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Zelda Breath of the Wild Secret Messages! - Sheikah Text Decoded

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Find out the meaning of the secret messages left by the ancient Sheikah in Breath of the Wild! This video does not contain any story spoilers.
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Andy Smith (2 months ago)
Dang... I for sure thought the Guidance Stone text said this: "Now Saving. Please Do Not Remove Sheikah Slate." Or "Now Loading. Please Do Not Remove Sheikah Slate."
EEGAR & Newo (6 months ago)
Wat about the text above the monks
Bolvári Attila (11 months ago)
When you complete a shrine, and you will get the spirit orb, there is a text above the owner of the shrine, thats says "goalpoint" :D
Anthony Moore (1 year ago)
Oh come on! These weren't meant to say anything important. It was clearly just meant to look cool. If they used a different language: 1. That would mess up the timeline (even though it still a bit screwed over in places) 2. It would still get decoded anyway if Nintendo didn't use it randomly
BonBon Box (5 months ago)
They weren't here to say something important, but it's still the shiekah language
TrapGodFax (1 year ago)
But how thou ?
Matt Hunter (1 year ago)
That would be so funny if "we" as a modern society labeled everything like they did..
Aidan Callaghan (1 year ago)
Got 120 hours in this game, finished it, my life is empty.
Water Bottle (1 year ago)
How do you understand all those word?!?!?! Or scribbled up swirly letter things just just just just hooooowwww?!?!?!?!🤔🤔🤔🤔
bearfaery (1 year ago)
We have been given translaters
M Achterbergh (1 year ago)
This was known for ...eh...months now? And you're missing a lot of them. Such as the 'All your base are belong to us' reference ;) And the sphere platform (mosty used for shrine trials) and in the devine beasts as well.
Space Bender (1 year ago)
hahahahahahhahahah.... someone hasn't played the first zelda. :)
Media 8 Bit (1 year ago)
One thing for all of you playing The Legend of Zelda: BotW... the memories locations are written in sheikah before you obtain them... the locations are written on the memories illustrations
Steven Long (1 year ago)
Yeah I noticed it right away, and spent around 15-20 mins deciphering (for fun) the letters and places, which made it easier to locate the memories. Even though, a couple of them are still hard to pinpoint even if you know the location, like the 'Hyrule field' one :P
Jobe Thomas (1 year ago)
what does the sheika starter kit case say
Khi Turner (1 year ago)
_Translate the text under different areas of the map and the memories_
Codster 130 (1 year ago)
rebecca mouganis (1 year ago)
CalippoSh0ts (1 year ago)
guys, may I be the one to say, I honestly love this Channel subscribed for over a month and have my own switch keep up the good work Zack, Jake and Gabe
Our Fun House (1 year ago)
victor stage same here! We love the channel and all of the content they create!
sunsbookishgamesx (1 year ago)
victor stage yeah I'm loving it atm
Randy Rivera (1 year ago)
This is not new, "The Easter Egg Hunter" already covered this a few weeks ago.
sunsbookishgamesx (1 year ago)
Randy Rivera oh I had no idea
TheRealPyxx (1 year ago)
What was the source for the decoding? And where did they get this decoding from?
SHTF (1 year ago)
I think the guys who managed to decipher the Sheikah code used classic methods, such as looking for the most frequent occurences. For instance in English, the most used letters are E, A, R, I, O, T, N, S... So, if the code is as simple as replacing every E with the same Sheikah letter everytime... they might started looking for those letters first.
sunsbookishgamesx (1 year ago)
TheRealPyxx yeah j really want to know so I can do it myself
Row Izzy (1 year ago)
i love Shiekah text. its gorgeous. i used it to figure out where all the memories are...before i had a map
sunsbookishgamesx (1 year ago)
Row Izzy it really is so so pretty
Christian Flores (1 year ago)
Plz show more
Etheom (1 year ago)
TripleJump (1 year ago)
My Switch has a "problem", though it isn't something I've heard anyone talk about. A few days ago I woke up ready to go to school. My Switch was at 100% battery. I turned it off (as in I held down the off button and properly powered down the system.) A hour or two later I turned on the Switch in school. My Switch was at 67% battery. (Why it had lost 33% battery despite being completely shut down is beyond me) I play Zelda until I have to leave and power down the system once more. My Switch was at 20% battery. About an hour later I turn on my Switch for the final time to play 1, 2, Switch with my friends. My Switch was at (get this!!!) 50% battery. WHAAAAAAAAAAT!? Can someone please explain why my Switch is blatantly lying to me? It's frustratingly inconvenient and inconveniently frustrating.
TripleJump (1 year ago)
Media 8 Bit Can you tell me which one? He uploads a lot of Switch vids.
Media 8 Bit (1 year ago)
TripleJump If you visit Spawn Wave Media channel you could get an explanation... in one of his last Nintendo Switch videos, he said he had the exact same issue... but he solved it...
sunsbookishgamesx (1 year ago)
TripleJump that's so so strange have you found out the issue
TripleJump (1 year ago)
OwO I read my Switch's battery perfectly. Though the same can't be said for the console itself. Maybe cold temperatures might be involved.
OwO Botch (1 year ago)
probably just misreading the amount of battery left in your Switch. I'm not sure though, that's an interesting situation
Samuel Schoonover (1 year ago)
Yeah "master using it you can have this" was a Japanese to English mistake in Zelda 1. It isn't meant to be read right to left.
Mallrat82 (1 year ago)
Samuel Schoonover I gotcha. It's definitely surprising that he didn't realize that.
Samuel Schoonover (1 year ago)
metaltom2003 yeah I agree, I was just saying that it was still a translation error because of the grammar and everything. The whole point of the comment was to call him out for being wrong about what he said which baffled me that a Nintendo fan hadn't played the original zelda, not saying that everyone has but at least he should do his research before making assumptions ya know?😂
Mallrat82 (1 year ago)
Samuel Schoonover Yeah, a lot of games had bad translations back then. Some still do. But this particular line was something along the lines of "If you can use this masterfully then I'll let you have it", which makes even less sense, be ause it implies you must learn to use the sword BEFORE obtaining it. It sort of seems that way in English too, unless you add a comma. "Master using it, and you can have this." And even then it's a bit difficult for most people to grasp. So the translators did the best they could with that one. A lot of other lines in the game were just flat out changed to something completely different, so this one didn't turn out so bad.
Samuel Schoonover (1 year ago)
metaltom2003 if it's worded weirdly that's the exact definition of a translation mistake, aka "engrish". Maybe you're right but back then is was pretty common
Mallrat82 (1 year ago)
Samuel Schoonover I don't think it was a mistake. They just worded it strangely. "Master using it" referred to the sword you were currently using, where "and you can have this" was the sword with which the old man presented you. It makes sense, it's just a strange choice of words.
Zöld (1 year ago)
Can you decipher the text on the Sheikah eye switch carrying case?
Zöld (1 year ago)
FerSan! (1 year ago)
ZöldMark You can do it by yourself using this https://www.reddit.com/r/zelda/comments/5xivl2/i_combined_the_two_images_i_could_find_of_the/?st=izweckwu&sh=0e20349c
Lol Lol (1 year ago)
Cool messages
yer man (1 year ago)
Jake pretty cool you caught all that
AceCDC (1 year ago)
Secret message: "Send nudes"
_alexation _ (1 year ago)
AceCDC ;)
Captain Koopa (1 year ago)
Tobin Buttram (1 year ago)
Do you need the shovel knight amiibo to do multiplayer on the switch?
Adam Davis (1 year ago)
Nope! Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove's latest update (which is out on switch and will be coming to all platforms soon) enables the usage of co-op in the Shovel of Hope campaign without an amiibo! amiibo still have function I just don't know how
stormyandcold (1 year ago)
Can we have an "Attention to detail" award?
Relevant Games (1 year ago)
At the top of hateno research lab. There is text I think.
Seodoa (1 year ago)
i wanna actually be able to type the sheikah code text on my phone lol
Selina Z (8 months ago)
codebracker (1 year ago)
Well you can install fonts on most phones, good lck reading them though
Marko Boychuk (1 year ago)
More please!
A (1 year ago)
Sky Warr (1 year ago)
The memory pictures have the locations in sheikah before u find them
Relevant Games (1 year ago)
Sky Warr I need to learn sheikath
Pokeben (1 year ago)
Good to know.🤔 Greetings from Germany😆✌
Cj (1 year ago)
Feelin' like a real nerd now. ;)
SpongeCAUTION (1 year ago)
noifications squad?
Cermahoil (1 year ago)
Whouw (1 year ago)
If you pin something I think there is text running down the light that says "it's dangerous to go alone"
Mallrat82 (1 year ago)
davis simpson Also, when you open up the map and select pin, they are numbered 0-4, starting with the red one.
Mark Hernandez (1 year ago)
davis simpson beat me to it lol
Lithouse Studios (1 year ago)
On the line
Noiboi (1 year ago)
Dayton (1 year ago)
Not really...?
Lord Explosion Murder (1 year ago)
"Master using it and you can have this" is a Zelda 1 reference, right?
Gats T (1 year ago)
Yeenethen Yes, it is. -I don't think he knew that.-
Gabriel Olsen (1 year ago)
I love your videos, there the best!!! You're the best!!!!
IckySticky (1 year ago)
SpongeCAUTION (1 year ago)
2 minutes 50 views switch force video I'm lost for words
NeoRamaRedZone (1 year ago)
Moose Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice vid
ZNM (1 year ago)
mcca Rodriguez (1 year ago)
great video greetings from mexico!
KirbyFan248 (1 year ago)
It's cool to notice that hidden message
Ace Is daddy (1 year ago)

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