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Top 10 Platform Games on Nintendo DS

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Be sure to visit here for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/UnusualSuspect2011 The Nintendo Critic counts down his top 10 platforming games for The Nintendo DS.
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Text Comments (55)
leandro marcelo (5 months ago)
What´s name of 10th game ?
eduard fernandez (7 months ago)
=27 Download roms nds http://bit.ly/2og7ZLz
SuperDan (1 year ago)
the quality of this video is so bad.................. 480p, audio was bad, im sorry but im clicking off after i leave this comment
MrGaming679 (1 year ago)
0:58 Contra FO
Paul Clooney (1 year ago)
try upload your videos in HD
Caro4060 (2 years ago)
you hate on spyro?shame on you sir,shame on you
Dialgavspalkia (2 years ago)
Wheres Pokemon asshole?
Liangelo Ball (1 year ago)
Dialgavspalkia Haha
Miguel Santos (2 years ago)
Eduardo Remasterd (2 years ago)
+Dialgavspalkia pokemon no is a platform game is a rpg game
killuminati413 (2 years ago)
05:58 Shut up Marieh !!!
Ca Be (2 years ago)
AH the no 1080p AH!!!
David L (2 years ago)
Portrait of Ruin is better!
SlashXel (2 years ago)
so why megaman ZX is not on this list?
MlG BROS (3 years ago)
Check out my other YouTube guys type mlgbros growtopia ep.1 starting over with my bro
raven beast (3 years ago)
dude "monster tale" is missing from this list, Mario, Mega man, Pokemon and metroid all rolled up in 1 game!
raven beast (1 year ago)
+gamerprince1999 yeah I've heard about it about 2 years ago! But nothing since then! Maybe they wanna port it to switch with multiplayer and all that. I personally like it the way it is with 32bit style pixel art.
gamerprince1999 (1 year ago)
raven beast They said they're making a 3DS remaster on the eShop called Monster Tale Ultimate!!!!
raven beast (1 year ago)
+gamerprince1999 Dude that game is PERFECTION literally. It has side scrolling, platforming, beat em up, run 'n gun and even RPG aspects + it also lets you collect and raise your own monsters! for all those who like Pokemon style games! What's there NOT to love?? those same guys also made Henry Hatsworth which is very similar but NOT as good as Monster Tale. They aught to remake those games for 3DS so more people get to play 'em. Very few have heard of 'em. Which is a huge shame IMO. I thought they were in the process of a remake! Don't know what happened!!
gamerprince1999 (1 year ago)
raven beast (3 years ago)
+Dr Milkman oh believe me , It is definitely a GEM . there's also another game made by the same team "Henry Hatsworth" check it out ...
DJ_RYAMEN (3 years ago)
"Come to my place, let's play Spyro the Dragon. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say STD." I laughed at the STD there.
Comungus (4 years ago)
Your voice is the coolest :)
Whitehawk (4 years ago)
Why you might've not gotten New Super Mario Bros. for the DS: You have it for the Wii.
Rick (4 years ago)
i still finding nintendo ds games. can anyone recommend some games for me.
Sean Hartnett (1 year ago)
Chrono Trigger and Mario Party DS are some pretty cool games as well.
Rick (1 year ago)
+Onion Bro not really active xD just still some people replying
Onion Bro (1 year ago)
Wow,this comment section is still active after a year?Well,you can add the ds castlevania games to the list.
Rick (1 year ago)
+gamerprince1999 funny enough i still looking forward these kind games :p
gamerprince1999 (1 year ago)
Swift Core Old comment but I recommend Monster Tale and for a JRPG, Nostalgia (yes that's the name of the game)
davidcuervo10 (4 years ago)
those games are shit, even for nintendo, you found the worst games
j03scalis (4 years ago)
i loved the original new super mario bros, but am i the only 1 who hated nsmb2 for the 3ds? it is way to easy and puts a huge empahasis on coins which dont do anything in the game. its seems like no one thinks its a bad game
Caleb (5 months ago)
I freaking loved the Wii Mario game but maybe that’s nostalgia talking.
gamerprince1999 (1 year ago)
j03scalis My favorite NSMB game is the first one as well
Trell Tinsley (3 years ago)
I agree, luckily I got the game free
Russ (3 years ago)
i love nsmb 2 - the coin thing is cool
Raymond standley (4 years ago)
5:40 So funny! I like that voice you did!
Raymond standley (4 years ago)
I once made mario jump on a tower of plants!
Paul Sarin (4 years ago)
Contra 4 has solid Gameplay. Starfy is very fun to play, the Graphics are well made for a coloured Game.
logan therandomness (4 years ago)
you sound like you need a redbull
Philipe Arakaki (4 years ago)
El Donaldo (4 years ago)
Sonic Rush isn't a platformer, it's a boost to win, it is seriously lacking in platforming.
defkawn (5 years ago)
Fuck N+ wack ass shit
AortaPlatinum (5 years ago)
KanineKruizer (5 years ago)
You've got Henry Hatsworth and NSMB, and Kirby's Canvas Curse...yup, you have a good vid here! I especially LOVE NSMB-DS because I waited (and complained off and on) for nearly 16 years for another Mario sidescroller!!! By the time it finally came out I was on that game like a starving man on a Christmas ham!
SceptileRazorLeaf (5 years ago)
Sweet I'll definitely have to play Some of these. Haven't playe d a few of them
tonmasterboy (5 years ago)
I think megaman zero zx should be here
khan zahid (5 years ago)
dear sir please let me knwo what is the name of the game number 10, hungry hacks world?
Chrille33 (6 years ago)
I really liked to old videos so, thank you! I'll be sure to check out your new channel too! Keep up the good work!
TheNintendoCritic (6 years ago)
Hey guys, due to popular demand I'm backlogging all my old videos. These ones aren't that great if I'm honest, so be sure to check out my more recent stuff on unusualsuspect2011: link is in the description :)

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