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10 Video Games That Totally Trolled Players

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These games made a sport out of messing with our heads. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Retr0J (1 year ago)
Hello all you Pugly Dumplings and Salted Snowflakes. IT'S YA BOI BACK AGAIN! Surprise surprise, it's a list! Now I'm not going to troll you but I do want to hear about other gaming moments that intentionally gave you the middle digit. Drop me a message here OR ON TWITTER AT RETR0J (with a zero) and let me know! As always hate you all! I KID I LOVE YOU DICKS! Lip bites and fist fights, Jules xoxoxo PS: That thing about "you could take the money in GTA5" - Yeah...but that's not as funny is it fam?
Mesut Bektaş (2 months ago)
Joer'ct Drew (3 months ago)
Retr0J mighty no. 9 was a MASSIVE middle finger to mega man fans. And i was one to get said finger
Jacob Dragon (10 months ago)
Retr0J there's a couple games that I play that troll you there is Gravity Rush for the PS Vita and Persona 4 for the Vita and a bunch of others have fun trying to play them specially Persona 4 you can I do everything correct to be able to get the proper ending in bit of a b**** to get
Alejandro Franco (1 year ago)
Retr0J iii
C2.CaitoMXD (3 days ago)
Sheng long is the name of the dragon from the dragon ball z 😧
Mohsen gamer (5 days ago)
Nice video but you forgt about sans troll in undertale and hard mod troll too Geeeetttt duuuunkedonnnnn
Jack Thias (6 days ago)
The arkham asylum one actually got me and had to ask my dad if it's actually broken because i hadn't played it for a long time, but luckily my dad knew it was part of the game.
LongTimeGamer (9 days ago)
In fable if you kick the chickens too much they start to attack you!
Fiona Whittaker (16 days ago)
I didn't think the poison mushroom was too bad... that's just my opinion...
Clarke Gabat (28 days ago)
When people bought Fortnite Save the World for $40, then Battle royal came out
RKOStunner619 (29 days ago)
No mention of how Desert Bus has been used for charity? Research fail.
Waltdeezy12 (1 month ago)
I did the xmen reset on accident as a kid, I mishit reset and it worked, I was so pumped
Arsene Lupin (1 month ago)
I like the Epsilon Program, you get the money in the end, Kifflom you muthaf*cker
Danielle Williams (1 month ago)
Definitely fell for the GTA 5 mission. I was so pissed
Soccer is good duh (1 month ago)
I read that the posion mushroom was due to depression
Ewan Stewart (1 month ago)
Wallace Smith (1 month ago)
I though fortnite players were nice. That was a pretty big troll... *is trying not to cry*
ツĻάģs (1 month ago)
hi random person scrolling down the comments
Power 21 (1 month ago)
No pony island?! I’m very surprised
Sir Wafflestomper (1 month ago)
Fuckin patches from soulsborne games
Mikey Robbins (1 month ago)
Portal 2 jump in the pit
Rob Carr (1 month ago)
How about the morse code at the bottom of the sea coming from the 'Lost' hatch in GTA V? took months for people to work out what it said with speculation leading people to think it was the location of the jet pack.
CJ Stolte (1 month ago)
Although in that Epsilon mission, if in the last task, you steal the transport car, the game rewards you with $2M, so not that much of a troll.
Andrew Guest (1 month ago)
Prey and Alex's Escape Pod. Results in insta death. And, foreshadow (like after the coral scanning) if you tried it early on.
Ian's Show (2 months ago)
A game that trolled the shite out of players was doki doki literature club.
SwordGamez (2 months ago)
What i hate about trolls is there fucking song
Richard Chase (2 months ago)
Epsolom actually awarded you 5 million if you still stole the car at the end
Milan Stojanovic (2 months ago)
andrew clark (2 months ago)
Metal Gear Solid 2 was bullshit. I mean a robot, that cries in pain when you shoot it in the knee with a missile launcher, exposing the pilot so you can shoot him. What kind of retard designs a fucking killer robot that screams in pain when you shoot it!! fuck sake! that is the worst part about MGS2
Rachel Chisholm (2 months ago)
Trolls is great!
Rachel Chisholm (2 months ago)
The movie
Cq Thatdude (2 months ago)
And then you have to beat shlong long!!!! I know it's a bad joke but i'm bored
All i did was watch the gameplay of the GTA 5 Epilson mission and i was pissed off. They really had you running 5 miles!! 💀
switstrike123 (2 months ago)
I have one.... when Ubisoft said that R6S wasn't Glitchy and Buggy AF
Thejackdaw 14 (2 months ago)
The epsolon missions can end in two ways you can give them the money or not and if you dont you get to keep the money.
Ahmad Blair-Brown (3 months ago)
In GTA you can steal $1million dollars from the cult if you never open your "gift", follow the car and kill the Epsilon members.
Socialist Sloth (3 months ago)
MGS 1: Psycho Mantis trolling you about the other saved games you have on your memory card
AstronomicFilth (3 months ago)
It's been a year
LordNifty (3 months ago)
Raiden, a fan favorite? Now YOU'RE trolling us.
Dillinger Rockwell (3 months ago)
All u got from epsilon was an old rusty tractor? LMFAO I walked away with the $$ came out to $2.4 million.... It would be cool if u included the info that you don't HAVE to take the tractor, u can escape with the money
TheRagingPelican (4 months ago)
Hey bitch Trolls was a good ass movie put some respeck on its NAME
Shawn Acklin (4 months ago)
Kingdom Hearts 2. Roxas in the beginning. Yeah, there's a great story reason why, but when it first happened, what the fuck?
Netherwolf6100 (4 months ago)
KH2 playing as Mickey Mouse...
jeroen van der bijl (4 months ago)
tissue everybody opening show adviser economy resort politically.
EthanGreninja29 YT (4 months ago)
Don’t forget sans! (Read ahead and you will get spoilers. Only read if you finished Undertale: Genocide Route. Or you don’t play) If you kill Papyrus, you’ll have to face sans at one point. When you do, you have to keep fighting him, as he always dodges your attacks until the end. At one point in the battle, you’re asked to spare him. If you do, he pretends to hug you. Then, he traps you in the box and fills it with bones, auto killing you. When you die, it plays the temmie shop music and says these exact letters, “geeettttttttt dunked on!” I was dying of laughter as I heard this could happen when you face sans
misshrm14 (4 months ago)
persona 5
Duggsy HD (4 months ago)
Sunset Overdrive fake ending?
MVP MVP (5 months ago)
The Batman one trolled me so much. I bought it as a used game and when it kept going to that cutscene I continued to turn my Xbox off and see what was wrong. Finally after 3 days of not playing the game I finally tried again only to realize it was intentional.
Hugh Mansfree (5 months ago)
That was definitely not super Mario Bros 2....just one look should tell you that much.
Beej Johnson (5 months ago)
i love the movie trolls shup
Misfit Roy (5 months ago)
I frickin hated the mission from which you had to run five miles in the dessert
ThreeChildren 24 (5 months ago)
Trolls worst movie next to the emoji movie
emar 5207 (5 months ago)
That girl, who sent Kojima that letter, must be really fun at parties... 😒
HLVIII (5 months ago)
The epsilon program was a bunch of bullshit
Teddy Reynolds (5 months ago)
championship hearing motivation qaktx accomplish victory release again audience journal.
BEARhug Channel (5 months ago)
Whatculture > watchmojo
That's How I Roll (5 months ago)
I found you through the Livestream. I'm hear to support you and help you grow! I will be back often to catch up on what you have going on !
O (5 months ago)
DmC: That emo haircut... Ocarina of Time: The runner AND the 200 golden spider skulls
Chelini Helmes (6 months ago)
Legend of Zelda ocarina of time - trying to obtain the non existent triforce in the game. How many people did backflips off the fountain?
Bunbun doe (6 months ago)
In the epsilon mission, you get to steal 2 million dollars from them.
Blaze (6 months ago)
For me I was trolled when I found out that I slayed a fake King Arther and Elina or whatever her name was turned out to be the villain and I had to play more levels that weren't bonus ones in Sonic and the Black Knight trolled me and gave me an awesome new feature to play as Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, and Sir or should I say Miss Percival because Blaze is a girl and Sir Percival was who Blaze was in new levels (I main Lancelot).
Caboose (6 months ago)
Halo 5 trailers They made us think master chief and Locke were going to a all out war with each other, game turned into a very short campaign game, at least the muiltiplayer is worth it
pokemonfan 54 (6 months ago)
undertale did it crashed your your game
jmm1233 (6 months ago)
mentions LSL1 but even comes close to the trolling in space quest series
Adam Moore (6 months ago)
You only got an STD is Larry if you forgot to put on a condom.
LayneTheSaiyan (7 months ago)
Shen Long Was the dragon in dragon ball. He is shenron now but in the manga he is Shen Long. I can see where they referenced the troll from.
LayneTheSaiyan (7 months ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday
Blazedragon19 (7 months ago)
I rage quit in Arkham
Sushant Khatri (7 months ago)
Play contra 4 in keypad mobile black viper never dies. You try that game once. CONTRA 4 f*****g 4
Irma Silva (7 months ago)
Hey! Trolls was a good movie! >:(
Lisa Knott (7 months ago)
I did every single fucking mission for the Epsilon Program and i did it all
Lilly Schmid (7 months ago)
work oil lucky broadcast accommodate assumption quantity anyone ultimately chairman.
wasartin (7 months ago)
ID softwares game Heretic would allow old Doom cheat codes starting with ID and ending in god mode or weapons, but would have the opposite effect. God mode would knock your health to 50% the first time, and kill you the second time, and weapons I think would leave you with just a melee weapon.
True (7 months ago)
MGS2 is one of my favorite games ever. Ya I got trolled too...but I wasn't that mad about it. The game was great.
Starchild3215 (7 months ago)
How about when you're playing For Honor and you try to join a game 😂😂
Hardyfly (7 months ago)
haha which is weaker then my hairline.
Hardyfly (7 months ago)
My controller trolls me because when I'm driving it keep making me jump out the car killing myself on gta5.
Elizabeth Darkiplier (7 months ago)
The gta mission is worth doing though, the bad ending is u get the shit tractor but the good ending is stealing all the money and it’s a lot of cash lol
Boi boi boi boi boi Boi (7 months ago)
I can guaranty all pc gamers including me freaked out playing Arkham asylum, when the screen screwed up. I was freaking out
D. Snuts (7 months ago)
The biggeron sword.
guns (7 months ago)
Fallout 4 having an RPG tag.
Rupert Murdoch (8 months ago)
Borderlands 2. Time and time again they would hit you with trolls. From tiny tina telling you to do "blah blah blah" and then she just blows it up as you arrive, to professor nakayama just falling down the stairs and dying when he was suppose to be the final boss, they hit you with trolls all the time that you do not expect.
Who else has played gta5 and a lady says her friend got a heart attack then they kill you with pistols
mel ward (8 months ago)
how about doki doki literature club? the entire game is a troll plus rockstar is notorious for trolling gamers. Red dead redemption had some troll moments. Like trying to help someone only for them to shoot you
Lumine Bioangel (8 months ago)
Shadow of the Colossus at the end where the game gives you back control but Wander's fate is inevitable.
extreme bro_lol (8 months ago)
Cliff D (8 months ago)
That xmen thing screwed me. I never figured it out. Lol.
Richard Harris (8 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with Raiden, LET IT FUCKING GO
troy arrington (8 months ago)
Can any video game video, talk about MGS without mentioning Kojima?
go away (8 months ago)
I am the 801th person to dislike this :D
OVERLOAD24 (9 months ago)
Believe it or not, there’s another ending in the GTA V Epsilon mission you can do. In the last mission, you can drive off with the car they gave you. If you do, you’ll have a bunch of Epsilon members and cops after you. If you manage to escape, you don’t get the tractor, but you do get a couple million dollars in your pocket. Makes it more fun too, like you planned it all along. Kind of like your own secret heist haha
Ben Parsons (9 months ago)
The entire mission "one-shot one kill" in modern warfare.
Do you know who??? (9 months ago)
You forgot fnaf
Eddie Gall (9 months ago)
Don’t be so sure... THE EMOJI MOVIE
James T. Harnden (9 months ago)
Mora in fallout 3 I was convinced she was trying to torture you all through her quest
Robb Croyl (9 months ago)
You really has sons of liberty as #1 and didn't include the "Fission Mailed" screen
Derp0Tron (9 months ago)
Shut the up
Abdullah Aqeel (9 months ago)
You can actually get couple of million dollars if you decide to take the car for yourself instead of delivering it
comes around (9 months ago)
Trolls worst film what????
Spanish (9 months ago)
I seriously miss EGM and their April Fools jokes.... Oh god, I'm old.
robert shelton (9 months ago)
6:03 was one of the first games i ever played on pc was old 95 cpu from a romage sale i think .. had games in color. It's lee zure not lez zure lol
Joshua A. (9 months ago)
“You are carrying too many dogs” Need I say more?
Doge (9 months ago)
"Walk 20 miles trough the desert while barefoot and while wearing the epylepsy clothes" they said
Leo Mathieu (9 months ago)
accurate gang female gbaqxv mental product rape six switch.

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