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SUPERGIRL Trailer - Comic Con 2018

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Fresh from Comic-Con 2018, this SUPERGIRL trailer gives fans a look back at some exciting highlights from season three, plus a taste of what is to come in the show's fourth season, including a sneak peek of new series regular Sam Witwer as iconic DC character Agent Liberty - and an unexpected reveal for Supergirl herself!
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Text Comments (4166)
Frank Di (3 hours ago)
This show is intrugiung. Need to watch it on my boxxy software
This looks like cosplay
More like Super Lame
LeandrothekidRS (1 day ago)
(sees that Supergirl still has blue heat vision) I quit (Exits video)
Muhammad Zain (1 day ago)
V : Words will always retain their power , words are for the means to meaning , and for those wise enough to listen , the enunciation of truth , and the truth is there is something terribly wrong with this show isn't there?
Richard Hawkins (1 day ago)
I lost interest in the DC TV shows long ago. I loved Powerless but that was cancelled & never aired on TV in England.
Michael Wizouski (2 days ago)
1:20 worst pulled punch I've ever seen...
Support Alex Jones (2 days ago)
Sounds like a movie based on democrats in America.
m825 xx (2 days ago)
A Lta poronga
m825 xx (2 days ago)
Una cagada
Brenda Sereno Viviers (2 days ago)
Rober Baron (4 days ago)
soap opera !
Damn Illegal ALIENS
Christopher Nava (7 days ago)
Go go power rangers. 😂😂
zayker (8 days ago)
Natania Kairu (10 days ago)
Where's the cape?
James Gutierrez (13 days ago)
Destroy her Darth Maul. And her costume is dumb
Supergirl!! Love her. Hopefully, more to come.
Nehwon Wondor (17 days ago)
But What About Power Girl?
Hugh Janus (17 days ago)
I wonder if super girl gives super head, or if she has a 0 gag reflex super power...
porks (17 days ago)
Have you not made the wrong call
Dominick Morgan (17 days ago)
Help Jack please: https://youtu.be/chlOvrW6hd8
Rman Nayr (18 days ago)
Rman Nayr (18 days ago)
어엿먹 (18 days ago)
still don't like Jimmy Olson
Manueel Nn (18 days ago)
Y superman(?
unubold0427- -fortnite (18 days ago)
I csnt wa oui t to see supergirl (armor) vs jason!
unubold0427- -fortnite (18 days ago)
unubold0427- -fortnite (18 days ago)
Spelled cant wait wrpng
unubold0427- -fortnite (18 days ago)
Super ranger!!!
Jeni Giannopoulou (18 days ago)
WTH, Power Rangers??? CW please hire new writers & showrunners b/c this looks & sounds like cr@p.
Aaron Fleury (19 days ago)
Second storage courage each proper story interpretation cabin French.
Kok-Kin Njo (19 days ago)
she look too weak to become supergirl
mi st (19 days ago)
why would they need jobs??....lol
sian evans (19 days ago)
someone nuke DC please.
unclemikiesworld (19 days ago)
ouch that CG is hard to look at, you hire the guys that did sharknado?
Nerds (19 days ago)
The special effects looks so shitty the original star trek looks as if it was released this year
Juho Hankela (19 days ago)
Hey Hold the phone, was that Martian Manhunter?
Rocket League FX (20 days ago)
1:13 hahah what is that
Ricky Stevano (20 days ago)
thanks info, waiting oktober
Raxus Prime (20 days ago)
Sam Witwer is so underrated. He needs to be in a lot more stuff. I think he'd make a great Nightwing.
Mr.Bougies (20 days ago)
more like introducing " SuperRangers" in the end..
George NoX (20 days ago)
wtf is that new suit though? This ain't Iron Man :P
Aleksi Ahonen (20 days ago)
Racial nerve correlation potentially civilization abroad up occupation arrest nut thinking.
Fabio Fernandes (20 days ago)
looks awful
Maks Wan (20 days ago)
Why the graphic is so horrible.....
PogChamp (21 days ago)
Fast gameplay (21 days ago)
Трейлер уже говно
Emma Steiner (21 days ago)
Associate story regular sometimes education summit ratio not.
Superman + Supergirl = Ultra instinct child
Max (21 days ago)
please let this die
Adam Cauwenbergs (21 days ago)
there is no super girl this is fake
thejinxedone (21 days ago)
jobs, culture? try to keep the xenophobia subtle guys. i mean, atleast try. we know you are asshats, but must you prove it so blatantly.
cpu554 (21 days ago)
Brought to you from the producers of National Public Radio.
KasimVisuals (21 days ago)
greatavielite (21 days ago)
WTF is this?
Max (21 days ago)
No wonder the Visual FX is so cheap
Y5O (21 days ago)
like 75% of this is S3 clips, i'm confused? 😂
Fitz Dha (21 days ago)
This chick....got her own alloy costume
takaa e (21 days ago)
them cgi work lol
jeroen baas (21 days ago)
specific gene connect administration stem guitar tongue replacement negotiate statue.
Superformance72 (21 days ago)
Dave Bell (21 days ago)
Personally I am triggered because this isn't a nigerian-asian, trans binary, one armed, peg legged, ham sammy dressed in tights and a cape. I feel that actually following how a comic character is created in a comic is wrong. They did it to the thin, orange girl from teen titans. She is now an over weight black woman. Is the sarcasm dripping enough?
Mustafa Muhamed (21 days ago)
what the hill is this Produce of DC i cant believe
Sylvain Durand (21 days ago)
I wish the writers of these shows would stop using these franchises to push their political issues.
Abe Buckingham (19 days ago)
What political issues? Space aliens or new super suits?
Rave is KING (21 days ago)
tobi a (21 days ago)
Oh no the aliens have to come to steal our jobs.
Henric Carlsson (21 days ago)
This is some kind of a joke right?
neyney nanamo (21 days ago)
The trailer sounds like Supergirl is going to fight muslims :))) at least in the first half.
October is too far
diesaturn (21 days ago)
this feels like a fan film made by a dude that used to do some low budget work for a few months for a now defunct tiny studio.
DrDextrous (21 days ago)
this is gonna be bad
DrDextrous (21 days ago)
oh nvm its not a movie lol
Andrew Geary (21 days ago)
Got two season 3 ep3 finding I can't quite bring my self to watch any more
vincent ngau (21 days ago)
Supergirl needs no suit like that
P H A N T O M official (21 days ago)
Normal people: Heyyy this looks pretty decent. Triggered Republicans: THEY TOOK AR' JOOBBBSSS
Dharun Kumar (22 days ago)
"Divided We Fall". Waddup MCU Reference
Abe Buckingham (19 days ago)
No, that's a reference to Aesop's fables which predates the MCU by over 2000 years. It seems like a lot of people are not aware of this.
this show looks like a joke
silverrsurfer (22 days ago)
Zero Khor (22 days ago)
wait... the last scene, is that supergirl in space suit? not "Power Girl" dress-up right?
Leroy D'souza (22 days ago)
Huh, so supergirl gets armored suits from Injustice 2? Neat!!
周磊 (22 days ago)
Miki Jovanovic (22 days ago)
dark captain america is in this
Eduad Ains (22 days ago)
Who the F wants to watch this? They made the explosions with the photoshop Alpha version back from 1999?
Noisemansoundinsect (22 days ago)
armen 051266 (22 days ago)
Lame just a preview of last two episodes of supergirl
Tee Bee (22 days ago)
borrrrinnnngggg.....dang,DC should stick to animation. their shows are getting stale like their movies.its a shame they can't do these characters "Justice".......they should try with lesser known comics, like booster gold,mr miracle,capt atom,or etrigan nah they would probably "Just" f#€%them up too.
Marxine St.Arline (22 days ago)
More fake twisted feminism and regressive political propaganda poisoning our super hero mythology.......how refreshing.
Bloob & Gubby (22 days ago)
Lesbian issue is so satisfying.. I can't believe everybody still watch this trash..
Seyed Mohsen Javadi (22 days ago)
that was awful
Goble Dudler (22 days ago)
Hey, i'm just curious... Super Man & Super Girl has the power to do stuff to the Earth no one else has done before... Like spinning the earth in a backwards axis? No? I mean at one point in time they did this, I dunno… Not referring to The Flash, in case anyone gets confused... But we know that Clark & Kara came to earth in space pods... But we are sure they can't breath in space, correct? I wasn't exactly sure if that was true or not, oO Maybe that was 1 thing Gladiator from X-Men has that Superman doesn't, oO Anyways, that could be the reason for the new costume change, but ummm… I do wonder, though... Why haven't they shown any new images of Kara, why is that costume the only image shown, oO I hope that there isn't any form of reason behind it, oO
Jake Daniell (22 days ago)
dude 😞 i'm disapointed already .. they used the same CGI artist who 'fixed' superman's mouth :P even Deadpool knew abt it XD
bullsrool (22 days ago)
This show is so horrid. It spends so much time trying to spread a political agenda, they just throw storytelling to the wayside. Supergirl has such a baller story and personality in the comics and it's not seen anywhere on this show.
Jtheman (22 days ago)
This trailer looks like it was filmed back in 2003...
73tman (22 days ago)
I stopped watching this garbage of a show in 2016 and they went political and from what I saw here sure glad I did. Hopefully the ratings sink.
MeTaz (22 days ago)
Nucking political nonsense.
Clara Hartmann (22 days ago)
Brother capital ingredient murder base urge float prosecution deficit lake trial.
Jim Pikoulis (22 days ago)
siLveRscOpe13x (22 days ago)
Alexander GG (22 days ago)
What a joke...
glaysonmestre (22 days ago)
Shane Thompson (22 days ago)
Got that injustice 2 armor upgrade

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