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Film Theory: Will Marvel BREAK in One Punch? (Infinity War Vibranium vs. One Punch Man)

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The Film Theorists (1 month ago)
Yeah...definitely screwed up the bit about the speed of Saitama hopping back to Earth from the moon BUT on the plus side, it doesn't change the final outcome. Yes, it overestimates Saitama's power for that one calculation, but it's not his MAX STRENGTH that we calculated for the falling meteor. It also still PALES in comparison to Vibranium's power, so yep, Cap's shield still stands!
Frank Myers (29 days ago)
neat stuff in this video, matpat is theorizing the crap out things!!
Houston Beckworth (1 month ago)
But MatPat Saitama never used his serious punch for the meteor.
Ming Xiang (1 month ago)
No object with Mass can exceed the speed of light, cus it will take infinite energy accounting for the warped space time, so the precieved 19seconds could actually be warped time in the prespective of saitama, thus in that example,saitama is not traveling faster than the speed of light for everyone else, and is not shown to have infinite power , though fairly high at his not even trying level possibly even enough to destroy vibranium
person zfo (1 month ago)
wow thanks for telling me one punch man is on netflix imma watch it maybe
Lucy nickolsen (1 month ago)
Bet he wasnt able to sleep at night 😂
Ethan Lin (44 seconds ago)
I have a question if Thor is the only one that can lift the hammer how can a elevator lift him to the next floor?
l4ndSh4rk (4 minutes ago)
So how strong is Captain America then, when he nudged it
Lex Killer (1 hour ago)
Mafalda Viana (2 hours ago)
I think Saitama would win becaus his power isn't strength, it's winning everything with one punch no matter what.
Mafalda Viana (2 hours ago)
"A merchant is trying to sell a spear and a shield" Are you sure it wasn't a cabbage?
Fist Power (3 hours ago)
i dare him to punch sonic while he is using invinciblity or the player from megaton rainfall
Demon Crusher Lucas (3 hours ago)
Actually saitama would win, because of what you said, if Thor's hammer's power couldn't be stored by vibranium, then the force of saitamas punch would destroy it. Plus saitama is stronger than thanos with the infinity stones
Nicoli Lazaro (3 hours ago)
1:53 JoJo's bizzare adventure is a good example of how this is SOMETIMES not the case
The Random Guy (6 hours ago)
But one question, who will win Saitama or Thanos?
sasa ha (7 hours ago)
Avengers: We will destroy that bald dude. Saitama: Ok.
John Lu (9 hours ago)
If Thor’s hammer was really that heavy, Thor would not have been able to go inside those high rise buildings since the weight of his hammer would literally crush the building. Also, a table can even hold his hammer up...
Nick Ross (10 hours ago)
The speed of light is 300 million meters per second. And I'm no mathematician but 20,210,500 m/s seems less than that. Not 67 times that. Light takes on average one second to go from the moon to earth. So to go any faster than the speed of light he would have to go from earth to moon and back in less than 2 seconds.
Christy Alan (10 hours ago)
That's if saitama could destroy caps shield with one punch he has been known to use two if he feels it's needed two punches from saitama would destroy the shield if he used two punches as strong as when he hit the astriod
barrickcrys (11 hours ago)
mat=knock knock marvel=whos der mat=ha marvel=ha who mat=bless you marvel=thats outdated just like..... hmmmmmm who? oh you mat you
Celtic Guardian (11 hours ago)
I would argue that Thanos wouldn't want to vaporize the moon. His goal was to throw it at them. He wouldn't be able to do that with space dust.
Owen Smith (11 hours ago)
Thanos was only unable to shatter the move in one go because he was not even close to using the stones' full power. The Infinity Stones are literally the control panel for the entire universe. One who wields them has potential to rival the GOD himself.
Mr. Snorlax (11 hours ago)
I thought the strongest met was uru that thing that stormbreaker and Thor’s hammer was made of (I forgot the name or Thor’s hammer :(. )
Gretchen (12 hours ago)
We haven't even seen saitama's fullest potential yet
Just a Youtuber (13 hours ago)
Wait Saitamas serious punch is able to destroy earth? So if he were to hit it with serious punch would he end up destroying earth?
Just a Youtuber (13 hours ago)
If Saitama could make that huge crack on the moon from just that jump he definetly has more potential.
Pyrauxe (13 hours ago)
What you should be asking is if Cap throws his shield at Saitama will it break it one bite?
Lo L (13 hours ago)
Who would win Goku or Thanos? Thanos: I need to collect all the infinity stones to be the strongest Goku: Oh! The infinity stones! There right here, take them, then lets fight! Thanos: ????
Bloodshot_the_fox Rules (14 hours ago)
... to much math... My head hurts...
Amerya B (16 hours ago)
Wait. What about the yellow guy from classroom assassination?? Vs one punch man? Who would win??
hongxia chen (17 hours ago)
So one punch vs hulk t was fake
Berkay Can ATAN (19 hours ago)
Wow dude One Punch Man is my favourite anime.Actually it's the only anime that I watch
Rosy marquez Marquez (19 hours ago)
Yeah the shield is strong what about the paint
Coelancanth (22 hours ago)
It's 'Mao-dwun', you probably didnt ask google first, did you?
R3dC0r0n4 (1 day ago)
lol a bunch of butthurt animefanboys here XD but Yeah Marvel win this one ... just take it like a man.
Příšerák 11 (1 day ago)
What about the scene where je deflects the Beam created by Boros that's supposed to be able to destroy the earth?
Mohammed Ziad (1 day ago)
Aaaaaaa Error error so many information
Mary Melgaso (1 day ago)
asdu zockt (1 day ago)
Can Saitama defeat Thanos?
Meliza Torda (1 day ago)
1st time I heard OPM english dubbed... Yup.. no offense, but I think sub's still better. Great theory by the way, more with the anime please
Despa Negro (1 day ago)
What the heck are you doing go get a phd i bet theyd be more than happy to accept you
Jordan Mertens (1 day ago)
16:18 hand backward
Jumar Repunte (1 day ago)
if you do not know the author of one punch man said on a interview he could destroy universeses in half with ease no breaking a single sweat
Ruatzhmars Ruatz (1 day ago)
Your Hero=All character on Marvel/Dc My Hero= Saitama sensei.
Laughingpug (1 day ago)
marvel went all the way up to the fate of the multiverse
Luke Zword (1 day ago)
But, Saitama exists to destroy everything, if it wasn't that way, the anime wouldn't exist
endless world (1 day ago)
Goku is stronger he's to powerful and in a glare he's stronger then jiren and kale which makes him strongest ever in the whole anime and animation / cartoon world
David Hazelwood (1 day ago)
Thor could lift a bit of The midgard serpent
David Hazelwood (1 day ago)
Stork Nest event of the midgard serpent
Saitamas left hand is now his right
why does the internet love so much making dumb theories about this or that being stronger than saitama I hate you internet
sami Sheets (1 day ago)
if he did use the same force he did on the aestoroid he would destroy everything in a 15,800 meter radious or everything in 47,400 feet
Flareon king (1 day ago)
rainbow (1 day ago)
"what happens if an unstoppable object hits an unmovable object ?" my answer : "it changes direction" its also an inspirational quot if you think about it
Lyra Avatar (1 day ago)
Quinn Tjon (1 day ago)
You forgot Saitama stopping a planet buster attack.
Evan Putnam (1 day ago)
You said that was how much required to stop the asteroid, he went right through it shattering it and not even scorching his bald head or outfit. Also note, Thanos shattered the shield into tiny pieces to really defeat it simply breaking it in half like in Tony's vision which requires a lot less force
ZerglingOne1 (2 days ago)
I would say look at what happened to the moon when he jumped if you want an idea of how much energy he can deliver. He caved in ~1/10 of the moon's total mass with that jump meaning if he applied that force perpendicular with gravity, it would probably sheer off close to that same amount. That beats the pants off of any meteor. And, is even an apt comparison to Thanos destroying the moon. I say with the energy exhibited there, OPM easily busts the shield.
Shashwat Rai (2 days ago)
Adamatium cuts through vibranium.
Rios Chest (2 days ago)
What about his serious punch
Quq Balam (2 days ago)
Seeing how Vibranium has been harmed by less (see the Black Panther film), I would say that Saitama, who is continent to small planet level, would break it. If its 616 Vibranium though, obviously he wouldn't. That thing can withstand the punches of Heralds who would literally leave Saitama as a splash of blood. Also, Saitama isn't overpowered even by anime standards. Between Seiya, Dark Schneider, Goku, Giorno, the Evangelions, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, several Digimon, and a plethora of other ultra-powerful characters, Saitama is so far away that calling him "overpowered" is almost offensive. He is overpowered in the context of his own series, but not outside of it where Naruto is arguably stronger, and Naruto is very small fry among anime and manga characters.
Quq Balam (2 days ago)
For God's sake regarding film Vibranium: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jpNYG5AoAI Now, it's true that Thor is most likely giving his all in this scene, but still, he is continent+ level at most and Ultron is using far thicker vibranium anyway. Saitama is definitely breaking Cap's vibranium shield.
Quq Balam (2 days ago)
Regarding the Thor scene, not all of Thor's strikes are all that powerful. The Thor strike that Cap stopped was about city block level seeing how it levelled a few trees but that's it. Thor can control the power of his hammer and it's clear he was holding back there. Also, Saitama would easily lose to current MCU Thor, what with his two upgrades and the neutron star feat. Current Thor with Stormbreaker is about large planet level, possibly star level, while Saitama barely reaches small planet level. He would get bodied hard.
kalle slocter (2 days ago)
that hammer is way above the critical density needed to create a black hole.
Robloxisawesome112 (2 days ago)
To be a theorist learn math
Ravin Gamer (2 days ago)
Boros confirmed can destroy the earth the way Thanos did our moon in the video, Saitama was able to overpower said attack from Boros without use of his full strength. I don’t know why MatPat left that out.
STUPID MAN MY FACE (2 days ago)
but if it was that heavy then it would have extreme gravity if it was that heavy in that small amount of space he would basically be using a black hole as a weapon
Taryn Sporinsky (2 days ago)
This is by far the most visually appealing episode of anything that I've ever seen. Excellent job, animation crew. I tip my hat to you.
Adam Vass (2 days ago)
It sounds like he just googled this like an hour before he filmed the video
Phoenix (2 days ago)
How much power and how fast would his punch have to create a Hole in a cliff without even hitting it like he does in the anime whne fighting Genos?? Ive always wondered
Phoenix (2 days ago)
wait but thats not his biggest feat... his biggest feat is deflecting a Plant/Star destroying beam from Boros in 1 punch? The force required to destroy Earth in one go is ALOT, and saitama deflected it meaning he had more power than that beam of energy... shouldnt that be his biggest feat... also that would put him wayyy above the power stones power.
xXSky7er R!mmXx (2 days ago)
2:54 you forgot to mention that time he pretended to punch his friend and broke a hole in the mountain behind him
hiTo1337 (2 days ago)
How fast must one punch in order to condense air enough to break through a couple of hundred feet of rock? I'm thinking of his "fight" with Genos.
Brandon Johnson (2 days ago)
Yes, he can do anything, without effort. That’s kinda the whole point of his character; a satire on the over-powered, badass Superheroes. If you can’t grasp that fact... idk what to tell you. Watch this video after TFT to see what I mean. https://youtu.be/OEAPEiuW97g
5Dave 5 Akilan5 (2 days ago)
Starting is crap should have used the spear sheild for more accurate vidoe wth
ultimate god gamer (2 days ago)
The thing is i understand everything even the big numbers XD
DarkStarGames (2 days ago)
the legendary metal uwu
suc CC (3 days ago)
Thanos: *SNAP* saitama: "i don't fell so good Genos
Scarlett MVP (2 days ago)
suc CC Don’t do that to me-
Christian Santiago (3 days ago)
16:16 Saitamas hand is flipped
ICE DRAGON (3 days ago)
what about serious punch u didn't caulcute it
Pyro Gaming Inc (3 days ago)
"Decimated" So only 10% of the 9 mile radius was destroyed? 🤔😉
Samson Liang (3 days ago)
Wouldn't Saitama's greatest feat of strength be when he punched Lord Boros' Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon since its was when Saitama used his serious move
arafa abdullah (3 days ago)
ur annoying like my maths teacher
ultra ninja (3 days ago)
Hey moon is now a planet
TaishoAce1001 (3 days ago)
Hang on. Wasn't the last Ultron from Age of Ultron made entirely out of vibranium after he lost Vision's body to Avengers (the latter of whom's body also has vibranium fused into its fibers to create a sustainable vessel)? I distinctly recall Ultron used some of the raw vibranium he got to make himself that body to fight the Avengers alongside his army of copies. After Iron Man, Vision and Thor combined their attacks to incinerate him, his entire body started to break apart, before Wanda finished Ultron off by ripping his fuel cell out. Would that by itself be considered relevant to this discussion? I assume it would be, seeing as how Ultron offhandedly made that rather snarky quote, "The most versatile substance on the planet and they used it to make a frisbee"- before proceeding to make himself an unbreakable body.
tyler do 123 (3 days ago)
How about level planet that’s Venus size
tyler do 123 (3 days ago)
Read the manga
tyler do 123 (3 days ago)
Ps sitama has no limit
tyler do 123 (3 days ago)
The spear got through a little bit your protected by the shield
garuda sade wibowo (3 days ago)
Lol easy even Genos can break Vibranium easily.
memey boi (3 days ago)
are we not going to talk about the serious punch which creates the shape of a V in half of the earths clouds
Nika Doli (3 days ago)
saitama can break everything
Solomon Faataui (3 days ago)
This might be my favorite theroy in flim theroy
Zekgangster (3 days ago)
Katrina Isaacson (3 days ago)
You should do, how much can Steve from Minecraft can lift.
#1 Tako (3 days ago)
I thought the creator of One Punch man said in an interview that Saitama's max power is equal to half the power of the big bang... so yeah...
Latias Latios (3 days ago)
One punch man does a hits a second punch. SHATTER
Fox Trot (3 days ago)
What if one punch man punches a lightsaber will it break the lightsaber blade or will it cut his hand in half
Wenexx (3 days ago)
Rip lightsaber That's all I'm saying.
Fox Trot (3 days ago)
Yes I know what a lightsaber blade is made of and I know you can actually break it but you can disperse the energy in it thus breaking it
Caleb Reagan (3 days ago)
this episode is kinda wierd with the marvel because he switches between MCU cannon and comic cannon
Daniel gaming359 (3 days ago)
still think Kachin (the strongest metal in dragon ball) is stronger than vibranium (no offence to saitiama fans) we may not have seen the "one" (no offence) Punch man's full power but at jiren and toppo's full power he can break the strongest kachin with his literal aura force and goku and vegeta beat both of them
laiion (3 days ago)
Well Spider-Man Homecoming was a good movie even though it was only the fate of a person
Junkrat aka jamas (3 days ago)
To much
louvena sanders (3 days ago)
Any one else see the almight fists
StevieGG08 (3 days ago)
Saitama deflected Boros' planet busting laser and also killed him in the process with one mere serious punch without breaking a sweat.
nathank2006 (3 days ago)
what happens when one punch man goes punch the infinity gunlet head on
Team Gigowski (3 days ago)
The heart of the dying neutron star is the metal uru and thors HAMMER is made from uru and was forged with the heat of the star
Pied Bagpiper (3 days ago)
Epic numbers are epic! Two things: 01:10 Infinity War didn't live up to the first Avengers' standards. 02:10 Superman's enemies either match his strength or work around it, so the weakness isn't his but rather the writers'.

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