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Gears of War 3 [PEGI 18] - Making Gears Of War 3: Inside The Wicked Workshop

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Take a look inside the Wicked Workshop in get a sneak peek at what's included in the Limited and Epic editions of Gears of War 3...
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Text Comments (88)
Rhyan Barthe (7 months ago)
Whoa! That's awesome
Gustavo Guzman (2 years ago)
This looks great. I love the resolution of the figure and the great detail on it. Does anyone know what kind of 3D printer they used for this figure? Thanks.
Sherk (6 years ago)
i dont know pegi but im glad she's 18
alepepe100 (6 years ago)
You have the masks, you got the actors then what are you waiting for making a epic movie.
MrDarapstar01 (6 years ago)
ohhh man !!! it's great ! :D
Jamal Thomas (7 years ago)
service to illuminati on cog tag ??? 1:27-131
cola (7 years ago)
Englandude199428 (7 years ago)
He actually physically looks like he could be a COG.
Maceus (7 years ago)
Yeah save Carmine!
Spandex415 (7 years ago)
Save CArmine shirt ha
xKnoxy (7 years ago)
Can we have some of that art work and have them for wallpapers? :3
sarah6969 (7 years ago)
i preordered limited but i might go epic cos epic is more expensive but now i know what else im paying for if i went epic hopefully i wont preorder but hopefully i can purchase it on the day
sarah6969 (7 years ago)
@MrCrustyManMeat i went for limited but i might go epic epic will be like £100 and i think I'll make double that much when it comes out i also want cash to order take away and delivery to save me ever having to move lol
Michael Mac Donald (7 years ago)
Yup he buff just like the rest of delta or alpha squad!!!
Jonathan (7 years ago)
Wow this makes me wont to get the EPIC edition now I was just going to get the limited edition but now I might just get the epic edition.
TyberAlyx (7 years ago)
@Penalva2397 I bet few guys would fit, that thing would be buffed :D
Scarlov87 (7 years ago)
make a billion of copies of that box don't be cruel!
Scarlov87 (7 years ago)
ivebeen (7 years ago)
Lol we all know he's talking about the halo reach statue. Haha
Jorge R. Gonzalez (7 years ago)
jajaja i played GoW1 when i as 9,, that day i started to love blood
Penalva2397 (7 years ago)
When you begin to sale Gears of War costumes for people?? xD!
L3gendary92 (7 years ago)
Pegi is 18 now? Aww yeah!
coachese (7 years ago)
Adrian Rakocz (7 years ago)
pegi 18 ;-)
Ch3wie1 (7 years ago)
HabboPeliculas (7 years ago)
Gears of War
8brokenwater (7 years ago)
they should of keep going like there is a fast furious 5 never end!
VFX Man (7 years ago)
@fincherfan007 He was talking about the detail in the figure, because is printed, and is based on the high poly version of Marcus, the amount of detail in this figure is amazing, and it can be only achieved if you print the model as they did.
mariotaz (7 years ago)
mike torres (7 years ago)
We'll make contact with ET's before this arrives. haha you heard it from me;)
dricedt (7 years ago)
This is anything but epic. You made an original, great game; then as your last "hurah" you make something so unoriginal. We've already seen busts before, it doesn't matter how detailed it is, it's the same thing as Halo and Bioshock. DLC won't cut it because that's already been done, no sense beating a dead horse. I expected more from Epic but was severely let down. I'll get the basic game but only because I've sunk $25 into the pre-order.
Leonardo Hernandez (7 years ago)
7 people couldnt preorder the limited or the Epic
Cogache (7 years ago)
@RichyRoo90 of course there will be more gow, epic games even said that
tostosnake (7 years ago)
Clayton Carmine - is sick! Save him!
Steve B. (7 years ago)
@sonofklickman14 Go get one off amazon.
Steve B. (7 years ago)
@Arasaca They did for Gears 2 if you got it off amazon.
NXS18 (7 years ago)
@AFXAcid37 if ok but I still want to live carmine
NXS18 (7 years ago)
SAVE CARMINE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
AFXAcid (7 years ago)
@NXS18 If you're going to try to say something that was cool last year... AT LEAST spell his name right.
redonix76 (7 years ago)
@HiralShah00 You should do your research instead of making ignorant comments. Go to google and type Bowen Design. Those statues of comic characters are comparable to the Marcus one if not less detailed. They all go for at least $150 - $300 retail. You're not just paying for materials and cost of re-production but also the artwork itself.
klötengottschalk (7 years ago)
put da monsta in ur best place in ur home
Nestor (7 years ago)
It is PVC.
NXS18 (7 years ago)
SAVE CARMIE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
pimppastorjj (7 years ago)
The figure better not be PVC though. Polystone or nothin'!
Josh Hughes (7 years ago)
Well in all fairness being the last(in series) you should go for that £10 extra and get the limited edition. The way I see it is I'm paying £50 for a statue in Epic edition. I'd rather have that statue than buy CoD this year.
FabledAllele (7 years ago)
lol the lancer was sold with gears of war 2. but it was sold by it self
OuroborosGamer (7 years ago)
@shadowrunner421 yeah I got a chance to read the details at Epic...Still not looking forward to it. I think I'll stick with the Limited edition like I did for Gears 1 and 2
dmxfactor (7 years ago)
@HiralShah00 Yeah...as I said, you're prolly not into the "collectible" type collectibles. I could be wrong, you could be wrong. But neither of us have seen the artwork, but to say that any artwork that is given isn't the result of years of hard work is downright ignorant. I'd like to see you build a better game, build a better environment, create better skin texture (human, locust, or lambent), etc.
nasthepatriot (7 years ago)
EVERYBODY please this is something they should include and every fan should ask for... A PREMIUM DASHBOARD THEME... since this game is the only exclusive thats coming out for 360 this year...besides all the kinect garbage the only good exclusive... so everyone ask them to put a premium theme in...im sure it wont be that much work for them and we deserve that much at least for a $150
dmxfactor (7 years ago)
@HiralShah00 Suit yourself. I don't think that's logical, but you're not into the "collectible" type collectibles. And I, along with many other people, enjoy looking at artwork, the years of dedication, hard work, and detail that's put in. You don't appreciate that kind of thing unless you deal with art or design sometimes. You'll miss out on something incredible, just sayin.
Killateral (7 years ago)
If you sell the lancer I WILL GET THAT EDITION.
TheTopCovers (7 years ago)
I'm buying the EPIC Edition, looks great, Marcus is my favorite character. So it's cool with me.
TheTopCovers (7 years ago)
That guy could play Tai.
dmxfactor (7 years ago)
@HiralShah00 No, Hiral, look at the details: Game only= $59.99 Limited Edition (includes an Octus Award Box and Octus Service Medal, honoring Adam Fenix's work on the Hammer of Dawn, as well as the Adam Fenix mp character, a COG flag, and various Fenix family momentos) =$79.99 Epic Edition (everything in the Limited Edition PLUS the ever so hated statue -_-, as well as a 96 page art and design book, AND the Infected Omen Pack including skins for all five starting weapons)= $149.99
dmxfactor (7 years ago)
To those that want a lancer, look under Marcus's hands. You ARE getting one... geez, people don't appreciate anything these days.
cuttle0223 (7 years ago)
NASTAR01 (7 years ago)
Oh, it has the beind the scenes book. Not quite as cool as a full-blown video feature, but it's a lot better than nothing. Would make for an interesting read.
Mcfat89 (7 years ago)
this guy should be a playable character. hes an amazing artist too!
NASTAR01 (7 years ago)
Very talented guy, though, btw. Will look up his work.
NASTAR01 (7 years ago)
It looks nice, but I do wish there was a making-of featurette. I was disappointed when Reach's behind the scenes turned out to be commentary over a playthrough of the game, rather than an actual look a the development, like Halo 2 and 3. At least we learnt about stuff during development, though. Gears 2 had a making-of, but 3 seems to have abandoned that. As an aspiring games artist, and person who just generally loves to see how things come together, I always hope they include such things.
guitarfan M (7 years ago)
Save CArmine!!! :D
Carolinacanadian (7 years ago)
Oh man. This is going to be great. It is going to be a LONG summer. If I bump into that guy around here (I live by EPIC) I may turn and run. He is a bit nuts. LOL. Great work though. Awesome.
b00n96 (7 years ago)
I laugh so much everytime I press "1" cause its very scweee
Fran Shepard (7 years ago)
he looks like a Gear :O
craigo77 (7 years ago)
im here because of @AceyBongos
Mikey Carmine (7 years ago)
@GodofRandom Yeah it does, kinda like Reach's legendary edition, all the good stuff from the limited edition, plus some extra goodies.
Joseph Davis (7 years ago)
That guy actually looks like a cog
TheJamsh (7 years ago)
2 people thought this was a Halo advertisement. Dicks.
Elias Garcia (7 years ago)
Does the Epic Edition come with all of the Limited Edition shit? I hope so.... they way Warner marketed Mortal Kombat's Kollector's and Tournament editions really pissed me off. I was happy with Reach's Legebdary edition.
Dan Rowe (7 years ago)
Epic edition includes: - Marcus Fenix Statue - Art & Design book - Infected Omen weapon skins pack - Octus award box and Octus service medal - Exclusive unlockable adam denix mulitpler skin - a fabric COG flag - and some adam fenix documents proof is on epic's site
Gibby Garcia (7 years ago)
Why do people want them to give another lancer they did that with Gears 2 I want a Longshot or torque bow
Felipe Bonilla (7 years ago)
is that an iphone?
turkEY Gaming (7 years ago)
already preordered the epic edition cant wait and to all the people complaining about it .... ummm dont buy it then... your obviously not as big of a fan as you think you are
XToUnlock (7 years ago)
@Arasaca They sold the Lancer with Gears 2 (though it was Gold painted) and they quickly reduced the price due to build quailty issues
BubonicCraig (7 years ago)
I am a happy bunny, because I get the Epic Edition for 40 quid, royalty points for the win.
superhunter1242gaming (7 years ago)
wow "BRING IT" just pre-ordered mine at GAME ;)
TheJamsh (7 years ago)
@GemelCarlos yes
Khaliszt A. (7 years ago)
@JDM4U No, you had to get it playing the beta.
Khaliszt A. (7 years ago)
Is that cliff bleszinski at 2:23?
guthix5800 (7 years ago)
pmsl That all you get for the epic edition?
Nicholas (7 years ago)
waste of money.
Rick H (7 years ago)
@paulgregs2006 GO FOR EPIC EDITION! lol. It's the first time being offered. and Hey, 150+tax isn't all that bad haha.
Andrew Portess (7 years ago)
Must admit, I am looking forward to this game - the Online Beta was awesome!
xKillaESx (7 years ago)
Gotta Get That Shirt.!!!! Save Carmine.!!!! >=]
tom c (7 years ago)
i think im in love <3
09Spence (7 years ago)
I. Want. That. Gun!
humza277 (7 years ago)
WeeRyzer (7 years ago)
cool :)

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