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God of War: How To Get Valkyrie Armour

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Here's how to get the incredibly gold Valkyrie Armour in God of War! Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1
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Robert McCutcheon (6 days ago)
i never got the waist guard of the valkery even though i beet all the valkery
ZERO 0 (8 days ago)
what diff are you playing?
Scayron (20 days ago)
hate the fact that only full body chest armors looks coolest... and that it completely covers kratos' abs
Yo (21 days ago)
Armor is terrible I don’t even get level 8 with it fully upgraded
Psycho Dog100 (23 days ago)
I got this only killing 3 Valkyries so easily, this guy is making it look hard.
welderj1 (29 days ago)
Question I've defeated 4 valkyrie midgard and I haven't received a single piece of armor is there specific Valkyries at the defeat to get the armor?
num cero (1 month ago)
I need help i killedall the valkyres exep5 for the queen but i cant max out the armor i need perfect asgardian steel is it a glich?
C ? (1 month ago)
Alfheim? How do I go back!?
layaan mohamed (1 month ago)
I killed the first valkyrie i found at lvl 3 and 2nd and 3rd at lvl 5
Jundy Mar Sotero (1 month ago)
I KILLED 3 Valkyries at Level 4 hahaha
Flores Senpai (1 month ago)
Why do they all say y must be level 6 and up to kill a Valkyrie I was level 3 when I killed my first Valkyrie and have Killed 3 more on level 4...
Mohamad Mehdi (1 month ago)
Don't play this on Give me god of war difficulty, or you will be playing god of war in mental hospital :P
Niko Petrov (1 month ago)
It's not actually the best armour. The best armour to to have in the game (in my opinion) is the niflheim armour that makes you heal if you have the full set. The valkyrie armour just gives you a really strong blow after some successfull hits.
Adam Dickinson (1 month ago)
You don't need to wait until lvl 6-7 to go for them! I'm lvl 5 and already got 4 of em
Jacob Frye (1 month ago)
Man you suck then, I killed a Valkyrie at level 4 while I was streaming.-.
ken ledger (1 month ago)
I killed 3 Valkyrie at level 4 and 5!! You don’t need to be level 7!!
heroofharo (2 months ago)
Where the fuck are the valkyrie. That's a kind of major detail you left out in both your article and video.
Seb Cigala (2 months ago)
BOI i beat a valkrie at baby lvl 5
TheMozez10 (2 months ago)
It's not that great just update your current legendary armor it gets better
Alex Gorham (2 months ago)
Do drops change based on difficulty level you have it set to?
marcel carter (2 months ago)
All the drops for the valkyrie armor in some of the things that he's talking about our random and you can get them way earlier in the game than the last 3 missions that he's telling you about
John Kimbrough (2 months ago)
Best armor set
Glue Boi (2 months ago)
You spelled “armor” wrong
chilled sama dio (2 months ago)
We need game pluse omg please
Epic Wolf (2 months ago)
The first God Of War video I've seen that has put a spoiler warning. I really wish this was a joke...
XeroThermicHD (2 months ago)
people really need a video to figure this out
Agent 47 (2 months ago)
Level 6 or 7?? I killed 3 valkyries at level 4 and 5!!!!
Shelly Pendergraff (2 months ago)
For some reason whenever a valkyrie curb stomps me and snaps my neck I use my resurrection stone but it just cuts to black and I die... is that a glitch?
Iván Godoy (2 months ago)
Totally off subject but what’s the purple meter do to the enemies? I know the yellow is stun which you grab and the purple meter is due to runic ..but does that benefit anything at all??
Frank M (2 months ago)
I just killed 4 and didn’t get the armor wtf
Frank M (2 months ago)
I got it after killing the 6th and then got the rest after
Aadipie (2 months ago)
How do you hit an enemy who holds a shield anyone?
Noyal Sukhadevan (2 months ago)
Which is the best valkyrie armor or deadly mist armor?
Juggern4ut7 (2 months ago)
Terrific I've killed all 4 that give u nothing
Dark Knight (1 month ago)
JOMO JO man runic attacks are pretty much the most important things in the game and i did it with the armor you get from completing the brock and sindri side quest(ofcourse not for free)
JOMO JO (1 month ago)
The call in alfheim is hard how did you guys defeat it with the blades or axe and what armor
marcel carter (2 months ago)
John Thick the drops are random this guy didn't do his research all he did was killed key parts of the story in spoiler
Epic Wolf (2 months ago)
vidking44 I think he means he has killed the only ones that don't drop anything.
vidking44 (2 months ago)
John Thick there's 9 in total
00:30 when you gf tries to destroy your PS4. you do that to her
ZedoBlack (2 months ago)
Beat my first Valkyrie when I was barely lvl 5. Took me awhile though.
maning04 (2 months ago)
And to think getting the mist armor set was a pain the ass already.. *sighs *
SwazZY Flow (2 months ago)
Comparing the invaldi armors and the valkyrie armor , which is better!?
NahyehBro (2 months ago)
Whats the point in having the best armor when theres no enemies to kill once youre completed the story
NahyehBro nothing, it's more worth you're while if you grind out the mist armor set. There is a new game plus coming the next update so you'll be able to transfer over everything you had in the normal game.
This armor suck
J. Smith (2 months ago)
I killed three, yet there’s no armour...
Excalliburn - (2 months ago)
I have beaten one Valkyrie right after getting the chisel. It was difficult, but not really that hard. Admittedly the game was on balanced (as my Give me God of War gameplay was on pause) , but I was only level 3 or 4, can’t quite remember.
soup man (2 months ago)
What about the pristine stuff of the realm cause I can't get it
Gabisterio (2 months ago)
Not true you can beat Valkyries at lower levels, l Gunnar (the one by the giant) when I was level 4 got my are handed to me by the others though.
Inebriatd (2 months ago)
I rather unlocking this armor to unlock another level or quest to accomplish. Something impossible using sets beneath it. Once you acquire the Valkyrie armor, what's the point unless I have a penchant to replay the game in God mode?
Joseph Eberhardt (2 months ago)
The one in the mist was probably the easiest, the one that you have to beat the 6 arenas for was the hardest
Jean K Barquero Garro (2 months ago)
That bitch has been the hardest for me!! took me a lot of tries
Hexbox117 (2 months ago)
Joseph Eberhardt I beat the Muspelheim one my first try on hard, no rage and no ressurection Stone.... I think it was because I was nice and warmed up from doing all the trials.
progamer157 (2 months ago)
I killed all of them but the queen
Tyler Cafe (2 months ago)
I killed my first valkyrie at lvl 4 on Give me God of War and it was the one in Alfheim
nebulous stargate (2 months ago)
That armor is worthless
max mclovin (2 months ago)
meh... ill stick wih my legendary Dwarven armor
Tyler Barrier (2 months ago)
I beat my first valkerie tonight and I’m only level 4. Just try over and over. It took me about 10 tries to figure out its attack pattern.
Ben Teika (2 months ago)
Lol I killed all the valkyries when I was lvl 4 lol
the last DEMIGOD (2 months ago)
Why does everyone want this? Its not even the best imo...
fankiller (2 months ago)
I beat two valkeries at level 5 you just have to memorize their fight pattern
Jedi master (2 months ago)
Combat is so cool..this why god of war are masterpiece
Jundy Mar Sotero (1 month ago)
michael lewis (2 months ago)
I beat 1 Valkyrie on level 4
BlueVitalVein (2 months ago)
Literally just killed the first valkyrie at level 4 lol such a fun fight
GamingFAIL HD (2 months ago)
Did u know that if u finish GoW on the "give me god of war" difficult you will get 2 epic shields and they are beautiful
Eaglealden377 (2 months ago)
+GamesRadar yep
GamesRadar (2 months ago)
Is this true?
Chambers2033 (2 months ago)
It doesn't work anymore 😭
a_shio (2 months ago)
i only had access to muspelheim when i encountered my first valkyrie at lv4. it took me 1h30m lmao
Satan Ybarra (2 months ago)
I killed one at lvl 4 & she had me sweating but at the end I still ended up owning her
tien davis (2 months ago)
Is there a way to get more perfect Asgardian Steel?
MO MO DEZIX (2 months ago)
I went up against a Valkyrie near the dead giant at level 4..... Took me more than 10 attempts
kushshinobi (2 months ago)
Killed my first one level 3
SyBa Clan (2 months ago)
Does its the best armor in the game?
Black Lotus (2 months ago)
Pft. I killed 2 valkori and i just reaches lvl 5. just take your time and use a resorection stone.
Trelorne Neal (2 months ago)
I killed three valkyries at level 4 lmao
Gaynerdman (2 months ago)
Trelorne Neal bet your mom is proud of you
Dwayne Hamm (2 months ago)
Killed 4 valks before level 5
ALRIGHTY THEN (2 months ago)
killed one at lvl 4
André I. (2 months ago)
BS on the level. I am 4-5 and already killed Gunnr and Kara.
Cheeto Ayon (2 months ago)
i killed a valkyrie at level 3 lol.
chubbsgum (2 months ago)
I was fucking these valkryies up and I’m level 4 but then they spawn shit and you have like 10 enemies and I’m dead
Darnell DeLoatch (2 months ago)
Atreus is Loki
lukasred7 (2 months ago)
Need to be level 6 or 7 well fuck. Killed one at level 4/5 didn't pay attention to my level.
Bruno de São Vicente (2 months ago)
managed to kill 4 Valkys by now on level 5 only. tough but very doable.
Kyle Best (2 days ago)
you want a real challenge use your bare bone equipment on give me god of war against the valkyries
The Weekly Daily (1 month ago)
Bruno de São Vicente same. when he said level 6 or 7 i was like ohhhh thats why it was so fucking hard 😂
silenced1029 (2 months ago)
Just killed the first one at level 4. Learn the pattern and when to attack
thegamer hawx (2 months ago)
Hay everyone I have a ps4 pro and a 4k tv and I don't have this game because I want spider man ps4 👑👑
Big Adern (2 months ago)
why isn't there a new game+ after beating GoW???? I wanted new game+ so I can transfer my current gear into the new game save
Horus (1 month ago)
NG+ is coming in the next update
Jundy Mar Sotero (1 month ago)
Excalliburn - (2 months ago)
King Gooch The Troll King Yeah I did too. Actually pretty sad.
Eggs (2 months ago)
A ng+ would be greatly appreciated though
12MYCRYL17 (2 months ago)
they made an additional difficulty = Give Me God Of War = Specific Save Slot = Can't change difficulty = Much better than ng+
Matador (2 months ago)
I’ve killed 5 and haven’t gotten anything but epic enchantments and pommels?
THE TOP 10s (2 months ago)
I beat 4 Valkyrie so far and I’m level 4😝
RxDoc (2 months ago)
Ive killed two valks at 5 you just gotta never get hit.
Droidz Designs (2 months ago)
I spent an hour trying to beat a valkyrie, so far I'm on the verge of going down the road on my arm cause this shit is getting me tight
TRIBALBUD (2 months ago)
Lower the level of it bothers you that bad also Health Stones help alot
Droidz Designs (2 months ago)
TvK Guardian Yeah I already did btw I beat all the valks so it's all good now
Lunacy (2 months ago)
get better armour go farming for recourses
Droidz Designs (2 months ago)
Lavanya C B the one before "give me god of war difficulty
Lavanya C B (2 months ago)
What difficulty are you playing on?
Jerome Sears (2 months ago)
I thought I had to fight Jesus to get it.😁
BeatsDown Gaming (2 months ago)
The best thing about this armour is that you get it after beating the hardest bosses, rendering it pretty much pointless from then on -_-
Bvoio (26 days ago)
maybe you will use it in gow 2 sins the devlopers sais your choices will matter in the next game
Lamb Sauce Gamer they'll change there mind due to the crazy success in sales of the game and hearing Every ones complaints like Horizon Zero dawn did adding an expansion . At the very least they could add like another set of trials and challenges . Maybe add more Valkyrie to the game unlock more Armor.
JustSomeLeo (1 month ago)
You can get it, but since you need to kill the 9 Valkeries to upgrade it to the max, it makes it useless. I mean, what do you prefer to fight hard enemies, an incomplete Valkyrie armor making you have partially what you want, or a complete armor plus completely upgraded epic armor from Muspelheim or Nifelheim?
Warrior of Virtue (2 months ago)
Maybe in the next game, it will track our progress in this game and let us keep any armor and enchantments we've collected. This armor may see some use yet.
chilled sama dio (2 months ago)
BeatsDown Gaming not unless we get game pluse
Jose Florian (2 months ago)
Lmao I finished the main story as a level 5 and ran into a valkrie by accident and killed her on my second try on challenging difficulty
patriot459 (2 months ago)
I took on a Valkyrie at level 4 and died so many times but finally killed it. I feel accomplished
MrLimo217 (2 months ago)
Level 6 or 7? I beat them on level 5, died a couple but their patterns are quite easy to read
Loket Jakoprase (2 months ago)
First one in level 3,5 bois no kidding but i must sdmit that it took me 1 hour
CutiePi (2 months ago)
Same did the first one at level 5
Khada Jhin (2 months ago)
MrLimo217 level 8
Joshua Wells (2 months ago)
Except there is nothing to kill with any challenge after you get this armor.
Son Goku (2 months ago)
J. Smith I’m not a man. But no problem!
J. Smith (2 months ago)
Son Goku okay sweet, thanks man. I’m currently on muspelheim though so wish me luck
Son Goku (2 months ago)
J. Smith I didn’t find her that hard at all to kill. I didn’t have to use the armor that allows me to stay in the mist longer either. It was fairly easy.
J. Smith (2 months ago)
Son Goku thank you heaps, I killed the ones in Midgard, I also got armour for niflheim that allows me to absorb the mist, is the valkyrie hard to kill in that realm too?
Son Goku (2 months ago)
J. Smith Yes. It does. To get the armor you have to kill the Valkyrie in Alfheim, Muspelheim, and Niflheim. The Muspelheim Valkyrie is quite challenging, so be careful. The Alfheim Valkyrie drops the waist-guard. The Muspelheim Valkyrie will drop the Gauntlets. And the Niflheim will drop the chest-plate.
Alex Lewin (2 months ago)
What is the recommended level for fighting a valkyrie? And can it be done at level 5?
Mr TROLOL (2 months ago)
I beat one at lvl 4 you only need skills (doging attacks and making good combos) also I died but the kid revived me using a stone bought from dwarf shop
Adrian Ortiz (2 months ago)
I fought most of them at level 5, just have to know how to dodge and parry
Mythic Casual (2 months ago)
Alex Lewin I mean if you watch the video he says to be around 6 or 7.
king jj (2 months ago)
Hey have you unlocked all realms?
maerty69 (3 months ago)
i've done 3 and nothing no armour ?!?if anyone has and idea , thx ^^
leee eeey (2 months ago)
It's rng. For me the last 3 dropped the armor.
LuCkY ShOtZ (2 months ago)
I’ve beat the first 4 valkyries in midgard but received no armor but instead all the side items, like the pommel, and talisman. It’s randomized.
Ksiah Wansley (2 months ago)
maerty69 it’s only the certain valks.
god dang cuz (2 months ago)
Certain ones give armor not all
Jeremy Xu (2 months ago)
maerty69 u need to fight the fifth one to get the first piece of armor.
Jeano Gato (3 months ago)
Where's Kratos GOW Armor from previous games?!
Sinbad (2 months ago)
Rashad Crooms Atreus has his stash thing on his waist
Rashad Crooms (2 months ago)
Agreed and nobody’s paying attention to detail you can see a little bit of his old armor (the straps) under his current armor 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Sinbad (2 months ago)
The armor was damaged when he died in gow2
John Curnow (2 months ago)
Jeano Gato also they wanted it to be like a rpg game and a guy walking around with nothing on his chest and has sandels on in a winter setting would seem weird
Jeano Gato (3 months ago)
@BlueShell - Yeah... Me too. I was hoping the GOW Armor could be unlocked or it could be a DLC.
Loli Army (3 months ago)
People clicked the video and complain there were spoilers in the video 😂👌
RxDoc (2 months ago)
Loli Army dumbass the spoilers are in the title.
Sinbad (2 months ago)
Loli Army no is complaining plus there was a spoiler warning
ChakAttack8 (3 months ago)
Boy Kratos, come a long way since fishing the Golden Fleece armlet out of some lion's mouth huh?
Six Five (2 months ago)
I'll say!! LOL!
ChakAttack8 (2 months ago)
Jas whoops, you're right! Been a long time since I played GoW 2. But then again, you'd think one would remember a three headed dog instead of some lion right? lol
Jas (2 months ago)
ChakAttack8 cerberus dog*
Young Low (3 months ago)
It has just been a couple hours and already y'all already have done this things.....
Deftones 26 (2 months ago)
+Lamb Sauce Gamer what, no dlc?
HurricaneX31 (2 months ago)
thesinisterogre theyll more than likely release a new game instead. This is called God of war 4 not god of war 4 ragnarok. Itll probs come about in game 5 or 6
Lamb Sauce Gamer (2 months ago)
thesinisterogre the dev comfirmed there will not be dlc. Which leaves the stuff for gow2
NY10458 (2 months ago)
thesinisterogre they already said there will no dlc
king jj (2 months ago)
thesinisterogre yea I believe so aswell
東城誠 (3 months ago)
very...very very cool
Ronald Redler (3 months ago)
I think you for the “ spoiler warning” I wish some people were like you
Johnathan Stevens (2 months ago)
Ronald Redler that’s true. That’s why I steer clear of YouTube when a new game comes out that I’m playing or want to play because it’s everywhere. And people click bait you to death.
Ronald Redler (2 months ago)
Johnathan Stevens true but the reason why I said that was bc I was getting another YouTubers video on god of war that I wasn’t even subscribed too, and almost all of his thumb nails literally spoiled main important parts of the story.
Johnathan Stevens (2 months ago)
Ronald Redler I mean if you look up, listen to, or watch something you don’t already know in the game, it’s an automatic spoiler. It doesn’t make any sense to put a spoiler warning.
BassB23 (3 months ago)
Been playing The game for almost 2 weeks, got it early at my job, and its AWESOMEEE
VaydaladaVodalada (3 months ago)
Dude, enough with the fucking thumbnails. It's literally launch day.
Taylor Made (3 months ago)
Ok then.....lol! Picking this up,today. Didn't realize this game had this kind of depth to it! So excited!!!!! Nice video!!!
Tyler Dunn (3 months ago)
Fuck you guys and your spoilering thumbnail

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