fryzmai852 I agree so worth the price too
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
i will!
Steve Heavens (9 months ago)
Keep the great videos coming Eric
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
thanks sandor
FryyoAss (9 months ago)
Great list, keep up the great work eric
8-Bit Eric (9 months ago)
thanks i appreciate tht!

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