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12 SWITCH Games You Need To BUY In December 2017 | Nintendo

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December is a great month for Nintendo Switch. A lot of 3rd party games coming out this month. Here is 12 Nintendo Switch games you need to buy this month. Let us support 3rd party titles so we will have more in the future! -Games List 0:04 Nine Parchments 0:57 Human: Fall Flat 1:47 One More Dungeon 2:38 The End Is Nigh 3:28 Yooka-Laylee 4:14 Unepic 5:04 Crawl 5:54 Tiny Metal 6:45 Max: The Curse of Brotherhood 7:35 Brawlout 8:21 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition 9:05 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 -Follow Us Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (122)
SwitchPlanet (11 months ago)
Also WWE 2K18 coming on December 6, it was announced after we published the video. It should be in this list too! ^_^
AWESOME TU (11 months ago)
SwitchPlanet #Hyped
Rafael Gutierrez (10 months ago)
I still don't see tiny metal in the coming soon section of the eshop
Michelle Mills (10 months ago)
Crawl and probably Brawlout.
sonny (11 months ago)
thanks for the spoilers that whats her face has an alternate form. in xenoblade chronicles 2. i really appreciate that.
Tony Rag (11 months ago)
Omg are they going to ever stop making these stupid games.I mean who is buying these dumb games?90% are dumb stupid and lame just like the ppl that buys them.
SmashBrosClips (11 months ago)
Wish I had money
TheLightShade5 (11 months ago)
3 ads in a 10 min video. Reaaally?
Doflamingo / Doffy (11 months ago)
One piece Pirate warios 3 Deluxe on the 11th place? ARE YOU FACKIIIIIIING KIDDDING MEE?!?!!? IT should be on the top 5!
Maxitsu24 (11 months ago)
Nine parchements already bought. Its great.
Je'l Awesh Medrano (11 months ago)
I love the intro! Who is the composer?
Barto 43 (11 months ago)
I have a question : Can you change the french traductor ? Because he (or she ^^) do a Bad traduction But thank you for your job !
Sharito742 (11 months ago)
I want: 0:57 Human: Fall Flat3:28 Yooka-Laylee5:04 Crawl5:54 Tiny Metal7:35 Brawlout9:05 Xenoblade Chronicles 2
whatfreedom7 (10 months ago)
SM742 you want human fall flat?! I worry for the future of gaming.
Skyler Cooper (11 months ago)
One More Dungeon looks really interesting
funkam0nkey (11 months ago)
One More Dungeon. Doom meets Minecraft looks like a decent game.
Mike Dayton (10 months ago)
Gonna grab that one for sure,
backup368 (11 months ago)
Poor Steam.
Brian Perez (11 months ago)
So when does brawl out come out exactly
IRauchen (11 months ago)
Can’t wait to buy crawl oh wait I play Xbox like the minority I am
RaVOo Tv (11 months ago)
Sorry but they all look trash and too late i already got wwe 2k18 for ps4 i hope they put ufc 3 on the switch
Ermuun Boldbaatar (10 months ago)
RaVOo Tv ... what about crawl?
Ryuko Gaming (11 months ago)
Yooka Layleeeeeeeeee!!!!
Ryuko Gaming (11 months ago)
I finally got my Switch!!!!! I’m so happy!!!
Alessio Cece (11 months ago)
Ryuko Matoi there are too many!! 😅( In a positive way!!)
Alessio Cece (11 months ago)
Ryuko Matoi ❤
Ryuko Gaming (11 months ago)
Mike S. It is! It’s like a gamer’s dream come true!
Ryuko Gaming (11 months ago)
Alessio Cece thank yoooou!
Ryuko Gaming (11 months ago)
Obed Blas I’ll get one for Christmas hopefully. There’s /so many/ games I want. More than I expected.
Ryuko Gaming (11 months ago)
I played the demo for Nine Parchments. I didn’t expect it to be so awesome! It feels like Torchlight.
Super Swede (11 months ago)
Gamer1Wolf (11 months ago)
Tiny Metal looks interesting.
LJ Polintan (11 months ago)
Wow! Looking forward to Unepic! :)
Mystic Lysandre (11 months ago)
Too much games I wonder how much people Nintendo has hired
Ermuun Boldbaatar (10 months ago)
Pika2 Playz 3rd party bru.
Anarchon D (11 months ago)
they really arent using the full capability of the switch with all these Cheap As Shit, Shitty games.... its going to destroy the system if they keep just tossing out these crap games left n right. and especially the ReReleases of old games just to make a quick buck
Anarchon D (11 months ago)
Hai Che that is a good point. they tend to hold off on games n capabilities. just frustrating to see so many rereleases, especially old games.
Hai Che (11 months ago)
You cant expect the developer to fully use the switches hardware the first year. They got the developer kit pretty close to the launch of the switch
Red Ned (11 months ago)
Anarchon D Brawlout looks awesome
enginesnblades (11 months ago)
Have to agree even though I’m normally a “to each their own” type. When I’m scrolling through a list of games in a store for a console that is a closed ecosystem I really don’t want to see 90% failed cellphone titles reskinned. It just makes the whole platform feel cheap. They really need to make categories in the eshop so we can ignore all of the games that were made in an hour on an 08 MacBook. Meanwhile legit games have a hard time getting on the platform working around Nintendo’s BS. Nintendo, you’ve made some of the best consoles and games of all time, start acting like it!
renS (11 months ago)
Well, start ignoring these games if you don't like them. And yes some of them are shite but most of the games are of high quality with way more to look out for.
Gamer Addy 99 (11 months ago)
The ones I will be getting is Brawlout (until smash Bros comes) and Yooka-Laylee(I was waiting for the Switch version).
Alan Gonzalez (11 months ago)
Nine Parchments, The End is Nigh, Yooka Laylee, Max the Curse, and WWE 2K18! 🙌👍
Jaime Morales (11 months ago)
Hopefully tiny metal isn't pushed back for a further date as it was twice already. I miss Advance Wars
Konello (11 months ago)
Ayyy thanks for putting up time stamps :)
Travis Mills (11 months ago)
Pinball FX3 coming December 13th
Emporio Cengiz CanLI (11 months ago)
Wtf Human fall flat lol
whatfreedom7 (10 months ago)
Emporio Cengiz CanLI the future of gaming is in serious danger! Thanks a lot Nintendo. I think their going scorches earth on gamers.
Gl do (11 months ago)
Bought Disgaea 5 complete and Xenoblade Chr 2 in the same week... No life Weeeeeeeeeee!!!
Uriel DT0X (11 months ago)
Xenoblade 2 FPS and release 7/9 ??? Hahahahaha
killafocker (11 months ago)
Stop making the same videos a million times
Devilcraft 42 (11 months ago)
killafocker Eh, that's the point of this channel, covering releases. It would be annoying if it wasn't going onto the purpose it was meant to do.
Leonardo Caputo (11 months ago)
killafocker that’s kinda rude
Ninja (11 months ago)
dont look at it tho...
Devilcraft 42 (11 months ago)
Brawlout all the way dude! Unique Smash would be just great.
Devilcraft 42 (11 months ago)
LeM3m3z Brawlout is an indie title, Smash Bros is Nintendo. Nintendo didn't release this games, the team behind Brawlout did.
LeM3m3z (11 months ago)
disappointed tbh they could have released smash bros instead of brawlout
Devilcraft 42 (11 months ago)
Whitefur Not even sure if that will come.....
WarriorCatsLover (11 months ago)
Devilcraft 42 just be enough until Smash 5 comes out on the Switch, or a port of Smash 4
Torin's Codex (11 months ago)
Mistaking xenoblade 2 for first person shooter and its an rpg that came out on dec 1st not sept 7 :(
Gl do (11 months ago)
Kyle Woodowens (11 months ago)
Nobody wants that Brawl out wanna be version of Smash bros. We want the real thing. Already have xenoblade chronicles 2 and it's good. Not even half way through yet but still loving it.
Ninja (11 months ago)
Esteban (11 months ago)
Ermuun Boldbaatar (10 months ago)
Esteban Guerrero Do you even actually know any of the games you are calling trash? Like Crawl
Gamer1Wolf (11 months ago)
So Tiny metal is trash?
Mystic Lysandre (11 months ago)
Esteban Guerrero better than yours
Esteban (11 months ago)
Pika2 Playz like your life
Mystic Lysandre (11 months ago)
Like your profile picture
Bardogeeftjordigelijk.nl (11 months ago)
Brawlout, Yooka Laylee and Max the curse🔥
Asier Sorroche (11 months ago)
Yooka laylee physical? When?
whatfreedom7 (10 months ago)
I could have picked it up for $7.99 on PlayStation a few weeks ago.
Obed Blas (11 months ago)
Asier Sorroche don't it's a shitty game truest don't waste your $$.
Jesus Osvaldo Broch (11 months ago)
Timestamps! <3
Ghostriderex (11 months ago)
Dude i love ur outro music keep up the good vids
Jaime De la Rosa (11 months ago)
Xenoblade 2 release sept 7 genre first person shooter.... Switch planet quit the drugs pls
DARKTRIGGERINC (11 months ago)
Glad I'm not the only one who noticed
dobermanbgd (11 months ago)
Unsubscribed for this reason.
Jaime De la Rosa (11 months ago)
Anarchon D when xenoblade 2 is shown it says they it is set for release in September 7 and that it is a FPS
Alessio Cece (11 months ago)
Jose Flores 😂😂😂
Alessio Cece (11 months ago)
Nine parchments is really fun!! 😃 Just try the Demo, I recommend it!!
Alessio Cece (11 months ago)
SchwefelEde ja dacht ich mir auch, ich habs erst geschnallt, als ich auf deinen Usernamen geachtet habe!! 😂 Wie gesagt, ich würd's auch gern wissen, es ist kein unwesentlicher Punkt....allerdings wird ja immer nur in Rezensionen angedeutet wie viel Stunden man ungefähr damit verbringen kann.. wobei das ja schon einen Spoiler für mich darstellen könnte 🤔 ich weiß, klingt übertrieben, aber ich möchte ein Spiel einfach genießen, ohne es vorher gesehen zu haben,/zu viel zu wissen, zumindest zu viel gameplay...
SchwefelEde (11 months ago)
Alessio Cece ja, schon. Dann können wir uns ja normal unterhalten 😅
Alessio Cece (11 months ago)
SchwefelEde sprichst du deutsch??
SchwefelEde (11 months ago)
Alessio Cece well I've just been curious about if somebody maybe read about the length in a article or interview
Alessio Cece (11 months ago)
SchwefelEde how can we predict how long it will be?? 😂 But you're right, the longer, the better!!
mr happy (11 months ago)
Get your shit together nintendo
Hai Che (10 months ago)
Is Roblox on the switch or on any consoles for that matter?
whatfreedom7 (10 months ago)
They need to have better quality control over the games being released. I’ve seen some really bad looking games that I wouldn’t even download if they were free yet for some reason people are raving about them. Have gamers standards become this damn low? It seems to be worse on Nintendo than the PS and X Box so maybe it’s the little kiddies. Take my daughter for exaample she’s loves garbage like Rolblox and Minecraft. I could see the Minecraft a little cause you can build and be creative but Rolblox?! That game is a insult. It has no place on consoles or anywhere for that matter.
Hai Che (11 months ago)
People complained when the switch had no third party support. Now that they have opened the door people are still complaining
Gl do (11 months ago)
heheheh :) good thing they mostly let the good stuff trough... exeptions beiing vroom and Sky poop (skyride) i mean WtTF?????!!! hahahahaha
Jaime De la Rosa (11 months ago)
G d that true tho
mr happy (11 months ago)
Surprise, surprise. More crap. Xenoblade only good one on the list.
mr happy (10 months ago)
Ermuun Boldbaatar in that case have fun with your crap
Ermuun Boldbaatar (10 months ago)
mr happy .So Crawl Is crap? I'll have you know it's one of the most fun and addicting game I've ever played.
Gl do (11 months ago)
Release date is Dec 1 not sept 7
Sebbo Labs (11 months ago)
Crawl and One Piece😸👍
Ermuun Boldbaatar (10 months ago)
Crawl for the win.
Doflamingo / Doffy (11 months ago)
Sebbo Labs one piece for the win!
Pirate warriors 3 on switch and xenoblade are on my radar.
Doflamingo / Doffy (11 months ago)
Your Lord and Savior - Balrog have you pleyed Pirat worias befor? You should know switch don't support the online mode. But I still sure I buy it!
Shilvio D. Linton (11 months ago)
Pirate Warriors is in Japan though...
Yavuz Dumlu (11 months ago)

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