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Is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Worth Buying Again for Switch?

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Text Comments (695)
TGShadow (7 days ago)
Got a DKC ad on this video 🙃
Wholebiscuit 523 (8 days ago)
Simple answer, No, the wiiU version is $15 on eBay
BuffDedede (12 days ago)
No it's not why would you buy a game you already have if you did t play it then it is :)
Derrick Barnette (13 days ago)
I know all u owners bought this game but I still believe it's one of the most underrated games released over the past decade. It may have been the best u game if botw would have skipped the console and I'm still surprised the game never received much attention. It's probably the game I would have recommended potential u owners to purchase first. I'm wondering if the lack of hype and coverage before and after release was due to the difficulty. This is one of those games that makes me wish Nintendo had platinum trophies simply because 100 percenting is near impossible. This remaster could possibly be those who never played the games goty.
Sonic The Hedgehog (14 days ago)
Brian Sevilla (14 days ago)
Picked this up for $13.49 today at GameStop. As much as I love my Wii U, it's not portable. *sigh* What a great, overlooked console.
Phillip Tran (14 days ago)
lucky for me i got this game for only 49.99 brand new on ebay comes with free shipping and no sale tax i just save me 10 buck.....
Phillip Tran (14 days ago)
this is my first time playing donkey kong country tropical freeze especially when i get to play it on my nintendo switch while on the go this game is so fun to play....if u haven't play donkey kong country tropical freeze on the wii u and if u got nintendo switch u should get this game for your switch it is so fun to play rather u play at home with your family or play it on the go however u play donkey kong country tropical freeze just play the damn game and u will get hooked playing this game like me....
D C (15 days ago)
I'm upset with the price of these switch game remakes, love the switch, I haven't owned a Nintendo since the original. It's kind of selfish charging $60 for a game that isn't new right. I bought doom and this and just feel cheated even though I'm enjoying both games. Eh just my opinion anyway, thinking this may affect my opinion about Nintendo in the future, who knows, just a thought
Xantron (16 days ago)
iam afraid its not. wasnt worth it on wii u either
Carlo Janssen (16 days ago)
Nintendo should rename their console to ``Nintendo Wii PORTable''
Shyla Fox (17 days ago)
I see it as kind of a shame, y'know? They're charging ten bucks more than it was at launch, and forty more than it is to buy on Wii U now! But still, I'm going to get it, since I never got to play the Wii U version.
vo thanh (17 days ago)
Yes, because of music
Silas D (18 days ago)
Such a great game! Best soundtrack of any game I've played hands down. 100% pick this game up if youve never played it.
Mr. Magic (18 days ago)
My first time playing so its a complete new feel and experience for me ... plus dk is da s***😂😂 thanks! Again Nintendo 😚😚
Gamèlyzed (18 days ago)
Who needs the switch version i just put my wii u and a power bank in my backpack and off we go
Shoobie's Modern Life (18 days ago)
I’d spend all day looking for other videos to truly convince me on buying this title for my Switch and your video was splendid. Thank you for creating this and providing us with such an in depth and entertaining review. (Left to BestBuy to buy the game).
PrPwnage (20 days ago)
Buy it again? What you on about I didn't buy it in the first place. Stop making assumptions with your title
Gianni Bertolini (20 days ago)
Only buy if you didn't play it on Wii U or didn't own a Wii U.
Sam Tarly (20 days ago)
Short answer: fuck yes
darksamus8 (20 days ago)
Yes i will buy again (it make me want to play on portable and continue of progression on dock) and also for the sequel or others potential future game of Donkey Kong country (p.s srry for my english guys)
Donkey Kong (20 days ago)
No it isn't and i say this as a big fan of Nintendo. The game is pretty good but not perfect. The bonus stage are boring like hell, the first DKC games had very better ones. The hidden alternative ways are sensless, because you need to play the same level to open all ways - stupid concept. Diddy is useless because of Dixie,.. and some other points. The biggest reason is that Big N try to sell this game for a higher price like it was four years ago - that's a nogo. If to much people will support this by bying this game, next all Ports will get a higher price like now - just because the people are still buying this ports. So don't let you get blind because of hype on media plattform. Think first; you want to pay more into the future for old port-games or remakes? Yes or no? This game isn't old enough to get forgetten, of course Wii U don't was selling good as Switch but that no matters. There are enough people who know this game and was waiting for a new DKC game. Big N try to delete facts and selling this game like a "new game", that's why a another new part doesn't will come into the next years. Same thing with Mario Kart 8, Zelda and some another titles, you guys just get old technology for a newer console and you still hyping.
Phillip Tran (14 days ago)
your momma nasty ass gonorrhea vagina is just boring ad hell that's the reason why im selling her nasty ass gonorrhea vagina on ebay for only 1000 buck......
Anthony DiRienzo (20 days ago)
I'm torn... I had it on WiiU but sold my WiiU for a switch... I can't decide if I should get this again.
grimTales1 (21 days ago)
I've never played the game (but played the first DKCR game on the Wii). I wonder if that will get an upgrade/remaster too? It was a fun game but I wasnt as fond of the motion controls
Working Hour (21 days ago)
Soyboys will pay 60 for an easy mode. The state of the gaming industry kek. Also look at how much they're Charging for the Dark Souls remaster. It's fucking criminal that they think this is worth 60 doll hairs. It's not even a remaster nor is it coming with some good extra content, just a Soy mode. It's a good game, but geez this is not a 60$ purchase even if youve never played it. The Dark Souls remaster and Bayo 2 port is how they should of done it. Charge 40 or give a free digital game with the purchase of tropical freeze.
Marco Gamer (21 days ago)
definitely not....
A Decent Lootbox (21 days ago)
The original was actually 720p on Wii U making it actually an upgrade on switch. Undocked runs at a 720p matching pixel perfect resolution so on a technical level it's a nice upgrade. However 60$ for a game 4 years old at 50$ is unacceptable. If this was 29.99$ i would have bought it immediately + preorder.
Swiftful Sloth (22 days ago)
How does Funky stand on spikes? I get the infinite air, he is a surfer, the hover... they atleast try to explain it... but why spikes?
Jenna (22 days ago)
Heck no! I'd prefer classic Donkey Kong Country series from SNES which is way more fun and has replay value, compared to newer Donkey Kong Country game from Wii port.
SIR (22 days ago)
This video clickbaited. It didn't really explain whether I should get the game on Wii U or Switch
mag917 (22 days ago)
.basically Funky Kong is cheat mode.
Anselmo Augusto (23 days ago)
Why sometimes we see kongs with 3lifes? This make the game Real easy
DOAN FSD (24 days ago)
The Wii U is portable enough in my house to not pay $60 for this shit!
MobileDecay (24 days ago)
Without watching the vodeo the answer is yes! I wanted this port since the launch of the Switch! 😁
Sokobansolver (24 days ago)
I hope we get Mario Maker for the Switch
Sega Sean (24 days ago)
You loved it on Wii U? Buy it. Never played it before? Buy it. Wanna play this great game on the go? Buy it. Don't wanna spend 60 bucks? Don't buy it or wait to buy it used at a cheaper price maybe. Done. But seriously buy it.
John Edwards (25 days ago)
Rayman legends can be picked up for £20, this this be in that ball park, both fantastic platformers
TheStarboy (25 days ago)
The game is 89$ on the e shop with the tax which is to much
Kevin R (25 days ago)
Yes, Nintendo is definitely charging way more for this game than they need to, but that's capitalism for you. The fact is, Nintendo knows that many people will pay $60 for the game, so that's what they're going to charge. You can complain all you want, but Nintendo isn't your friend, they're a business. They may very well lose out on some sales due to people who already own a Wii U feeling the upgrades aren't worth an extra $40, or from some people who simply think $60 is too much for a port of a 4 year old 2D platformer. But I'm guessing they're factoring all that into their decision to keep the price at $60. They know that people who never had a Wii U will be happy to play one of its best games at any price, and people who do have a Wii U, though we might complain, may very well buy the game again anyway. So yeah, I can't blame Nintendo for charging full price. For me personally, I owned the Wii U version, then got a digital version of it for free from Club Nintendo, so I sold my physical copy. Made like $40, I think. But I still have that digital copy on Wii U, so one would think I wouldn't be interested in the Switch version. And yet, I'm seriously considering it. Why? Portability and noticeably better load times. I've actually been meaning to play through this game again, but frankly, playing it on the Wii U involves a heck of a lot of waiting and I just never wanted to deal with it anymore after the first playthrough. And when I talk about waiting, I'm referring to not only the lengthy load times within the game itself, but also the time spent waiting to get into the game, from powering on the Wii U to actually playing a level. For all the Wii U's flaws, the thing that I hate the most is the sluggish UI. The Switch UI may be very bare bones by comparison, but it's quick. And if I put the Switch to sleep when I'm done playing for the day, I can just pick up where I left off the next day in seconds, as opposed to waiting for the Wii U to boot up, load the game, then load the map. First world problem, absolutely, but still incredibly annoying. So, for me, not having to deal with that amount of waiting, plus the technical upgrades (rock solid 60 fps everywhere and full 1080p), plus the ability to take it anywhere, all add up and make me willing to rebuy a game I already own. I was originally planning to wait for this game to go on sale, but I can get it for $48 if I pre-order through Amazon Prime, and I know how long it takes 1st party Nintendo games to drop in price, so I'm just going to get it now. I don't have anything else I want to play between now and the Splatoon 2 expansion anyway. And if I have buyer's remorse in a few weeks, I can probably sell it on eBay and get most if not all of my money back. So that's my take on the situation.
Game runs at 648p in portable mode.
Thor The Red (25 days ago)
No. All these remakes (whatever they are) is the main reason I never bought a Switch. I can just play these games on Wii U.
Gwen C (25 days ago)
I never got the original because, frankly, the advertising Nintendo put out was just terrible all around during the Wii U years. I barely heard it existed, and didn't really see enough footage of Tropical Freeze to see how gorgeous it looks and how it visually ties in *so well* with Rare's trilogy(it's art looks like what I might have expected DKC 4 to look like). Just seeing more gameplay of it this time around makes it clear how well-crafted it is. Also, I'm honestly looking forward to Funky Kong as someone who isn't exactly the best gamer in the world. I'm not terrible, mind, but my motor skills are iffy thanks to dyspraxia which limits how precise I can get sometimes. The difficulty that keeps getting bandied about is the one thing that puts me on edge about buying it, but Funky Kong mode sounds fantastic. Funky Kong looks way OP but also just really fun, and I really appreciate that DK gets a small boost too so that Funky isn't the only choice for easing up the difficulty. I am definitely getting this next time I can afford a game.
Gabriel RV (25 days ago)
with extra dong :v
The Manzilla Show (25 days ago)
You didnt answer the question
Daishawn Greene (25 days ago)
Well I never got to play it on the Wii U so I’m buying it for the switch
X unleashed (26 days ago)
nope should be free
Professor Dick-Butt (26 days ago)
Aslong as the censorship-happy Treehouse continues to exist, Nintendo deserves NONE of your money.
Samponsite 23 (26 days ago)
Don't buy this game until nintendo drop the price. Adding a funky kong easy mode doesn't justify what nintendo have done to a 4 year old port by upping its price. Forget bad taste, Ill go as far as to say nintendo are a bunch of greedy arse fuckers on this one. Go buy a Wii U, look up homebrew online and download the rom. I don't normally condone piracy, but charging extra money for a four year old game is a motherfucking joke. Give money to the retro gameshop owners until nintendo decide to be reasonable with their pricing, because this is a fucking insult to the gaming community.
A. Paul (26 days ago)
What do you mean by again? Who bought it the first time it came around?
Nintendo Switchy4 (26 days ago)
I never had a Wii U and it's already discontinued.So this is worth it for me.
BigAlvideos101 (26 days ago)
Why does DK and Cranky have 3 hearts at the start of the video?
Scarecrow 2710 (26 days ago)
It's a little steep price-wise, but it's one of the best platformers ever made and a version of the game you can take anywhere. It's worth it imo
Alot G Guy Guys (27 days ago)
It's certainly an amazing game. One of my all time favorites and the fact that I can play it anywhere I want with the switch's portability makes it well worth it to me, but I wish that they had cut the price a little or at least added some new levels, as I really don't plan on playing as Funky Kong.
Nicholas Barglowski (27 days ago)
It is definitely worth buy it for the switch
Wekk (27 days ago)
I want to support Retro studios, so yes I bought it. Never bought it on Wii U so...
IfOUGHTpIRANHAz (27 days ago)
Tropical Freeze ruined Cranky as a character. His whole schtick is that he talks you down claiming he’d do it better. But he never actually does.
Sask RuffRiders (27 days ago)
Personally, I found DKCR more challenging than Tropical Freeze. At any rate, I was hoping they’d create a new Donkey Kong game instead of rehashing an old one.
Eisbaer Fischer (27 days ago)
Can you Play it with the D-Pad ?
Wreethee Faaangs (27 days ago)
I'll wait for a price drop
Tim Chang (28 days ago)
Can you play as funky kong in 2 player?
Cesar Martinez (28 days ago)
is not 720p on Portable Mode Dummy
Manuel Leyva (28 days ago)
Short answer: Absolutely no
Junthen J (28 days ago)
Bye bye Dk
Goupil (28 days ago)
i never bought it, so i will on the Switch
Josue Tosado (28 days ago)
I’m just thinking about it but at the end I finished buying it.
steveothehulk (28 days ago)
It’s like with doom, doom is around £10 on ps4 or Xbox but the switch version is £35 to £40 Dk should be a budget game
steveothehulk (28 days ago)
Yeah it’s a very hard but for me as I still have it on wiiu, I guess I would buy it if it was at a budget price of say £20?? But certainly not for full price. They could have included the other dk game to sweeten the deal
EpicsonicFTW (28 days ago)
Hey Nintendo. Port Ocarina of Time 3D to the Switch. Thanks
Veronicaz _YouTube (28 days ago)
New Funky Mode
Idiotic Tirades (29 days ago)
The best game on the Wii U
Anti Riku (29 days ago)
It's one of my favorite games of all time, but I don't think it's worth purchasing it again for $60.
NinjaRodent (29 days ago)
60 is admittedly pretty steep for a port but as a blind DK fanboy I don't mind double dipping just this once.
Mightydougthompson (1 month ago)
This shouldn’t be a full price release. I think the Wii U version was only $50 when it came out(don’t quote me on that). I think it should be at the most $40. Maybe if it came with the donkey Kong country returns and tropical freeze it would be worth $60.
GalacticMoblin (1 month ago)
Yes! It is the best platformer ever made bar none and we need to support this series
GalacticMoblin (1 month ago)
Yes! It is the best platformer ever made bar none and we need to support this series
Retro Rambles (1 month ago)
How about make new games rather than rereleases
The Gamer Jalen (1 month ago)
I'm buying it because I never played it
chris earle (1 month ago)
2 weeks to go
chris earle (1 month ago)
Never had a Wii u looking forward to playing it on the switch
Super dog 47 (1 month ago)
I never played it on Wii U (sadly) so I really have no reason to not get it lol
Geo Joan (1 month ago)
I'll buy it, but not as a priority, i already completed it at 200% in wii u
NintendoTv (1 month ago)
No lanky kong no buy!
Jack Gallacher (1 month ago)
Never played this on the Wii u, and I am so hyped for this, I'm getting this on release date
MrMadness (1 month ago)
should I go for Donkey kong or Mario odyssey, HELP 0.0
Gun Play Gaming (1 month ago)
looks great but i still havent even beat the 3 snes games so not getting this unless it goes on sale... 29$ ish
TheDaybid (1 month ago)
I played Switch for awhile with Zelda, Xenoblade, and Mario Odyssey. The last game I fully beat was Bayonetta 2. Unless Switch has Triple A titles that come out for it, I will most likely be on the PS4 playing God of War and the upcoming Dragon Quest XI.
Trollseeder (1 month ago)
If you bought the WiiU version and have a good gaming PC, just install Cemu and play it on 4k with an xbox one/ps4 controller.
Jeff Shambaugh (1 month ago)
Pick up Yooka Laylee instead for $40.
MonsterKat (1 month ago)
I had sold my Wii u by this games release so I’m super excited.
Foxo Commando (1 month ago)
See I got the game free from a club nintendo promotion and never beat it and my wii u was accidentally sold so I'll gladly get it again
The picture inside (1 month ago)
it looks like a mobile game
Seekarr (1 month ago)
Meh, DKCTF is not really a mainline feeling game; more like the DK equivalent of NSMBU. That's not a bad thing, but I feel like a true mainline DKC game should reach for something more cutting edge, like DKC 1-3 and 64 did in their times.
iDanny064 (1 month ago)
EastCoast Podcast (1 month ago)
If you don't mind spending a full price for an old game you may already have. I suppose If you sold your wii u. I still have mine. If I want to play DKTF I'll play it. Is switch offering anything new? New levels? Anything? No they offer nothing. Except slightly better visuals and.....funky kong. That's cool I guess. No,way worth it. In my opinion. Nintendo pisses me off sometimes. This game should be discount. At least ten bucks.
Sentimentation (1 month ago)
I will say it's ridiculous that they're charging $60 for an originally $50 game released 4 years ago. That being said, I'm buying this day one, as this is potentially my favorite game made in the past 10 or so years. I don't think I've really felt so strongly positive about any other game made in that time frame. The sheer amount of depth and polish in all of the levels in the game, including how layered and carefully placed every enemy and obstacle are in almost every stage, is unparalleled by any other game ever made. The game manages to perfectly balance fun and challenge while not being unfair in most cases. The creativity is outstanding as well, though the fourth world in particular is definitely less interesting and varied than the others (besides Irate Eight). Overall, it's just an incredible game, worth $60 definitely for anyone who didn't play it the first time around, arguably worth that if you're like me and adore the game.
Jeike Magalang (1 month ago)
DKC 4: TR Is Already On Switch
Richard Hembree (1 month ago)
If you've never played this game, but enjoyed platformers like Rayman Legends, Mario Bros. Wii U, or Donkey Kong Country Returns, then this game is absolutely worth the $60. I was actually surprised it was $50 on the WiiU and even more surprised when they dropped it to $20. I feel like the amount of heart and soul that went into making this game was worth way more than that. That being said, I'm going to buy it for the Switch despite having it on WiiU because I really want to try Funky Mode.
MistZ - Gaming (1 month ago)
How many save files do you get?
Full Jacket (1 month ago)
its a full retail price in my country for this game... literally the same price as Zelda BOTW and Mario Odessey. its a no buy, its just a plain rip off. its a port nintendo should be disgusted. not to mention the switch is overly priced along with those overly priced joycons. Nintendo is realllllly milking the cash cow on this one.
Ninetales Commander (1 month ago)
It's funny because I planned to get this game for Nintendo Wii U but something kept telling me not to. Now I am so happy I didn't.

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